December 6, 2015

Pitt vs Navy in Military Bowl

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Dec. 6, 2015

Bowl Central

   PITTSBURGH–For the eighth consecutive season and 32nd time overall, the Pitt football team is headed to a bowl game.

The Panthers received their official invite this afternoon from the Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman and will play Navy of the American Athletic Conference in Annapolis, Md. The ESPN nationally televised game, which benefits the USO, will be played in Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Monday, Dec. 28, and kick off at 2:30 p.m. (ET).

“The Military Bowl is a tremendous opportunity for our team to end the season against a nationally ranked opponent,” Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi said. “Navy is a Top 25 team with a Heisman-caliber quarterback in Keenan Reynolds. They will present us with a formidable challenge.

“Given our close proximity to Annapolis, we are looking for a great contingent of Pitt fans to make the short trek and see us play one more time this year.”


November 27, 2015

Pitt vs Miami Game Thread

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Here we go – Pitt vs Miami, FL at Heinz Field, noon today and shown on ESPN2.

Pitt (6-1 ACC)  is coming in at 8-3 winning it’s last two against Duke and Louisville.  We are facing Miami (4-3 ACC) having won three out of its last four losing only to North Carolina.

Here is the ESPN preview page,  and here are the ‘Canes National Rankings in all categories

Miami Team Stats – Through games 11/26/2015
Stat Rank Value
Total Offense 63 403.6
Rushing Offense 116 119.8
Passing Offense 26 283.8
Team Passing Efficiency 43 139.02
Scoring Offense 66 28.9
Total Defense 80 413.6
Rushing Defense 111 212.5
Passing Yards Allowed 37 201.2
Team Passing Efficiency Defense 50 121.79
Scoring Defense 83 29.3
Turnover Margin T-5 1.00
3rd Down Conversion Pct 94 0.364
4th Down Conversion Pct 16 0.692
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense T-77 0.400
4th Down Conversion Pct Defense T-33 0.417
Red Zone Offense 71 0.827
Red Zone Defense T-102 0.889
Net Punting 54 38.09
Punt Returns 40 10.50
Kickoff Returns 106 18.67
First Downs Offense 78 216
First Downs Defense T-108 258
Fewest Penalties Per Game 127 9.55
Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game 127 84.09
Time of Possession 71    29:35
View Complete Ranking Summary

Enjoy and…


November 24, 2015

Audio Test on The Blather

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Guys – could someone listen to the linked Audio File and tell me 1) what it sounds like and 2) if you could listen right on the Blather website or did you have to download it first.

I have a new idea for small posts that you guys might enjoy but I want to get the technical stuff down pat first.

If you did have to download the audio file… does anyone know how to upload and insert an audio file so it shows a box with the blue sound level vertical bars in it?  You know – like most files look like this:



November 20, 2015

Football Media Report; Nov 20

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Here is this morning’s media recap for the day:

First off here is a great suggestion from BigB (Bernie) for the 2016 version of the new Pitt Script helmet.  It has the Mustard Gold that reminds us so much of Danny Marino – you know, the guy whose claim to fame is having is nine total passing yards more than Tino Sunseri.  Bernie has been using his own $$$ and gracious kindness to have Big and small Pitt Script magnets made with these colors… and has been asking that all who get them to drop an email lobbying the administration for a return to these colors to bolster our Pitt football tradition.

It takes a village to raise a football team.



Red Shirt Diaries:


November 15, 2015

Football Media Report;  Nov 15

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Here is this morning’s media recap for the day:

Game Highlights

Official Game Box Score


November 14, 2015

Football Media Report; Nov 14

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PITT vs Duke 12:00

Here is this morning’s media recap for the day:


Behind Enemy Lines: Duke

Pitts ACC Stretch Run Starts today

P-G’s Round Table Video

Trib Review:

Pitt & Duke Strike Similar Pose

BB: Pitt – Gonzaga Game Cancelled at Halftime


Pitt: Notre Dame and Iowa could both look even better if Pitt continues to win. As of right now, both the Irish and Hawkeyes earned a win against the bowl-eligible Panthers, a Power 5 school that could still finish as a 9-3 team

The Pitt News

Panther of the Week: Jordan Whitehead


November 13, 2015

Prediction Thread Pitt vs Duke

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You guys are killing me.

Have at it guys – what do you think the final score will be and who’s on top? Just to recap here is a link to the info on the game:

Pitt (6-3)  vs Duke (6-3) ; Noon tomorrow in Duke’s Wallace Wade Stadium.

I’ll say 28-24 Pitt.

November 8, 2015

 Monday-Morning-QB(This is one of a weekly series of articles entitled “Monday Morning Quarterback”.   I will try to post them two days after the football games are played so as to have our wilder emotions under control by then. It will be my take on the positives and the negatives we saw happen and a chance for commenters to agree or disagree and to add their own thoughts.) 

Here is the obligatory highlights video:


October 21, 2015

James Conner has missed most of the season. Chad Voytik isn’t starting. The offense is 113th in the country in yards per game. Tyler Boyd is…ok, still doing Boyd things. But, if I told you those first three things would be where Pitt stands after six games back in August, what would you expect Pitt’s record to be? If you said 5-1 you’re lying to yourself. The likely answer would be that Pitt is a two or three win team hoping to win six and get another bowl. (more…)

October 17, 2015

3:10 to go, down four, ball on their own 38 yard line.

3:44 to go, down seven, ball on their own 28 yard line.

1:04: to go, down 3, ball on their own 24 yard line.

That’s the situation opposing offenses have been in the last three games. The result? ZERO points and three wins for Pitt. After the defense held on against VT, Narduzzi said in his press conference that the team made mistakes against Iowa that led to the 57 yard FG. Since then, not only has the defense held on, they’ve thrived. What a change from last year. When the defense is on the field with the game on the line they’ve responded. (more…)

September 10, 2015

Know Your Enemy: Akron Zips

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Redemption Tour 2015 resumes this Saturday when Pitt travels to Akron (WTF Steve Pederson???) to take on the Zips. Last year’s game against Akron was the low point of Pitt’s 2014 season and unfortunately the factors that were in play that caused the upset last season are still in place. Last year, Akron ran the ball well with Conor Hundley (19 carries for 148 yards) and stifled James Conner to one of his worst games of the season.

This year looks a lot like last year for the Zips. Conor Hundley returns for his senior year and the Akron run defense held Oklahoma to a mere 3.0 yards per carry. That includes a poor game from RB Samaje Perine (11 carries for 33 yards) who had 1713 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2014. Oklahoma struggled early but picked it up once Baker Mayfield and the passing game got it together en route to a 41-3 victory.

Make no mistake, Akron is a mediocre team. Unfortunately they’re a mediocre team that matches up well with Pitt. Pitt had two Achilles heels last season that appear to still exist in 2015: struggle if the running game isn’t working on offense and a defense susceptible to big plays. Last year Akron had plays of 42 and 52 on its touchdown drives and with Pitt’s offense unable to run the ball they couldn’t respond. Against Youngstown State, when the running game struggled, the offense sputtered and the defense gave up two back-breaking plays that could’ve cost them the game.

Oklahoma had the talent on offense to overcome an experienced front seven for Akron. Does Pitt? Let’s break down Akron’s offense and defense. (more…)

September 5, 2015

The Blather’s Pre-Game Watering Hole

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Guys, we’ll meet at Bettis’ Grille before the Pitt win.

I’m leaving home now (5:00 am) and will get to Red 1 parking at about 10:30. One stop at another tailgate and I’ll be at Bettis’ by 11:30… I think.  Again, I’m 6’6″ tall, longer hair and I’m wearing a blue polo shirt with script “Blather” in gold on the front.  Scan heads and mine is the one sticking up.

This will be a good day all around I think.  I can’t wait to meet everyone and I think we’ll come out with a win… Hey, no matter the score any win is a good one right?

Hail to Pitt!


August 25, 2015

Pitt LiveWire Practice #15

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(From the Pitt LiveWire Practice #15 Press Release)

MULTIMEDIA: Pitt Live Wire Blog

VIDEO: Coach Pat Narduzzi

VIDEO: Defensive Line Coach Tom Sims

VIDEO: Defensive Tackle Tyrique Jarrett

VIDEO: Defensive Tackle Khaynin Mosley-Smith

Coach Pat Narduzzi

Opening statement:

“Saturday we had a nice scrimmage. We stayed pretty healthy getting through that, which is obviously always a main concern. You still hit, but you try to stay healthy. We had some big hits out there as well, but it was a good scrimmage. We got a lot done and we’ll just try to get three percent better today.”

On balancing keeping players healthy while getting them ready for the season:

“There’s some guys you need to see and there’s some guys who’ve made an impact already. You try to protect those guys, and there’s some guys who need work. There’s a fine line, but you have to go out and work. It’s just like the pros in preseason games. I mean, the guys are going to go out and you have to play. I didn’t watch the [Steelers] game, but I’m sure Ben [Roethlisberger] didn’t play the whole time. So you’re getting the guys that need to get reps and find out who your two-deep is going to be as you look at the season.”


August 13, 2015

(to follow on from this article’s Part 1.  If you haven’t read that please do so now and this piece will make more sense.)

I did grab James Conner after a while and had a nice talk with him.  I started out by asking him if he was going to let any of the other running backs get carries this season and he said “I hope so, they are real good”.  But what I really stopped him for was to let him know I just had a long conversation with his ‘step’ father Mike Gallagher and it was so obvious that Mike was proud of everything Conner has done since he was a kid.

There really was more to the conversation with Mike Gallagher, who has a strange back story himself, than just his pride in his surrogate son.  Mike is dealing with a serious case of diabetes and will need a kidney transplant sooner than later. I mentioned to him that I was all set for surgery last year for transplanting my kidney to my next door neighbor friend.  That conversation between Mike and I happened at around 9:30 am.

When I got home from Pittsburgh I found out that a kidney had become available for my friend and the hospital’s transplant team called him to tell him at 9:30 – the same time Mike and I were talking about it.  That surgery went well and my friend’s on his way to normal times.

Life is surely inexplicable sometimes, isn’t it?  I mention all that because I told Conner that his work with the kidney foundation is going to pay off big time soon.  I think Conner had expected another stock interview and was pretty happy to have an honest man to man conversation instead.  He’s lost weigh and looks fantastic.


July 3, 2015

Heading out this afternoon to see family. Unless something big happens, I’m not going to be getting back on the computer until Tuesday.

Going to pull a few tabs I’ve been meaning to hit (two for quite a while).


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