November 26, 2015

I figured you guys would get a kick out of this since you are bored as hell waiting for liquor, football and turkey – in that order.

So, I did up a look-back at a great time in Pitt football’s history… Pop Warner’s first year as the Pitt Panthers head coach.





^^^ That is the lead-in.

Here is the rest of the reading. It is six minutes long and my first one so please forgive the stumbles and mistakes.  I’ll get better as I go along.


Happy Thanksgiving and be safe,



Football Media Recap: Nov 25 – 26

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Here are the Louisville Highlights:

Pat Narduzzi Press Conference 

Miami Week

 Opening Statement:

“Good to see you today. Another short week here. We’re getting used to this. We had a really crisp, mental practice this morning, trying to keep our guys fresh. We put to rest the Louisville game yesterday that probably looked better on tape than you saw in the second half at least. Our kids played hard, with great effort, and it seems like our kids continue to execute better week in and week out. So if we continue to get the great execution down going into Friday, it’ll be exciting stuff.”


November 25, 2015

It’s at 7pm

Students out of town. Night before Thanksgiving. Should be a sparse crowd except for those whose significant other is a saint or just wanted that person out of the way so they could lose their mind in peace preparing for Thursday.

This is part of why there is such an abundance of Thanksgiving-time basketball tournaments. Logically, you would think TV interests would prefer more of the activity to take place a week or two later as college football games really thin out.

But the coaches and schools would rather avoid having to do home games without students and people heavily distracted by family dysfunction. If they are going to play games in front of small crowds, why not do it in some other locale in a tournament that gets media exposure?\


November 24, 2015

Audio Test on The Blather

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Guys – could someone listen to the linked Audio File and tell me 1) what it sounds like and 2) if you could listen right on the Blather website or did you have to download it first.

I have a new idea for small posts that you guys might enjoy but I want to get the technical stuff down pat first.

If you did have to download the audio file… does anyone know how to upload and insert an audio file so it shows a box with the blue sound level vertical bars in it?  You know – like most files look like this:



Protecting the Interior

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Pitt’s frontcourt is in far better shape than last year. The additions of Nelson-Ododa and Maia are to replace Uchebo and Randall are obvious. Nelson-Ododa and Maia are better shot blockers. They are more aggressive on defense, more consistent rebounders and they are better on offense.

That isn’t to say they are all-ACC caliber players. They are simply better than what was. The one issue that is bedeviling to this point, though, is the emphasis on freedom of movement and more fouls being called.


November 23, 2015

PITT (8-3, 6-1 ACC) vs. MIAMI (7-4, 4-3)

November 27, 2015 • Noon, ET
Heinz Field (68,400/Natural Grass) • Pittsburgh, Pa.

ESPN2 • Pitt IMG Sports Radio Network • @GoPittFootball • #MIAvsPITT

LINK (PDF): Pitt Game Notes (vs. Miami)

Overachieving by Achieving

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I keep beating this point into the ground, so I apologize if you are sick of me writing it. What Pitt has done this year has been amazing in light of the consistent treading of water for the last 5 years. At the same time, Pitt has done exactly what they should. Win games they should win.

They haven’t gone out and shocked the world. The Panthers haven’t staged huge upsets. They may have been slight underdogs in some games  — GT, VT and even Louisville — but they weren’t shockers.


November 21, 2015

Here is this last evening and this morning’s media recap for the day:

8-3 sounds damn good doesn’t it, especially after I predicted that we’d be 9-3 at the end of the regular season.  I’m lying!!  I predicted 6-6 with a chance at 7-5 “if the ball bounced our way a few times“.  Glad to be wrong with that one and with this 45-34 win behind us we have an excellent chance to end the regular season at 9-3.


I’m here. I’m conscious. I’m at least going to fake it. May be in conflict with a large volume of good bourbon.

Shhh. No one mention this to the people in the press box.

Pitt isn’t going to win the Coastal. UNC is seeing to that. Now it is time to just continue winning the games they should. Louisville isn’t great, but they aren’t bad. If Pitt was playing down there, they would be the underdog by a point or two. Instead, Pitt is the slight favorite at home.

The rare non-noon kick-off this year. Louisville is fully capable of knocking off Pitt.

They are also in a position to lose badly. The truth is out there.

November 20, 2015

Football Media Report; Nov 20

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Here is this morning’s media recap for the day:

First off here is a great suggestion from BigB (Bernie) for the 2016 version of the new Pitt Script helmet.  It has the Mustard Gold that reminds us so much of Danny Marino – you know, the guy whose claim to fame is having is nine total passing yards more than Tino Sunseri.  Bernie has been using his own $$$ and gracious kindness to have Big and small Pitt Script magnets made with these colors… and has been asking that all who get them to drop an email lobbying the administration for a return to these colors to bolster our Pitt football tradition.

It takes a village to raise a football team.



Red Shirt Diaries:


Open Thread: Detroit-Pitt

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8pm on

Little odd on the time, but it is a Friday night, so it should make it easier for fans to get to the Pete.

Detroit is from the Horizon League. Under Jamie Dixon, Pitt has never lost to a Horizon League team (10-0). I only note that, because when Dixon was still an assistant, he was a finalist for the Wright State job that went to Paul Biancardi (then, an Ohio State assistant).


Preparing for Louisville

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Since I, for one, am completely not used to this. This is NOT a noon game. Nor is it a 1 pm game. It is a 3:45 start time. Weird, I know. We’ll all try to cope.

And in light of the attacks in Paris last week, stadium security is back up to tight levels.

E.J. Borghetti, Pitt’s executive associate athletic director for media relations, said Wednesday that the university would take the same precautions as the Steelers did for their game Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. Heinz Field is owned by the Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County and operated by PSSI Stadium Corp., an entity linked to the Steelers.

Fans and employees will be required to open their outerwear, and security guards will pat down those entering the stadium.

Some people also may be asked to empty their pockets, depending on the circumstances.

The school is discouraging bags at the game, although clear, one-gallon zip-closed plastic bags will be allowed.

Expect long lines and give yourself plenty of time to feel violated.

November 19, 2015


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Here is this morning’s media recap for the day:


Freshman Ollison at “The Wall“.

Pitt sees upside in Southside renovations:

“Specifically, Barnes pointed to the hydrotherapy area, used by both teams, as being a part of the expansion. He also added that a common lobby space, as opposed to the current setup of two separate entrances, will make things more comfortable for the Pitt football players, who often eat their meals at the Steelers’ cafeteria.

“Just the little nuance of how our student-athletes won’t have to go outside to get into the cafeteria (Heaven forbid),” Barnes said. “They get to stay inside in the wintertime. Those are things we’ve been communicating and planning together here over the last couple of months plus.”


November 18, 2015

Later than I wanted, but time has been limited during daylight.

Pitt planned for a sleepwalk of a game after traveling back from Okinawa, and they delivered. The Pumas of St. Joe’s College (somehow, apparel and shoe company Puma does not sponsor them) were the big patsy on Tuesday. A subpar D-II team that came for a beating and delivered on their end.

The first half was extremely sloppy and you could see the lack of energy from Pitt. They missed a lot of shots from outside. Struggled at times with defense. Yet still led by 14 at the half.


November 17, 2015


Pitt is 0-0-1 to start the season. Or whatever joke you want to make about the Armed Forces Classic that never happened. There are unsubstantiated reports/rumors that Pitt and Gonzaga are looking to make up the game. As much as people want to start freaking out about RPI and SOS for Pitt after just the first weekend, Gonzaga probably could use the boost as well because of their conference. Not for Tourney making, but for seeding. Might help in making it happen, but I doubt it.

Tonight starts the patsy portion of the non-con. Not that they should be taken lightly, as NC State, Wisconsin, Illinois, UCLA, etc. demonstrated in their season openers at home.

Should it be mentioned that Virginia lost to George Washington last night? GW is not a patsy, but still. Virginia battled a lot of foul issues as the freedom of movement edict to the officials is in effect. Go figure, that Virginia might struggle to start the season to adjust to that.


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