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February 24, 2018



During the ESPN College Basketball Game Day, they asked whether Pitt would break 45 points against Virginia today.

Have to be honest, I thought they had the line a little high. Perhaps it was so they could all go under, but if I was trying to gauge the O/U line, 40 seems like the sweet spot. 1 point per minute of game. Not too low to be absurd, but with Pitt’s offense, Virginia’s defense and both sides’ slow tempo; just enough to make you unsure.


February 22, 2018

Pitt Basketball Continues Descent

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Maybe it was just the ineptitude of Wake Forest that made the loss feel like the end of Stallings. Maybe it has been seeing his name on so many of the “hot seat” articles this week. Maybe it’s because no one was watching the game — at the Pete or even on TV. Hell, maybe it’s because it is snowing this morning where I live after being 70, two days ago.

Whatever the reason, there is almost a palpable feeling that Pitt basketball coach Kevin Stallings has moved into the terminal stage.


February 21, 2018

Open Thread: Wake Forest-Pitt

Filed under: Basketball,Open Thread — Chas @ 7:21 pm

9pm (goddammit), multiple RSNs.

In what many are calling Pitt’s last, best chance for a wi– No. Sorry. Can’t do it. Tried to type it, but it wouldn’t happen.

Let’s see. Pitt is really slow offensively. Yep.

Ron Cook is feeling downright ghoulish, then sort of feels bad about it, but not really.


Remember the Pitt-Syracuse football game this past year? The one where Kenny Pickett had his redshirt blown for one play because Ben DiNucci couldn’t keep his helmet on? Lots of frustration at that point since there was no indication that Pickett was going to get much of a chance to play that season. Obviously that changed with the Miami game. One of the expected changes to the redshirting rule would have let Pickett stay redshirted.

If a new rule proposal goes through, that decision could be a lot easier and not cost anyone anything. The Atlantic Coast Conference has submitted a proposal to allow all players to participate in any four games without losing a redshirt, the designated term for a player who practices with the team but does not participate in game competition, thus preserving a season of playing eligibility. The proposal will be voted on by the NCAA Division I Council in April. If passed, it could go into effect as early as this fall but would not be retroactive to past seasons.

So, no it wouldn’t give Pickett back another year of eligibility, but this is a very exciting thought going forward.


February 18, 2018

6pm, ESPNU.

You know things are bad, when the Pitt quick notes, includes this.

Pitt has dropped 14 consecutive games, the longest streak in program history. The Panthers have dropped 18 consecutive regular season league contests.

Those are notes from Pitt. The part where they try and spin as positive as possible. Yet, there is no hiding from this reality.

A little unintentional fun from the ACC schedule makers. The last time Pitt won a regular season ACC game was exactly a year ago, against the same team they face today. That’s right, Pitt whipped up on FSU 80-66 on February 18, 2017.


February 17, 2018

Pitt is not a deep-pocketed SEC or B1G program. Can we all agree on that? There is no Michigan Money Cannon to fire. There is no crazed, big-money booster that will cut a check in exchange for more influence like at Auburn. Pitt also does not subsidize the athletic department on the back of the students or from the academic side of the university (Rutger, UConn — how are things going?). Nor is the athletic department about to take out ridiculous loans that put them so deep that they will head to conferences they don’t fit (What’s up, Maryland?).

Pitt is a fiscally conservative athletic department that is only now starting to receive the full share of ACC revenue. This is only year four of being in the ACC, and Pitt did not leap into full cuts in year one. They also had moneys to be paid to the Big East/AAC upon departure. To say nothing of the new outlays required to be a part of the ACC.

If Pitt wants to fire Stallings after two years, and hire someone with any sort of pedigree/upside; Pitt will need to have a lot of boosters coordinating the cash.


February 15, 2018

We had a nice, anonymous bombshell of something this evening.

More legal charges still could come, but what’s becoming increasingly clear as the discovery portion of the case comes to a close is that the breadth of potential NCAA rules violations uncovered is wide enough to fundamentally and indelibly alter the sport of college basketball.

The soundtrack to the three federal basketball corruption cases is essentially a ticking time bomb, which will inevitably explode. It will impact every major conference, Hall of Fame coaches, a score of current top players and some of the nation’s most distinguished and respected programs.

Multiple sources who’ve been briefed on the case and are familiar with the material obtained by feds told Yahoo Sports that the impact on the sport will be substantial and relentless. Sitting under protective order right now are the fruits of 330 days of monitoring activity by the feds, which one assistant US Attorney noted Thursday was “a voluminous amount of material.” That includes wiretaps from 4,000 intercepted calls and thousands of documents and bank records obtained from raids and confiscated computers, including those from notorious NBA agent Andy Miller.

“This goes a lot deeper in college basketball than four corrupt assistant coaches,” said a source who has been briefed on the details of the case. “When this all comes out, Hall of Fame coaches should be scared, lottery picks won’t be eligible to play and almost half of the 16 teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend should worry about their appearance being vacated.”

Oooooohhhhh. Juicy.


February 14, 2018

I don’t know how Pitt comes up with the buyout money, and then have enough to hire a promising coach and staff.

Part of me still wants to let him have one more year. Not because Pitt basketball will improve dramatically, but because the buyout becomes more manageable (meaning more money to hire a better coach and staff) and I would have more confidence that the players would be much more responsive to whoever came next.

But it is at that point (I know, well past for many fans), that Pitt’s administration may have no choice.


February 13, 2018

Unfortunately, we all know what will.

7pm. ESPN News, if you dare.

Here is what is at stake.


February 12, 2018

0-ACC looks more likely every game.

Sorry about the lack of open threads. Big family visit this past week into the weekend. Upside is that I didn’t get a chance to watch either game. More then a little bit of an indictment of the state of Pitt basketball when they guy running a blog devoted to Pitt football and basketball had no urge or desire to carve out time to watch two Pitt basketball games. Didn’t DVR it. Not even checking the phone for updates.

Two weeks ago I would have (and even might have) said that Pitt can’t/won’t fire Kevin Stallings after two years.


February 3, 2018

Open Thread: Pitt-UNC, phhbbttt!

Filed under: Basketball,Open Thread — Chas @ 7:27 pm


As if this were a nooner on the ACC network affiliates. Or  when reality kicks in elsewhere and it is ACC Digital Network Extra/WatchESPN.

The storyline if there was any drama to this game would be Cam Johnson  facing off against his former team.



January 31, 2018


Various RSNs and ACCDN Extra/WatchESPN.

I kind of would prefer it, but there is a game tonight. So…

Miami has a big injury in the form of Bruce Brown.

The sophomore leads the team in minutes played, and ranks second on the team in scoring (11.4 points per game) and leads the team in rebounds, steals and assists.

Brown is out 6 weeks, after suffering an injury to his left foot in practice. Miami should still have more then enough to handle Pitt, unfortunately.


January 29, 2018

Can’t Shoot Straight

Filed under: Basketball — Chas @ 8:43 am

27.7%, 18-65, 9-34, 9-31

Those are the shooting percentage, overall shooting, 3-point shooting and shots from inside the 3-point line in the loss to Syracuse on Saturday.

Individual players may have run hot and cold between halves, but the overall bad shooting was consistent. 8-27 in the first half; 10-38 in the second.

It’s been a bit lost amidst the inability to rebound, turnovers and bad defense. But this team just can’t shoot.


January 27, 2018


ACC Network Affiliates and ACCDN/WatchESPN.

Retro uni day for Pitt basketball. Honoring past greats from the 80s. All wonderful. All nostalgic. Pay no attention to that 5-13 record versus the Orange in the 80s.


January 25, 2018

The Dream Remains Alive

Filed under: Basketball — Chas @ 8:43 am

0-ACC seems less unachievable then ever.


That’s the number of points Pitt scored in the second half. After exploding for 43 points in the first half with the 3s falling and just as much penetration and attacking inside. The offense for Pitt looked like a real thing.

Sure the turnovers were still there. As was the poor rebounding that allowed NC State lots of second chances off of offensive rebounds. But there was flow. Good spacing, ball movement. There was hope.


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