November 20, 2017

9:30 pm, ESPN3– It’s WatchESPN.

I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for this.

This past Saturday was rough enough. And for all the the supposed acceptance of Pitt not being anything close to a good basketball team this year. For already seeing them lose to a team coached by Ed DeChellis. For losing to Montana, while this other team won by 13. And now to be a 10 point underdog to Penn State?

You’re asking a lot of me.


November 18, 2017

Open Thread: Pitt-VT

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12:20, ACC Network (very limited)/ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Be interesting to see what kind of crowd shows up at Lane Stadium, following a disappointing loss that officially eliminated the Hokies from repeating as ACC Coastal champs. The weather is going to be in the upper 40s and very gray. Rain is supposed to hold off until the evening. And the dreaded noon-ish start.

It’s also Senior Day and the last home game of the season to counter the reasons not to show. Plus, you know, the Hokies have been a pretty good team.


November 15, 2017

Open Thread: UCSB-Pitt

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7pm ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN

Aw, hell I don’t know.

UC-Santa Barbara is in the Big West. They went 6-22 last year and fired their head coach. Joe Pasternack is now the guy. Pasternack had been the head coach at the University of New Orleans. Succeeding some guy named Buzz Williams. UNO folded their basketball program in 2011, and Pasternack became an assistant at Arizona under Sean Miller. He was also the associate head coach there.


November 13, 2017

7pm radio or ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN

Feeling better. Very low key weekend of nursing being sick to maximum sympathy; and to be left alone with sports on TV all weekend.

Let’s start with a lookback on the opening loss at Navy.


November 10, 2017

9:00 CBSSN (it’s a real channel, dammit).

I’m sick. Have that whole mucous running down the back of my scratchy throat, stuffed nose, bloated head feeling. It’s probably just a cold that has been long overdue.

And yet…

There was this game yesterday…

I’m not saying that Pitt’s performance last night against UNC is responsible. I’m the the first to say that correlation does not equal causation. I’m just not willing to rule it out either.


November 9, 2017

Open Thread: UNC-Pitt, Must Win

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7:30, ESPN.

Nippy, clear Thursday night.

North Carolina hasn’t had much going right with its quarterbacks and injuries. Out of nowhere, a week-and-a-half ago, they nearly upset Miami. So, there’s always the possibility.


October 28, 2017

Open Thread: UVa-Pitt

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12:30 pm

Multiple RSNs and ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Stuck on the couch as my back flared up this week, and driving 4-5 hours in a day was not on the table.

Fun times to be in the football equivalent of bubble watch with bowl eligibility.


October 21, 2017


Various Network affiliates, and on theACC Digital Network.

Since Pitt joined the ACC, the games with Duke have been almost absurd offensive showcases.

The first two games saw the teams combine for 113 and 99 points respectively. Last year, Pitt hung 56 on Duke.

Even in the relatively tame 2015 game, Pitt put forth 31 points en route to a win. That was Pitt’s lowest scoring output. Outside the Rice, game, Pitt hasn’t put 31 points or moreup in their other 6 games.


October 14, 2017

12:00 pm

RSNs or ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Homecoming. James Conner bobblehead day.

The noon and noon-adjacent home games on Saturday will continue until Pitt can be a consistent factor in the ACC. It sucks, but at least Pitt is getting paid. Another morning of trying to get out the door before 7 am and hitting the road. Whee.

Another top-20 team, though I didn’t see this coming with NC State.


October 7, 2017

It’s not a rivalry, but there have been enough open threads over the years for the need to differentiate in the permalink.

12:30 pm on various RSNs (whatever the hell they are calling the Pittsburgh sports channel these days, NESN, YES and others) and WatchESPN/ACC Digital Network Extra.


September 30, 2017

Pitt-Rice: Open Thread

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12:00 ACC Digital Network Extra/ESPN3.

I’m rationalizing attending the Rice-Pitt game on Yom Kippur as its own form of atonement after what Pitt has done for the first 4 games.

This is a family game for me. My sister did her graduate and doctorate work at Rice (applied mathematics, and yes, she’s the smart one in the family) and her husband has a masters from the school.  They still live in Houston, and my parents moved down there a few years ago. They were fine during the hurricane and flooding, if you are wondering.


September 23, 2017

Open Thread: Pitt-GT

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12:20 pm, ACC Network Affiliates or ACC Digital Network/WatchESPN.

Sorry about the last minute thing. Did a nice long run this morning with my daughter. Got a shower. Had some coffee. Felt good. Sat down for a minute, and promptly fell asleep on the couch. Getting old is something.

Ben DiNucci gets the start at QB. No one (including me) seems to have a problem with this. DiNucci has simply been more of a spark. He’s shown more confidence. And just seemed to be more of the leader on the offensive side. Max Browne simply seemed to lack confidence out there. Especially when Pitt got into the redzone.


September 16, 2017

Open Thread: OKSt-Pitt

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Sorry, it’s been a week — and it stayed that way.

During the game this past week, a lot of frustration with QB Max Browne. I’m not in favor of benching him and moving on at this point. Head Coach Pat Narduzzi has made it clear that isn’t going to happen.

I don’t believe he is a bad quarterback. But he definitely is not as good as Nate Peterman or Tom Savage. There are clearly some limitations on him, beyond his, uh, limited mobility. The most glaring is the way his passes tend to sail. It works on longer throws where the receiver has time to get under them. When it comes to being in the redzone or making shorter passes…


September 9, 2017

Open Thread: PSU-Pitt

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3:30, ABC.

Pitt is a heavy underdog.

Penn State is ranked #4 nationally, Pitt is unranked.

PSU looked great at home against an overmatched opponent last week. Pitt, not so much.

Nit partisans are highly confident in this game. Ranging from blowout win to a mere tune-up.

Pitt fans won’t be surprised by a loss, but won’t exactly view it as an impossibility to pull off a win.


September 2, 2017

Open Thread: Youngstown St.-Pitt

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1:00, ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Morning, all. The first turnpike AM run into the sun and the new season. Feel the optimism, excitement and potential. Followed by those moments of doubt, dread and cynicism.

We’re all trying not to look past this game to the one the following week, right?


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