November 25, 2015

It’s at 7pm

Students out of town. Night before Thanksgiving. Should be a sparse crowd except for those whose significant other is a saint or just wanted that person out of the way so they could lose their mind in peace preparing for Thursday.

This is part of why there is such an abundance of Thanksgiving-time basketball tournaments. Logically, you would think TV interests would prefer more of the activity to take place a week or two later as college football games really thin out.

But the coaches and schools would rather avoid having to do home games without students and people heavily distracted by family dysfunction. If they are going to play games in front of small crowds, why not do it in some other locale in a tournament that gets media exposure?\


November 21, 2015

I’m here. I’m conscious. I’m at least going to fake it. May be in conflict with a large volume of good bourbon.

Shhh. No one mention this to the people in the press box.

Pitt isn’t going to win the Coastal. UNC is seeing to that. Now it is time to just continue winning the games they should. Louisville isn’t great, but they aren’t bad. If Pitt was playing down there, they would be the underdog by a point or two. Instead, Pitt is the slight favorite at home.

The rare non-noon kick-off this year. Louisville is fully capable of knocking off Pitt.

They are also in a position to lose badly. The truth is out there.

November 20, 2015

Open Thread: Detroit-Pitt

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8pm on

Little odd on the time, but it is a Friday night, so it should make it easier for fans to get to the Pete.

Detroit is from the Horizon League. Under Jamie Dixon, Pitt has never lost to a Horizon League team (10-0). I only note that, because when Dixon was still an assistant, he was a finalist for the Wright State job that went to Paul Biancardi (then, an Ohio State assistant).


November 17, 2015


Pitt is 0-0-1 to start the season. Or whatever joke you want to make about the Armed Forces Classic that never happened. There are unsubstantiated reports/rumors that Pitt and Gonzaga are looking to make up the game. As much as people want to start freaking out about RPI and SOS for Pitt after just the first weekend, Gonzaga probably could use the boost as well because of their conference. Not for Tourney making, but for seeding. Might help in making it happen, but I doubt it.

Tonight starts the patsy portion of the non-con. Not that they should be taken lightly, as NC State, Wisconsin, Illinois, UCLA, etc. demonstrated in their season openers at home.

Should it be mentioned that Virginia lost to George Washington last night? GW is not a patsy, but still. Virginia battled a lot of foul issues as the freedom of movement edict to the officials is in effect. Go figure, that Virginia might struggle to start the season to adjust to that.


November 14, 2015

The last two years, Pitt and Duke have combined for some wild offensive games. Don’t think that will be what we see today. Duke has been doing more with the defense, and their starting QB may not play.

Pitt’s offense has been a bit up-and-down. Only two games saw the offense hit 30 points or more (vs. 1-A opponents). Two games have seen Pitt with under 20 points. Everything else has been somewhere in the 20s.  Just not seeing Pitt explode for around 50 points.

It’s a nooner on ESPNews.

Both teams are 6-3, but Pitt is ahead of Duke in the Coastal standings with a 4-1 conference record to the Blue Devils’ 3-2.

November 13, 2015

Oh, happy days. Basketball is back.

Pitt starts the season in Okinawa, Japan in the Armed Forces Classic against the number 9 team in the country, Gonzaga. The game is slated for a 7pm (but pushed to 7:40) start on ESPN. That is assuming no disruptions by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 in Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan — some 763 kilometers away — didn’t disrupt things. (It didn’t.)


November 7, 2015

By the time you read this, I should be getting turnpike espresso around mile marker 195 of the Ohio Turnpike.

As I said last night, get that early start.


October 29, 2015

Open Thread Begins Early: UNC-Pitt

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Thursday night. ESPN. 7pm.

What? You really want to watch the Browns-Bengals tonight?

Didn’t think so.

The only thing Pitt fans have a higher angst level over the actual game is the attendance. Hopefully the crowd matches the excitement around this game and this team.


October 24, 2015


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Noon. ESPNU.

I hope that before the game, Head Coach Pat Narduzzi walks up to Syracuse coach Scott Shafer to greet him. Then tosses him a kiwi. Let’s face it, Narduzzi trying to kill Shafer with a kiwi story is the first thing to bring life to a Pitt-Syracuse football game in ages.

At this point, it seems that Shafer is coaching for his job, so there could be an edge of desperation from Syracuse in this game.


October 17, 2015

There are two Coastal division opponents Pitt has yet to beat in the storied history of Pitt in the ACC. Last year was particularly humiliating as Pitt coughed the ball up in comically ridiculous fashion throughout the second half. Meanwhile the Yellow Jackets just ran over Pitt, prompting a panicked defensive coordinator to junk everything from the game plan at halftime — it didn’t help.

The game is a 12:30 start syndicated by the ACC. Hopefully you can find a station. If not, it’s or — in my case as I’m visiting in-laws where naturally the middle of the state of Ohio is not carrying it — the WatchESPN app on your phone.

Did I bring a flask of Four Roses and a six-pack of Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Extra to get me through the game (and family)? It’s a possibility.

October 10, 2015

Open Thread: Homecoming 2015

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Some last minute family issues abruptly intruded on the weekend, keeping me from getting to Pittsburgh this weekend. That forces me to watch at home on what should be a perfect day for football. Even with a 12:30 start time. Frustrating. Very frustrating.

Big game today. Homecoming. First home game in over a month. A conference and divisional opponent. A very winnable game. Not to mention lots of recruits on hand.

It says something about the change in mindset with the fans towards this team, new coach, new staff and just general feeling of renewal for the athletic department that it doesn’t feel like Pitt is going to find a way to blow the opportunity and the game.

Hail to Pitt.

October 3, 2015

Open Thread: Pitt-VT Goes Soggy

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It’s cold and wet all over the East and into the midwest. A noon start to go with it. So, so grateful that this is a road game. At least that keeps us from being treated to pictures of a mostly empty Heinz Field. It will be curious to see just how full Lane Stadium is, given the weather, the start time and the malaise hitting the fans following a loss to ECU.

Pitt should come out ready to go for this one. The bye week after a tough loss. It feels weird typing that. Normally, I would be expecting Pitt to be somewhat flat. Especially under the numerous other former head coaches. But with Pat Narduzzi and this staff, I just think the energy is going to be higher. As if the whole team has been chomping at the bit to get back out on the field.

Of course, I could just be projecting.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, the game is on Root. It can be found on a lot of sports channels today, and ESPN3.

September 12, 2015

Pitt doesn’t kick off until 6pm. That seemed good up until last night when the rains came and temperatures plummeted. Now it looks to be raining on-and-off all day and into game time. Temperatures in the 50s. That’s what it will be like — at best — for most of Pitt’s home games that are back-loaded into November. So excited to get an early preview.

Still looking forward to heading down for the game. Much shorter drive than going to Pittsburgh. Not much for tailgating, but it is Akron. Hardly a destination city. Probably still better than being in the Muni lots for a Browns game.



September 5, 2015

Open Thread: 2015 Kickoff

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First one in quite a while. Have you missed them? I’m sure you have.

1pm start. If you aren’t watching it at Heinz Field you are either listening to a radio (or a stream on the internet) or watching on The Pitt game notes has plenty of info for listening/viewing.

It will be a hot one.

Lot’s of curiosity. Beyond simply the debut of a new coach for Pitt — I kind of feel like we are veterans of that process by now. I’m thinking about the changes to the way the students are being transported. To the atmosphere. All the other things that go into the “gameday experience.”


March 22, 2015

That NC State team showed up last night. The one loaded with talent. Swift, long guards who can shoot from the perimeter and keep the other team’s guards from getting open looks. A burly frontcourt that can dominate on both ends. Most importantly, their collective head stayed in the game the entire way. You watch them on a night like that and wonder how they are not a top-ten team.

Then you think back to the game against LSU where they didn’t show up for the first half (and a chunk of the second). The BC game. A slew of others, and it boggles the mind. I don’t trust them, but I’m not surprised by anything they do at this point.

Notre Dame made it to the Sweet 16 to keep the ACC perfect in the Tournament so far. Did not expect that.

The Big East is survived by Xavier. Other than Villanova going down last night, this is not totally surprising. Georgetown was a popular upset pick against Eastern Washington, so the fact that they made it to Saturday before losing is a kind of progress… I guess. St. John’s had no chance once it was learned that Chris Obekpa was suspended.


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