November 17, 2017

Cultural Exchange with the Key Play

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Haven’t done one of these in ages.

Joey Coogan from The Key Play — your best source for VT news and analysis — reached out to do a Q&A ahead of this weekend’s game. My responses to his questions came out yesterday.

Like Pitt, the Hokies are coming off a frustrating and disappointing loss. In their case, to Georgia Tech. Both shared “honorable mention” in last week’s Misery Index.


November 15, 2017

Why Risk Disrupting What Hasn’t Worked

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I’m glad Justin took to venting before I could. I’m still not over that loss from last week, but I’m not in a dark, angry place. Now it’s just a dark, bitter place.

Pitt prepares for a visit to Blacksburg to face a team with fans almost as pissed off as we are over an inexcusable loss. A ranked Hokie team that claims that opening game win over West Virginia and… that’s it?


November 10, 2017

frUstratioN Continues

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Hi everyone! Long time no see. I wish I had more time to write these days but unfortunately I lack the time to put the thought into things that I prefer to write. I still haven’t finished Stranger Things season 2. There’s not going to be a lot of deep thought here, just frustration.

I had a feeling heading into this season that it was a transition year. Pitt lost a lot of talent on offense and the defense was still going to be a work in progress. Matt Canada left, forcing the offense into their 3rd coordinator in 3 years. Narduzzi did a good job with his first two picks so I gave him the benefit of the doubt on Shawn Watson. But it was clear the offense would take a step back no matter what. (more…)

November 9, 2017

Open Thread: UNC-Pitt, Must Win

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7:30, ESPN.

Nippy, clear Thursday night.

North Carolina hasn’t had much going right with its quarterbacks and injuries. Out of nowhere, a week-and-a-half ago, they nearly upset Miami. So, there’s always the possibility.


UNC Has Been A Problem For Pitt

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That’s Pitt’s historical record against UNC.


That’s Pitt’s record against UNC since joining the ACC.


November 8, 2017

Healthier After the Bye

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If you are wondering, Pitt is 1-1 after a bye week under Head Coach Pat Narduzzi. A win at Virginia Tech in 2015 and then a loss last year on a Thursday night game — also against Virginia Tech.

As usual after a bye, a big thing is players getting a chance for a little rest and recuperation. And that is mostly the case for Pitt.


October 30, 2017

Continuing the 2d Half Improvements

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In both the season and after halftime.

Two games deeply colored many people’s perceptions — especially mine — on the progress of the defense. The Oklahoma State game, obviously. And the first game of the season against Youngstown State.


Oklahoma State just devastated Pitt’s defense. From the receivers to the O-line to the quarterback scrambles. By all appearances, Pitt had not simply taken a step backwards defensively. They had fallen backwards over a cliff.


October 28, 2017

Open Thread: UVa-Pitt

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12:30 pm

Multiple RSNs and ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Stuck on the couch as my back flared up this week, and driving 4-5 hours in a day was not on the table.

Fun times to be in the football equivalent of bubble watch with bowl eligibility.


October 23, 2017

Anything But Pretty, But…

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…it was a win.

There were points during the Pitt-Duke game that felt like literal hate-watching. Not simply the offense just making me angry and frustrated. It was the coaching. The decision-making. It really was the first game in Pat Narduzzi’s tenure that really pissed me off from the POV of  “what the hell are they thinking?”

It was a game, that Pitt could have lost (some might argue should have). I’m sure all five Duke football fans feel the same, though, it’s not like Duke did much more to say they “should have” won.


October 21, 2017


Various Network affiliates, and on theACC Digital Network.

Since Pitt joined the ACC, the games with Duke have been almost absurd offensive showcases.

The first two games saw the teams combine for 113 and 99 points respectively. Last year, Pitt hung 56 on Duke.

Even in the relatively tame 2015 game, Pitt put forth 31 points en route to a win. That was Pitt’s lowest scoring output. Outside the Rice, game, Pitt hasn’t put 31 points or moreup in their other 6 games.


October 18, 2017

Unsurprising Outcome

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Well, that UNC-Pitt Thursday night game on November 9 looks to be one hell of a dog.

That Pitt lost was not a surprise. That the running game struggled again, not a surprise. Poor handling of working Kenny Pickett into the game — kind of a surprise.


October 14, 2017

12:00 pm

RSNs or ACC Network Extra/WatchESPN.

Homecoming. James Conner bobblehead day.

The noon and noon-adjacent home games on Saturday will continue until Pitt can be a consistent factor in the ACC. It sucks, but at least Pitt is getting paid. Another morning of trying to get out the door before 7 am and hitting the road. Whee.

Another top-20 team, though I didn’t see this coming with NC State.


October 11, 2017

What Do You Want To See in Final Six?

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I’ve calmed down a bit. Stepped back. Had a chance to breathe.

A lot of people have pointed out in the ensuing hours and days after the end of the Syracuse game, that playing Kenny Pickett for one snap at the end of the game is not the worst thing in the world.

And they are right, with a big caveat.


October 7, 2017

Narduzzi F**ks Up

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Okay, I’m a little hot. If you are offended by [expletive redacted] then don’t click below.


It’s not a rivalry, but there have been enough open threads over the years for the need to differentiate in the permalink.

12:30 pm on various RSNs (whatever the hell they are calling the Pittsburgh sports channel these days, NESN, YES and others) and WatchESPN/ACC Digital Network Extra.


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