October 21, 2016

ACC Matchups During the Bye Week

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Week 8 of the college football season is coming up and the University of Pittsburgh Panthers are getting a much needed week off. While the Panthers are enjoying their only bye week of the season, there are still a few interesting games being played in the ACC. Some of these games can have huge impact on Pitt’s season, so the fans are still going to have a lot of interesting football to watch this week even without their favorite team playing.

With Virginia Tech rolling over Miami last night, the chances of full Coastal Chaos are slightly diminished. Miami is now 1-3 in the division with three straight losses, and at this point are only looking to make a bowl game. Virginia Tech now sits upon the top of the Coastal with the head-to-head edge over North Carolina and no losses in the division. The game at Heinz Field next Thursday could be their de facto clincher, as their remaining ACC games are at Duke, Georgia Tech and Virginia.

The other three ACC games played this week will all take place on Saturday afternoon. The most important of these three games is the matchup between the North Carolina Tar Heels and Virginia Cavaliers. The Tar Heels are tied with Virginia Tech at the top of the Coastal Division. Since Pitt lost a very close game to North Carolina earlier this season, they can only advance to the ACC Championship Game by finishing the season with a better record than the Tar Heels. North Carolina has to lose at least one more game this season if Pitt wants to win the division, so it might as well happen this week against Virginia. The Cavaliers are not a very good football team, so it will take a great performance to knock off North Carolina. It is worth noting that North Carolina has only two wins by double digits this season. As much as they were preseason darlings, they have not been that consistent.

The other two ACC games this week are among teams in the Atlantic Division, so they do not have that much impact on the Pitt Panthers. The game between Syracuse and Boston College has very little impact on the entire conference since both teams are sitting at the bottom of the ACC standings. NC State will also be going on the road to face Louisville this Saturday. While it does not directly alter Pitt’s season, fans should be rooting for a Louisville victory. The ACC will look like a much stronger conference if they have two teams in the top 10 of the rankings. This can’t happen if Louisville, led by Florida native Lamar Jackson, loses to NC State. A strong conference will give Pitt a much better bowl game if they are unable to win the Conference Championship game.

How do interconference games factor in to coastal standings? I assume that our games with Syracuse and Clemson do not factor in but am not sure.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 6:23 am

What are the odds on Pitt being 5-5? Even?

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 6:26 am

Pitt’s aspirations of overcoming UNC are going to be SEVERELY Challenged next Thursday.

VaTech is a BAD Matchup for Pitt.

A Defense which is BIG and FAST and ABLE to bring a TON of Pressure to bear against both the Run Game and the Opposing Quarterback.

An Offense featuring a Quarterback with an more than adequate 8.7 Yards per Attempt and who can REALLY Motor.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.21.16 @ 9:55 am

I believe it’s ACC record, not coastal record, but coastal games are more important since we’re only comparing our ACC record against coastal teams.

Comment by panther94 10.21.16 @ 10:10 am

Next 3 teams have much better athletes than us.

So I imagine were going to need some turnovers to even that out.

We are #8 in the country in Fumbles Recovered.

And we’re going to need some better passing for sure, to get the box a little ‘unstacked’.
As I don’t think our Power Rushing game is that good. Which is why we’re going wide a lot.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 10:10 am

RedZone Defense is still horrendous.

22 trips in and 21 opponent scores. 16 of those being TD’s.

The Bend and Break Defense.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 10:37 am

Thanks for the post, Steven. One point of clarification…

We do not have to finish with a better ACC record than UNC. We can finish tied assuming it’s a three-way tie and still advance. If we are tied with VT and NC, the tie-breaker goes to Coastal record. We need UNC to lose another Coastal game in all likelihood (assuming we have two losses in ACC with the other loss being Clemson). They have UVA, Duke and GT left in Coastal.

We also need NC State to lose to Louisville. NC State will knock us out of Tier 1 bowl game if they are bowl eligible unless we really finish strong. Root against them the rest of the season!


Comment by FG 10.21.16 @ 10:39 am

Pitt has allowed 2,092 opponent Passing Yards.

Only 4 teams of 128 have allowed more.

One being Charlotte of C-USA. And this is their FIRST YEAR EVER PLAYING D1 FOOTBALL. And they’ve only allowed 4 more yards than Pitt.

That caught my eye since the humble abode is in the Queen City.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 10:42 am

If VT gets past Pitt, they could run the table on the rest of their ACC games.

Duke, GT, & UVa.

Likewise if Clemscum gets past Fla. State in their next game. They only have Cuse, Pitt and Wake left.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 10:53 am

Carolina still has big rivalry games vs Duke and NCSU…Over my 42 years in North Carolina anything can happen in those games… interesting note Carolina gets a breather against a. 6-0 Citadel team in a couple of weeks… Go Citadel

Comment by BigB 10.21.16 @ 10:56 am

And Charlotte plays a schedule comparable to Pitt’s?

Pitt gave up the majority of those passing yards to 16th and 22nd rated passers in the county.

In no way is Pitt actually the 5th worst pass D in the country. Unless you just want to come to sites like this and rip Pitt.

Comment by Hollywood 10.21.16 @ 10:58 am

Maybe we can put Elon on the schedule next year to compensate. :)

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 11:03 am

Is Matt House the Defensive Coordinator for Charlotte?

Comment by PittofDreams 10.21.16 @ 11:17 am

Two other Numbers that stood out yesterday for VaTech.

34 and 45

Comment by PittofDreams 10.21.16 @ 11:19 am

I hate the libscum of Hollywood btw. :)

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 11:21 am

On the other hand I like James Woods and Jon Voight. Pretty cool guys.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 11:22 am

Any truth to the rumor that Narduzzi ordered DOMINOS yesterday for the Team?


Comment by PittofDreams 10.21.16 @ 11:24 am

Maybe Jerry DiPaola can find out what Pizza was ordered.

Sounds like a question he would ask.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.21.16 @ 11:26 am

lol PoD.

It better have been Mineo’s or Aiello’s.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 11:31 am

Matt House still has a House in Charlotte, from his days as a Coffee Gofer for the Panthers.

So he might be giving Charlotte U advice.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 11:36 am

The VT O-line is riddled with injury. That’s their weakness. That’s what Pitt has to exploit. They also don’t have a QB super accurate deep or with pressure. It will be a close game and for once a lower scoring game.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.21.16 @ 11:56 am

Reading between the lines, HCPN has been frustrated with the communication between the safeties and the cornerbacks. Hopefully that was corrected and was the reason the secondary looked good in the second half of the VA game. Pitt is playing at home against a team that lost to Syracuse by two touchdowns.

Comment by 66Goat 10.21.16 @ 12:57 pm

Agree the only way Pitt has a chance next week is to pressure AND contain Evans. Give him time and Hodges (he’s a 6’7″ match-up nightmare) and Ford will burn us all night.

Va Tech is basically the same team personnel-wise as last year but with the addition of a good QB…and an offensive-minded head coach. It’s amazing how important those two elements are, the Gobblers look so much more dangerous.

Comment by Iron Duke 10.21.16 @ 1:06 pm

VT’s qb has a slow decision making process when he looks downfield so yes pressure him immensely. Pitt will beat them next Thursday.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 10.21.16 @ 1:17 pm

Playing at home against Miami is different than playing on the road against Pitt. Just look at what happened in Syracuse last weekend. I think it’s shaping up to be a very competitive game.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.21.16 @ 1:19 pm

Hope we can put asses in seats to make thursday a “home” game!

Comment by Pitt60 10.21.16 @ 3:44 pm

True TT

However Cuse has a QB that can carry a game.

Eric Dungy had 311 passing and 106 yards rushing and 2 TD’s.

Which is why our game with Cuse is going to be interesting. They can score.

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 3:55 pm

We had one but he was chased off campus for the GPS> lol

Comment by Emel 10.21.16 @ 3:56 pm

This is a subject changer.

The crap we went through with all the football coaching carousel, I can accept the status of our football team. Heck we are always rebuilding anyway.

The University’s rating in US News and World Report really bothers me. We are now in the 70’s!

When I went to PITT we were rated in the low to mid 40’s. Regardless of our ranking, until recently, we always were about the same as Syracuse and PSU.

Syracuse went down with us for a while but now their numbers is better again.

What is PITT doing wrong?

US News is the ranking most people acknowledge as the bible for such things.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 10.21.16 @ 3:57 pm

OPG – Pitt’s been in the 60-80 range for a while now. It’s a great school and was ranked the #24 public school in the US last year by US News. Pitt may have been ranked in the 40’s in comparison to other public schools but never nationally.

“In its 2016 rankings, U.S. News & World Report ranked Pitt 24th in comparison to other public universities in the United States and tied for 66th among all national universities.[12] Princeton Review placed Pitt among its “Best Value Public Colleges”,[18] while Kiplinger rated Pitt the best value in Pennsylvania and eighth best nationally for out-of-state students among public universities in their 2011 rankings.[17]

In worldwide evaluations of universities, Newsweek ranked Pitt 37th in its “The Top 100 Global Universities.”[117] Pitt ranked 70th worldwide (and 37th in the U.S.) in the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities. Pitt ranked 133rd globally in the 2015/16 QS World University Rankings.”

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.21.16 @ 4:05 pm

IMG Academy game on ESPN2 all elite players.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 6:37 pm

Quips vs CV on pcn.

Kwantel Raines, looks good but CV UP 14 -0 in the rain.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 6:57 pm


Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 6:59 pm

Make that 14 -6

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 7:00 pm

The speed in this IMG Trinity Christian game is amazing. Many, many big time recruits.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 7:08 pm

W Allegheny vs Woodie High. 46 yd field goal in the rain by CV.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 7:13 pm

Steve Breaston coaching recievers at Woodie High. A great one that got away.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 7:20 pm

Hope our coaches are at the local games, don’t miss the local hidden gems. Mentioned Zane Dudek this morning. Worth a schollie. Need to keep the best local kids here when we can.

Comment by gc 10.21.16 @ 7:29 pm

Narduzzi is at the Beaver Falls game trying to woo Jeter.

Comment by Nick 10.21.16 @ 8:21 pm

I think he’s wasting his time Nick….go after guys who want to play for you.

Comment by Jackagain 10.21.16 @ 10:55 pm

Tossing Thabeets, I love my school too, but we never approached as low (as poor) as #60 nationally until I started reading this blog; maybe 6-8 years ago. We were never near close to #80. Don’t give me a heart attack.

Plus we were always right next to Syracuse, PSU and Rutgers in number; somewhere in the low to mid #50’s I am referring to all classes of national universities not just public.

I use US News and World Report only It is the reference source most of the Country uses to compare schools.

Believe me in the early 60’s we were rated in the 40’s. We were private and expensive. We had very limited undergraduate programs and was viewed as a school to get into a professional graduate program somewhere.

All the other ratings sources you use are basically propaganda for fund raising. It is the US News National ranking everybody talks about.

Syracuse got their number back down (better) this time around, why can’t we?

Also where did all those California Davis, Riverside, etc schools come from? How did Clemson move ahead of us?

Over $3.5 Billion in the bank and we can’t get ranked in the top #50?

Norenberg was a disaster.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 10.21.16 @ 10:58 pm

I agree Jack, but he has no choice than to go hard after top local guys, especially when they just backed off of a commitment elsewhere. It’s an uphill battle, but he would get lambasted for not trying. Damned if you, damned if you don’t.

Comment by Nick 10.21.16 @ 11:07 pm

The rest of the Pitt staff were all over the map solidifying commits & recruiting top prospects. No matter how it shakes out on LOI day it won’t be for a lack of effort.

Comment by Nick 10.21.16 @ 11:13 pm

Nice win by the Temple Owls last night over 6-1 USF (now 6-2).

After watching the jokies of vt against miami, I am convinced that Pitt needs to win the trench battles on both sides of the ball in order to have a chance at a W.

The jokies D line is banged up but still had 8 sacks on the miami QB. Our preseason 4th ranked O line must put forth their best performance of the season as our O will need balanced play calling to attack the vt D.

For our D – We need Price to be healthy and a consistent effort from our DT’s. Blair (and Conner) need to hurry the QB with Price being double teamed. One of our faster LB’s will need to cover 6’7″ WR Hodges all game – roughing him up off the line every play. AND continue to stop the run.

Winning formula – there you go coaches – while you were doing the tough recruiting stuff, I laid out The Pursuit to victory plan for vt – lol.

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 6:46 am

Erie: “Jokies”?? N-I-C-E!! I’ll try hard to beat that, but it’ll be TOUGH. Tufferna turkey’s trot in November!

Go Pitt – Flip the birds!

Comment by Savannah Panther 10.22.16 @ 8:32 am

Tight End Reeves to make a decision today according to PGHSportsNow. A big need.

Comment by gc 10.22.16 @ 8:54 am

OPG – when did you graduate? Pitt hasn’t been ranked in the top 50 since the report was published. See the data below which lists all schools that have made an appearance since it’s inception. Pitt’s not on the list.

link to

Pitt has different schools and programs ranked higher but since Nordy, Pitt (overall) has been in the 60 – 80 range. It was outside of that pre-Nordy. Pitt goes up and down every year just like other schools. I’m not sure why you’re offended by it. It’s a great ranking and shows Pitt’s focus is on academics.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.22.16 @ 10:21 am

I posted something similar regarding what Jackagain and Nick both said regarding Jeter. He is not coming here and Pitt is still in the mix for some other talented D Lineman. But like Nick said Pitt has no choice but to go after top local talent. Especially after already missing on some big ones. This year WPIAL’s class is loaded and it could have been a banner recruiting year. You land Wade and Jeter still pretty successful. You don’t land either, not so much.

I’m sure after getting burned once by Jeter and his comments of wanting to play on the biggest stages, they realize landing him is a long shot and won’t ease up on recruiting other kids.

This game Thursday is huge. Fuente was an awesome hire and why I usually prefer an offensive minded head coach. Although Duzz seems to give his offensive coordinator full autonomy and I like what Canada has done thus far. I am concerned with a lot of the jet sweeps going to receivers there just are not enough carries for Pitt’s stable of talented backs. With the addition of Todd Sibley next year, look for one or 2 to transfer.

Comment by Pap76 10.22.16 @ 10:58 am

Lamar Jackson is off the charts, glad we played and beat them last year.

The jet sweep is an electric play and gets the ball in Henderson’s hands, our most dynamic player.

It also makes the opposition cover sideline to sideline, opening up other areas of the field.

Comment by gc 10.22.16 @ 11:18 am

Pap76, jet sweeps are supposed to live up to the name…and must be run by the fastest guys on the team. That right now is the guys they’re using.

The best back on the field is the other option as far as the defense is concerned and winds up being a decoy when e run it. It works because the defense has to account for both possibilities.

Comment by Jackagain 10.22.16 @ 12:30 pm

Ok State with a 14 point lead over Kansas in the 4th qtr.

Rooting for all top 25 teams to lose today except tOSU vs the pedos.

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 2:05 pm

Erie, I’m rooting for L’Ville. It will help us get a better bowl game if NCSt loses. It looks better for the ACC with a couple teams in the Top 10.

Comment by Jackagain 10.22.16 @ 2:12 pm

Jack – Looks like ville will win going away. ACC top team holds top 10 spot with win over NC State.

Ok State up 24 with 5 minutes left in the game vs Kansas.

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 2:31 pm

BC giving cuse a tough game – one score game with 3 minutes and BC driving to tie it.

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 2:36 pm

Former HCPC beats Iowa in a squeaker, one score game today.

How is ole miss ranked with a 3-3 record?

Jack up the jokies of vt and Pitt will get some notice too.

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 2:42 pm

Tossing Thabeets, your right, in the early 60’s it must have been Princeton Review and/or Kiplinger ranking PITT in the 40’s.

Please, please quit mentioning 70’s and 80’s I’m thinking stroke at my age.

Time for us to drop subject. Moving on to sports

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 10.22.16 @ 3:19 pm

I don’t want to discuss ranking in the 60’s.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 10.22.16 @ 3:21 pm

Purdue beating #8 Nebraska in the 2nd qtr.

If I ranked TCU beats the hoopies then TCU moves into the top 25 and the overrated #12 ‘eers slip, but stay in the polls. Still rooting for TCU – go Horned Frogs!

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 3:36 pm

I ranked = unranked

Comment by Erie Express 10.22.16 @ 3:45 pm

OPG – haha. I had a feeling it was further back. I know Pitt bailed on Pitt football in the late 30’s to focus on academics and spent the next 30 years with that the focus. Pitt de-emphasized academics a bit when it became a powerhouse again. Then focused on academics again starting in the mid-80’s and then Nordy went all in on academics.

Those current rankings are considered elite by the way. No shame where Pitt is now. Especially for the size of the University and being a public institution.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.22.16 @ 6:48 pm

Pitt is a better academic school now than when I attended in the late 80’s. Athletics hasn’t changed a damn bit. That is the true shame.

Comment by TX Panther 10.22.16 @ 7:12 pm

Show up people to the stadium. Don’t just sit there,
cheer like it’s a Steelers Super Bowl game.
This is the best team we have had since 2009. They beat PSU.
Get out their to the stadium. This Pitt team is as good as it gets for us. The offense is lit and the d has a player Price with AD numbers. Young kids are starting to contribute and every game is friggin exciting edge of your seat games. :02sec is the only thing that we missed it by so far. Most of you whine on here like you would complain having sex. Go Pitt!!!!
I say they win by 21 over VT

Comment by Tackle Made by Hugh 10.22.16 @ 8:21 pm

Let’s get this straight .. we beat the team that beat #2 TOSU???

Comment by 9-2,8-4,11-1,11-1,11-1 10.22.16 @ 11:02 pm

Yes we did, numbers guy. Problem is, it’s not basketball and there’s no RPI, so we don’t really get credit for that. They’ll pass us up based on that in rankings. BS.


Comment by panther94 10.22.16 @ 11:41 pm



Comment by Pitt Flunky 10.22.16 @ 11:49 pm

As I posted on PittPOv:

Gotta wonder though…the order of things. What if we played Penn State next week instead? Would they crush us based on their confidence level (and possibly just being a better team than they were earlier in the sreason) or would we win still and look better than we do now because we beat them AFTER they beat tOSU? I might go read some Nietsche now and contemplate my reality.


Comment by panther94 10.22.16 @ 11:53 pm

They would come in overconfident & get their butts whipped even worse. Then they would come up with a whole different set of excuses.

Comment by Nick 10.23.16 @ 12:19 am

Imagine if Pitt’s offense was combined with Ohio St defense. That combination could beat Alabama.
Watching Alabama again this week just give them the NC, nobody , no single team can play with them.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 10.23.16 @ 7:36 am

Pulled this from the Trib BB reporting this morning –

“A few hundred fans gathered at Petersen Events Center to check out the new coach and the 2016-17 model of their team. The scrimmage was divided into three 10-minute segments, followed by a three-minute “situational” segment.

“I told ’em maybe after the second 10 minutes, it reminded me of an NBA All-Star Game,” Stallings said.

He did not mean that in a good way.

“It’s a good place to start,” Stallings said. “It’s good to get ’em out here and running around. They got tired. … Very typical in my experience, the first time in front of people, they sort of forget what they’ve been taught. And they revert back to all things that are natural, which are hold the ball and not cutting and not putting any pressure on the ball, being 6 feet off the guy that they’re guarding.”

The talent was more or less evenly divided in the first two segments. In the third, the blue-clad veteran squad of presumed starters — seniors Jamel Artis, Michael Young, Chris Jones and Sheldon Jeter, joined by sophomore Cameron Johnson — were outplayed by the back-ups in gold.

Maybe that reflects quality depth, but Stallings said he was “disappointed” in the first unit.”

Me to regarding the “first unit” – for the past several years…

Comment by Erie Express 10.23.16 @ 8:35 am

Fraud is back in the news: link to

Comment by panther94 10.23.16 @ 9:09 am

Really great to beat PSU, but don’t forget that we lucked out in the end and that we played them without Cabinda, their best by far linebacker.

Gonna be an extremely tough road trip next year, but we get OKST at home.

We need a great crowd on Thursday but I don’t see it happening. Should be the usual 47.000.

Comment by gc 10.23.16 @ 9:12 am

gc – we played them (the pedos) without our best WR in Ford and arguably our best DE, CB and OLB (Hendrix, Hamlin and Zeise).

Come on man!

Nobody should be thinking about “next year”. The Pursuit is STILL on. Jab the jokies of vt in the jaw and knock them out of the Coastal Division race – in front of whatever size crowd shows up – make the Pittsburgh area take notice that Pitt has a very good FB team THIS year.

They might want to show up at the next home game to see for themselves what The Pursuit is all about.


Comment by Erie Express 10.23.16 @ 9:41 am

Guys, the USWorld Report rankings are manipulated by the universities. It has very little to do with the actual education. It’s like saying Pitt has a top 5 running program, but when you peel back the onion you find that when the game is on the line we don’t run the ball like a top 5 running team. We are a solid university academically and the usnews surveys are a business. Let’s call it what it is and nothing more and nothing less. Universities actually employ folks that study and learn how to manipulate the data to score better. It’s a waste of money and resources that could go to scholarship. But, it’s also the truth.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 10.23.16 @ 10:32 am

Exactly dhuff.

We’re probably getting penalized in the academic rankings cause our Chancellor’s last name is Gallagher. :)

Comment by Emel 10.23.16 @ 11:32 am

After watching Saturday’s games conclude; VT is the key for the balance of the season. Speed and size are deadly but if Cuse can do it so can we. Clemson would be a miracle at home but others are doable. On PSU/OSU. Ohio State had the worst special teams play I have seen all season and no running game which left PSU go for kill the QB.I am now evaluating the quality of Wiscy in their loss to OSU but I sure wish Chryst had not stolen Hornibrook to Wiscy and we wad him per his origional committ to Pitt.

Comment by Pitt60 10.23.16 @ 11:52 am

I know this has little chance of success but .. would posters quit referring to Penn State as Pedo State. Or, if you won’t, will the moderator delete these references. It is offensive to the victims, it is offensive to those associated with PSU that had nothing to do with these actions, and it’s offensive to me as a Pitt and Pennsylvania sports fan. Needless to say, it also adds no value to your commentary. Thank you.

Comment by Tomas 10.23.16 @ 12:03 pm

@EE Are you serious in saying that we played PSU without our best DE, CB and LB? Hendrix hasn’t played a full quarter in two years and I would say that Price has clearly demonstrated that he’s Pitt’s best DE. Hamlin still hasn’t played a down and has been certified completely healthy for at least a month. Zeise was in his first year at LB and won’t have played a full quarter until perhaps next year. Serious leap of faith on all counts.

Comment by Barvo 10.23.16 @ 12:41 pm

Are you suggesting we forget PEDOphilia that occurred at Penn State over the course of 30 years? It is offensive that State Penn didnt get the death penalty.

Comment by TX Panther 10.23.16 @ 1:02 pm

You’re wrong, Tomas. It doesn’t have little chance of success…it has 0 chance of success.

Comment by panther94 10.23.16 @ 1:51 pm

Bravo – here IS what I stated “and arguably our best DE, CB and OLB (Hendrix, Hamlin and Zeise).

You can “argue” my point or consider it sarcasm – since gc called out his point that pe&@ state (for you Tomas) was missing ONE starting LB.

Comment by Erie Express 10.23.16 @ 1:51 pm

Tomas – you also have it wrong when you capitalize the name of the dairy college – you show them too much respect.

They on the other hand look down their collective noses and look the other way – sometimes at the same time…

Comment by Erie Express 10.23.16 @ 1:55 pm

What’s truly offensive is for someone who contributes nothing to come on here and be ‘offended’.

I’m offended.

Comment by Emel 10.23.16 @ 2:02 pm

But nice try, Tomas. See you in Happy Valley next year.

Comment by PittPT 10.23.16 @ 2:06 pm

Jeter commits to Michigan. Good. No more wasting time on this kid. Until he decommits there of course…

Comment by Pap76 10.23.16 @ 4:50 pm

More yellow seats for the Steelers game today than I’m used to seeing.

Their D is putting nice pressure on Brady with only 4 rushing.

Comment by Erie Express 10.23.16 @ 5:15 pm

Erie, I get it, we had injuries too, but Cabinda was the heart of their defense with 100 tackles last year. Of the guys we lost none of them have much of a track record so hard to say how much difference they would make. I think Hendrix was a big loss but who really knows.

Comment by gc 10.23.16 @ 5:59 pm

Cabinda had 13 total tackles yesterday, the three Pitt guys you mention have yet to make one tackle for Pitt. Ford wouldn’t have done much since we didn’t start throwing till GT.

Comment by gc 10.23.16 @ 6:04 pm

Pedo State still sux. Indiana or Illinois or some BigJoke scrub will beat them.

Comment by Emel 10.23.16 @ 6:18 pm

I can’t wait till we clobber those pedo’s in Creepy VAlley next year.

I might even go, towing a traveling shower stall.

With a Sign reading….Beware Little Boys !

Comment by Emel 10.23.16 @ 6:20 pm

Cant believe the Pedos are ranked. I guess its good for the healing process.

Comment by TX Panther 10.23.16 @ 6:41 pm

The Penn State administration and Poopy Pants never cared about those raped boys. Joe Pa knew and turned away. I’ll call that school Pedo State until I die. They earned that title. I take offense to every State fan and alumnus that still worships that false God Paturdo and still believes the Grand Experiment was equal to Salk finding the cure for Polio. Go back to Creep Valley you troll.

Comment by TX Panther 10.23.16 @ 6:49 pm

Absolutely NO chance of Pitt winning in State College next year.

Anyone who thinks otherwise should view the replay of the PSU OSU Game and the soon-to-be infamous “NO CALL.”

No way forward for Pitt to beat BOTH the Staters and the Refs of Happy Valley.

The ONLY way Pitt could POSSIBLY Win is if by chance it’s a Blowout.

Otherwise… absolutely NO CHANCE.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.23.16 @ 8:08 pm

And a small aside, IF Narduzzi fails to come up with a Winning Game Plan this Thursday against VaTech… you might as well RIGHT OFF Western Pa and the rest of the Keystone when it comes to recruiting.

By beating Ohio State… Franklin secured his job for at least a few years to come.

By losing to VaTech in the SAME WEEK… Narduzzi will no doubt secure Pitt’s Second Place Finish as the D-1 Program MOST Blue Chippers in Pa and nearby States want to play for.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.23.16 @ 8:17 pm

Truth… and nothing more.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.23.16 @ 8:18 pm

That was one thing I liked about the pedos beating Ohio Fake…..Franklin stays now. That and Ohio Fake stays out of the playoffs after Mich. cleans their clock.

I’m so tired of media bias toward certain teams and conferences. People are saying that no team can beat Alabama, but if not for an onside kick recovery, Clemson would be champs right now.

BTW Tomas….pedos is short for pedophilia enablers for the sake of the cult of pedo St. football. The shoe fits perfectly…..

POD, true about the refs….this pedo cult will stop at nothing to win….

The only way we can win is if we get 400-500 yards rushing.

Comment by Jackagain 10.23.16 @ 8:40 pm

I’d love to shove those black shoes that Joe Pa is buried in right up some cultists ass.

Comment by TX Panther 10.23.16 @ 8:59 pm

It should be ACC refs at PSU next year. But I agree tough to win there next year, with a new qb.

Comment by gc 10.23.16 @ 9:21 pm

I think it was really Jay Paturdo, who somehow found his way onto the Blather.

Thankfully we were wearing Pedo Repellent.

Comment by Emel 10.23.16 @ 9:26 pm

It should be ACC refs, but somehow nd has always gotten calls using BE or ACC refs(or whatever conference the we’re playing for that matter).

Comment by Nick 10.23.16 @ 9:38 pm

What are the odds that Conner comes back next year?

Still think he has better odds as a D-end in the pros.

Going to be interesting to see how many downs he plays on D from here on.

Comment by gc 10.23.16 @ 9:39 pm

Pedo repellent…classic. Maybe some of that will help with PoD.

Comment by panther94 10.23.16 @ 9:47 pm

Conner prediction(s) – Pete Carroll (I’m not a fan) will see the “spin move” and/or other film of James at DE and discuss drafting him in the 4th or 5th round next year.

That may be enough to give Mr. Conner the confidence to make the jump to the next level after this season.

Either way, I know HCPN saw that “spin move” and wants to see more, as I do as well. Anticipating 5 plays at DE and 15 to 20 touches on O vs vt. At miami we will see 10 plays at DE and the O touches dialed back to 10 to 15. Important note: to make this happen, one of the RB’s MUST step up and make a strong contribution. My money would be on QO although Moss has shown flashes this year.

It’s all about The Pursuit.

Makes sense to me…


Comment by Erie Express 10.24.16 @ 3:57 am

Come Thursday, fully expect Narduzzi to FOREGO Conner’s POTENTIAL Production on the Offensive Side of the Ball in exchange for using him at D-End.

Of course, I personally don’t agree with it. If you have to take your BEST Tailback and possibly the ACC’s and use him to help create some much needed PRESSURE on Defense… YOU GOT A PROBLEM!

The Good News is… I see it lasting primarily for ONE Game.

Narduzzi will come back to his senses.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.24.16 @ 5:07 am

Of course, this has NOTHING to do with where Conner could end up playing in the NFL.

My persistence in promoting Conner as a Runningback starting back when he was recruited… ALWAYS emphasized his ability to created MIS-MATCHES at the College Level.

After he leaves Pitt… who knows?

However, I do think he’ll be leaving after this Season.

NOT much reason to hang around another year if you’re James Conner and playing in Matt Canada’s Offense.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.24.16 @ 5:14 am

As for the NFL and Conner’s chances at D-End or Outside Linebacker?

He’s going to have problems.

Just like when he carries the Ball… Conner rushes UPRIGHT. Not Good when you’re going up against NFL Tackles with LONG Arms.

Besides…SPIN MOVES only go far. Kind of like like Jet Sweeps.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.24.16 @ 5:19 am

No way Narduzzi is going to move Conner exclusively to defense, even if Price can’t play.

He could give some of Conner’s rushes to Ollison, but I don’t see that happening. At the most, I see Conner getting 7 or 8 plays at D-End.

I agree about spin moves, but Conner also has speed, strength, agility, and will, so I wouldn’t ever count him out at anything he wants to do.

I think he leaves this year as well, just wishful thinking that he would stay.

Comment by gc 10.24.16 @ 7:27 am

I am also really impressed with how well Conner is catching the ball this year.

Comment by gc 10.24.16 @ 7:29 am

Switching Conner to DE is setting him up to fail, if his goal is the NFL. I’m pretty confident PN knows this. One spin move clip and now people want to switch him, sheesh….

Comment by 1618mt 10.24.16 @ 7:40 am

If Conner did come back he could set Pitt’s all-time TD and scoring record.

D-Ends that can get to the QB make more money and last longer in the NFL. I have said that all along, but Conner is much too valuable at tail back at Pitt to make the move. But what an all-around talent.

Comment by gc 10.24.16 @ 7:49 am

Don’t think we’re in disagreement here.

I should have specified “forego (SOME of) “Conner’s Potential Production.”

Narduzzi will play Conner at Tailback. But having him go BOTH ways will take its toll. It’s going to cost some of his production on Offense.

Amazing how far we’ve come from “LIMITING” Conner so as not to tire him out.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.24.16 @ 8:14 am

Of course, this could all be MORE Narduzzi “Truth Misdirection” and Conner will see absolutely no snaps on Defense.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.24.16 @ 8:16 am

If they gave Ollison 5-10 of Conner’s carries so he could rush the passer 5-10 times, it might work out pretty well for both guys.

For some reason, they only let Ollie touch the ball 2-3 times a game. Makes no sense to me when the guy ran for 1100 yds last year.

It is also very obvious that our pass defense is only effective when we put pressure on the QB.

It also seems that Conner would enjoy hitting people instead of being hit, once in a while.

Comment by gc 10.24.16 @ 8:29 am

PoD – most PSU fans were elated with the win … until they realized it sealed their fate the next few years with Franklin as their coach.

Did you watch the game? OSU was the better team. PSU didn’t beat OSU so much as OSU beat themselves. A win is a win but come on. The offense looked bad and un-inspired. The defense looked like a typical big 10 defense that would struggle against creative play calling ala the Pitt game this season.

OSU will have a new OC next year. Very conservative offense and it cost them this season just as it did last year.

VT game is an important game for the season but hardly for the future of the program. Pitt is still rebuilding. Recruits know this and rational Pitt fans know this.

The PSU game was the statement win they needed this year. Keep beating the teams you’re supposed to beat.

The best thing for Pitt is for ND to continue it’s free fall. More than anyone else, they’ve taken advantage of Pitt’s coaching collapse of the last half decade. Very deep in-roads built.

Interesting stat … Pitt is ranked #59 in both offense and defense.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 9:35 am

PoD – Conner was not in proper condition to begin the season. The UVA game was the first time we saw his old burst back too. Limiting his carries the last few games looks like it allowed him to get better workouts in during the week. We need a fresh and healthy Conner. I don’t think anyone doubted that. He did not look like himself early on though. Understandably. He’s still playing a little too heavy. About 240 now compared to 250 at the beginning of the season. He’ll show up at the combine about 230. Which is what he started last season before the knee injury.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 9:38 am

Hmmm….Surprised we are that high in D and that low on O

Comment by HbgFrank 10.24.16 @ 11:47 am

Can we drop the Conner to DE stuff? Unbelievable.

Comment by 1618mt 10.24.16 @ 12:02 pm

There is a full complement of healthy running backs this year. Conner could move to defense full time and would not be missed on offense. Ollison and Ibrahim could easily make up for the lost production. The pursuit needs to replace injured players on the defensive side of the ball. It’s only logical to make the move.

Comment by Grizzly1 10.24.16 @ 12:21 pm

What has happened to Darrin Hall the past 3 games? He didn’t dress in the Marshall game and he hasn’t had any touches in a while. Is he injured? (Oh Sorry HCPN wrong question.) Is he in the doghouse?

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 10.24.16 @ 12:42 pm

There is not snow balls chance in hell of Conner returning to Pitt next year IMO. He will not forego the chance of getting a NFL paycheck by returning to Pitt with the off chance of another injury ending his career.

Comment by jrnpitt 10.24.16 @ 12:47 pm

Barring injury, there is zero chance Conner is coming back. 5th year RBs don’t get drafted.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 1:11 pm

Grizzly1 – I think they should move Conner to cornerback, that’s where he’s needed right now.

Re Hall – Not sure what happened to him, but I’m wondering if an athlete like that could make the transition to LB, or even safety?

Comment by 1618mt 10.24.16 @ 1:14 pm

Concur with Grizzly.

The Defense needs YUGE help. Especially with the Pass Rush and outside pursuit. Conner could have immensely in both of those areas.

Ollie(2015) had about the same YPC as Conner in (2014) And Moss has the shake & bake moves to go with that.

90 yards on 20 carries against UVa’s woeful defense (#108) is not a great game. it’s not even 5 yards a carry.

Do it Nard Dog !

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 2:20 pm

JC only has a 4.3 ypc average for the season.

And we haven’t really played any real tough defenses yet.

If he has a future in the NFL it’s probably not going to be at RB.

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 2:22 pm

JC is averaging 4.3 y/c 90 days after finishing chemo. He’s just getting his explosiveness back after 6 months of poison being pumped through his veins. Let alone the conditioning and offseason workouts he missed. He may have attended the offseason program but he was not a true participant. He reported to camp at 260, started the season at 250 (vs. 230 last year and 240 his 1700 yard/26 TD year) and now looks about 240 again. Olli had a good first year but he’s not in the same league as Conner and Moss has passed him on the depth chart. Maybe Olli is still in the doghouse for showing up fat to spring practices or maybe he’s just now 3rd on the depth chart. Possibly 4th as I think Hall got a concussion before he disappeared from the lineup. Conner is a situational player on defense just like Whitehead is a situational player on offense. Both can provide much needed sparks but are better for the team in their natural positions.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 2:43 pm

1618, good comment on Hall. IMO he either transitions at Pitt or transfers from Pitt. But if he thinks he’s an NFL RB in waiting, transferring is what he’s going to do.

Comment by jrnpitt 10.24.16 @ 2:55 pm

Hey I thinks it’s remarkable that JC has recovered from Cancer. My family has had it’s share, as I think a lot of families have had since about 1 in 3 Americans are getting the big C now.

However are we talking about what’s best for the team or…..something else.

Moss is avg’g over 6 yards/carry. Imo Ollie can avg over 5.0 ypc as he did last year when he was AcC Rookie of the Year.

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 4:30 pm

Conner getting a lot of snaps on defense is contingent on if Price is not back and healthy. If Price can’t play at all we need Conner at D on 3rd and long plays.

If Price plays and is healthy then we don’t need him on D. It would be nice to see them both on the field at the same time for some 3rd and long plays though….especially at the end of the game if we’re ahead.

Comment by Jackagain 10.24.16 @ 5:09 pm

Emel – that’s why JC’s carries have been down since the OKST game and Moss has gotten more carries. After giving Conner 20+ carries the first two games, the coaches realized he wasn’t ready for that workload yet and what was best for the team was getting Moss more carries … not Ollison.

Playing both sides of the ball and 20+ carries this week indicates they think he’s back. They got him back in football shape just in time too. They’re in a bye with some time off plus another extended break after VT going into Miami.

Trust the coaches. If they thought Ollison was the answer he’d be playing more. Pitt was more of a power running team in years past. Less of a fit right now.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 5:35 pm

What you mean like trust the OC who called 42 pass plays against a team last year (UNC) who gave up gobs of yardage on the ground.

You mean like that. You trust the coaches.

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 7:15 pm

And I don’t trust any DC that doesn’t know to go to a 5 or 6 DB formation when you’re playing a pass happy, 3 & 4 WR set offense.

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 7:16 pm

So you trust them….I’ll question them :)

Comment by Emel 10.24.16 @ 7:18 pm

Scary thought from Cardiac Hill near Halloween –

“The Hokies are solid on both sides of the ball. Offensively, they’ve scored about 36 points – only a hair less than Pitt. Like the Panthers, Virginia Tech doesn’t make a lot of mistakes at quarterback. Jerod Evans has 19 touchdowns against only two interceptions and he leads the entire ACC in passing efficiency. Evans, in fact, is in the top ten in the nation in that category, so don’t expect him to make a ton of mistakes. He will also get out and run a little. Evans is second on the team in rushing with 417 yards.

In other words, not a great thing to see.”

We need to pressure this guy for 4 qtrs – no let up. If that means playing James “the beast” Conner with the pretty spin move on D and limiting his touches on offense, then so be it.


Comment by Erie Express 10.24.16 @ 7:24 pm

40% chance of showers, 10 to 20 mph wind.

Might be a night for power football.

Comment by gc 10.24.16 @ 7:37 pm

This site wouldn’t be any fun if we trusted the coaches… 😉

Comment by Jackagain 10.24.16 @ 8:11 pm

Emel – you always become enamored with players. Ollison is not as good as Conner. Especially now that Conner is starting to round into shape. He’s also behind Moss. He’s the the third or fourth best rb on the team. Pitt is not running the same offense this year. Much less power runs. Ollison just doesn’t fit right now. He’ll have a shot next year but will have an uphill battle against Moss. Unless he’s graduating early he’s not transferring either because he’s already red shirted. You have 5 years to play 4. I’ll certainly trust a HC who had a string of 5 straight years in the top 10 as a DC. I’ll also trust an OC who has an offense putting up the yards on the ground and ToP we currently have.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.24.16 @ 9:04 pm

HCPN and I are thinking alike regarding Thursday night’s prime time ESPN prime time match-up with vt.

MUST win game!

Rain, snow or sleet – I WILL be in my seat.

I know many ticket holders that gave their seats to someone else because they cannot make the drive mid-week to Pittsburgh.

Comment by Erie Express 10.25.16 @ 6:11 am

For any of the PSU fans reading this blog and gloating after the OSU victory, remember this (from College Football News): “Without getting way too into the specifics, because the Nittany Lions beat the Buckeyes, if Penn State and Ohio State both win out, and if Michigan’s only loss is in Columbus, there will be a three-way tie for Big Ten East title. If that happens, it’ll come down to the fifth tie-breaker – overall winning percentage…This year, the No. 5 tie-breaker would knock out Penn State because of its loss to Pitt earlier in the year….” – link to

You’re welcome, Knittin’ Liars!

Comment by DionJag 10.25.16 @ 8:30 am

Last time I checked… the “Bye Week” was over.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.25.16 @ 8:54 am

PoD – the “Bye Week” better be over or Pitt FB is in BIG trouble come Thursday night.

But in this new age of NO information or MIS-information we may not know who’s starting until an hour before game time.

All I know is I’m looking forward to an entertaining evening in downtown Pittsburgh on Thursday night.


Comment by Erie Express 10.25.16 @ 9:42 am

Its disappointing to see folks accepting this 5-2 record as a good thing. I know for the most part 5-2 would be a decent year to date for Pitt, but the reality is that 5-2 is not where they should be. 5-2 should be 6-1 or 7-0. People should expect more. Blowing a 21 pt lead to NC is ridiculous. That game will haunt this team for years. They are going to lose recruits because of it.

Comment by Td 10.25.16 @ 10:13 am

You won’t know who is starting until they line up on the field.

Comment by Nick 10.25.16 @ 10:27 am

TD – that’s the “Glass Half Empty” view. The “Glass Half Full” view is that it will help recruiting because good recruits know they can start early, and play 3-4 full years, as really good players are in demand at Pitt.

We have a penchant for putting 3*-4* recruits in the NFL, so there’s a very good historic reason to come to Pitt. That, plus the fact that the program is tracking information n the right direction under HCPN.

It all depends on your outlook! You are welcome to take the easy “Glass Half Empty” path!

Comment by Savannah Panther 10.25.16 @ 11:11 am

Td… The only disappointing thing about 5-2 is HOW Pitt lost its 2 Games.

The Season also includes the BIG Penn State Win… GRANTED thanks to the Dropped TD Pass with a few minutes to go.

However, I think Pitt Fans can feel a lot better having won a CLOSE one by a Dropped Pass rather than a “NO CALL” by some Happy Valley Homer Ref.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.25.16 @ 11:31 am

And Td keep in mind… this ain’t Wanny’s Big East anymore.

PALES in COMPARISON to the Level of Competition Pitt is facing today Week in and Week out!

Comment by PittofDreams 10.25.16 @ 11:34 am

Now wait a minute PoD. Pitt had to play Buttgers each and every year in the BigEAST. :)

Actually the one year and several for that fact, the BigEAST when Wanny was here was pretty good.

2005 WVCC was 11-1 #5 in Nation and beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl

2006 BigEast had 3 teams in the Final Top 12 Rankings. Finished the Bowl Season 5-0.

2007 BigEast had as many as 6 of the 8 teams ranked during the course of the season. Ranked in the Top 15 that is. WVCC trounced #3 Choklahome in the Fiesta Bowl

2008 BigEast had as many as 5 of the 8 teams ranked in the Top 25 during the season. Finished the Bowl Season with a 4-2 record.

2009 BigEast had as many as 5 of the 8 teams ranked in the Top 25 during the season, finished with 3 in the Top 25 and two in the Top 15, with Pitt being one of them. BE went 4-2 in the Bowl Season

2010 BigEast went 4-2 in Bowl Season in Wanny’s fateful last season which included a Pitt win against an SEC team.

Comment by Emel 10.25.16 @ 2:11 pm

I love how when Pitt was in the BE the ACC was awful & now that Pitt is in the ACC it’s the greatest conference ever. Take a good look at the Coastal, nothing has changed with Pitt’s schedule except the names.

Comment by Nick 10.25.16 @ 3:10 pm

TD – lol. For years? A little dramatic? You are what your record says you are. Pitt’s 5-2 and has back to back to back games to prove itself.

When did Pitt have a 21-0 lead vs UNC?

Scoring drive summary below …

link to

If Pitt wins those games I highly doubt they’re 7-0. This team isn’t that good yet. Could they be 7-0? Sure. Would they be? Not so sure.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.25.16 @ 3:50 pm

TE Reeves from Ohio just committed to Pitt.

Great momentum for the game tomorrow night.

Pitt is it!

Comment by Erie Express 10.26.16 @ 8:31 am

Great news about Reeves.

Comment by gc 10.26.16 @ 9:08 am

Hilarious. Looking at Pitt’s injury Report… it’s Zeise out with “Lower Body” injury… Challingsworth out with “Upper Body” injury… Maddox out with “Upper Body” injury.

What ever happened to BROKEN Ankle, BROKEN Arm… TORN Ligament?

PARANOIA run amuck.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.26.16 @ 10:07 am

We’re A DAY away from what Narduzzi even calls Pitt’s “Must Win.”

In my opinion, probably the BIGGEST Challenge for Pitt so far this Season in terms of MISMATCH.

And here we are stuck on the “BYE WEEK.”

Chas, Steven… What’s the chance of Ramping Things up with an UPDATED Thread?

You Guys have been doing an EXCELLENT job up to this point and it has kept a lot of us LONGTIME Contributors here LOYAL to the Blather.

Just say’n

Comment by PittofDreams 10.26.16 @ 10:13 am

If there are issues that have come up that are temporarily standing in the way… then TOTALLY understandable.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.26.16 @ 10:15 am

there are some postings far above questioning Pitt’s academic ranking. Well, the Wall Street Journal seems to think pretty highly of Pitt (I’m sure the intelligent postings shown here on The Blather figured into these rankings):

link to

Comment by wbb 10.26.16 @ 11:59 am

PoD …

Chas Rich ?@ChasRich27 Oct 24
In Dallas for meetings. Just missed this convention.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.26.16 @ 12:31 pm

Reeves was pretty much a Pitt guarantee. Duzz doing real well in Ohio, here not so much. Kenny Robinson LB/ATH announces Friday. Thought he was a slam dunk, now not so sure. Think the Hoopies got a real shot at him.

Comment by Pap76 10.26.16 @ 12:57 pm

This class looked more promising until you saw how entrenched some other schools became in the area with the coaching vacuum created since Wanny. ND huge inroads. Brian Kelly getting fired would be a big relief for Pitt. Chryst didn’t repair Pitt’s relationship as much as people thought or, if he did, all goodwill went out the window with him bailing. Regardless, the WPIAL seems pleased with the new coaching staff. Plus, there is a lot of time left for Pitt to flip or bring in some heavy hitters.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 10.26.16 @ 1:21 pm

Stallings landed a talented combo guard Marcus Carr. Still has 2 or 3 scholarships to give. Need to add some forwards. Pitt is going to be very thin at that position. After this year they will have Luther, Manigault, and incoming F/C Terrell Brown….

Ideally would like to see him land 2 Forwards and a true Center. That’s if he has 6 to give. I think he does but I may be wrong.

Comment by Pap76 10.26.16 @ 1:28 pm

He has 6 to give but who knows he may have to put to 5 guards in the starting lineup the way recruiting is going this year.—Right now guards are not what Pitt needs. Getting a top flight BIG Man to commit is critical for Pitt at this time.

Comment by jrnpitt 10.26.16 @ 1:40 pm

Son of George Reeves committed to Pitt.

Up, Up and Away !!!

Comment by Emel 10.26.16 @ 2:19 pm

maybe we’ll get a grad transfer or 2 who are forwards …. but yes indeed, we will be very thin in the frontcourt next year … embarrassingly thin

Comment by wbb 10.26.16 @ 2:20 pm

Stallings plan with all the Guard recruits, is to go to the 4 Corner Offense.

Phil Ford will be hired as the Top Asst.

Comment by Emel 10.26.16 @ 2:21 pm

BTW, Reeves’ high school coach claims he is a real good BB player also .. maybe baldy can use him

Comment by wbb 10.26.16 @ 2:22 pm

I think one of the taller D-Linemen Nard Dog recruited from Ohio last year was also supposed to be a all-Conf bball player.

Baldy should check on him too !

Comment by Emel 10.26.16 @ 3:12 pm

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