October 6, 2016

In a few years when Florida State fans, boosters and probably their board of trustees complain that the TV money from the ACC Network isn’t enough/keeping up with the SEC (because we all, damn well know they will be first in line to complain), we can all remind them that they were the ones leading the charge to leave the money on the table to keep their extra non-con game.

Not that they will care or even accept any blame.

As mentioned yesterday, it seems ESPN relented from their demand for better content from the football side as part of the deal for the ACC Network. Either 9 conference games plus 1 Power 5 conference opponent in the non-con (9+1) or 8 conference games plus 2 Power 5 conference opponents in the non-con (8+2).

As the reality for the majority of programs set in regarding the likelihood of being able to get 2 P5 opponents on the schedule every year was being realized, the consensus was building towards 9+1. Add in the fact that it would mean facing teams from the other division once every 3 years rather than 6, and it made a lot more sense.

Then ESPN tossed them a lifeline — for a price.

Had the ACC decided to adopt one of the two proposals – either the eight-plus-two or the nine-plus-one — it would have received more money from ESPN when the ACC Network launches in three years. How much more is uncertain, though the league’s decision will cost it some amount of revenue.

Both Cunningham and Radakovich downplayed the potential financial loss.

“Those were big numbers,” Radakovich said, “and when you break it down after shares and division of the dollars within the league, it was not anything that would move the needle.”

The money in question is reportedly $500,000 per school per year when the contract goes into effect in 2019. In other words the conference left $7,000,000 on the table so that FSU and Clemson can get their 7th home game. A clear money maker for them, but not good for the programs with significantly smaller stadiums and/or struggles to fill the stadiums. All to keep FSU and Clemson from complaining for a few more years.

Its official. When it comes to football there is no “ACC” conference. There is an ACC Atlantic and an ACC Coastal. We should just be honest about it. Whenever you refer to what football conference Pitt is in, you should say “The ACC Coastal”…Playing a fellow “conference member” on your home field once every 12 years is ridiculous…Frankly, conference I think the TV networks that are shelling out all the cash should hold out for 10 conference games every year (with + 1 for game 11). Pitt would then play every team in the ACC Atlantic every other year.

Comment by HbgFrank 10.06.16 @ 11:29 am

I would be OK with the 9+1 format and getting rid of the crossover opponent. That would get it down to 2 1/3 years and no more than 5 years between home visit by other division opponents.

If we can get a long term contract with PSU then I am OK with the 8 games. Would even be OK with long term contract with WVU which is far more likely given PSU’s fear of us.

Comment by JohntheListener 10.06.16 @ 11:42 am

When Pitt hosted FSU a few years ago my dad was 65 years old. When we were walking in he said I better really take this one in because the next time FSU comes to town I may be dead. Funny and depressing at the same time.

I was obviously hoping for the extra conference game. As HbgFrank said it is essentially 2 conferences. Even though Clemson, FSU, and Louisville would be tough to beat even at home. I’m sure most fans would like to see these teams in person more than once every 12 years…

Comment by Pap76 10.06.16 @ 1:15 pm

Officially how did Pitt vote ?

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 10.06.16 @ 9:16 pm

Without FSU and Clemson , there would be no network deal with ESPN ….

Comment by Gordon 10.07.16 @ 5:52 am

Clemscum dictating terms all because they had a recent upswing in football is ridiculous.

Let them walk, who the hell cares. They don’t have a national following in the least and aren’t even much of a mention in Charlotte (the largest city closest to them) a mere 130 miles away.

And their bball program is a joke, has been for years.

Academically it’s a glorified CC.

Comment by Emel 10.07.16 @ 6:01 am

Oh and screw the long term contract with the Pedo’s.

We don’t need them, they are nothing more than a 2nd to 3rd rate program in the Big Joke (the worst of the P5 conferences)

Comment by Emel 10.07.16 @ 6:04 am


Comment by Boo Boo #1 10.07.16 @ 6:42 am

Pitt, Penn St., WVU… absolutely should play ROUND ROBIN every year.

Never going to happen. But it really is that simple.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.07.16 @ 7:37 am

But Pitt and Penn St. is OK.

Anyone at the Penn State Game this year would STRONGLY disagree with NOT playing them.

BEST Pitt Home Game ATMOSPHERE since… well… since the last time we played them.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.07.16 @ 7:42 am

Heading to the Burgh for the Game so it’s time to say something about tomorrow.

Make NO MISTAKE about it… Georgia Tech is a MUST Win.

LOSE… and this Season spirals out of control.

Comment by PittofDreams 10.07.16 @ 7:47 am

POD….I find myself agreeing with you way more often than in the past. I really like the Round Robin idea.

Comment by The Hagen 10.07.16 @ 8:14 am

So the ACC is trying to become as dysfunctional as the Big 12? Well not quite, they really are a hot mess.

Comment by 2$Chuck 10.07.16 @ 9:21 am

Great atmosphere at that game. I was actually proud to be an alum and fan that day. Rivaled many southern college games that I’ve attended. Thats sayin somethin.

Comment by TX Panther 10.07.16 @ 3:12 pm

Yeah….0-2 in the ACC with this young team and no defense would spell disaster.

Comment by Jackagain 10.07.16 @ 4:40 pm

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