January 16, 2013

Open Thread: Pitt-Nova

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The game is on ESPNU at 7pm.

Work schedule is out of whack at the moment. Heading in for the night, which means DVR delay and shunning all media to avoid anything on the game. While there is no official word, Travon Woodall pronounced himself all ready to play tonight’s game. Woodall, however, doesn’t get the final say.

Pitt coach Jamie Dixon knew when Woodall went down that he was going to have to play the rest of the game without him. UPMC’s approach to treating concussions or possible concussions is cautious. Players must be without symptoms for 24 hours to run and for 48 hours before contact.

A year ago, Dante Taylor missed two games with concussion-like symptoms, and Talib Zanna was not allowed back in a game against Cincinnati after getting hit in the head.

“If the doctors feel he can’t play, even though he thinks he can play, he can’t play,” Dixon said. “We’re at the forefront of concussions and how to deal with them. We err on the side of caution. There’s no question that’s where we’re at and rightfully so.”

Woodall did not experience any symptoms Sunday or Monday. He went through some conditioning and other drills at practice Monday and will practice today with contact if there are no symptoms. He said he expects to play Wednesday night against Villanova when the Panthers travel to Philadelphia.

There has been no word one way or another. Hopefully he is not having any problems. Just as important — regardless of whether he plays or not — I just want him to be honest with the doctors. His longterm health is more important.


Pitt Adds a DT from Hawaii

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Frankly, I’m glad he’s committed just for this photo.

Photo copyright Pillars of Peace

The Dalai Lama visited Kailua High School to recognize the school for its programs on compassion, conflict resolution, and nonviolence. Naturally a kid who causes havoc as DT on the football team got to be on stage with him. My day is made.


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