January 19, 2013

Open Thread: UConn-Pitt

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So, this Manti Te’o crap is overshadowing everything at this point. With no resolution in sight. No clarification or understanding appearing to get closer, it leaves everyone still trying to figure this out.

Te’o and his representatives seem to be doing nothing to make this clearer. The bizarre sitdown with Jeremy Schaap of ESPN — where there was no filming and limited audio — has me convinced that it was conducted that way to purposefully confuse things further. A confused and weary of the story public finally says, “F**k it” and gives up trying to figure it out or care.

Think about it. Late Friday night interview. No video and limited audio — ostensibly to make Te’o more comfortable. Jeremy Schaap gets trotted out on camera — clearly exhausted — tries to give some picture of what Te’o was saying in the 2.5 hour interview. It raises even more questions:

Schaap asked why Te’o didn’t go to see Kekua in the hospital.

“It never really crossed my mind. I don’t know. I was in school,” he said.

Somehow all this crap has managed overshadow thoughts about the game at noon against UConn. One more reason to hate Notre Dame.


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