April 14, 2014

It seems assistant basketball coach Barry Rohrssen has been the rumored target to replace Orlando Antigua on John Calipari’s Kentucky bench. Granted it has been a slow week-long rumble, but everyone is presuming it will happen (and thank you KSR comment kids for demonstrating that Kentucky fans have little basketball knowledge outside their own team).

For Rohrssen it is almost a no-brainer. Kentucky is a blue-blood job with huge exposure. No, John Calipari assistants haven’t had the greatest success rates, but they get opportunities. Rohrssen obviously wants another crack at being a head coach. His odds increase being on a staff like Kentucky  This may shock some, but the money may have very little to do with it.


October 2, 2013

In the end, Kevin Stallings and Vanderbilt’s vindictiveness will cost Sheldon Jeter around $8000 and a delay to his education by a year. That’s my rough estimation of the costs Jeter and his family are probably incurring for this year. The travel costs to and from Florida, living expenses and tuition down at Polk Junior College. That may not sound like much in the big picture. But keep in mind this is because of the vindictiveness of a coach that makes nearly $2 million per year and a university that has an endowment of over $3 billion.


August 23, 2013

I know, I know. College football starts in less than a week. In nine days Pitt’s season begins. But yesterday was a rather busy day for basketball stuff so it’s time to put it out there along with some other things in the tabs.

In player news, Rutgers transfer Derrick Randall got NCAA clearance for immediate eligibility at Pitt. This was considered a mere formality since other Rutgers transfershad already been granted immediate eligibility.

“It obviously gives us a big body, an experienced guy,” Dixon said. “We thought he could be a really valuable addition, especially after losing a guy in March.”

With center Steven Adams in NBA, Pitt planned to use power forward Talib Zanna, a 6-9 senior, in the post. Randall, a center or power forward, averaged 2.1 points and 1.5 rebounds as a sophomore.

“He didn’t put up big numbers, but I think he has some strength,” Dixon said. “He could be very good defensively, and he could be a very good rebounder. It gives us flexibility. It gives us the possibility of having five big guys and the versatility to go small or big.”

Randall is 6-8, 250 pounds. No one is expecting him to be a huge difference maker, but a good role player. He gives Pitt some needed depth inside for the next two years. Randall is a low-risk, moderate-reward pick-up.


August 7, 2013

I’m going to wait to excoriate. But I won’t deny being highly confused.



August 5, 2013

Yeah, yeah. Football is just about upon us. I’m sure many of you slogged through at least a quarter of exhibition NFL football last night. Simply because: FOOTBALL!

Still there is the unresolved Sheldon Jeter saga. When last we left our hero, his appeal for release from Vanderbilt to go to Pitt was denied by Vanderbilt. Since then, nothing.

There have been no words on his plans. Will he enroll at another Pittsburgh school? Robert Morris? Duquesne? Will he go somewhere in Ohio West Virginia, where he can get home in under 3 hours? Kent St.? Marshall?


July 26, 2013

Late Transfer Note

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Kept meaning to note that Daeysean Rippy has decided to transfer to Colorado. He may never be heard from again, but it’s a good choice if you want to get out on the field because there just isn’t much talent already in place to stand in front of you. Good luck.

Also, Chavas Rawlins. The one time WVU early enrollee who decided to transfer after realizing he would never get a chance to play QB there, because WVU like every where else really wanted him on defense. While he was apparently desirous of going to Pitt, it didn’t happen. Whether because WVU blocked him or because Pitt also would only take him as a defensive back it isn’t clear.

But he finally found a program that will let him play QB: Duquesne.

Good luck.

June 24, 2013

A Busy Weekend

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Sorry everyone. It was my daughter’s birthday and part of her birthday wish was that I would take the weekend off from the computer. Well timed, little girl. Well timed.

As if the recruiting stuff wasn’t enough, there is the start of the basketball summer league tonight. But what the hell, let’s start the week weird with the Rushel Shell story.

Running back Rushel Shell has decided not to transfer to UCLA because he wants to remain close to his Pennsylvania home, according to a person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to speak on the subject.

Shell announced in April that he intended to come to UCLA. He had spent one season at Pittsburgh, where he gained 614 yards rushing.

But Shell, who has twin daughters living in Pennsylvania, decided the distance was too great. He hopes to rejoin the Pittsburgh team.

But does Pitt and Coach Paul Chryst want him back? Can they trust him? Could he play this season?


June 17, 2013

Well, Pitt has essentially traded J.J. Moore to Rutgers for Derrick Randall.

“It felt like a new home and a new start and I need to get away and start clean.”

The 6-foot-8, 240-pound Randall also considered Iona and Minnesota. He visited Pittsburgh last Thursday.

Randall, a Bronx native who played at South Kent (Conn.) and Paterson (N.J.) Catholic, averaged 2.1 points and 1.5 rebounds as a sophomore at Rutgers.

He opted to transfer in the wake of the Mike Rice scandal and could obtain a waiver to play immediately.

Randall was a 3-star center coming out of prep/high school. He’s got two years of eligibility remaining.


June 14, 2013

Sheldon Jeter Stuck

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Shocked. Shocked to find out that a system rigged against the student athlete came down on the side of the school and coach.

Former Vanderbilt basketball player Sheldon Jeter, embroiled in a transfer dispute with Commodores basketball coach Kevin Stallings, said Thursday his appeal to Commodores officials to be released to Pitt has been denied.

Jeter, from Beaver Falls High School, announced in May his intentions to transfer to another school closer to home. Stallings informed Jeter, as is his right under NCAA scholarship bylaws, that he could transfer to any school in the country with the exception of Pitt.

The rules for appealing a denial of transfer are stacked against the student. They can file an appeal, but it is filed with the school that employs the coach and from where the kid wants to depart. If anyone can find some examples where an appeal went against the coach I’d love to know.

The other detail is that we at least have confirmation of one piece of previously unclear information. Only Pitt was blocked by Vanderbilt and Kevin Stallings.


May 31, 2013

Moore, Lacey, Kane

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Welp, DeAndre Kane was definitely going to come to Pitt for his fifth year. That is if USC didn’t sweep him off his feet. Then Memphis made a late push that seemed to sway him. But in a typical way for Kane, none of the above. He’s heading to Iowa State.

Consider me less than broken up by this. Or, for that matter, surprised that Kane flitted about from option to option. Poised to pick and then reconsider. Mercurial is one way to describe Kane. A headache might be another. You will pardon me if I don’t think Pitt is in any worse shape without Kane.

The Alabama transfer, Trevor Lacey was at Pitt this week. He was getting the full treatment with Brandin Knight taking him around to the Steelers practice. Later it was a Pirates game. Reports are it was a very good visit, but we will see. Lacey would be a great transfer to get. Yes, he would have to sit a year, but it would be worth it. (more…)

May 28, 2013

There hasn’t been any public mention of the status of Sheldon Jeter transfer situation over the holiday weekend. Whether Jeter is appealing directly to Vandy over transfer restrictions or some other quiet discussion is occurring is unknown.

What is known is that after the initial outcry over the restriction on Jeter, there has been the careful pushback from Vandy/Stallings. No actual statement or anything to quote. Just pushing their story as a “source.”

The claim being that Jeter wasn’t a man about his departure.

Regardless of whether or not it’s fair to put a block on a player receiving a scholarship in his first year at a new school (blocking doesn’t prevent the player from transferring to a school, but does cloud the process with the NCAA), there is a right and wrong way to depart. Jeter tweeted “Due to some personal issues, I am leaving Vanderbilt University to be closer to my family.’’ According to a source with direct knowledge, he didn’t meet face-to-face with Stallings to tell him he was leaving. Jeter, a freshman forward from Beaver Falls, Pa., isn’t the first nor the last to mishandle a departure. There is a mature way to deal with leaving. Evan Gordon left Arizona State two weeks ago. He went in and told Herb Sendek he was out. The conversation didn’t last more than a few minutes. But at least there was one. Jeter averaged 5.5 points, 3.4 rebounds and 17.5 minutes a game. He’ll probably end up at Pitt. He may be on scholarship by next season. Cooler heads may prevail here. But most of the time the reason there is animosity over an exit is the way in which it is handled.

There are a couple problems here.


May 22, 2013

Sheldon Jeter wanted Pitt to recruit him when he was a senior at Beaver Falls. He wanted to be a Panther. Pitt didn’t have a scholarship in the fall of his senior year. And after Khem Birch left abruptly, Coach Dixon looked long and hard at Jeter before going with Chris Jones. When more scholarship opened after the season, there was some interest in Jeter but it still seemed cool. Ultimately Pitt landed (what seemed like a great transfer at the time Trey Zeigler) and Jeter chose Vanderbilt. Still there was this mix of coy interest from Pitt even after the class was filled (and while Pitt was even pursuing Savon Goodman).

A year later Sheldon Jeter had a solid freshman year for Vandy. Well liked by the coaches and fans. Looked to be a promising player. But Jeter felt that family reasons needed him back home and he opted to transfer. He even appeared to get Vandy Coach Kevin Stallings blessing. By all accounts he still wanted to attend Pitt, and now Pitt wanted him. Even if he would have to sit out the year before being eligible.


May 21, 2013

Kane But Not Able

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Dammit, I’m going to shoe-horn in the bad puns while I still can.

The formality that was supposed to be DeAndre Kane’s transfer to Pitt for as a graduate transfer, now is not.

However, the 6-foot-4 guard, a Pittsburgh native, did not wind up pulling the trigger, whether it was due to the fact that Panthers coach Jamie Dixon was non-committal about taking him at the time, or whether Kane just wasn’t enamored with the visit.

Now Kane told that he is still open, with both Pittsburgh still under consideration and Memphis also in pursuit.

From my own perspective, I’m not exactly broken up by the possibility that Kane may not be coming to Pitt.


May 17, 2013

Last spring, Monessen QB Chavas Rawlins was one of the first commits to the Hoopies. The athletic, dual-threat QB was so enthusiastic about the decision that he was an early enrollee.

Things have changed.

Freshman quarterback Chavas Rawlins will transfer from West Virginia, his former high school coach at Monessen confirmed with the Post-Gazette this afternoon.

Coach Andy Pacak said Rawlins was recruited by and had developed a strong relationship with former quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital who left to take a position at Texas A&M earlier this year.

“Everyone at West Virginia was great to him, but as you now he came in right when Jake left. His initial decision was I’m gonna go down there and make the most of it, but that (loss of Spavital) weighed on him a little bit,” said Pacak.

It also just happens that WVU took in a Florida State QB transfer, Clint Trickett this spring. Trickett is considered a talented QB who could have the job after sitting this year. Not to mention another highly ranked QB verballed to WVU this spring.


May 14, 2013

If there was any doubt that J.J. Moore was leaving Pitt, Coach Jamie Dixon took care of that today.

Pitt men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon said Tuesday that he is trying to help forward J.J. Moore find a new school for his final season of eligibility.

Dixon said he doesn’t know if Moore, who turns 22 next week, has filed transfer papers with Pitt.

“We are trying to help him find a school,” Dixon said. “We are trying to help him find the right place.”

Unanswered is not simply where he is heading, but why. The obvious issue would be playing time, but it still doesn’t make sense for a senior to transfer when he has to sit another year. The fact that Moore may or may not have even filed transfer papers adds to the confusion. I have trouble believing Dixon is pushing him out of the program, yet there are so many missing pieces of information to this story that it can’t be considered a possibility.

Dixon also said Cam Wright is taking summer courses — but if you want to read into things, it isn’t exactly saying that Wright isn’t or didn’t think about a transfer. Of course, Wright lost his father this past season. It wouldn’t be outrageous for him to be thinking about transferring to a school like Akron, Kent St. or Cleveland St. if he wanted to be closer to the rest of his family in Cleveland.

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