March 14, 2017

Who Are These Guys?

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That will be the question Cam Johnson, Ryan Luther and Pitt fans will be asking. The Pitt basketball roster continues to, um, evolve.

Freshman Corey Manigault and sophomore Crisshawn Clark will transfer out of the University of Pittsburgh basketball program school officials announced Tuesday. Both players are expected to finish the spring semester and leave the school in good academic standing.

“We wish Corey and Crisshawn the best of luck as they look to continue their collegiate careers elsewhere,” said head coach Kevin Stallings. “We will continue to support both of them through their impending transfers.”

Neither one is a shock.

Clark suffered a season ending injury in preseason, the same knee that had been injured before, and early reports suggested his playing days were done. He hasn’t given up, but Coach Stallings clearly didn’t think he will be the same.

Manigault has been rumored to be looking to leave for nearly a month. He was not redshirted — even though it was obvious from the beginning that he should. Instead, he was mostly inserted in garbage time or for maybe a minute or so around timeouts to give Mike Young a breather.

Losing Manigault bothers me a bit more, because I do think he is the type of player that will develop into a very good player in time. I don’t know if the coaching staff doesn’t see it that way, or if he just doesn’t have faith in the coaches.

As it stands, despite a recruiting class with seven players, Pitt has room for one more assuming Zach Smith is returned to walk-on status. For now.

Rumors are still out there that at least one more guard could be on the way out.

So, um, spring practice for football is about to start. Yay?

The ’96 Kentucky team was coached by one of our favs….Little Ricky !

Pimp of Lexington.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 1:41 pm

Who relocated to Louisville.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 1:42 pm

I bet he cleans up at the Tracks over there.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 1:43 pm

Fringe benefits 😉

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 1:44 pm

Excuse me bravo. They beat a higher seed once. Big deal. Dixon will be able to fool tcu fans for only so long. He will break their hearts eventually

Comment by Goalie44 03.15.17 @ 2:16 pm

Calling student athletes (or athlete-students, whatever) trash is ridiculous. That’s over the top.

Comment by panther94 03.15.17 @ 3:27 pm

Keith I echo and stand by every one of your comments and sentiments. I consider myself a realistic Pitt fan. The grave was dug once Pitt fans were not happy with the sustained success of Dixon and ran him out of town. I almost have tuned out anything regarding basketball because the moaning and groaning about Stallings is so over the top. I get it you don’t like him. Let’s not rewrite history and say the guy is an absolute bum. He may be a below average coach but it is still TBD in my opinion. The only thing I got from this year is like us fans he reached the utter point of frustration because this team did what they wanted and did not care at all. Could he have gone about things differently, no doubt. Watching almost every player leave from this heartless, gutless and uncaring team is the best for everyone. You can continue to whine and spew vitriol at Stallings but really it is not going to change a thing.

Comment by The Ghost of Billy Gaines 03.15.17 @ 3:42 pm

@ghost, pitt fans did not run dixon out of town, he wanted to leave and the university wanted a change as well. His “success” had run its course an was on the way down in the ACC. do you really think the administration listens to the fans anyway??

Comment by goalie44 03.15.17 @ 4:13 pm

The “few” pitt fans is regarding strictly attendance, I know there are a lot of pitt fans, they make a lot of noise on twitter etc..wish they’d show up at Heinz and be as vocal

Comment by Keith 03.15.17 @ 4:43 pm

put a consistent winner on the field, and the fans will show. to bad it has to be at the steeler stadium instead of Pitt Stadium.

Comment by goalie44 03.15.17 @ 5:11 pm

Revis gets out of his trouble scott free. Never underestimate the power of good legal council.

Comment by alcofan 03.15.17 @ 6:20 pm

Keith – Are we SOP? Should we accept that?

Winning will change that. But you need a culture to nurture it. Pitt’s admin has poisoned the soil so much that nothing will grow. I blame the Nitter infiltrated BoT.

Comment by TX Panther 03.15.17 @ 6:39 pm

Lorenzo Romar had a career at UW that was reminiscent of Kevin Stallings at Vanderbilt.

Has Barnes fired Tinkle yet or does he require a year of imparting his basketball wisdom before doing so?

Does Romar have a connection to Todd Turner or Collegiate Sports Associates?

Comment by Barvo 03.15.17 @ 8:12 pm

Herman got a new gig.

And Pitt got Tinkled on.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 8:34 pm

Maybe Barry Alvarez could do the Pitt AD hire.

Since he managed the Pitt football hire and then subsequent leaving of Paulie and all those moving pieces.

Seriously they should contract out Barry.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 8:38 pm

All successful basketball programs go through a few down years but they bounce back. Jamie was experiencing a down period but he knew what the 2016-17 team needed to make the tournament, grad transfers at PG and C. Also Jamie’s magic of RPI on non-con scheduling would have gotten Pitt in the tournament. With Young and Artis graduating Jamie was not going to make the tournament next year. Barnes made Dixon uncomfortable pushing him out. Barnes should have tried to address Jamie’s recruiting problems through staff changes instead of making Jamie leave.
It is rare to find a coach that can coach as Jamie could and recruit as well. Those who can coach usually get recruiting help. Barnes had half a great coach in Jamie and failed to provide the recruiting coaches needed to bring the program back. Jamie would have made the 2017 tournament, failed next season, but could have had the program back in the tournament for 2019. Stallings will be fired before he ever gets the Pitt program back to the tournament, and then another 2 or 3 years of Stallings successor before we have a chance to be in the NCAA tournament.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 03.15.17 @ 8:53 pm

Dixon was a top 5 paid basketball HC. Pitt tore down a football stadium to erect a basketball arena. Pitt had two #1 seeds in the NCAA’s and reached #1 overall. Pitt was a perennial contender for the regular season championship and BE tournament.

Pitt’s downfall wasn’t commitment. Pitt’s downfall was several missed recruiting classes coupled with losing really good assistants.

The recruiting misses lead to a dearth of leadership. Howland and Dixon had built Pitt thru leadership passed down from generation to generation. How many times did we hear how epic Pitt practices were?

When Blair left early, Dante fizzled, Khem flaked and Kiwi Stevie became a lottery pick, Pitt’s cultural backbone was tested and ultimately gave in. That’s not to mention the immaturity of the Durand Johnson’s and JJ Moore’s. This lead to Pitt forcing kids to step up earlier than they had been required before.

Dixon’s success also lead to a sprouting coaching tree. Slice left to become a HC. So did Herion. Mike Rice and Pat Skerry as well. People forget that Pitt was an assistant mecca for a hot minute. Assistants wanting to take the next step came to Pitt … then SP came back and he stopped giving Dixon a budget to lure top assistants.

Dixon got away from what worked (diamonds in the rough) and he had really good assistants turn over. Dixon just couldn’t get the magic back … Mostly, because the culture that lead to Pitt’s rise had been compromised by players and coaches unexpectedly leaving early, the players and coaches who replaced them not living up to expectations and a lack of what made up the backbone of Pitt’s culture … senior leadership.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to have high expectations for Pitt basketball. I also think it’s a shame Barnes didn’t agree with that statement.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 03.15.17 @ 9:03 pm

Just seems like Pitt athletics is drifting. Has Gallagher been to any basketball games?

Comment by Tony77019 03.15.17 @ 9:11 pm

Are there any guys in Madison that need ‘on the job’ AD training ?

At Pitt’s expense.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 9:25 pm

The big wig boxes were pretty much vacant in the last 3rd of the season. After the Louisville fiasco.

That should be indication that the ELITES are not happy campers.

Comment by Emel 03.15.17 @ 9:31 pm

Pitt Spring practice opens today… and the Team’s BEST Runningback could be on Defense.

Aliquippa’s Kaezon Pugh, 6-foot-1, 245 pounds, has moved from linebacker to defensive end where Pitt must replace All-ACC selection Ejuan Price…

… ”Narduzzi also pointed out Pugh can play running back, which he did last year in practice on the scout team.

“His ball security is awful, but he can run,” the coach said.

Still believing Pugh will get his chance to show what he can do toting the Rock. Why not?

Comment by PittofDreams 03.16.17 @ 6:14 am

PoD, this past season had to be great for you … all offense and little defense.

Comment by wbb 03.16.17 @ 6:21 am

PoD – I agree with your statement but not the same name.

I believe J.Whitehead is the best RB on the Pitt FB team.

I also think we are deep in talent at the RB position, but Pitt will miss James Conner, not just because of his RB talents, but also because of his leadership skills.

Comment by Erie Express 03.16.17 @ 7:02 am

Blame the lack of Defense on Narduzzi.

Comment by PittofDreams 03.16.17 @ 8:53 am

Good post TT, I agree. Pitt BB is a dumpster fire right now….

Thank God for Narduzzi & FB.

Comment by Jackagain 03.16.17 @ 5:24 pm

I blame both Dixon and Barnes.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 03.16.17 @ 7:12 pm

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