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October 24, 2011

Sticking With Rivalries

Filed under: Opponent(s) — Chas @ 4:03 pm

In all the talk about expansiopocolypse, there is one thing that most people on any side of the issue can agree: it sucks to lose rivalry games. Things change. New rivalries develop. New hate. But there is something special about being able to share that hate. Share the rivalry between generations. Comparing. Looking at the history. Taunting someone else of a long past game.

With Pitt heading to the ACC at some point. It looking increasingly likely that West Virginia will head to the Big 12 once Mizzou makes its decision to try their luck in the SEC.

[Brief tangent here on Missouri. The Missouri slow dance to the SEC is succeeding in pissing more people off than I could have expected. Everyone in the Big 12 seems to just want them to stop pretending and get out already so they get the replacement. Everyone in the SEC is hating them for jerking this around and not showing the proper unbrideled lust and desire to be in the SEC like Texas A&M did. And the rest of the country just wants them to make the move so we can forget about them once more.

Honestly, I can’t help but think that the slow move by Mizzou is all orchestrated out of desperation in a fruitless hope that the Big 10 will make an eleventh hour offer. That’s where they really want to go. Where they think they belong. The midwest. Rivalry with Illinois and natural rival with Iowa and old Big 8 foe, Nebraska. If they sign on to the SEC, it is going to be a long-term commitment and they may miss their chance when the next cycle of expansiopocolypse strikes the Big 10. It’s not going to happen. The Big 10 doesn’t need Missouri, and that conference would never do any reacting to what others do (or at least would act like it wouldn’t).]


A Non-Nooner

Filed under: Conference,Football,Schedule — Chas @ 2:29 pm

Here’s something I did not expect — for the rest of the season. A Pitt game that isn’t a Saturday nooner.

The storied River City Trophy game will be a 7pm game at Heinz Field. That’s right. An evening home game. Extended tailgating. Probably cold and wet. If you will be home, the game is on ESPNU.

Can’t wait.

Injuries Keep Trickling

Filed under: Football,Injury — Chas @ 12:37 pm

The irrational part of me thinks at times, that if it’s a lost/transition/bad season then the best thing is to get as much negative things out of the way in one year. That way things might balance out with some good breaks and luck in the next year. Despite my best efforts to think otherwise, I find my mindset has gotten to this point.

Injuries have been a big one this season. The O-line loses the two best, most experienced players, went down. Lucas Nix, is at best, a game time decision on Wednesday. By some remarkable coincidence, the O-line is now incapable of picking up a blitz.

Trey Anderson is now dealing with Tendinitis in his wrist (throwing hand), making Mark Myers the back-up and fueling more controversy (and more than a few assholes actually hoping Sunseri gets hurt/concussed).

Now Jason Hendricks injury from the Utah game has him done for the season. Taglianetti is going to be the starter at safety in his place.

As an aside for the gotta laugh at coach speak, UConn Coach Paul Pasqualoni on the Big East coaches teleconference call today:

“We anticipate seeing Tino Sunseri, who runs their offense extremely well, throws the ball well.”


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