October 8, 2011

LiveBlog: Pitt-Pitt Lite (Rutgers)

Filed under: Football,liveblog — Chas @ 11:43 am

With an offense that looks so much and nothing like what we have watched the prior couple of years, Rutgers has that similar taste only blander. A little flat, but tolerable if you don’t think too much about it.

Game time and liveblog at 3:30 on ESPNU. Pam Ward and Dan Hawkins will be raping our ears with the call. Not sure what kind of turnout Rutgers will have on Yom Kippur, or how enthusiastic they will be. But at least the Scarlet Knight fans will have that excuse at the ready if the attendance sucks.

Sunset is at 6:57. It’s not like I have an alarm clock next to an iced-down Southern Tier Unearthly at the ready or anything.


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