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October 11, 2011

On Sunseri’s Very, Very Bad Day

Filed under: Football,Players — Chas @ 2:15 pm

Is Tino Sunseri the answer at QB for Pitt? Of course not. Is he the best option this season? Yes.

The argument in favor of Trey Anderson is basically this: 1) Anderson knows this offense, because it is like what he ran in high school;  2) he showed more command of the offense, poise, confidence and efficiency late in the game against 1-AA Maine; 3) Anderson has more mobility than Sunseri; and 4) Anderson is not Sunseri.

After Sunseri threw two interceptions and took a beating in the first half, Anderson was given a chance to start the second half. Except those who choose to revise history, I think this was overwhelmingly met with approval by Pitt fans. The score was only 6-3, and it was hard to imagine Anderson doing any worse.

Anderson managed to pull it off. He was completely overwhelmed by the Rutgers blitz. The speed of the defense was clearly so much faster than he had expected. The O-line was not able to give him any more time than they gave Sunseri. It was obvious that he wasn’t able to read the action in front of him fast enough to make decisions.  On the second possession of the half Anderson threw a pass right into the bread basket of a Rutgers linebacker inside the 20. That was the end of Anderson’s day.


The Pain. Oh, the Pain

Filed under: Coaches,Football — Chas @ 1:06 pm

Sorry, I had to stay off the computer the night after the game, and on Sunday morning we headed down to in-laws for an overnighter. No internet and no chance to get away to a coffee shop for wi-fi. Yesterday, I had to head right off to work, and it kept going through this morning. Now it is Tuesday afternoon, and the attention should be turning to the Utah game, but I am way behind.

Not sure what to say about the game. Check that, plenty to say, but getting it out without jumping all over the place and descending into sputtering frustration is the issue. To be clear, I have not given up on this season. Not saying BCS at this point, but I think it can still be a decent season.

First of all, Rutgers was flat out the better team. Their offense wasn’t really very good, but it avoided mistakes and eventually capitalized on the excellent field position and opportunities. The Rutgers defense, however, was hellacious. They attacked and attacked and attacked. They exploited the issues on Pitt’s O-line and got Pitt to make mistakes. The reason Rutgers won this game, the Syracuse game and nearly beat UNC was because their defense has been outstanding.


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