October 18, 2011

I’m en route to NYC for Big East Basketball Media Day for Wednesday. The good news, is the trip is fully paid for by someone else. The bad news, I’m not going there as a media-type person that gets to ask questions.

I am going courtesy of Volvo and their Biggest Fan of the Big East contest. I will be the Pitt representative. More on that aspect in another post, on another.

The immediate upshot is getting to observe Media Day, and will be tweeting things from there. So, follow along.

Disappointed that I don’t get to ask each coach a question. Spent part of my Saturday evening while drowning my sorrows coming up with questions I would love to have asked:


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I’m stuck trying to get a lot of stuff done. In the mean time, head over to Chris Dokish’s site for a nice piece on taking a step back from driving yourself more than a little insane.

For a little more perspective, check the Incline Blog’s alternate reality.

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