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October 18, 2011

I’m en route to NYC for Big East Basketball Media Day for Wednesday. The good news, is the trip is fully paid for by someone else. The bad news, I’m not going there as a media-type person that gets to ask questions.

I am going courtesy of Volvo and their Biggest Fan of the Big East contest. I will be the Pitt representative. More on that aspect in another post, on another.

The immediate upshot is getting to observe Media Day, and will be tweeting things from there. So, follow along.

Disappointed that I don’t get to ask each coach a question. Spent part of my Saturday evening while drowning my sorrows coming up with questions I would love to have asked:

Rick Pitino: Preface every question with, “In 15 seconds or less,” (that will never get old).

Oliver Purnell: Come on, admit it. You took the DePaul job just for the money, right?

John Thompson III: Are you really that comfortable in your own skin?

Jim Boeheim: Which freshman’s confidence will you absolutely destroy this year? It’s going to be Rakeem Christmas, isn’t it?

Jamie Dixon: Have you ever taken a swing at someone when they ask when you will get a team to the Final Four or why the team has fallen short in March? Have you thought about it?

Ed Cooley: Seriously, what kind of slush fund is Providence providing for recruits? Six, seven figure budget?

Jim Calhoun: Those Championship rings were something. How many have you had to secretly buy back off of eBay?

Steve Lavin: My god! What happened to your hair? (Too soon?)

Stan Heath: You still send Antonio Gates thank you cards and a portion of your salary, don’t you?

Jay Wright: I think you’re tie is crooked. (I know, not a question, but I just want to see how he reacts.)

Bob Huggins: What’s it like going out drinking with Dana Holgorsen?

Mike Rice: If a blood pressure monitor was strapped to you during the game, how long until it would simply explode?

Buzz Williams: Is it possible for you to answer a question that doesn’t descend into a long rambling response? Explain.

Mick Cronin: Aren’t you just a little sick of Skyline Chili at this point in your life?

Mike Brey: When did the mock turtleneck look go from wanting to avoid wearing a tie to openly antagonizing people?

Kevin Willard: What was the best insult you received from your classmates and fans when you took the court at Pitt?



Congrats Chas. Enjoy the Big Apple. Hopefully, one day you can ask questions. You’ve got some good ones.

Comment by TX Panther 10.18.11 @ 4:55 pm

I loved Big East basketball and I will miss it when we go to the ACC. However the offer from the ACC was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Today’s report by the NY Times about Missouri’s move to the SEC will pretty much cause the dominos to start falling again. When Missouri leaves the Big 12 will expand and the Big East will lose West Virginia and Louisville. They are expected to take both and probably BYU.

Comment by Justinian 10.18.11 @ 4:56 pm

I absolutely don’t get why WVU and LU agreed to raising the exit fee. I know $10 mil isn’t a lot for most schools, but that’s like twice WVU’s share of GDP. It’s also going to force some unpleasant math to figure out how to double $5 mil . . . unless they are as skeptical of BSU and Air Force accepting as pretty much everyone else.

Comment by Ghost of Hornman 10.18.11 @ 5:12 pm

sory — meant the state of West Virginia rather than WVU

Comment by Ghost of Hornman 10.18.11 @ 5:13 pm

The Hoopies probably thought 10 million meant sheep and not dollars.

Comment by TX Panther 10.18.11 @ 5:21 pm

I’m not sure how the Big East voting went, but at this point wouldn’t the basketball schools and the schools without a place to land, have a big majority? I would think they feel they need to raise the ante to keep things together and to create the illusion that things are stable, so can attract the schools they want to join the conference.

Comment by Justinian 10.18.11 @ 5:27 pm

For anyone who has sirius/xm, jamie is going to be on coach k’s show tonight at 7 on mad dog radio. Sirius channel is 86 — not sure what xm channel number is.

Comment by Scott 78 10.18.11 @ 5:43 pm

With the Big East expansion plans, Temple if offered, is only being considered for a football only membership. So with everything crumbling around them, the Big East is allowing Villanova to block a legitimate canidate who can help them, over turf. The basketball schools still don’t get it. I guess it doesn’t matter, because I don’t think they can survive losing West Virginia and Louisville.

Comment by Justinian 10.18.11 @ 7:26 pm

Way, way too soon.

Comment by steve 10.18.11 @ 7:32 pm

If ever

Comment by steve 10.18.11 @ 7:33 pm

What the hell is wrong with Skyline? As much as I may like Ohio, can you name a better food that came from there?

Seriously though, I’ll be interested to see what reactions the Pitt and Syracuse groups get, including the press and bloggers. Give use the inside scoop.

Comment by Lee in Altoona 10.18.11 @ 8:33 pm

Lee in Altoona, I’m with you on this one. I really don’t like Cincinnatti, the Bengals or the Bearcats, but I’m ok with skyline chilli. I like chilli and I like pasta………..and I even like them together. For everyone in Bloomfield, it’s like a mid-western pasta-fagole.

Comment by Justinian 10.18.11 @ 9:26 pm

We even have Cincinnati chili down here in the Carolinas. Must be all these Ohio transplants.
Being that they’re all Browns and Bungal fans we don’t mind them at all !

BTW, I long for the restaurants in Bloomfield.
There are more good restaurants in Little Italy than there are in MOST whole towns in the South.

Chas, how about that, you won the Volvo contest.
You must be quite the lucky guy.

Comment by EMel 10.18.11 @ 11:18 pm

Skyline is overrated!!

Comment by JW 10.19.11 @ 7:40 am

Looks like we’re staying in BE fof full 27 months … on the other hand, 2 more years of BE BB is a good thing

Comment by wbb 10.19.11 @ 7:55 am

The food in the South does suck tremendously. You know when you take a native girl to Olive Garden and she gets excited, there is nothing good to eat. I’ve put together a pretty good list of restaurants since I’ve been down in NC. Still haven’t found a good Italian deli yet though.

Comment by Chris 10.19.11 @ 8:51 am

speaking of Italian deli and Bloomfield (per above posts), there is a great deli in Bloomfield on the side street off of Liberty down from the Pleasure Bar … I miss it

Comment by wbb 10.19.11 @ 9:45 am

Wow BE commish wants to go to 12 teams ASAP but will still hold Pitt and Cuse to 27 months. They are working on a 14 team schedule. Don’t like it, but agree with Wbb on bonus of 2 more years of BE BB. As others have said, it also gives TG time to get his full system in place.

Comment by HbgFrank 10.19.11 @ 10:31 am

Marinatto is probably holding out for some sort of payoff/deal from ESPN to release PITT/Cuse early.

Comment by EMel 10.19.11 @ 2:53 pm

I remember that place wbb and the one of Liberty Ave. I think it was called Donatelli’s, I went to HS with the owner’s son. Which would probably be the owner now. lol

Comment by EMel 10.19.11 @ 2:55 pm

New video scoreboard being installed at the Pete. Looks like a big improvement. Nice to see continued facility improvements for our BB program. Link to pictures below.

link to

Comment by dinosaur 71 10.20.11 @ 12:31 pm

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