October 24, 2011

A Non-Nooner

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Here’s something I did not expect — for the rest of the season. A Pitt game that isn’t a Saturday nooner.

The storied River City Trophy game will be a 7pm game at Heinz Field. That’s right. An evening home game. Extended tailgating. Probably cold and wet. If you will be home, the game is on ESPNU.

Can’t wait.

I predict this game will easily beat LSU – Bama in the TV ratings …. I mean it’s for the River City Trophy man!

Comment by wbb 10.24.11 @ 2:49 pm

Does “nationally televised” count if it is on espnU?

Comment by silverfox 10.24.11 @ 3:00 pm

Cold, the game is in December!

I’m sure it will snow and be very cold!

Comment by Dallas Panther 10.24.11 @ 3:00 pm

actually the game is in less than 2 weeks (11/5) .. Syracuse has replaced Cincy this year as the final league game for Pitt

Comment by wbb 10.24.11 @ 3:12 pm

anybody have any thoughts on the blue-gold scrimmage? I came away with a few thoughts (admittedly based on one game):

1) Birch will be a shot-blocking beast (nothing new), but will definitely be limited offensively.

2) Zanna has a nice 10-foot baseline jumper. If he can hit that consistently (and look to take it!), that could open up a lot of things.

3) Sleepy looking more confident offensively. Needs to be a bit more decisive and quick on his moves, though, and learn to fake pump. He should watch film of Olajuwon (sp?) from back in the day.

4) Moore was channeling G. Brown, settling for jumpers over and over and over… His demeanor/attitude continues to annoy me. He was giving Tray grief on the sideline after Tray declined to throw him an oop from like half court.

5) Gibbs improving on shooting on the move. The (serious!) lack of hops really hurts him, though.

6) Gilbert is physically ready to play in the BE. I think he’ll make some solid contributions this year.

7) Durand Johnson looked lost/confused in the offense several times. Wondering if he’ll red shirt.

8) Love how the other Johnson plays D. That will earn him some playing time.

9) Epps made a number of long-range shots and stayed under control at all times.

This should be an interesting year. Definitely opportunities for some players to step up and have a significant impact on this team’s fortunes.

Oh, and the dunk contest stunk. They need to revamp it or kill it.

Comment by Carmen 10.24.11 @ 3:37 pm

I think we run the table.


I said it.

This conference sucks and there is no reason we can’t run house.

Collaros scares me more than VaGino Smith.


Comment by Yup 10.24.11 @ 3:38 pm

So Pitt plays at 7pm CST on 11/5? Who in their right mind would watch that game instead of 1-2 LSU and Bama. Bama kickoff is at 7 CST. I bet there is less than 20k at the game.

Comment by upittbaseball 10.24.11 @ 4:18 pm

A Pitt fan would watch that game that’s who. Who the hell cares about Bama/LSU? I’ll be switching back and forth this Wednesday however when Pitt takes on UConn. HTP and Go RANGERS!!

Comment by TX Panther 10.24.11 @ 4:38 pm

Thank you TXPAnther…i swear, are these commentators even Pitt fans??


And its 7pm EST.

Comment by Yup 10.24.11 @ 5:03 pm

Well said TXP and Yup.

Didn’t see anything in there about Woodall. How did are starting PG look?

Comment by cnorwoodaz 10.24.11 @ 5:36 pm

Carmen – My Impressions of BLUE/GOLD are similar:

*Malcolm Gilbert put on 15lbs of muscle since Greentree. Very obvious change in his body. He moves pretty well and can play good defense. He won’t contribute much on the offensive end, but his size, defense and rebounding will be helpful this season. He will cash an NBA paycheck someday. Way ahead of where Gray and McGhee were as freshmen with more upside.

*Birch looked more confident than he did in Greentree. He plays good defense, can rebound and runs the floor well. I hope Jamie lets him play PF, the position for which he is best suited. He is not polished on the offensive end yet. He will be able to score on offensive rebounds and on the break. He did hit a couple open jumpers. Feeling much better about his chances to contribute after this game. I have to admit, I was a little worried after seeing him in Greentree. Phew….

*Talib Zanna didn’t stand out. I am an unabashed Zanna fan and expected/hoped for more. I like his athleticism, his jumper and his size. None of that was really on display. He needed to take it to Birch, and he didn’t. Maybe we have to give Birch credit? The coaches think Talib’s too soft to play PF for Pitt. They might be right. Crap.

*Cameron Wright was a disappointment. He looked lost on offense and wasn’t the defensive stopper that they need. There are some available minutes at the two guard spot. Someone needs to grab them. Right now, playing Moore and Patterson together looks like a possibility. Neither one of those guys can guard a GOOD two out on the perimeter.

*J.J. Moore played under control. True he did settle for jumpers, but they were wide open and he hit them. Although I read somewhere he was 6 for 15? That’s not what Jamie wants. Didn’t seem that bad sitting there watching. Patterson was playing him to drive. He is going to have to prove he can shoot. I would prefer a jumper to an out of control drive, that seems to be when he gets in trouble. He did have a few defensive lapses, he needs to tighten that up.

*Johnson/Johnson – Liked both those guys in Greentree, especially John. They have a real uphill battle. Too many guys in front of them, too inexperienced. Need to stand out in exhibition games. They didn’t stand out Saturday. Redshirts could be in their wardrobe this season.

*Epps – looked better, they need defense, he doesn’t give them much. Limited contribution.

*Taylor – Two good knees, stronger body, showed some post game. Had to battle for everything he got. Gilbert was making him work. Cautiously optimistic. Three really quick fouls in the first half worries me. Good thing Birch and Gilbert can fill in at center capably when Taylor is on the bench.

A lot this season is going to ride on Gilbert and Birch. How quickly can they pick things up? Pitt’s perimeter defense is going to be weak, by Pitt standards. Having two shot blockers who can clean up some messes created by Woodall, Gibbs, Moore et. al. would be a HUGE help.

Comment by boubacar aw 10.25.11 @ 12:02 pm

The dunk contest was embarrassing!!!! Especially after watching UConn’s. Andre Drummond is a freak. Glad he’ll only be around for one year.

Comment by boubacar aw 10.25.11 @ 12:08 pm

Yes, Wright did very little. Guess that’s why I didn’t include him. Don’t remember him doing much of anything.

Beside the jumpers, Epps didn’t do much either. Zanna wasn’t particularly aggressive, but nobody really seemed to be. The play in general was almost subdued at times. That said, yes, Zanna does need to be more offensive-minded.

Think D. Johnson would benefit from a red shirt. Not sure what to think about J. Johnson. Defense is strong. Jumper a bit suspect, but I really liked what I saw from him at Greentree. Of the two, IMO, he’s the one least likely to red shirt.

Comment by Carmen 10.25.11 @ 1:42 pm

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