May 31, 2013

Moore, Lacey, Kane

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Welp, DeAndre Kane was definitely going to come to Pitt for his fifth year. That is if USC didn’t sweep him off his feet. Then Memphis made a late push that seemed to sway him. But in a typical way for Kane, none of the above. He’s heading to Iowa State.

Consider me less than broken up by this. Or, for that matter, surprised that Kane flitted about from option to option. Poised to pick and then reconsider. Mercurial is one way to describe Kane. A headache might be another. You will pardon me if I don’t think Pitt is in any worse shape without Kane.

The Alabama transfer, Trevor Lacey was at Pitt this week. He was getting the full treatment with Brandin Knight taking him around to the Steelers practice. Later it was a Pirates game. Reports are it was a very good visit, but we will see. Lacey would be a great transfer to get. Yes, he would have to sit a year, but it would be worth it. (more…)

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