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May 31, 2013

Moore, Lacey, Kane

Filed under: Basketball,Recruiting,Transfer — Chas @ 6:44 am

Welp, DeAndre Kane was definitely going to come to Pitt for his fifth year. That is if USC didn’t sweep him off his feet. Then Memphis made a late push that seemed to sway him. But in a typical way for Kane, none of the above. He’s heading to Iowa State.

Consider me less than broken up by this. Or, for that matter, surprised that Kane flitted about from option to option. Poised to pick and then reconsider. Mercurial is one way to describe Kane. A headache might be another. You will pardon me if I don’t think Pitt is in any worse shape without Kane.

The Alabama transfer, Trevor Lacey was at Pitt this week. He was getting the full treatment with Brandin Knight taking him around to the Steelers practice. Later it was a Pirates game. Reports are it was a very good visit, but we will see. Lacey would be a great transfer to get. Yes, he would have to sit a year, but it would be worth it.

J.J. Moore is finally transferring. He’s headed to Rutgers. Why? Because, um, they are in the New York City area and his other options since he wanted to be close to home in Long Island were Iona or Quinnipiac. Moore will apply for a hardship waiver so he won’t have to sit before his final year of eligibility. His grandfather is ill according to the reports.

While Rutgers is in upheaval. Players are gone. A new coach is there. Moore anticipates a faster tempo.

“I’m just a running guy and with the athleticism here, they look like a running team,” Moore said. “I like to run and get out there and be more assertive.”

If by assertive, he means spot up for a long jumper or three rather than attack the basket. Then yes, he likes to be more assertive.

From a depth perspective, losing Moore hurts. Not a question. From his talent and potential, he was and is so tantalizing.

But his stroke is terribly inconsistent. He never bothered to develop any shot fake that could have aided him. He eschewed driving to the basket unless there was no chance of contact. His ball handling was suspect, and his defense was much the same.

I do wish him well, though. This has been a quiet transfer by Moore, despite it being well known that he was leaving. No big proclamations. No mixed signals. Quietly looking at the schools and generally keeping things close to the vest.

If you are hoping for a Sheldon Jeter update, there is none. Neither Jeter or Vandy have said a word.

Frankcan, What did the Pitt docs say?

Comment by panther94 06.02.13 @ 9:45 pm

panther94 good to hear from you every thing ok.
i dont know what pitt doc said i post what i find
what i dont find i cant post.

i do it so we have things to talk abought dont
know if it is fair but better then being board .

chris dockish just took a new shot at chryst
and football recruiting or should i say lack of
it was funny .

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.02.13 @ 10:02 pm

panther94 you may think dockish is being un fair
but check this out he sees this kind of thing

chryst offered 9 OLB 5 of them have commited to outher schools 2 of them were in are back yard so to speak.
of the 4 that are left 2 players are 4 stars
he wont get them.
why becuse of the way he recruits or does not recruit and dockish sees this and it drives him mad.

Comment by FRANKCAN 06.02.13 @ 10:24 pm

Missed the Doc report on Uchebo. Isn’t Little Ricky Ricky the new coach at Minnesota ?

And he would never (just like the old man) readily admit to losing a recruit to JD & PITT.

Perhaps it’s a cover story for Little Ricky Ricky losing a recruit.

For I can’t find anything about it on the web.

Never put anything past a Pitino !

Comment by EMel 06.02.13 @ 10:46 pm

Pitt doctors cleared Uchebo or we wouldn’t have offered.

He better be playing or we’re going to be stuck with disappearing Talib at Center.

Maybe the change of conf’s will help Zanna. Couldn’t hurt right ?

I seem to remember Zanna having a ‘breakout’ game against Maryland at MSG a few years ago.

Comment by EMel 06.02.13 @ 10:50 pm

As far as PC, I thought we all knew coming into this era that PC isn’t a great recruiter.

And Wisconsin wasn’t exactly loaded with star recruits the last 6-7 years.

In fact Chas had a lengthy post on the fact that Pitt had better (and in some instances much better) recruiting classes, yet Wisconsin had the far better record.

PC’s strength and Joe Rudolph as well, is supposed to be the ability to coach up the 2’s to play like 3’s and the 3’s to play like 4’s. And according to some, his ability to find players who will (hate to say this), fit his system.

So whether he can recruit top players or not, he’s going to be here for at least, at a minimum, another few years.

Hopefully his ‘in game’ decision making ability will vastly improve this year as well.

But hey it’s got to get better, since The Little Engine that couldn’t is gone. Am I right ? lol

Comment by EMel 06.02.13 @ 10:57 pm

Btw, that doesn’t mean I wish we didn’t have a more aggressive type guy as HC.

But it is….what it is.

Some wouldn’t like a guy that was as well.

Just win baby !

Comment by EMel 06.02.13 @ 11:08 pm

For all you Pitt BB and FBI naysayers, I attended Steelers games at Pitt stadium when they could not beat the Sisters of Charity. Let’s be true Pitt supporters and believe that our coaches know how to coach. Winning will come. Maybe winning another FBI national championship is not in our future but as long as Pitt maintains its academic standards and is competetive we should be happy.

I’m also a GA Tech alum and us Tekoids have some gripes but we support our teams. H2P

Comment by MariettaMike 06.03.13 @ 1:47 am

Correction: FBI is FB. Darn iPhone…

Comment by MariettaMike 06.03.13 @ 3:17 am

Forget about my time stamp, I’m in London.

Comment by MariettaMike 06.03.13 @ 3:18 am

Paul Chryst and Jamie Dixon are doing their best to save the university money by doing very little recruiting. Chryst being plain boring and Dixon’s boring style of play is really helping Pitt’s bottom line. Smiley is hiding in his office. Nordy is home reading a good book. Go Pitt!

Comment by Wayne 06.03.13 @ 6:06 am

Who says JD doesn’t recruit (1) Western Pa or (2) pure outside shooters?

link to

Comment by wbb 06.03.13 @ 6:14 am

We’ll see if Rowan sticks. Pryor and Pope committed to Pitt in 10th grade also.
His Dad was a transfer 30+ years ago when it was rare for a kid to transfer.
The kid will be 17 in July meaning he should be going to 12th grade instead of 10th grade.
It wouldn’t surprise me if Ron Rowan uses his son to get a coaching position somewhere.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 06.03.13 @ 6:20 am

@Penguins Fan
I’m with you. ND is certainly NOT a Catholic School. Not close.

Comment by sfpitt 06.03.13 @ 6:56 am

PittDan83, If I was an oddsmaker, I would make the odds 4 to 3 of him ever attending Pitt, and 20 to 1 that he plays at least 3 years.

Nonetheless, I would like to see it happen …. and if nothing else, this is something to talk about in a dead news period.

BTW, I have friends (whom I haven’t seen in a while) who are good friends with his dad or at least were.) I actually played in a pickup game with him back in circa 94 … kept feeing him the ball and we won as I recall (rocket science)

Comment by wbb 06.03.13 @ 7:34 am

Pitt.Dan83- don’t speak for women because you don’t have a clue.

Comment by nw pa pitt fan 06.03.13 @ 12:54 pm

Is ralph willard looking for a job? We can bring him back, oh yeah!!! Paul Evans?

Comment by Native Washingtonian 06.06.13 @ 3:20 pm

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