May 17, 2013

Last spring, Monessen QB Chavas Rawlins was one of the first commits to the Hoopies. The athletic, dual-threat QB was so enthusiastic about the decision that he was an early enrollee.

Things have changed.

Freshman quarterback Chavas Rawlins will transfer from West Virginia, his former high school coach at Monessen confirmed with the Post-Gazette this afternoon.

Coach Andy Pacak said Rawlins was recruited by and had developed a strong relationship with former quarterbacks coach Jake Spavital who left to take a position at Texas A&M earlier this year.

“Everyone at West Virginia was great to him, but as you now he came in right when Jake left. His initial decision was I’m gonna go down there and make the most of it, but that (loss of Spavital) weighed on him a little bit,” said Pacak.

It also just happens that WVU took in a Florida State QB transfer, Clint Trickett this spring. Trickett is considered a talented QB who could have the job after sitting this year. Not to mention another highly ranked QB verballed to WVU this spring.

Whether any of that played a role or not is unknown. Just as the undercurrent that part of why Rawlins chose WVU was assurances that he would be a QB, but by spring practices they were already pushing him to consider playing defensive back.

Obviously Pitt would be considered to be in the mix for Rawlins since he is local. Add in the questions with the status of Tra’von Chapman and it makes sense. Oh, and this.

Others also heard this.

There’s the primary question, though, of whether WVU would give Rawlins permission to transfer to Pitt. That can’t be assumed (right, Rushel Shell?).

Then there is the fact that Rawlins seems to want to be a QB. Pitt gave him no such assurances, and that probably hasn’t changed. Especially with the QBs Pitt is already looking to bring in the 2014 class.

One other factor is that Chavas Rawlins has a younger brother, Justice Rawlins. He is a linebacker and is a solid 3-star recruit. He already has an offer from Pitt and Rutgers, with more on the way. Depending on what kind of priority they have for young Justice, his older brother’s transfer status becomes a factor.

Why can’t you guys be happy for Foster? The kid is going to the best program in the best football conference.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 8:52 am

I wouldn’t mind at all if Foster does well at Bama … the scenario brought up above was just for argument’s sake

Comment by wbb 05.19.13 @ 8:58 am

On Adams from NBA combine a NBA GM said this
abought adams offence game were did that come
from i can say i was stunned.
also this Adams jump shot was hidden by the Pitt
system and his role in the system.
this is why dixon does not and should not get
many 5 star players.

dixon needs his kind of player 3 stars that he can coach up.

also this from same post i fill cheated that i did not get to see adams whole game when he was at pitt.
and when some on here said dixon does not know how to use great players you would jump us
well there it is in black and white.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.19.13 @ 9:17 am

If you went to Greentree, you would have seen that in Adams.
In fact, all the players looked good at Greentree. This year was frustrating to watch Pitt play after seeing their potential at Greentree.
Dixon had everyone on a short leash it seemed. They were afraid to take open shots early in the shot clock, Adams was over-thinking, etc. I feel Adams handlers stepped in and decided Dixon was not in Adams best interest so they declared for the draft.

Comment by Pitt.Dan83 05.19.13 @ 9:38 am

PittDan83 could be
i am not sayimg dixon is a bad coach just saying
he does not know how to use a really good player.

dixon has a system and as you say if you step outside the system you end up on the bench.

that is why 5 stars would be screwed if they come here.

what dixon needs is his kind of players thoes
who are a step below the great players the
kind who red shirt for a year and can be coached up who are taught the system and bye the time they are JR are good players in the system and he will win with thoes players as he has in the past.

but it is not in dixons best intrest nor the 5
star player to play in that system.
he need players he can mold hike a pice of clay.

not many of that kind will go to the NBA but
he will win games and that is what it is abought.
nothing wrong with that they get free school
we have them for at least 4 years they are not one and done it is a win win for all.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.19.13 @ 10:10 am

@Upittbaseball – it looks bad but there is still hope. Yale lost in the ECAC hockey tourney and only squeaked into the NCAA tourney because Michigan lost to Notre Dame in the CCHA final and didn’t get an autobid. (ND was already in the field.) Yale then went on to win it all.

Keep the faith. H2P!!!

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 10:20 am

There are a myriad of reasons kids transfer. The main reason is that they don’t see the field or crack the two deep and it becomes “in the best interest of the kid and the program” if they go elsewhere. Frees up a scholly for the original school and gives a kid a chance at a lesser school. I would guess that is what happens the majority of the times. Homesick, not so much!

That is why Chryst needs to look at and develop a practice on this subject. This is where we as fans get caught up in the star system. We think that if a 4 or 5 star wants to transfer, it is great news. The fact is, the four and five star just might not be a good football player and can’t see the field at his “first choice”. The flaw is not studying the two and three deep before committing. That is on the players and their parents. Getting enamored with big name programs is great if you are good enough to make it work.

Pitt’s recent history of taking transfers is not good. One need only look at the nfl draft to see that Pitt hasn’t gotten the players to sign out of high school or transfer in. I hope Foster does well at Alabama. If he doesn’t and wants to transfer back, my inclination is to say no, unless it is homesickness. Outside of that, if he is not good enough to crack the two deep at Alabama, he shouldn’t be good enough to start and excel at Pitt. If he sees the field at Alabama and wants to transfer because of homesickness, then welcome him if everything else off the field checks out.

History proves this out. How many transfer ins does Duke, Kansas and NC take in Bball? Why should Pitt? It would have to be a special opportunity for it to work. These are just opinions. Let the bashing begin!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 05.19.13 @ 12:10 pm

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