May 19, 2013

Oh, so many choices.

Let’s get target one out of the way: Steve Pederson.

Fifth-highest paid was athletic director Steve Pederson. His total compensation of $844,008 included base pay of $500,161, bonus and incentive compensation of $283,333, other reportable compensation of $10,674, retirement and other deferred compensation of $35,525 and $14,315 in non-taxable benefits.

Now due to the quirk in the state  of public records (read: insane lobbying to keep as such; treatment of Temple, Lincoln, PSU and Pitt in terms of Pennsylvania open records laws), it isn’t the easiest thing to compare. Still, it is a good roughing tool thanks to the USA Today databases. The AD salary surveys has Pederson’s total compensation lower which is important. The USA Today survey is an excellent resource but it is hardly perfect.

The USA Today survey puts Pederson in the top-40.  But the tax reporting suggests closer to top-20. Now before you fly off the handle, please keep in mind that if the differential between what the USA Today survey found for Pederson versus what Pitt ultimately reported then it is safe to assume that there are some more discrepancies in the list. That said, we can safely assume his pay rate is somewhere in the top-30 for ADs.

I don’t have a particularly strong feeling with regards to Pederson. I’m not a big fan, but when put strictly in context of his performance post-Nebraska, I don’t particularly hate. Sorry I’m so mushy-middle but that’s where I am. That said, seeing where his compensation lands him nationally has to make even the biggest Pederson supporter say, WTF? I guess it helps to have that relationship with Chancellor Nordenberg.

The next issue is the headliner of the article, Jamie Dixon.

The 34 percent raise pushed Mr. Dixon’s total earnings above $2.4 million and is reflected in the latest federal IRS form 990 filed by the university. The document generally covers the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, though pay information listed on it is for calendar year 2011 and is the most current available, officials said.

Mr. Dixon’s total compensation was listed on the 990 as $2,445,682. It included base pay of $1,350,020, bonus and incentive compensation of $925,862, other reportable compensation of $25,260, retirement and other deferred compensation of $129,400 and non-taxable benefits of $15,140.

His earnings the previous year totaled just over $1.8 million.

Now the bonus and incentive compensation is a huge this time around. Suggesting that Dixon hit some particular benchmarks — presumably in terms years of service and wins that pushed it higher. Again, while the USA Today database is very informative — broadly — it is not detailed accuracy and shouldn’t be treated as such. But no matter how you slice it, Jamie Dixon is among the top-20 coaches in terms of compensation.

This should not be surprising. Both in terms of accomplishments and the interest each year. The pursuit of Dixon from other schools has been a nearly annual event. It has driven his salary up as the interest has continued. You can question the value, be pissed at the system in place in college sports with coaching contracts. But I’m not going to fault Dixon and his agent for using the system to their benefit.

Also worth noting, that according to the USA Today database, Sean Miller took in over $2.5 million that same year. His base compensation listed at $2.1 million. A less than subtle reminder that it would take a lot of money to get Miller to leave Arizona.

One final thing.

The second-highest earner at Pitt last year was former head football coach Todd Graham at $1,982,793. His total compensation included base pay of $1,010,120, bonus and incentive compensation of $916,399, other reportable compensation of $18,619, retirement and other deferred compensation of $27,973 and non-taxable benefits of $9,682.

Aaaannnddd… turning once again to the USA Today databases.

Gee, um I vaguely recall a certain Fraud claiming he didn’t take any increase in pay to leave Pitt for his latest dream job. Oh, I know. Stunning that there is evidence of yet another lie.

Happily I am not included in the “mushy middle”.
Cyanide Steve is a poor AD, having lived off what he helped accomplish (at much debt and litigation) over a decade ago.
Compounding the sinister aspect of his compensation is Cyanides direct role in Grahams compensation.
Let’s be real. Criminally overpaid people like Cyanide erode credibility outside the university and worse still, inside the university family.
Donors such as me take notice of accountability in reverse and those within the university ask themselves rhetorically “who does he have pictures of with a sheep”?
I call him cyanide because he is an internal poison for the university tucked right under our noses AND NO ONE HAS THE STONES OR BRAINS TO DO WHAT THIS FINE UNIVERSITY DESERVES!

Comment by SFPitt 05.19.13 @ 9:23 am

I second that. He was the laughing stock of all athletes back in late 90’s and I’m sure nothing has changed. Compare Pederson to Louisvile’s AD. Facilities and championships. No Pitt team won anything significant under Pederson. L’Ville beat the Gators, have a stud football coach who owns Florida recruiting just behind UF and the basketball men’s and woman’s are awesome. Baseball is ranked 8th and just won Big East. List goes on. Pederson hired 14 football coaches over 3 years and gave a Dixon a 50 year extension for being great against terrible non con and doing really good during regular season for e most part but being atrocious in March. Pederson is cyanide a cancer whatever word you want. Oh and e great football stadium no ne goes to 8 miles off campus.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 9:32 am

I never really understood the hate for Pederson. Pitt is cheap, he works within the frugality constraints placed on him.

Comment by Chris 05.19.13 @ 10:05 am

The numbers suggest Pitt isn’t cheap as far as Cyanides salary is concerned.
Likewise, part of his job is to raise funds. The lack of funds raised falls on Cyanides shoulders.
Exactly what is it you think Pederson is compensated for that he has succeeded in doing? Hiring football coaches? Raising funds? Securing new facilities? Putting bright people beneath him and letting them succeed?
Seriously, this is a job that requires leadership and whatever you and I disagree on (much it seems), is there any doubt that he has zero leadership skills and results?
Common.I have one question I again ask you and all on the board.
Do you donate to Pitt because of, in spite of or not at all because of Pederson?
I just received my mailer from Cyanide.
No vision in request for money. Just give?
Give people a goal (new track for instance) a vision of the future.
Cyanide is exhibit A is luxurious welfare program of Pitts’ athletic department.

Comment by SFPitt 05.19.13 @ 10:18 am

The issue isn’t what we as alumni and/or fans expect from Pederson and how that should be reflected in his overall compensation. His goals and objectives are set by his employer – in this case by the Trustees and the Chancellor. He is, presumably, being compensated and retained for meeting the goals and objectives they set for him. While we can legitimately ask what those are, until we know we can’t adequately judge whether he is doing the job he was hired to do at, below or above the level of expectations set by his bosses.

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 10:33 am

Pitt Dad… it went like this – ” Hey Steve, it’s Nordy hey let’s fire Wanny and then I want you to make Pitt the laughing stock of all D I schools with your search….. You can pay a search firm 400k then hire a guy from the MAC who will beat his ex and then you can hire another coach who will quit because he is from the south and his wife won’t like it here and if you did your homework you would know this… you will overpay for a OC whereas the jury is still out. Oh and you better fire that gal in women’s basketball who last won a game in the Fall of 2006. Oh and can you keep our shitting uniforms and beg these college kids to get on school busses to go to games 8 miles away while you are at it. On a field with white stripes in the end zone. Thanks Steve way to earn your 800k. Oh and give Jamie a 30 year contract.. We don’t want to lose him to a school where he can take his amazing March record. Thanks again.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 10:53 am

Chris, if Stevie has to work with frugal constraints, then why did he fire what was apparently the biggest bargain in the NCAA BCS?

Comment by wbb 05.19.13 @ 10:56 am

Wbb, good point… Didn’t we just raise 1B for something really easily? Yeah, we’re hurting for money.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 10:57 am

@UPitt – an interesting and quite plausible scenario. I’m just suggesting that all of us who have bosses have our goals and objectives set by others. What those are may not be obvious, even to our co-workers. Am I happy with everything about Pitt Athletics? No. I’m merely pointing out that we don’t know how Steve P’s bosses feel about it or what they expect from him.

Also, go back to the last thread. I have a potentially hopeful analogy for you.

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 11:02 am

Pitt Dad, I know we all have bosses but for the most part I’d like to think Steve is his own boss outside of what Nordy says. Heis supposed to be the leader. If not why pay him 800k a year. If he isn’t leading we can get some poor sap there who makes 75k and call them a AD

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 11:08 am

I actually think Steve P is on a shorter leash than you might think. But, if they’re asking, I’ll do the job. Not for 75K but I’m sure we can come up with a number acceptable to all.

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 11:11 am

PittDad, I don’t know you but I’d give you 500k and we instantly would be light years ahead!

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 11:17 am

Not to defend Steve Pederson, because I don’t know much of his day-to-day activities — it’s the people who make huge financial contributions to Pitt that keep Steve as its AD If a big donor had a problem with Steve he would be fired. That said, contrary to our (Pitt Blather’s) opinion, the big donors like Steve Pederson and feel he is worth his salary.

Comment by MariettaMike 05.19.13 @ 11:19 am

If Chryst doesn’t work out, smiley better be gone! This is hard because I want Pitt to do well but how will that get him out? Some of his hires and decisions are mind numbing. Haywood hire was bad even before the arrest. All he had to do was check this site and he could’ve saved a lot of money. The Fraud Graham hire a lot of people liked at the time but he was a liar and was looking for a stepping stone job from Tulsa. I like the Chryst hire but we will have to see. The problem is Pitt doesn’t have the patience with Chryst that we may have had before all of this mess. And that’s a shame for Chryst! I overall don’t like the ad and think he came in and tried to change too much! The stadium and the uniform still bothers me to this day and he just seems to ignore most alum and their ideas! Pitt hoops has been great! Yes some bad losses but overall we make the tourney and are ranked almost every year. But the football crisis better get solved and solved quick or he is gone! Question is does Nordy have the guts to do it? Or will it be a forced retirement!

Comment by Sweet Caroline 05.19.13 @ 11:33 am

Until we win in March when it counts in hoops I’m so so on Dixon. By the way Pederson didn’t hire Dixon Jeff Long AD at Arkansas did!

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 11:35 am

UPitt, add to your list right after the Jamie Dixon extension that he keeps extending the baseball coach, who unlike Dixon can’t even get us into the post-season, nor win a single BE championship in 15 freak’n years.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 05.19.13 @ 11:41 am

Marcus….I have to agree with you. They should have got Mazey that WVU hired.

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 11:48 am

@UPitt – happy to submit to an interview and background check for that job at that money. And I know I will live up to your and all Pitt alumni expectations!

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 1:25 pm

I’ve always tried to avoid conversations and comparisons about other people’s paychecks. It doesn’t solve anything and often leads to backbiting if not outright disputes. So why not let the Pitt trustees make the financial decisions and keep our envying to ourselves. Oh, I do wonder what Chas’ compensation is—in comparison to other sports journalists, of course. Rev. George from Columbus where the sky is the limit as far as the athletic budgets are concerned/

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 05.19.13 @ 3:55 pm

DeJuan Blair sighting – rebound at one end, then pick and roll for a big tip-in at the other end. Garbage time but still nice to see him on the floor and still with that great smile.

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 4:48 pm

And still I wait for someone, anyone to list for me ANY accomplishment by Pederson in the last 10 years.

Comment by SFPitt 05.19.13 @ 4:54 pm

Haha, gotta love the fact that Stevie and Fraud both performed well enough to “earn” bonuses and incentive money. Fraud nearly doubled his salary for finishing below .500 — how low are we setting expectations?

Comment by Chuck Morris 05.19.13 @ 5:10 pm

A lot of you guys remind me of my ex-wife: quick to point out what I did wrong, fails to remember anything I did right. Even though the list of things I did right outweigh….

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 05.19.13 @ 6:00 pm

Chas, I wonder if you bothered to compare Pitt’s rise in revenues since Steve Pederson was hired to his rise in salary since he was hired? Me neither, but I’ll bet the rate revenue rise exceeds the rate of salary rise….

And BTW, no I didn’t say WTF….

Comment by Imma Man! Im 40! 05.19.13 @ 6:03 pm

A. UPitt baseball…you are my hero! Agree 110%
B. Agreed Rev George…discussing a man’s earnings is irrelevant. Stevie P’s incompetence can stand on it’s own.
C. I know several BIG Donors personally (both are doctors and Pitt alums) and they despise Stevie P. and think he is an arrogant incompetant asshole! Their words not mine.
D. If we(Pitt Blatherites) were on the Board of Trustees and wrote a job description of how to succeed as Pitt’s AD and used the current track record of Stevie P as a guide, we would all be fired.
E. I still do not know what pictures he has of Nordy in a hotel (dead girl or live boy! old expression) but they must be doozies!!

Comment by Dan 72 05.19.13 @ 6:09 pm

Dan 72 you are the man nice shot.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.19.13 @ 6:49 pm

I still have not seen it mentioned here that Pitt is now in the ACC instead of whatever the BE is now.

Comment by Chris 05.19.13 @ 7:15 pm

Nepotism is a lose-lose situation.
Vikral Chatwal

Other than the regular season victories Dixon lovers crow about as a substitute for NCAA Tournament success, what has Pederson won?

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.19.13 @ 7:37 pm

so what? You have to note that

1) it is well documented that most, if not all, BE teams had applied to the ACC just like Pitt (in fact, the LVille AD expressed outrage that the ACC would pick Pitt instead of them), and

2) if it weren’t for BC AD DeFillippo, then UConn would have been selected for ACC membership instead of Pitt (again well documented)

Comment by wbb 05.19.13 @ 7:38 pm


Comment by Wayne 05.19.13 @ 7:52 pm

Cardiac Hill is reporting Dixon isn’t all that interested in playing Penn State regularly in hoops. He’s already eliminated WVU. God forbid he plays long-standing Pitt rivals (and based on the number of games played in hoops, Penn State is a rival). Watch this one: Penn State will be a one-and-done. Dixon’s got to get to 20 wins for the cash, or so it appears. Hello, CBI.

If Pederson’s job is to promote all Pitt sports, where’s the baseball coverage?

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.19.13 @ 7:52 pm

Pederson’s involvement went like this! Phone rings…..Steve says hello and that was how it went down. That was his foresight

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.19.13 @ 8:34 pm

@Chris, you’re not suggesting getting into the ACC had anything to do with S.P. at all are you??

My 10 year old nephew would have known to say yes if asked.

Hell, we talked about the ACC/Big Ten right here on the Blather YEARS ago. Everyone knew the BE was a dead man walking.

Don’t know how new you are to the Blather, but, this is not revisionist history, Chas has archives.

Our only debate on here was would we rather be in the ACC or Big Ten if we ever got the oppurtunity.

Ok, he said yes. That a boy!!!

Comment by Dan 05.19.13 @ 8:46 pm

Big East Tourney bracket:

link to

Comment by Pantherman 05.19.13 @ 9:51 pm

Thanks Pantherman

Comment by Pitt Dad 05.19.13 @ 11:00 pm

Got it. Everything bad that happens, SP. Everything good that happens, not SP.

Comment by Chris 05.19.13 @ 11:06 pm

All this discussion about AD’s and Coach’s salaries and nobody brings up the most obvious topic for debate. Seriously now, if Jamie is making over 2 million dollars a year, don’t you think it’s about time to put a competant hair stylist on retainer to do SOMETHING with that head of his????

Comment by Dr. Tom 05.20.13 @ 5:59 am

Getting rid of Pitt stadium and building the Pete was a great accomplishment. The stadium was horrible. The new arena is awesome. Getting into the ACC. Firing Wannstedt. Not hiring Russ Grimm, Tim Lewis or any other old former alumn as head coach. Building great baseball and softball facilities. I know every single human being hates SP. He must have a money tree because absolutely no one donates.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.20.13 @ 6:29 am

Chris, if you have been paying attention lately …

– JD has gotten his share of criticism here for another early NCAA exit and for the number of his players leaving, and

– many here has raised concerns about HCPC’s recruiting and the hiring of his DC

Stevie did a great job in his first term here (note that I am not as put off as many others here for the lack of an on-campus stadium), but nonetheless, he deserved being re-hired. This doesn’t mean that he is untouchable (just like Johhny Majors wasn’t in his second stint here.)

The fact is I can’t imagine anyone who contribute to this site (and many of us are professionals) botching his job like he did in December 2010, which is the most important task a BCS AD has. Further, he had previous exerience botching a FB HC firing/hiring.

I would guarantee that anyone of us who would have made such a similar, grevious error would have been sent packing. Lucky for Steve, I really don’t think his boss gives damn (even though he makes less $ than the AD.)

Comment by wbb 05.20.13 @ 6:36 am

BTW, Steve’s previous experience of botching a hiring/firing of a FB HC did get him fired … at his own alma mater. But of course, there FB is much more important

Comment by wbb 05.20.13 @ 6:40 am

The “Olympic facilities”!were planned AND paid for under Longs tenure. Not Pederson. Look it up. Facts matter.
ACC because of Pederson?! Really??

Comment by SFPitt 05.20.13 @ 6:43 am

Chas must be starved for hits on the site to bring this up. It’s like a who’s-who of haters in here!! So tired of the bitching about Peterson. I’m in the mushy-middle with Chas. Can’t say Peterson has been wonderful, but he has too much blame laid at his door at the same time.

Comment by JCE 05.20.13 @ 7:14 am

Upgraded Baseball and Softball facilities? Every D1 program had them before us and theirs are way nicer. So he was the last to get that done…wow that’s really an accomplishment. By the way SF Pitt is rights they were started under Long

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.20.13 @ 7:35 am

They had it first, someone else started it. Wow, can’t argue with that logic, lol. The point is SP got it done. By no means is the guy perfect. I am not even saying he is doing a good job but come on, give credit where credit is due.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.20.13 @ 7:56 am

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush
i read a post to day that makes no sence
it said the reason pitt did not sign kane is they
would like to have achraf yacoubou a sg who would have 3 years to play if true that is the dumb

the reason it is dumb is this achraf has to sit out a year so bye the time he played kane would be out of here.

plus they have 3 to give before we get to 13
that would only make sence if we had just one to give.

if was from a national sports writer thatis the
only reason i did not blow the post off.

but it makes no sence.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.20.13 @ 8:04 am

@Chris, not at all, at least from me.

I do give him credit for the Pete.

However, that quickly sours for having no plan for the football teams future.

Again, not hindsight. Was said ad nauseum when the decision was made, and not just about Pitt Stadium.

Don’t read into this that this is a “tearing Pitt Stadium” down argument. It is not. Has nothing to do with Pitt Stadium.

It was his decision, to put a college football team in a pro stadium.

Has never worked. Anywhere. Was known and bitched about when he did it.

I would have been ok with, “hey, we’re going to play in Heinz Field for 5 years, and here is what my phase II will be for the football team”.

There was no phase II. Just move the team into Heinz Field.

Poor. Very poor.

Comment by Dan 05.20.13 @ 8:59 am

link to

Kane maybe headed towards my neck of the woods. Memphis of all places.

Comment by tedsptman 05.20.13 @ 9:15 am

is Kane able to sign an LOI (or whatever document) until he passes the summer courses and becomes a Marshall graduate?

Comment by wbb 05.20.13 @ 10:02 am

Just to keep the record straight there upittbaseball, Jamie Dixon was NOT hired by Jeff Long. He was hired by interim AD Marc Boehm.

Comment by KeithS 05.20.13 @ 10:23 am

Keith – Thanks…Sorry my mistake. Still it was ABP…(Anybody But Pederson)

Comment by Upittbaseball 05.20.13 @ 10:32 am

Pitt’s return to prominence as a major D-1 football program will never be fully realized until a on-campus football stadium is constructed.

To credit Pederson for tearing down Pitt Stadium without a replacement plan is just plain foolish.

Comment by PittofDreams 05.20.13 @ 10:58 am

Wbb i dont know but sandi marcius the center
from purdue commited to SD STATE and he still has
summer school to do before he can transfer.
so maybe you can officaley commit to a school but not sign till you are done.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.20.13 @ 11:39 am

But if they passed on kane for someone else
who might or might not sign with them it is dumb
i say a bird in hand is better then two in the bush

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.20.13 @ 11:43 am

Tearing down or major renovation of Pitt stadium was the right move…not replacing it on campus was the wrong move (and I love Heinz Feild, but it is just lacks a certain something for college football games). As I recall, they had a $150M plan on the table to renovate and dome Pitt stadium as one of their choices…It was determined to be too expensive and would seat a lot less than Heinz Field. In the end, the $69M Pete wound up costing something like $129M for its 12,000 seats and we very rarely fill any more than 50,000 seats at Heinz. I’d bet if they had it to do over again, they would have spent the money and domed Pitt stadium. There you go, a “two for one” with BB and FB facility under one roof. Could have packed 20,000 to 25,000 fans in for big BB games, and had more atmosphere for FB games (even if only the ususal 40,0000 showed up). Could have hosted NCAA tournament games, concerts, conventions,etc., and made plenty of money for the University and the City.

Comment by HbgFrank 05.20.13 @ 11:52 am

Pitt’s return to football prominence has absolutley nothing to do with an on campus stadium. Pitt football declined to it’s lowest when it played at Pitt stadium.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.20.13 @ 12:06 pm

Win games and Heinz Field will be packed on Saturdays each fall, it’s that simple. Go 8-0 or 9-0 and by mid November a Pitt Football ticket will be the hottest ticket in tahn and Heinz Field will be rockin.

Comment by Panther Fan in Hoopieland 05.20.13 @ 12:56 pm

The more comments posted on the subject of where we play FB longterm, the greater the argument. Perhaps HbgFrank nailed it. 5, 10 heck 15 years in Heinz but here is our Plan B would’ve been what I’d like to hear. Now we are talking useful life of Heinz, wow time flies. I thought it was deemed inefficient to dome the old stadium (I may be mistaken). milk is out of the bottle – survey the land – up by trees/field house or down by Schenley Park, lets get her done. Me, I give money for the seats I want to sit in. period. I am under no delusion that at my modest contribution level for 4 decent seats to watch hoops that I have (or should have) any voice! h2p

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.20.13 @ 1:40 pm

from a selfish viewpoint, I would much prefer to watch (PItt) football in a compact (50k) bowl stadium. However, as stated above, I don’t believe it is a principle reason for4 a faltering program.

I’ve been on record for years that I believe this program needs stability. Since Sherill left, Pitt has had 8 head coaches in 30 years .. and I didn’t even count Haywood .. and of course, the last few years has been a travesty.

Playing in an area of declining population in an NFL city with a lack of consistent commitment from the adminsitration, of course, will alwasy be major factors.

Comment by wbb 05.20.13 @ 2:37 pm

any one on here can talk abought any thing they
want to i get that but the stadium is gone has been gone for a lot of years and it is not comeing back
for many years if at all.
but we keep beating this dead horse over and over.
and if that was all there was to talk abought that would be ok.

but we have a BB team that is 3 players short and might go to 4 short
a foot ball team that has one commit when penn state and outhers have 9 commits.
a baseball team that is haveing a really good season

a bb player who might be a top ten pick in the NBA DRAFT.

A BB coach who has a problem with players leaveing the team like rats leaveing a sinking ship
and geting new players to sign up.

and we talk aought a stadium that is dead and gone

i get it you can talk abought what you want
just saying .

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.20.13 @ 4:40 pm

As we all start to realistically plan a new on campus stadium ha ha (optimist)I have only one requirement. When the tradidional 6 – 8 Band oronet Players walk onto the field to play the flourish that leads the Pitt Band in, I would like to be able to hear it from every seat in the stadium! Then, I would like to be able to actually hear the Pitt Band without them being miked up….that’s all…

Comment by Dan 72 05.20.13 @ 4:56 pm

Simply put, Pitt will never get the same attendance/student involvement/atmosphere at Heinz as they would an on-campus stadium. The nature of college football pivots on involving otherwise oblivious or disinterested students to participate in an event that demands little effort. I’m not even trying to bag on Pitt for having an off campus games, I just think there’s only so much we can expect with this as our reality.

Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 05.20.13 @ 7:15 pm

Sorry Frank, but I think you are wrong. I’d bet there is plenty of talk about an on campus stadium in the halls of Pitt’s athletic department. Maybe the talk is for years from now, but it has to be happening. It is not about Heinz Field being full or not. It is about the fact that football is the money ball in college sports. Most,if not all serious college football programs have their own stadium on or near their campus. Pitt correctly decided that they were committed to being a top BB program and built a facility that proves it. If they are serious about being a top FB program, they will build a campus facility that proves it. I have been a FB season ticket holder for 18 years, I still miss going to the campus AS A PART OF the game day experience. I will guarantee you that I am not alone in that sentiment. This point was driven home to me this weekend while returning home from a trip to Virginia. I happened to get off of Interstate 81 at Harrisonburg, VA, home of the James Madison University Dukes. Just a short distance from the exit sat their beautiful on campus football stadium. It only seats 25K but it is there, making a statement that JMU is committed to the success of their FB program. I expect the same commitment from my alma mater. HTP.

Comment by HbgFrank 05.20.13 @ 8:56 pm

Oh sh*t.. No you didn’t, Rev:

“I’ve always tried to avoid conversations and comparisons about other people’s paychecks. It doesn’t solve anything and often leads to backbiting if not outright disputes.”
Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 05.19.13 @ 3:55 pm

No. Not “backbiting,” please.. And as if “backbiting” first and “disputes” secondary.


Comment by Neil 05.20.13 @ 11:47 pm

TonyinHouston two major realities I have concerning Jamie is the a greater % of his wins, excluding NCAA have been against the annual soft on-tournament schedule 3 5 star recruits two leaving within a year because of their player time behind inferior players and being limited at emlopying their offensive skill [based on NBA combine not blogger who described Adams as a gangly clumsy guy who could not handle those great passes at this ankles from Woodall. Last Taylor misguided he would play the 4. Pitt did not recruit a 5 rather than transfer as fast as he could he gainded 20 pounds that reduced the potential he brought to Pitt and instead was scorned for being lazy (dragging an extra 20 pounds)and given the ugly nickname of “sleepy”

No more 5’s are comming to Pitt. With enough recuits like Robinson and Young and the week non conference schedule we can get to the NCAA.’ Last year was our only chance beyond the elite eight.
Changes, in my opinion, played 30 minutes or more a game with no resrictions on his offensive game -the game he showed to the NBA and Norlens Noels.
Beginning of the season have Taylor work to loss weight to play the 4 as Adams enforcer.
Woodall becomes 3 guard, certainly not team captain and leader. Robinson is floor leader boosts his finds and Zeigler, Moore, do nor transfer because of Dixon’s blantant favortism to the 9 best player on the team.

Comment by pittisit 05.23.13 @ 12:51 pm

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