May 8, 2013

Remember DeAndre Kane? A one-time teammate of DeJuan Blair and D.J. Kennedy at Schenley? Jamie Dixon always liked Kane. He recruited him despite his academic struggles. Originally Kane was supposed to be part of (someone’s) 2009 class. But he needed prep school so it became 2010 when he actually was a freshman at Marshall.

He’s a graduate transfer. He has one more year of eligibility left, and it came down to USC and Pitt. The 6-4 guard has decided that his years of knowing Dixon and coming home was the pick.

The Marshall transfer, who hails from Pittsburgh, told that he will commit to Jamie Dixon and the Panthers this weekend on a visit. Kane returned from a trip to USC this past weekend, and also considered Saint Mary’s, but said the chance to play at home and in the ACC was too much to pass up.

“It’s a perfect situation for me,” Kane told

Kane averaged 15.1 points and seven assists last season for the Thundering Herd…

He provides offense, but this is still a gamble in my view.

Kane clashed at times with head coach Tom Herrion. And when Kane announced that he was going to transfer for his final season of eligibility, Herrion’s statement  suggested that it was with relief to see him go.

“After meeting with DeAndre, I have decided it is in our program’s and his best interest that he seek opportunities elsewhere,” said Herrion. “We appreciate his contributions to our team and wish him the best in his future.”

Okay, more than simply relief.

So, it’s somewhat surprising that Dixon would take on a player that clashed with a coach he knows and is close to. But, again, Dixon has known and recruited Kane for years. I would imagine he thinks he can control/temper the kid.

I realize it isn’t a huge chance being taken since Kane is only at Pitt for this year. I just worry about the issues of chemistry with regards to Kane. Not his talent, energy or even desire.

I think it’s worth the gamble Chas

It’s only for one year and he’s a good scorer and another body and the scholie will be available again for next year. At this late date in recruiting and for what’s available, a guy that averaged over 15ppg at a D1 program is a good get.

Although didn’t know Herrion and him clashed.
But JD has a different personality and appears to have no problems.

Comment by EMel 05.08.13 @ 1:29 pm

7 assists per game for a 2 Guard is very good as well. So he’s not a gunner, me first player it would appear.

If he becomes a problem, you can always give him the boot.

Comment by EMel 05.08.13 @ 1:32 pm

Dixon needs to take a few gambles at this point. What do we have to lose? we might not win a game in the ncaa tourney???

Comment by Coach Ditka 05.08.13 @ 1:43 pm

Looks like a replacement for Zeigler….why not?

Comment by Jackagain 05.08.13 @ 2:10 pm

as long as there is an open schollie for Ali, should he commit. Call me paranoid but until I see a fully healthy Uchebo, I say go for another 5.

a Cynical Panther Fan thru Experience

Comment by wbb 05.08.13 @ 2:42 pm

I too think this is a good get. 7 assists is potent for a 2g & Im a sucker for the local storyline (in this case right around the corner). From what I can gather Ali isnt the answer for a backup 5. Anyone know whats up with Jeter getting out of Vandy? Everyone seems to think JJ is gone & so be it. Front court of Zanna Uch Young Artis will have to do. Kane will be motivated to play well, just got the call from the ticket office 3k due in about a month OY. Assuming Kane will start? JR, DK, LP, TZ & Uch??? Oh & can we stop mention SA’s performance at an AAU showcase as a indicator for his ability to face up (at the next level)… COME ON MAN!!! I’m as bullish on his upside as anyone but thats just hitting the pipe WAY too hard! H2P welcome back DeAndre representing the proud history of Schenley HS & the CITY LEAGUE!!!

Comment by ptbreezeb 05.08.13 @ 3:58 pm

This seems like a low risk, high reward strategy. Its never a good thing to have a player who clashes with a coach, but its not like JD is taking a schollie from a “great get” player to land Kane. If the scholarship is going unused, and is available again for the next recruiting season, the risk seem very low considering that the downside is he clashes with JD gets cut and Pitt is right back where it is today, an unused slot for someone to use next year.
Which guard had 15ppg and 7assts last year and who projects to that next year? Sounds like the potential reward is well worth the small risk.

Comment by Taxing Matters 05.08.13 @ 4:28 pm

We need all the help we can get at every position.
This helps…I like it!

Comment by Dan 72 05.08.13 @ 4:49 pm

I like it, we need bodies for next year, he may be another Ziegler but, he grew up next door, and deserves a shot. He probably knows a lot about our system and may fit in quickly.

Better than another poke in the eye. We are going to be a rag tag bunch next year.

Comment by gc 05.08.13 @ 4:52 pm

Taxing ,I agree no risk with possible reward. Sounds like a decent pluck at this point.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 05.08.13 @ 5:23 pm

I think every player after every year should be able to transfer to wherever they want. Only give out one years scholarships (sic) and see how competition turns boys into men and prima donnas (my parochial school football coach loved to call us that!) into groveling babes.
Back when free agency was coming to baseball, A’s owner Charlie Finley saw where Marvin Miller was going —free agency meant big time contracts—Finley saw it coming and said “ok…at the end of every year, every player is a free agent and thus every player has to negotiate a new contract every year”.
Miller saw that true free agency ( as I propose) definitely meant that a player would get paid yearly based on what he did the prior year– so if you sucked, your contract would reflect it instead of riding one or two good years into a multiple year contract.
This is where I see college sports headed…pay for play is gaining momentum. The NCAA had better ride the wave that’s coming or get the Hell out of the water.
You will and should see more of this in college sports…it is actually how it started.

Comment by SFPitt 05.08.13 @ 6:01 pm

Wbb i am with you as long as there is room for ALI
it is fine we could use another 7 foot player
more than another 6 foot 4 player.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.08.13 @ 6:23 pm

Wbb and outhers i just did a quick count
and if kane comes we dont have room for ALI.
unless J J leaves .
Wbb is that right kane would be the 3rd and we dont have 4 unless it is bye bye jj
am i right?

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.08.13 @ 6:39 pm

Frankcan, counting Moore, they have 7 returning, so they can add 6. Plenty of room.

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 05.08.13 @ 6:42 pm

Verbal Commits…has JJ as a bye bye.

Listed on the Transfer List. There’s so many, like almost the whole Duquesne and Wvcc squads. lol

Such is life in 21rst century NCAA hoops !

Comment by EMel 05.08.13 @ 6:52 pm

I think Kane can contribute, dunno about the beanpole.

Comment by EMel 05.08.13 @ 6:55 pm

EMel i dont think bean pole is bean pole any more if i was looking at right photo.
i think he 255 pounds only 5 less then uchebo

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.08.13 @ 7:03 pm

marcus you forgot young and the point guard
that thakes us down to 4 and 3 so far kane and
uchebo and the small foward yes we have one
more for ALI.
and if jj goes 2 ok thanks.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.08.13 @ 7:12 pm

EMel Duquesne has recruited 5 or 6 player to take
there place. i think he ran off thoes players they did not fit the way he wants to play.

Comment by FRANKCAN 05.08.13 @ 7:38 pm

Don’t forget Deandre Kane averaged 30 pt.s per game as a senior at Schenley in the City League !!

Comment by ROCKY20 05.08.13 @ 10:58 pm

Idk (i don’t know) Frankcan

All the recruiting sites have the beanpole listed as 6’11″….205 lbs.

Now when he came out of whatever HS’s he went to, they had him at….6’9″ …195 lbs. Plus they had him as a 2 star, not rated or a 1 star (espn).

Maybe they want him as a practice player, who knows. Or as a insurance policy for Uchebo.

And who knows maybe JD ran off Zeigler, Johnson and Moore. Certainly Zeigler didn’t fit the system. As far as Duquesne, do that have any way they play, other than horrendous. lol

Comment by EMel 05.09.13 @ 12:48 am

Speaking of the Pgh City League. It would behoove Pitt to find some good coaches for the various high schools in the City League.

Back in the 60’s & 70’s the City League put out some great great players. Most of which did go to Pitt, like Maurice Lucas of Schenley who unforetunately went to Marquette & then the Trailblazers, Fifth Ave (Sam Clancy), Peabody (Melvin Bennett, St Louis Spirit), Perry (Darelle Porter) Jeep Kelly & Junie Lewis (Schenley) REggie Lewis (Schenley & the Celtics) and many more I can’t remember.

All that’s lacking is coaching since those schools still have the same type kids going to them.

And would be great if the City League again resumed producing quality D1 players like they use to.

Comment by EMel 05.09.13 @ 1:00 am

It is another good get. I don’t think you can read into his former coaches one quote and say he didn’t get along with the kid. Maybe the coach was just pissed he was leaving.

Comment by notrocketscience 05.09.13 @ 4:50 am

Given the loss of talented players and disappointment with regard to key recruits, the Panthers have nothing to lose on a one-year shot for a hometown kid. His addition simply strengthens the team. Dixon can handle the conduct issue and Kane has too much to lose to get distracted.

Comment by William Conway 05.09.13 @ 2:33 pm

Adam raised a Kane. Hope he is able to work with others.

Comment by sfpitt 05.09.13 @ 3:37 pm

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