May 8, 2013

Okay, so as the match-ups for the ACC-Big Ten Challenge were being leaked this morning, it became clear that Pitt wasn’t going to land one of the heavyweights from the B1G. That’s not surprising. Pitt will not be considered in the preseason as one of the top 5 or 6 teams in the ACC. So, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan St., Ohio St. and Indiana weren’t going to be likely opponents. Among the best of the rest there would have been Iowa, Illinois and Purdue. But Iowa and Purdue got leaked and their opponents were not Pitt.

So, more and more likely it was going to be a Pennsylvania battle.

And indeed it will be. Penn State comes to the Pete on Tuesday, December 3.

Now the Nits will be better than they were this past year. They have a bunch of decent players coming back from injury, including Tim Frazier.

But, from helping the overall strength of Pitt’s non-con schedule it won’t do much.  So that’s the bad news. Also John Johnson won’t be eligible to play for Penn State for that game.

I’m still relatively happy with the game. There really was no reason for Pitt and Penn State to stop playing basketball. Other than the fact that Penn State was really tired of being embarrassed. Hopefully this will be the spark to renew this as an annual game.

JoePa treated us like shit and his attitude still remains, F Penn State. We can gain absolutely nothing but sure can lose a LOT.

Comment by frankarms 05.09.13 @ 3:28 pm

Yes, it’s a made up challenge. Made up by ESPN.
Guess who gets to decide the games???

Yep, the people that made up the challenge, and the people who are paying for the challenge.

Maryland’s AD had no say so in it either.

You seem to think that Pitt is still a perennial top 15 team and a titan of college basketball. This is no longer 2006-2009.

We had a losing season, oh wait, the CBI helped make it a winning season two years ago.

Last year, allthough an improvement, was not a great year by any means.

Ya, we finished fourth, beating no one. Georgetown while they were in a tailspin and Syracuse once.

We got beat by Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame in what one could argue was the most humilitating loss Pitt hoops has ever suffered, Marquette twice I believe, along with losses to Cincinnati and Rutgers.

Not to mention, the creme de la creme, blowout humiliation on national tv in the first round of the NCAA tourney.

I’m not sure who you think we are, but, we’re not.

I’m sure they are happy to have us, they have said so publicly.

And yes, I am glad the ACC would have us, otherwise, I’d be looking at a hoops schedule that had SMU, Houston and Central Florida on it.

Comment by Dan 05.09.13 @ 4:03 pm

p.s. If we are the team you say we are, and deserve a top match up, then we should surely beat PSU by 20 or 25, right??

So, how could it be a no win situation?

If we win, we get a win like the other lame non-con’s we play, and with Pitt being so good, as you say, no way we shouldn’t blow them out. Right??

Besides, with the way Pitt schedules non-con games, this will probably be the highlight game!!!


Comment by Dan 05.09.13 @ 4:20 pm

Dan, So you would have me believe that Espn dictates who plays who, and that the conferences and AD’s of the individual teams have no imput. How do you come by this knowledge or is it only your guess? I am not saying we deserve top billing but Penn St. is the bottom of an 11 step ladder. We deserve better and if you are so bothered playing “lame non-con games” I don’t know why you aren’t objecting to the slight as well. How does Maryland get to play Ohio St. as an example? Why do Virginia and Georgia Tech rate better games than us? I think we are getting shafted and being slotted behind teams we have out performed. Witchita St seemed to blow out and humiliate some other pretty good teams besides us by the way,and I’m not so sure this loss was as embarrassing as you make it sound.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 05.09.13 @ 5:19 pm

@spirit, I love your passion, I really do. I’m be very sincere.

I would just tell you, try to calm down, PITT was NOT slighted.

We’re just getting into the conference, actually we’re not even in it yet.

No, I have absolutely no insider knowledge.

I do know, that if ESPN is paying, they are looking for the best matchups.

Yes, I think there would be some input from the AD’s and coaches.

But minimal. They would only be suggestions.

Who knows, we don’t know that Smug Smilin’ Steve didn’t say, “we’d like a rematch with Michigan”.

How do we know he didn’t say something like that.

And yes, we do have some cache as a basketball power still, I was being a bit hard on us, to make a point.

Come on spirt, it’s like any other job or place, we are the new kid.

Frankly, allthough the Pitt-PSU rivalry is in football only, I would imagine someone at the network probably said something like, “hey, how about Pitt-Penn St.?? They’re football rivals, they’re starting to play again in a couple years, they’re only a couple hours away from each other, why not, how about Pitt-Penn St?”

Spirit, let’s put it this way. In a couple years, if we finish in the top 4 or 5 of the ACC and are ranked in the top 15 again, I will be right there with you if we get stuck playing Iowa or someone like that.

It’s all about the money and match ups and marketing.

Believe me, if we rise to the top 10 again, and beat on Duke and UNC a few times, it will be
Pitt v. Mich St. Pitt v. Indiana, Pitt v. OSU.

Good night my friend, you’re a die hard and I love it!!!

Comment by dan 05.09.13 @ 7:55 pm

I’m going to attribute the nay-saying about this game as a rivalry effect. We’ve wanted to get Penn State back on our schedule. Penn State is predicted to be a much better squad next year. We are still putting pieces together. Don’t count victories before the game is played.

Comment by TonyinHouston 05.09.13 @ 7:57 pm

p.s. Spirit.

Think about this. Clemson, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech didn’t even get asked to play.

Sure, there hoops are so-so, but Wake and Clemson are charter members.

I’m sure they probably have some fans saying, why do the three new kids get to play in the tourney, why shouldn’t they have to wait.

My point is, I really don’t take it like a slight.

Everything I’ve heard and read, from Swofford, the ACC commish, to other AD’s, and coaches, has all been very pro Pitt, and they are accepting us as one of their own.

Like I said, a few years from now, and we’re one of the top 4 teams and we draw a dog game, then I’ll be right with you.

Comment by dan 05.09.13 @ 8:05 pm

Tony,I’m not counting any victories,just the opposite. What I hate about this game is if we kill them it doesn’t get us any recognition and if we lose we look stupid.

Comment by spiritofsection 22 05.10.13 @ 8:15 am

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