December 5, 2012

Open Thread: City Game 2012

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Ugh. One of those days where there was too much to do and not enough time. Add in the Coaching Carousel craziness and keeping an eye out for the next disaster and it has been a day.

So the City Game tonight should be a welcome distraction. Even if I’ve done zilch to talk about it.

Gametime is 7pm at the Con. Being shown on

We’ll see how the front court does tonight. We all know a zone is coming. Will it take them nearly a half to adjust or will they bust it right away?

A Potential Deterrent

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We know Pitt fans weren’t the only ones stunned and spooked by Fraud Graham’s run to Tempe last December. The Pitt administration also did not like it. So, one way to slow the chances of a quick exit: a sizable buyout.

Via Greg Giannotti of 93.7 The Fan:

That’s a sizable number if true. It also is totally believable that it would be that high in the wake of 2011, but we don’t know for sure. A buyout that shrinks each year is not uncommon. The question is whether it really starts at that number.

Wisconsin obviously has money. More than Pitt in terms of access to funds. Yet, that might be a bit too much to swallow. Plus it is unlikely that Wisconsin would be offering Chryst so much more money than Pitt that Chryst would be paying the buyout from his own pocket.

One more piece of the intrigue.

So, Now We Wait Uncomfortably

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In times like this, people choose different ways to cope. Some fly into rage. Others anguish and self-pity. Others find refuge in sarcasm, cynicism and bitterness. There’s always drugs and alcohol. Still others find refuge in detaching themselves from the emotions and treating it like watching an ant farm. Some combination is always recommended.

I’m opting for the drunken robot.

It is unlikely anything will be resolved tonight or even tomorrow. It is likely this will take several days to play itself out.

As such, it is important to take a look at some of the key players in how this drama will play out, and the forces at work.


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