November 18, 2012

Keeping ‘Em Home

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So… It looks like that whole clever plan to bring in the best remaining recruits to the WPIAL to Pitt on a weekend when they don’t actually have to see Pitt play football is paying off.

This was first leaked on twitter by several other 2013 commits to Pitt.

This was huge, surprising and welcome.

Huge, obviously because Dorian Johnson is one of the top-rated offensive linemen. Couple that with the fact that he plays a position of such serious need for Pitt.

Surprising because he has (had?) plans to go to Ohio State next weekend. He seemed the most likely to hold off until well after the season ended. Most people thought that among the big three recruits for the weekend — Johnson, Tyler Boyd and Robert Foster — Foster would be the first to commit. Come on Rushel Shell, you just got shown up, bring in Foster.

Welcome, because, let’s face it. The last few weeks have been painful for Pitt fans with the football team. Brutal losses. Frustration. Angst. This is a needed burst of optimism for the future.

Maryland will get anniliated in the Big 13. Edsel already has one foot out the door as alums hate him as a coach.

Maryland will find a hard lesson in economics like PSU did…all your teams, Girls BB, Lacross, track, field hockey etc…have to travel to the “ends of the earth” to play Minnesota, Iowa (good luck with that travel in Winter) etc.

It’s time for Notre Dame to go all in with ACC and then have Penn State and WVU follow.Then we can have the Eastern Eight…a Joe PA dream.

Comment by Dan 72 11.19.12 @ 3:49 pm

Finally, we landed a REALLY GIFTED OT so now we have a formidle line potentially for next year. I;m inclding of course the redshirt frosh to be.Congrats to Pitt and Dorian. But, Panther boosters must be careful of Urban Meyer. He is relentless and his ambition clouds his ethics. Be wary! Rev. George from Columbus

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.19.12 @ 5:09 pm

@Dan 72
The ACC is hardly in a position to make ND go all in. The ACC is fortunate that ND is in at all at this point. Love or hate ND it doesn’t matter, they are the biggest name in college football. The Big Ten would welcome an ND partial membership with open arms. All of this public bravado by the Big Ten about not accepting partial membership was a bunch of crap. Please, you are going to invite the likes of a bankrupt Maryland and lowly Rutgers but won’t accept the partial membership of the biggest prize in college football. One that you have been courting for years. ND is going to be all in at some point and the ACC knows this. This is biggest card that the ACC has in its hand right now.

Comment by Floyd 11.19.12 @ 5:14 pm

The OTHER GIFTED OFFENSIVE TACKLE IS,of course, Adam Bisnowaty of Fox Chapel. He is red shirting this season and from what I’ve learned is doing quite well. Add Tom Ricketts yo yje mix and it seems the sun is beginning to shine on the Burg gridders. Rev. George

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.19.12 @ 5:17 pm

Just heard Tyler Palko mentioned as a possible stand-in for Big Ben with the Steelers. No, seriously, it was on KDKA-TV news. Wouldn’t that be an intersting development? But I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it.

Comment by Dinosaur 71 11.19.12 @ 5:20 pm

Pitt had no choice but to leave a dying BE, MD is doing it only for the money and that makes them a “what” boys and girls. The only fear is whether this means that Clemson and FSU are back in play. I would have thought getting a regular crack at ND for both of these schools (who don’t have any tradition with either) would make them think twice.

However, I still say the ACC got fleeced by ND. At a minimum the ACC should have demanded at least 50% of all ND games be played against ACC opponents and if the schedule was an odd number, they would round up to the nearest whole number every year, and ND should have had to kick in 25%-50% of its own TV revenue on all games played against the ACC.

The ACC had ND over a barrel and didn’t realize it. ND never wanted any part of the BIG because they never were going to be allowed to sit at the adult table with MU and OSU. Just as PSU who never got anything they wanted even when they were not a humiliated, abjectly hated, and ethically immoral institution that sold young men’s souls for the sake of football success and money.

MD’s baseball and girls lacrosse team will enjoy Ames, Iowa, and Lincoln Neb. Good riddance.

Now who do you replace MD with if your the ACC, Purdue anyone? ND will likely play them every year if they are in the ACC or not and that gives the ACC a 6 game committment with ND which they should have demanded in the first place. Purdue is also a much better academic fit and much more impressive facilities than UConn and $50 million can buy you alot of consideration. How sweet would this be if the BIG simply traded MD for Purdue.

Taking PSU from the BIG eliminates one of their biggest headaches, leave them with the horrible mess that is PSU.

Comment by Taxing Matters 11.19.12 @ 6:12 pm

taxinbg matters – nobody wants purdue in the acc. huge step down from MD and no tv market.

Comment by RayHpgh 11.19.12 @ 7:39 pm

With Maryland’s history and tradition in the ACC and going against the wishes of their alumni and fans they are foolish to leave a stable conference. And don’t tell me that is about the Big Ten academic consortium.

This reminds me of the guy who asks a good looking girl, if she would sleep with him for a million dollars. “For that much money, of course,” she replies. Then he asks if she would sleep with him for twenty dollars. Offended she replies,”What do you think I am. To which he answers, “We’ve already established that. We’re just haggling over the price.”

Comment by Justinian 11.19.12 @ 8:01 pm

Also if Maryland thinks they were outsiders in ACC. Just wait until they are in the Big Ten. After all these years, Penn State is still looked at as the ugly step sister. They have traded a conference inwhich they were a charter member and where Duke and North Carolina wielded the power, to join a conference where they will be bottom feeders and where Ohio State and Michigan wield the power.

Comment by Justinian 11.19.12 @ 8:13 pm

I think ACC asks CT even though BC dislikes CT.

MD brings some DC/MD fans but most follow Pro teams (MD has poor attendance for football). COMCAST carries B10 net in area at an extra cost to subscribers.

Comment by Frank MD 11.19.12 @ 8:15 pm

UConn or who knows, maybe Penn State, Rutgers, or the Little Sisters of the Poor. I wouldn’t know what to believe anymore. Connecticut really wants out of the Big East and I’m told, they do have a men’s basketball team.

Comment by Justinian 11.19.12 @ 8:29 pm

Louisville is my pick. The ACC’s WILL be UConn (my second pick)

Comment by TonyC 11.19.12 @ 8:30 pm

The ACC must think bigger and go after one of the Big 10’s own. That is Penn State. Then head West and ask the Horns. They have already made inquiries and need the east coast time zone and media markets. Bring Baylor as a traveling partner. Then pick up Vandy from the SEC since they are a misfit in that conference. Louisville and UConn would round things out. Don’t touch Cincy or South Florida. Purdue actually does make some sense if you want the Domers all in. WVU would be plan D.

Comment by TX Panther 11.19.12 @ 8:52 pm

I’m done worrying about this BS. Cause WE as PITT people don’t have too !

It will all sort out. I’m not concerned.

And I do want to apologize, as on the other thread I suggested the ACC go after Penn State. That was sort of an emotional response for which I am ashamed of myself. (I am a vulcan and I am in control of my emotions, lol )

I don’t really want to be associated and I hope my alma mater doesn’t want to be associated with anything to do with Ped State and I certainly don’t want to be in a conf. with them.

Let the Little 11 have them and their dysfunctional, misguided, delusional fan base !

Veritas et Virtus !

Comment by Emel 11.19.12 @ 8:59 pm

How long before the floor drops out in the ACC?

Big XII has 4 spots. FSU, GT, Clemson, Miami?

Comment by Chris 11.19.12 @ 9:00 pm

I present to you the proverbial potential nail in the coffin:

link to

Comment by Cool Hand Nuke 11.19.12 @ 9:17 pm

first of taxing matters, best comment on here I may have ever seen. If Pitt gets screwed again in this conference realignment bs i’ll be so pissed. Like everything I blame norte dame. Now the ACC’s job now is to add UCONN and make the teams Chris mentioned above me, happy. GT, FSU, Miami, and Clemson.

Comment by Beantown-Sean 11.19.12 @ 9:29 pm

Does the last team left in the Big East get to keep all the exit fee money?

Comment by Dinosaur 71 11.19.12 @ 9:33 pm

I guess Seton Hall, St. Johns, Providence, Georgetown etc. will be a basketball conference once more. Who else will be left other than the former Conferance USA teams?

Comment by Justinian 11.19.12 @ 9:38 pm

Never thought I’d be rooting for Georgetown.

I’ve muted Dickey, what a jerk.

Conference realignment? The Big East will end up as a Catholic basketball conference.

Comment by steve1 11.19.12 @ 9:45 pm

The recruiting good news helped counter the downer of Maryland’s defection, strictly for the money. I was working up a pretty good rant: it doesn’t matter what your politics are or who won the election, its all about the money: gargantuan banks, likewise investment houses and other corporations not to mention that healthcare and much of the nonprofit sector has headed down the same road and now college sports!!! The idealism is gone! What happened to giving your all for your alma mater and for your conference/region??? The idealism is gone! In everything! Where have you gone Abraham, Martin and John and my old friend Bob? For that matter where have you gone Teddy Roosevelt the trust buster! ESPN, Fox Sports and the 3 networks are in charge of college sports now!

Ok it is a stretch and borderline disrespectful to mention Abraham, Martin and John and my old friend Bob (and Teddy even though he doesn’t get much respect in the Presidents races at the Nats games) in the same paragraph as those controlling, money mad, very successful and entertaining media organizations. However it helped to vent all that.

I agree with the various comments that Maryland will find it hard to feel significant in the Big 10, particularly if PSU does when they can still pull 90,000+ to a game while they are still reeling from the scandal and when they could pull 100,000+ regularly before the scandal. First question, is PSU really uncomfortable in the Big 10? If so and while they are at the bottom in their whole sad experience and being jolted into a huge cultural change it would be the time to poach them from the Big 10 and to help them on the path to being a much better, more open and more realistic institution than they were before. They would not immediately but would ultimately be a valuable addition to the ACC. Immediately they would help the ACC’s attractiveness and dollar value to those money driven sports networks. Personally I’d like to get back to playing Penn State regularly and to being usually able to root for them when they weren’t playing Pitt like in the Rip Engle and early Joe Pa days. Hopefully nobody much beyond Franco and his band want to go back to the destructive closed culture that enveloped the university in the later Joe Pa days. The nit family and fans still do want to win a lot of football games which is fine as long as they work to do it the right way. And who knows, with the Big 10 not really leaving a space for Notre Dame, ND might decide that full membership in the ACC looks pretty good if their money is going to be stabilized. The existing members of the ACC would want to see their revenue stabilized and enhanced. A tough nut but it could happen. Oops, poaching the nits would open that B10 space for ND. Oh well even when dreaming we can’t have everything.

Finally I’ve decided to believe the recruiting good news and not those who wring their hands and fret about Urban Meyer poaching Johnson. Thanks for reading this rambling but cathartic (for me) vent. HTP!

Comment by opfim 11.19.12 @ 10:47 pm

Triblive confirms Johnson blew off OSU: link to

Comment by San Diego Panther 69 11.19.12 @ 11:13 pm

I’m surprised to see so many delusional Pitt fans here. We’re smarter than this. Penn State is not joining. Notre Dame is not joining. No good school is joining.

The ACC is in trouble. The Big XII was in the exact same situation, caught between several more stable, better paid conferences. It only depends on what the top teams in the conference decide. Texas and Oklahoma decided to save the Big XII. Florida State will drive a stake through the ACC’s heart as soon as a court deems that exit fee illegal or unnecessarily harsh.

This is not good. The ACC is in very deep shit. We are lucky this happened after the Orange Bowl deal and ND joining for basketball.

The Big XII will go to 14. The map is shrinking and if the Big Ten was spooked enough to go after two crappy programs because of their location, you know that the Big XII is eyeing the remaining feasible candidates, Louisville, Cincy, FSU, GT, Clemson, VT, and Pitt. If the Big XII offers a spot to go along with another three of those targets, Pitt should take it without blinking.

Comment by Chris 11.19.12 @ 11:27 pm

So, basically the Big East became Conference USA, and the ACC is becoming the Big East (BC, Syr, Pitt, VaTech, Miami and probably UConn).

Still, I can possibly see the BigXII wanting FSU, but probably not Clemson; GaTech is a more logical target for poaching, given it’s Atlanta presence – trouble is Atlanta is Bulldog country moreso than Yellow Jacket.

Comment by Patrick 11.20.12 @ 1:34 am

You paint a grim picture Chris. And the rest of you claim the sky is falling. Here’s the bottom line: Pitt football isn’t even remotely close to competing for a national championship or a BCS berth, and as much as I hate to say it, they probably won’t be for the next five years and if Pederson stays at the school they may NEVER be in that position. So what does it really matter?

Comment by Atlanta Panther 11.20.12 @ 7:44 am

Maryland made a huge mistake for money. The Big 10 has always been the Big 2 and the little 8, even mighty PSU could not make a dent. Maryland is all about Lacrosse, where does that fit in.

They just gave up their southern roots and have to travel to the midwest. All because of the UnderArmour Guy and Fox sports.

They won’t be competitive in Football and they just left the premier Basketball conference and have to travel to Northwestern and Iowa and Nebraska in the middle of winter, now there is something to sell those recruits.

I agree with AP, Pitt has not been relevant in football in years, we will be fine in the ACC.

Look at WVU getting crushed, Maryland will experience the same. The ACC will be fine.

Comment by gc 11.20.12 @ 8:08 am

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