November 10, 2012

There’s plenty of good to recap from last night’s 80-48 win over Mount Saint Mary. There’s plenty to admire in Cam Wright having his best game, when he decided to play as a way to honor his father. The father that passed away that day. And I’ll get to that. Unfortunately, all of that had to be marred by petulance from John Johnson.

When friends on Twitter asked about the game he answered their questions.

Friend: “Yo bro, you didn’t play?”

Johnson: nah cuz, smh (shaking my head)

On Wednesday, Johnson sent out some cryptic messages. “Basketball is more political than the election.”

Here’s another: “Hard work doesn’t always pay off.”

And this is why college athletic departments have employees whose jobs are to monitor the Twitter accounts of athletes.

It’s easy to understand Johnson’s frustrations. He is watching a true freshman come in and start ahead of him. And according to Dixon, Johnson made great strides over the summer in his transition to point guard. Dixon praised him last Friday after Pitt’s second exhibition game.

It may not even be the fact that James Robinson is starting. Or Cam Wright playing more minutes than expected. Trey Zeigler seemed to be slipping because of defense, but he got the minutes (and played well).


Flat and Flattened

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You won’t get the Pitt coaches or players to admit they were still emotionally back in South Bend. No. There was no hangover from that loss. No matter what everyone else saw, it just happened to be a coincidence that Pitt came out looking like they didn’t want to be in Connecticut.

“We came out too sluggish,” said running back Ray Graham, who was held to 41 yards on 15 carries, his second-lowest output this season. “We just were too flat. Definitely give credit to them, but we stopped ourselves.”

Coach Paul Chryst said he didn’t sense lingering effects from the tough loss to Notre Dame last Saturday.

“UConn outexecuted us,” he said.

Do you know what made the game just that much more upsetting? What kept pissing me off more than anything else?


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