September 1, 2012

Open Thread: YSU-Pitt

Filed under: Football,Open Thread — Chas @ 8:31 am

Time to hit the road, but I’ll put this out before leaving.

The convergence of the start of school for the kids and the start of football season has been brutal. Just trying to get everything cleared away so I can get to Pittsburgh and enjoy the game and a night out. That’s my excuse for the dearth of posting leading up to the start of a new season and a (hopefully) new era under Paul Chryst.

We’ll see if Ray Graham gets any playing time. How the offensive line looks in pass protection. What Tino Sunseri can do (and how long it takes for someone to start booing him). Are the receivers going to be better when they run actual routes? And try to get a feel for what kind of head coach Paul Chryst will be on gameday.

Gametime is at 6pm. It is on ESPN3 (online) only.

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