September 8, 2008

BlogPoll Draft Ballot, Week 2

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It’s all about the teams outside of the BCS Conferences. 4 teams from the outside. Heck, if Bowling Green had beaten Minnesota, they would have been in the mix.

Rank Team Delta
1 Southern Cal
2 Georgia
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Ohio State 1
5 LSU 1
6 Missouri 1
7 Florida 1
8 Arizona State 1
9 Texas 2
10 East Carolina 13
11 Wake Forest 1
12 Auburn 1
13 Penn State 7
14 South Florida 2
15 Utah 1
16 Wisconsin 2
17 Texas Tech 1
18 Alabama 3
19 Fresno State 2
20 Oregon 1
21 Brigham Young 2
22 Kansas 4
23 UCLA 1
24 Vanderbilt 2
25 West Virginia 21
Dropped Out: Cincinnati (#22), Michigan State (#25).

I am really agonizing about leaving WVU in the poll. I feel they deserve to drop out completely, but I’m not completely sure who should go in there. Boise State?

Constructive comments and suggestions appreciated. The final ballot is due on Wednesday.

I can’t say this surprised me one bit. I expected a noon start for this game. The mouse monopoly hasn’t decided at this point whether it will be on ESPN or ESPN2.

That depends in part on what/how Iowa looks in their in-state rivalry game with Iowa State this weekend. If they lose to the worst of the Big 12 North, expect this one on ESPN2.

Looks like another game of heading to Pittsburgh before sunrise.

Buffalo Is Still Buffalo

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Finally back online. A good night out after the game. The weather held nicely.

On the downside I left my sweatshirt behind at the game and some idiots called the usher and security to complain about us for standing too much during the game. God forbid we actually cheer and yell at time. It’s a football game. How much of an ass and moronic were these people about 4 rows back? They yelled at us to sit down at the opening kick as we were letting people pass to their seats. They yelled again during halftime –yes, halftime — because apparently we were blocking their view of the Buffalo band. The band?

Really not bright people. We’re a fairly laid back group, but we have just enough of a venal streak to make them miserable the rest of the season. I’m just sayin’.

Regarding Pitt’s 27-16 win over Buffalo. I’m happy Pitt won. Relieved they won. Not feeling particularly great about the way Pitt looked. It’s a good thing Pitt has a bye week. They are going to need as much time as possible. These are just my impressions from last night. There’s over 150 comments queued up to read.

Pitt’s O-line is a scary bad thing. You can’t tell me that Buffalo’s defensive line is that good, yet the O-line was regularly being blown backwards and getting pressured. Yes, they were blitzing and obviously they watched what Bowling Green did. That’s what teams are going to do. They are not just going to stick 8 in the box, they are going to attack and attack.

Yes, Joe Thomas has been very frustrating, but he is not the only hole on that line. Still, there was no sign of Chris Jacobson, Dan Matha, Jordan Gibs and others to have a chance. Yes, Lucas Nix got in the game, but if Pitt is really playing the best available, then clearly Wannstedt and the coaches have done a lousy job of evaluating, recruiting and developing the talent on the line.

Bill Stull definitely has limited accuracy after about 15 yards downfield. At least there is a better understanding as to why Pitt doesn’t do deep shots. When he takes the deep shot, there just hasn’t been any touch on it. Not even close to the receivers.

The defense does not fill me with great confidence. The speed that was supposed to be there seems lacking. They are not getting off the field easily. Lots of 3d down conversions. Buffalo had zero 3-and-outs. That Buffalo’s kicking is an adventure cost the Bulls 4 more points.

That’s a big potential problem since I don’t see Pitt putting up a lot of points in games this year.

Greg Cross spent most of the game just throwing the ball to Kevan Smith on the sideline. You know, a close game, so you can’t take a chance of seeing how the Wildcat package might work. Jonathan Baldwin still has 0 receptions.

I think the thing that worries me is the lack of intensity from the team, right at the start of the game. I expected a lot more fire from the team, after what happened the previous week. It just seemed that they never quite got fired-up about the game and really seemed to care to do much more than just enough.

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