February 5, 2007

We are less than 48 hours from Wednesday, National Letter of Intent Day. Chas averaged the class rankings from,, and Scouts, Inc./ and came up with this ranking of the Big East teams:

  1. Pitt
  2. West Virginia
  3. Rutgers
  4. Louisville
  5. Syracuse
  6. South Florida
  7. UConn
  8. Cinci

Along with that was this small breakdown of Pitt’s ranking.

Pitt: Ranked #10 by, #23 by and #28 by, Inc. They’ve had the best recruiting class in the conference last year as well. They’ve yet to do anything with it.

As we knew coming in and have seen from the verbal commitments over the past few months, Dave Wannstedt knows what he’s doing when he goes into the homes and school of these player’s. We can only hope he starts finding out the right way to make the players work on the field as well.

Maybe sometime soon we’ll be ahead of Georgia Tech, WVU, and Nebraska on the field instead of just in recruiting polls.

The four teams directly behind us in the Big East standings (Marquette, Georgetown, WVU, and Louisville) are going to be gunning for us in the next few weeks in order to knock us off from the top of the standings.

If Pitt is going to win the Big East Conference regular-season championship for the second time in four seasons, the Panthers are going to have to travel the most difficult road of any other team in the conference.

No. 7 Pitt breezed through the first half of the conference schedule, with the only hiccup coming at home against Marquette. The Panthers have seven Big East games remaining, including five games against the four teams directly behind them in the Big East standings.

Every team we will play during the rest of the regular season (and don’t forget that non-con game against Washington) has a record of better than .500 and the team knows they are going to always be set up playing the top teams twice. Because of TV deals and Pitt’s great record over the past few years, we’re always going to be playing great teams and the Big East, even in a down year, is still an above average conference.

“It’s a fair trade,” Dixon said. “I really believe that. Our conference is built on television. One thing I like about our conference is we admit it. We’re very free to admit that. I think that’s why our conference has been the best conference over the years. Without question, the exposure has been great for our team, our program but most importantly our school.”

By the way, this is Rivalry Week for the WWL and the Pitt-West Virginia match up fits in nicely to that. With WVU graduating their entire team last year and a somewhat down year for them, ESPN has the game slotted on ESPN FullCourt which means FSN Pittsburgh for people in the ‘Burgh.

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