September 3, 2012

1-AA Losses In the Last Five Years

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When you have plenty of time, but no wi-fi, there is only so much you can do. I did, however, have the handy-dandy Phil Steele College Football Preview Guide to keep me entertained. Pitt was #15 on his list of most improved teams for this year! Guessing that won’t be mentioned next year when he talks of his accuracy.

It did allow me to look over the schedules of teams over the past five years and how many BCS programs have lost to 1-AA teams in that span. Time to look at the factoids gleaned.

From 2007-2011, a 1-AA team has beaten a BCS team 11 times.

Nine teams, however, account for those 11 losses.

Minnesota and Duke account for 4 of the losses.

North Dakota State accounts for two 1-AA wins: Minnesota and Kansas

So does Richmond, but both wins came against Duke.

Average margin of loss: 5.545 points. Highest: 13. Lowest: 1.

Two teams that lost to 1-AA teams made a bowl that year: Michigan and Virginia Tech.

The man for whom Paul Chryst named his dog, Mike Riley, is on the list.

There are ten different coaches who lost to 1-AA teams from 2007-2011. Four of them are still coaching at that school (Frank Beamer, VT; Jerry Kill, Minnesota; Dave Cutliffe, Duke; Mike Riley, Oregon St.)

The Big East was the only BCS conference without a 1-AA loss from 2007 until Pitt.

I’m not including Temple’s 27-24 loss to Villanova in 2009 since Temple was in the MAC at that point.

The ACC leads all conferences with four losses to 1-AA teams. (So really, you could argue that Pitt was just trying to fit in to the ACC a little early).

One coach has managed to fail upward after losing to a 1-AA team. Gene Chizik lost to Northern Iowa while coaching Iowa State and still got hired by Auburn.

Here’s the list of games by year:


Big 10, Michigan-Appalachian St., 34-32, Lloyd Carr the HC: retired at end of 2007 season.

Big 12, Iowa St.-Northern Iowa, 24-13, Gene Chizik the HC: Hired by Auburn after 2008 season.


ACC, Virginia-William & Mary, 26-14, Al Groh the HC: fired at end of 2009 season.

ACC, Duke-Richmond, 24-16, Dave Cutliffe the HC: still employed by Duke.


SEC, Ole Miss-Jacksonville St., 49-48, Houston Nutt the HC: fired after 2011 season.

Big 10, Minnesota-South Dakota, 41-38, Tim Brewster the HC: fired after 2010 season.

Big 12, Kansas-North Dakota St., 6-3, Turner Gill the HC: fired after 2011 season.

ACC, Virginia Tech-James Madison, 21-16, Frank Beamer the HC: still employed by VT.


Big 10, Minnesota-North Dakota St., 37-24, Jerry Kill the HC: still employed by Minnesota.

ACC, Duke-Richmond, 23-21, Dave Cutliffe the HC: still employed by Duke.

Pac-12, Oregon St.-Sacremento St., 29-28, Mike Riley the HC: still employed by Oregon St.

Lou lets say you are right dont you think even a bad team should play hard the first game new coach you know give it evey thing they can.
for me it is not that they lost it is that they werent into the game did you see the side line were is the pride were is the giveing 100 percent even if you lose penn state lost but they tryed hard they gave it there all .
were was are balls are fire.

Comment by FRANKCAN 09.04.12 @ 5:15 pm

@ Coach Ditka, I take real offense to your accusation that Pitt football and Pitt football fans are losers. Right now this team is just a bunch of under achievers. You just wait until next year when Pitt joins the ACC, then we’ll show you what kind of losers we can be. Move over Duke, Pitt’s coming to town and is looking to take your place. Wait a second that didn’t come out right.

Comment by Dr. Tom 09.04.12 @ 6:04 pm

I don’t think the Pirates-Pitt comparisons are necessarily fair, because I do think the university has demonstrated a willingness (perhaps not to the degree that we’d all like) to invest money into the football program. But there’s really only so much they can do, given the budgetary constraints imposed upon the athletic department. Pitt isn’t Alabama or Texas or USC or Penn State, whose athletic departments basically have a license to print money. The school can’t spend money that it simply doesn’t have.

Comment by Swinging Gate 09.04.12 @ 6:58 pm

The article isn’t too bad for Pitt in general. He does ask the same question most are asking here which is How does Steve Pederson keep his job?He is mocking the administration and I expect that the longer this goes in the media, the worse it will be for Pitt. Can’t we just give the guy a “mustard parachute” and make him go away! It’s getting to be a national embarassment!

Only Jody would look at an article with a “Forde” time associated with it….

Comment by dhuffdaddy 09.04.12 @ 7:24 pm

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