September 4, 2012

It’s very late on this, so I’ll just link and dash off a little on each. There isn’t much in the national media on this game, other than “holy crap the ticker wasn’t in error, Pitt lost to YSU!” Since no one really paid attention to the game as it was spiraling out of control.

Gene Collier sort-of looks on the bright side since it is likely it can only get better for Pitt after starting the season in a dumpster.

Dejan Kovacevic is all about how Chryst has a lot of work to do in a short week. Terrifying how many things appear to be wrong with the team.

Failing to get a sack, never leading in the game, a team that looked slower than a 1-AA team, an O-line that couldn’t open holes inside. Yeah, a lot of problems.

Andrew Taglianetti is going with the “wake-up call” cliche. Funny, you would have thought the call would have been received by halftime. But maybe its like the names on the back of jerseys situation, it’s not that the “wake-up call” was not received earlier. Rather that the call was never actually made.

The defense was hoped to be something of a strength for the team. Instead it was pathetic. Leading Chryst to make a “controversial” call to go for it on a 4th and 1 from the YSU 21, midway through the 3rd quarter, down by 11. To be honest, at the time it didn’t seem controversial to me to go for it. Pitt needed something to spark them. They needed something to fire up themselves (and the fans).

And the numbers back up the lack of being controversial.

Youngstown State had scoring drives of 79, 92, 71, 78 and 67 yards. The Penguins had a 10-play drive, a 12-play drive and two 15-play drives. They were successful on 11 of 16 third-down conversions, including their first six.

Pitt’s defense forced no turnovers or sacks in 35-plus minutes on the field.

Now the lack of any push by the O-line and giving Bennett a deep hand-off to get one yard. Well, you have a case that it was a bone-headed play call. But the decision to go for it. Not really much question.

As weak as the D-line looked, there was no help behind them. The linebackers looked as inexperienced, overmatched and lost as feared.

But everyone likes Ryan Turnley. He’s got senior leadership.

Unfortunately no leadership can stop the stupidity of kids. Six of whom got suspended before the YSU game.

Starting defensive lineman Tyrone Ezell, reserve defensive lineman Shayne Hale, receivers Ronald Jones and Chris Davis, running back Rushel Shell and defensive back Anthony Gonzalez are sitting out the game for disciplinary reasons.

Could have been curfew. Could have been late for practices. No one knows. T.J. Clemmings also missed the game with an undisclosed injury. Obviously the depth took a blow on the D-line, but that should not have been the reason YSU beat Pitt. If so, this team has really bad problems.

The suspensions apparently sent a message to the players and speaks of what Chryst expects. Rushel Shell probably missed an opportunity, and now gets a bit of local attention for screwing up and it is noted that he was suspended for disciplinary reasons in high school — before a playoff game.

Much like Chryst’s view on discussing injuries — he’s not saying one way or another on their status for the next game.  Whether the suspended six play on Thursday is unknown. Just that they are back in practice.

Not a lot of time to dwell now. Cinci in a couple nights.


Unlike graham and Haywood, I really believed Chryst was a good hire. He is giving me serious doubts. I will reiterate my previous post, The Pitt football program is comprised of a bunch of losers that includes players, staff, administration, etc… Its one thing to lose a game like this but one theme I’ve noticed over the past 3 years has been the lack of heart. When this team is losing the sidelines look like a funeral. No leadership, no fire, no desire to win or improve. Its quite disgusting to watch. You look at the Steelers of the early 70’s when they were still losers, the biggest difference was the desire. They didn’t accept losing. Mean Joe Greene was absolutely pissed because of the losses. Where is that fire on this team???? The answer is its not there. Paul Chryst looks like he’s in a fog and besides the occasional cliche’s from the players like “this was a wake up call” i see no desire to win.

Comment by Coach Ditka 09.05.12 @ 7:00 am

I just read… PSU spent $17million on legal fees, PR, Freeh, etc regarding Sandusky… and still not done.
By the time its all done with civil lawsuits, NCAA fine,…. probably 3-500million… where are they going to get the money?? They said they would not use endowment money, etc?? Transparency?

Comment by Joe D 09.05.12 @ 7:27 am

Joe D.

I will be in Pedophile Valley later this week and will ask them for some answers.
Whether I get out alive is another question.

Comment by sfpitt 09.05.12 @ 8:24 am

How about Dave Wanny for AD??????

Comment by RandyRandyTime 09.05.12 @ 9:03 am

I’m willing to give the team more time to get their act together. But if they don’t start showing improvement in Cinci, it is going to be tough as a fan to hang in there. The players need to WANT it, an away victory could start to turn things around. I have confidence in CC. They will eventually get the kinks out of the coaching system. We need to be patient and reserve judgement. I’m trying.

Comment by barreman 09.05.12 @ 9:08 am

With no defense Pitt needs to have long drives and finish them with TDs. They can’t make any mistakes on offense. That includes missing easy touchdown throws.
A winning QB makes those throws to keep his team in the game. Tino has never made those throws and will never make them. Every game looks like his freshman year.

Gordan at MLB is horrible for the experience he has but Chryst has no other options. They really need Todd Thomas back.

They better start Holley and Hendricks at saftey if they are healthy.

Comment by notrocketscience 09.05.12 @ 9:09 am

I was in a McDonalds in Lancaster PA a few weeks ago. Out of the blue a guy comes up to me and tells a long joke, the point of which was how badly Penn State football was mistreated over Sandusky. I wasn’t wearing any sports-related identifier. Lancaster is 125 miles from State College. It shows how widespread the indignation is in PA.

Comment by 66Goat 09.05.12 @ 9:23 am

@EMEL and BATR, ya, when the outside world can see it!!!!

Comment by Dan 09.05.12 @ 11:30 am

Well…at least we’re in the national press. Check out our new logo…link to

Comment by The Atlanta Panther 09.05.12 @ 1:24 pm

Pitt FB: challenging the notion that there is no such thing as “bad press”

Comment by ME 2001 09.05.12 @ 1:30 pm

Meet the new coach.

Same as the old coach.

Yet again, a team not ready to play at the first game of the season. They might as well have never had spring practice or camp, they would have played with the same level of fire and execution.

Pitt hasn’t had a coach that has had the team ready to play at the start of the season for 30 years. One or two years under Harris they were, that’s about it. This is a 3-9 or 4-8 team at best, and I’m pretty worried about Chryst’s ability to be a gameday coach if this is what he gives us.

Comment by deepelemblues 09.05.12 @ 2:12 pm

Fellas (and ladies if there are any here), there is one small, minuscule, infinitesimal shred of hope. It’s not much, but it’s hope. And well, sometimes that’s all you need.

Frank Beamer. Check out his record in his first six seasons at Va Tech. Granted, he was HC at Murray State prior to that, but still it *could* happen.

1987 Virginia Tech 2–9
1988 Virginia Tech 3–8
1989 Virginia Tech 6–4–1
1990 Virginia Tech 6–5
1991 Virginia Tech 5–6
1992 Virginia Tech 2–8–1

Comment by The Atlanta Panther 09.05.12 @ 3:05 pm

You actually want to wait, let me count them, 7 (seven) seasons of that before we get a respectable team. I don’t think very seriously I would keep watching, well I wouldn’t. Cause PITT football for me, was a Blackhole from 1992-1997, sucked again in 1998-1999.

Good thing they weren’t on TV much back then, as BigEast, SYU, MASA and all these other sports channels didn’t exist. Cause I never ever could have watched that disaster of a decade.

2010-2020 appears to be setting up as a repeat of 1990-2000. The parallels are striking.

Friggin Pederson.

Comment by Emel 09.06.12 @ 3:11 pm

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