November 27, 2011

Open Thread: Robert Morris-Pitt

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House work inside and out most of the day. The 5pm start time for the RMU-Pitt game is just darn inconvenient. Too late to have dinner with the kids afterwards. Too early to have dinner before. Apparently some of my yelling and cursing in the second half of the Backyard Brawl disturbed sleeping children, so I have to at least put on the illusory front that I am not a crazed fan that forgets his family.

So, the game for me is on DVR delay. If you are looking for it on TV you can find it on the Pittsburgh Panther Comcast channel in Western PA (Ch. 188 / 210 I am told). It is also being shown on SNY, ESPN FullCourt package and probably

The reports I’m seeing are that Taylor is still having some migraine issues, so he will be out one more game. Lamar Patterson is still suspended for undisclosed disciplinary reasons. That means Khem Birch and J.J. Moore will start at least one more game.

Robert Morris is looking tougher defensively, and wants to snap that 0-29 record. Hey, if Kentucky can finally beat Tennessee in football for the first time in 27 years, nothing should be taken for granted.

A puff piece from New Zealand on Steven Adams and the long-range plans to go to the NBA.

After an outstanding junior career and one season in the New Zealand’s domestic competition, Adams will leave on the start of that journey next month. McFadden, who has helped guide his progress so far, is determined he won’t go off the tracks like so many before him.

“If you’re 18 with a million dollars in your pocket, that could be disastrous,” warns United States-born McFadden. “He needs good advice and people he can trust around him.”

The support group that has coalesced around Adams in New Zealand seems to have done an outstanding job. The natural cynicism  (at least from me) would be to cast a jaundiced eye towards it all as merely a bunch of people trying to get in on and protect the potential money train. But the long-term structuring with Adams. From getting his education. To deciding on having him go to college in the US rather than going early pro in New Zealand or Europe suggests otherwise.


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