November 25, 2011

Backyard Brawl Live Blog

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With Louisville beating USF today, it creates even more of a convoluted mess atop the Big East. Right now there are 5 teams with 2 losses. Should we beat WVU, the 2 loss team would be us, Louisville, Rutgers, and the Zach Collaros-less Cincy. Assuming Cincy loses one of it’s remaining games, it would be PITT, Louisville and Rutgers. When you form the mini-conference everyone is 1-1, and we go to the BCS Standings. Seeing as none of the 3 are close to being ranked in the top 25, I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Okay, just a reminder, this is a moderated liveblog. Not an open message board. After a certain point, I don’t waste time approving repetitive comments. Especially the same complaint over and over again. Here’s a hint. If you do nothing but post “Tino sucks” or some variation over and over again, I’m probably not going to waste time approving it. That’s why your comment isn’t showing up. I think we got it the first several dozen times it has been said by others.

I can’t figure out how to get it to show in the post, so just break it out by Clicking Here.

Under no circumstance should Tino be our starter next year. He just melted down when we had a shot to win it. Also, what the hell is high octane about running the ball up the middle on first and second down, or playing for field goals? That was text book Wanny ball. I want my money back!

Comment by HbgFrank 11.25.11 @ 10:39 pm

This is what happens when High Octane has to be dialed down to Low Grade 87 Unleaded because you have a QB that can’t throw deep or over the middle.

137 yards passing. This 23 yr old couldn’t even be Tulsa’s backup QB. Get REal !!

Comment by EMel 11.25.11 @ 10:39 pm

Was I hallucinating, or we did we have a 14 point lead?

It’s getting embarassing being a Pitt fan.

I’m sure the walk up sales for the next game at Heinz Field will really brisk!


Comment by Justinian 11.25.11 @ 10:40 pm

Glad i did not watch. Could not do it. What would the record be with a decent D1 QB. Tino, transfer to Slippery Rock next year if they would have you!

Comment by JP 11.25.11 @ 10:42 pm

Hopefully we lose to Cuse, get no bowl bid and we start WITH A NEW FRICKIN QB NEXT YEar.

I for one will not continue to donate money to this this farce which is so ‘in your face’ it’s not funny.

Enough for the 18th time this year and actually stretching back to last f*cking year !!!

Comment by EMel 11.25.11 @ 10:42 pm

Tino should never start another game for PITT. He should benched. Someone should tell him he better figure how to get a degree because he will never be a football player at this level or any other level. I hear waste management need garbage men, maybe, just maybe his IQ is high enough to handle that job.

Comment by IH8PITT 11.25.11 @ 10:42 pm

Tino played his typical game. What I don’t understand is why Graham can’t make adjustments. Bench Tino because he is not getting any better and can’t possibly be the QB next year.

I agree with a previous post, the defense did not deserve to lose. But as long as Tino is the QB, we know what the result will be.

Comment by MariettaMike 11.25.11 @ 10:43 pm

Better than benching Tino they should pull his scholarship. Cut himloose now.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.25.11 @ 10:45 pm

WE can YELL all we want to about Tino, however, the truth is that Graham is getting out coached every week. He is in my humble opinion a stubborn ass.
Sure we were banged up at running back, but it comes down to play calling and in that department Pitt gets crushed almost every week. WE ARE THE WORST SECOND HALF TEAM I HAVE EVER SEEN!!

Comment by isnore 11.25.11 @ 10:47 pm

Tino better not put that helmet on next week vs. Syracuse. When Tino got recruited here I thought to myself, Sal’s a coach at Alabama, why is he here? Something’s not right? I think everybody knows now. What’s worse about it is that we don’t have anything better, which is just ridiculous. TG better let Anderson play next week though, we got nothing to lose.

Comment by Alex P 11.25.11 @ 10:47 pm

Tino sunseri is quite possibly the slowest thinking QB in football. He looks foolish out there,he’s embarrassing himself and the university…..and i’m serious. Why put pitt on TV with him at QB….the offensive play calling in the 2nd half was terrible…no adjustments…we only run 7-8 plays from different formations for fuck sake…..Devon Street drops the deep ball when its put on him..maybe the ball caught him by suprise being anywhere close to catchable……But I am not the lest bit suprised by the outcome…..thats unfortunate

Comment by Keith 11.25.11 @ 10:47 pm

We need some sort of excuse, be it a scandle or whatever, so we can cancel the rest of the season. I don’t think I can watch another game this year.

Comment by Justinian 11.25.11 @ 10:48 pm

Tino’s the best we’ve got. Dave wasn’t the best QB recruiter

Comment by alcofan 11.25.11 @ 10:48 pm

Does Graham know that football is 4 qtrs???? how many games can we lose in the 4th qtr?? I really hope that I don’t read in the papers that this is once again not Tino’s fault.

Who is the genius who decided not to resign Walt Harris?

Comment by DJDave 11.25.11 @ 10:49 pm

Tino HAS to go. I am so tired of him holding the ball and not seeing ANY open receivers, or crouching 2 seconds after the hiking the ball waiting to get sacked…he totally sucks. No one should go to the Syracuse game just to send a message—

Comment by Tino the Turd 11.25.11 @ 10:49 pm

Honestly, that’s f*cking ridiculous. I can’t watch it anymore! He sucks! Seriously if I was on the defense, I’d be a little pissed. The defense works its ass off all game and let’s three touchdowns. And the offense just doesn’t deleiver. I’m going to throw up cause that was just disgusting. I saw it coming. The guy sucks in big game situations. Hell he sucks in general. High octane!

Comment by kohan 11.25.11 @ 10:50 pm

Should have a hell of a running game next year, Shell, Graham, Bennett. Will we have a Line to block for them? Great defense too. Graham better find a Junior college QB. Maybe Myers starts next week. Yeah right.

Comment by gc 11.25.11 @ 10:51 pm

Legacy & Prodigy are very powerful forces.

And you will see those on display again next year fellow Panthers.

That’s just the way things are in America.

Business, politics and sports.

Comment by EMel 11.25.11 @ 10:52 pm

Tino is terrible…yep, we can all YELL Tino SUCKS at the same time…and we would be 100% right.
But, the problem goes way beyond Tino to Graham who clearly gets outcoached almost every week.
We take leads in to the second half…THE OTHER TEAM ADJUSTS and we LOSE!!! Graham is way, way over his head…Tino or no Tino!

Comment by isnore 11.25.11 @ 10:54 pm

Tino already cost one coach his job, Graham better watch out.

Comment by gc 11.25.11 @ 10:54 pm

Without a doubt we need another starting quarterback for next year. Hopefully Voytik will not have to become a starter his very first year, but we cannot have Sunseri back there for another full year. Hopefully Trey Anderson can beat out Sunseri in the summer after his wrist is fully healed.

When Zach Brown left the game, that was the same time our chances of winning the game became close to zero. Sunseri could not even manage to run out the clock in the first half! Twice we get great field position on turnovers and cannot score a touchdown. Coach Graham just has to see that he needs to look for someone else on the roster to quarterback this team.

Comment by John In South Carolina 11.25.11 @ 10:56 pm

I used to just shake my head and mumble same ole Pitt. But its not same ole Pitt…it is one freakin player who continues to start for some unfathomable reason. I just hope that Graham goes all Mike Haywood and chokes him out tonight.

Comment by OliviaPitt 11.25.11 @ 10:56 pm

I agree that graham has to releize that this isn’t tulsa. I’m sorry but just doing the same thing and not adjusting ends one way….loss. Tino shouldn’t start ever again. Worst backyard brawl I’ve ever seen. Graham should just play myers next week….we have nothing to lose anymore, cause tino and graham took away our dignity. Anyone agree tino is the worst panther qb of all time. I miss tyler palko :'(. Hell bill stull.

Comment by kohan 11.25.11 @ 10:58 pm

@Justinian. Ha ha ha, ya, I’d take a scandal right about now!!!!

Wow, the definition of “a shame”. The defense needs to be taken out for a night on the town.

The freshmen running backs were great.

Hell, someone please don’t blame the “o” line either!!!!

There were many times he had time to either throw or make a decision and take off.

What, do expect him to get 10 seconds and be able to do his ABC’s?????????

Let me wait just long enough so 3 big lugs can collapse on me.

Oh, ya, how about that intentional grounding??? ha ha ha Heads up play.

Ok, and every high school, college game, pro game, how many times do you say to yourself, and the announcers say ad nauseum, “hey we have a little time, but no timeouts, the one thing you can’t do is take a sack”.

I’m tryin’ to keep laughing about it because it’s so rotten!!!!!!

And on that sack, in the end, he headed for the ground, like he was proud of himself, “whoa, better get down, don’t want to make a mistake and throw an interception”!!!!!

Comment by Dan 11.25.11 @ 10:59 pm

Take Tino’s initial receiver from him and he’s done, he can’t even think of an alternate receiver from the one called for in the play. I’d say his brain shuts down and he tucks the ball to fall down but I doubt he has a brain. Tino does a wonderful impersonation of the scarecrow in the Wiz of OZ !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.25.11 @ 11:00 pm

As I said earlier, this was the worst Pitt loss to West Virginia EVER. They fumble two punts that we recover and we get a total of 6 points. They say good teams win the close ones. I guess that sums it up best, because this team finds some way to lose all the close games. Even in the first half when we were leading, I couldn’t help thinking about our 2nd half meltdowns.

Comment by Justinian 11.25.11 @ 11:00 pm

You are right ISNORE, the play calling is atrocious!!!

Allthough, if the coach knows the qb can’t put the ball on the numbers over 10 yards, then, your play calling im limited.

Hell, 10 yards, he makes the backs and receivers do gymnastics to catch a screen pass or an out route!!!!

Comment by Dan 11.25.11 @ 11:05 pm

Anyone listening to Graham’s post game. Without naming names he is lashing into Tino…WR’s are wide open, holding onto the ball way too long, the plays where there we didn’t execute on offense.

I don’t see any reason why they need to play Tino next week.

He isn’t going be back and it’s time to see what we have.


Comment by Dave D 11.25.11 @ 11:05 pm

I can’t take it anymore. I actually have chest pain after watching that. Tino is absolutely the worst QB I’ve ever seen at Pitt, and without a doubt the DUMBEST! I mean come on, how bad does he have to get before Graham puts someone else in? I don’t care if he thinks Tino is the best he’s got, he’s got to make a change and sit his dumb ass down for an entire game. People are complaining about Graham’s play-calling and coaching, but how do we know how bad it is when the QB execution (which, by the way, I’m all for) is just so horrendous? Tino can’t find or is afraid to throw to a receiver on long (and heck, even short) yardage situations. It may be the right play call, but how will we ever know? If I were a Pitt player right now, I’d be kicking Sunseri’s ass in the locker room. He sucks, he’s the main reason they’ve lost 6 of 11 games, and on top of that, he’s an IDIOT!

Comment by PITTGRADWAYNE 11.25.11 @ 11:11 pm

I’m praying for Rob Bolden or Paul Jones to fall in our lap. C’mon NCAA, give PSU the death penalty, we need some outside QB help.

Comment by Alex P 11.25.11 @ 11:11 pm

Not to be repetitive, but I must agree with all the above posters regarding Tino Sunseri. He is without a doubt the WORST QB EVER to start at Pitt. He makes Bill Stull look like Peyton Manning. How can anyone in their right mind continue to put that clueless piece on the field over and over again? He’s had so many bad games and this one was just an unbelievable stinkfest from start to finish. I don’t care who comes in next week but please dear god oh please let it be anyone other than Sunseri… The season is completely shot what difference does it make?

Comment by K.R.Y. 11.25.11 @ 11:11 pm

Okay, 2 scotches and a walk around the block and one last thought on Tino…of all his bad habits (and we could go on ad nauseum)that he never corrects,the one that gets me the most …he never has his feet set in a position to throw when he takes a sack. Watch him (forgive me for that thought) think back…every time he passes he has to first shift his feet around in throwing position, thus when he is rushed hard, he is never ready to throw the ball. That is one of many Junior High School football fundamentals that he does not have.

Comment by Dan 72 11.25.11 @ 11:11 pm

I don’t expect the hot shot freshmen to come in and start.

So, Graham better be hitting the JUCO trail for someone if he feels he has no one else.

I don’t want to be hearing in spring, “well, Tino has showed some improvement”.

Could you guys imagine that??? Three years of Tino Sunseri staring qb for Pitt.

Oh, oh, I forgot, he needs time to develop!!! He’s only had almost 2 full years of college football starts.

He’s just starting to get the hang of it. I see now.

It’s the end of the year, that kid has not progressed on iota since the beginning of last year.

Don’t care about the old “it’s not just the qb” b.s. either.

Yes, yes it is the qb. You can’t start a team, with the ultimate, top priority position, clearly the most important position, with someone that can’t play the game, and cannot help the other players, and cannot make a play to save his life.

Just about all of the other 21 players came to play the game!!!!

Hey, if you want to put some on the coaches, I’d be fine with that, for continuing to start him.

Ok, Anderson’s tiny, Myers in the dog house?? Whatever.

Put Ronald Jones in, run the wildcat, do something.

What is that definition of insanity that everyone has been saying the past few years….

doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result????????

What’s the worst thing that could happen, we lose???? We lost quite a bit this year with him in there??

Oh, we don’t want to get blown out, we’re happy to lose by a point or two, or just a touchdown???

I see!!

Comment by Dan 11.25.11 @ 11:14 pm

@ KRY, my last post. Excellent post by you.

Chas will verify this, as will many people who have seen my post.

I have had my fair share of criticisms of Tino this year, but, also, there have been times where I have said, “hey, not a bad game Tino, not bad”.

My point is, please don’t anyone put me down as just a typical “Tino Basher”. I have tried to support him at times.

I can take no more. No more. No mas, No mas.

Nothing against him personally, or as a human being or a son or a brother……………..

But, as a college football Division One quarterback, he could possibly be one of the worst college quarterbacks I’ve seen in years.

Not just tonight, he has had to years to progress, and I have absolutely seen nothing to show me, that he has moved forward one ounce.

He looked tonight, like he looked against Utah, last year, at the start of the 2010 season,
20 some games ago. None, what so ever.

Over and out fellas, I’ve gotta go get my mind on to other things!!!

Comment by Dan 11.25.11 @ 11:20 pm

please tell how graham got out coached, they held wvu to 21 points. there were countless open receivers that tino missed. sunseri is lost most of the time.

Comment by pvv 11.25.11 @ 11:22 pm

Steve Pederson must be fired for this complete debacle of a football season. Who knows if Graham will be a good coach or not but this was Pederson’s decision to make a change. And a change that was handled about as poorly as any coaching change I’ve seen in college sports. The way he fired Wanny, the coach hired than fired than Graham, his comments for the change, etc… this has been a disaster and he must be held responsible. We are in a total re-building mode. He got fired at Nebraska for the same mistake and it needs to happen here.

Comment by artj 11.25.11 @ 11:29 pm

Tino does not pencil himself in as the starter. Tino does not demand that Pitt run a system that is not used in the High Schools in N.J., Ohio, and PA. Tino is not playing the wrong personnel on the field to fit a high school system that is designed for failure.

With any other coach who would have employed an offense designed for his players; a physical large offensive line, a large fullback (bennett 220lbs. and a great running back, until he got hurt with all this misdirection shit. Also the first big-time college sized QB since Flacco at Pitt perhaps Pitt may have won the games over teams they were obviously better than. Considering this years schedule arguably 11.

Graham could not beat W.Va. if he was coaching the Steelers. We need to point the finger at the person who gave us a 5 and 7 year no one else put us in this position.

Comment by DRW 11.25.11 @ 11:37 pm

Yes, if only Pitt had played Flacco…

Jesus DRW. Really?

Comment by Chas 11.25.11 @ 11:51 pm

Dan, I was pretty much behind Tino all year because 1) he had a few decent games and 2) Anderson looked awful in his brief appearances. But like you, tonight was the clincher. I completely agree that he has made NO PROGRESS in improving his play in his two years as a starter. He looks every bit as bad as he did in his first few games last year, if not worse. I really wish the kid was a star and I have nothing against him- but he stinks as a QB and if Graham has a shred of coaching sense Sunseri will never take a snap for Pitt again…

Comment by K.R.Y. 11.25.11 @ 11:39 pm

I hope somebody on the defense whopped Sunseri’s ass in the locker room after the game because that was the most disgusting, disgraceful performance by a college QB I’ve ever seen. If Gonzalez or Voytik isn’t the starter next year then there’s no way I’m watching another game of this garbage next year. Unbelievable.

Comment by Iceman 11.25.11 @ 11:44 pm

I’ve tried all year not to bash Tino too much, but I can’t take any more. He is just god awful and should never play another down for Pitt. He must have walked into 3 or 4 sacks against a 3 man rush by aimlessly wandering up in a perfectly clean pocket. There were probably 4 times he had the corner for a decent gain and he was run down from behind by a 280 pound D lineman.

His intentional grounding penalty and then taking a sack while outside the pocket just defy any rational explanation. I honestly don’t think his brain processes information anywhere near quickly enough to be a QB.

Not sure how you blame Graham for being too conservative. You see what happens when he lets Tino throw the ball.

Comment by Pitt89 11.26.11 @ 12:03 am

Funny thing is, this team was in EVERY FRICKIN game it lost (save the Rutgers game) and even that was only 6-3 at halftime.

Had we got even average QB play in most of those losses, we win em. And we’re not 5-6, but we’re 9-2 or yes even…..10-1.

Trey Anderson for the most part only played in gsmes for any length, where the playing conditions were not conducive for success. Meaning winds at 40mph or more. Which was the ONLY reason he played at all. They didn’t want Sunseri’s lame ass arm even more exposed in the high winds. So they sacrificed Trey. Trey isn’t a legacy or a prodigy. I guess his dad (if he has one) drives a truck or something in Texas.

See how that works.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 12:16 am

That whole thing makes me ill. If any of you played sports and were subjected to that crap, you know what I mean. Well it can happen in business as well. It plain STINKS !

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 12:19 am

Pat Bostick, why did you leave us??? We could’ve used you tonight! You or my 8th grade nephew…

Comment by Kenny Powers 11.26.11 @ 12:38 am

You know I’ve seen that stuff happen firsthand in not one high school but two and then at PITT.

I had the misfortune to go to school with the Sunseri’s at Central Catholic and the Baierl’s at North Allegheny. Same crap at both schools.
Big boosters, so their kids played, were starters and were MADE stars. That’s right MADE stars.
And even though their kids were NOT D1 players they both got their kids into Pitt on football scholarships and they even became stars. Sal even became an All-American, yet nobody drafted him in the NFL until the Steelers did a ‘mercy’ pick in the 12th round or something, if that tells you anything !

It wasn’t hard for the Baierl’s either since their old man was one of Pitt’s biggest ALLTIME boosters. The son only had IUP type talent yet played at PITT.

So when I talk about legacy & prodigy at PITT, I know what I’m talking about.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 12:54 am

And when you see it happen not only then (back in the 1970’s)….but now…you realize this crap is generational. And when Tino has kids, they’ll go to Pitt too and twenty years or so from now. The blog will say the same thing as it says now.

How on earth is this kid being allowed to start at QB?

This crap goes on forever & ever, which is one of the reasons America is in decline. Positions in business, politics and sports is not based on who is better, but who is related to who, and who knows who.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 1:05 am

For I do believe in Pitt’s Motto

Truth & Virtue (maybe I’m the only one)

Hail to Pitt

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 1:12 am

Dave Wannstedt ran a system that involved systems that Pa, NJ and Ohio run, and he went 42-31 in 6 years. %57 winning (definition of mediocre),

one top 25 finish in 6 years, no BE champ, no BCS bowl.

His system didn’t work either.

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 2:57 am

Give Tino credit where it is due, he practices well. What a choker, the only position Sunseri is perfect for is being the CPR demonstration dummy for the Heimlich manueuver.

Start ANYBODY else next week, please. I’m too old for this shit anymore.

Comment by Dr. Tom 11.26.11 @ 9:11 am

I agree with you. A loss is a loss, we are not looking for moral victories. So why in the hell didn’t Graham give the other two guys at least a complete game or two? Hell, we’ve lost six games already. Anderson & Myers simply have not had a fair chance. And Wbb jumped on my ass because I suggested Sal Sunseri had something to do with Tino’s lock on the QB position. That supposition doesn’t seem so far fetched now. When, if ever, will Graham learn?

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.26.11 @ 1:11 pm

Chad needs to start. He will improve. Tino showed he can’t. Year 3 graham will have more of his players established in his system. Let the frosh take his lumps. There is no way on earth, he can be as bad as tino

Comment by Snala 11.26.11 @ 1:36 pm

I like what cook wrote in the post tino sucks we said it all year and he wrote in different words the same thing more power to cook for calling tino out it is just to bad it did not happen sooner.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.26.11 @ 2:13 pm


That article by Cookie is a little late, naturally.
It should have been written maybe after the Maine game when Sunseri threw 2 picks in the 3rd quarter against a D2 opponent and Trey replaced him in the 4rth Q. And certainly could have been written after ND and Utah or even Rutgers.


I floated that theory way back in Training Camp, it’s got a heck of lot to do with legacy, prodigy and in addition to being a son of someone in the coaching fraternity(Sal). In fact Wannstedt had ALWAYS GONE with experience over all other factors with just about every player except the phenoms like Shady & Dion. EXCEPT for Pat Bostick playing over then redshirt sophomore Sunseri. And Sunseri was far from a phenom. Graham like Wannstedt is part of the same institution, that being the coaching fraternity, that holds prodigy, legacy and taking care of sons of others in that fraternity apparently over everything else. Including winning !

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 3:17 pm

we’d be better with McGloin at QB….hows that for bad

Comment by Keith 11.26.11 @ 7:12 pm

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