November 25, 2011

Summing It Up

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Is anyone surprised? Doubtful.

The thing that galls me is watching Graham on the sideline feign exasperation. Guess what, coach? YOU CHOSE TO PLAY THE GUY. BLAME YOURSELF.

Hail to Pitt, though.

Comment by Bobby 11.25.11 @ 11:11 pm

Who else has shown anything? They all look to be just as frustrating. Voytick needs to start from day 1.

Comment by The Incline 11.25.11 @ 11:14 pm

Game winnable throughout the entire 4th quarter. D played well…big stop with still enough time to kick a field goal for the win…Sunseri…tight…holding the ball too long…didn’t trust himself…in the stretch…Sunseri couldn’t rise to challenge…not sure how much his receivers helped the situation either….Bennett….kid’s got some promise….when the high octane could have helped them by forcing Sunseri to not think so much….they played a slow, plodding pace…..that fell into WVUs strength…and so it ends…..crap… we still gotta play Syracuse ?

Comment by Deter 11.25.11 @ 11:22 pm

I’ve watched Pitt football for forty years and can honestly say Tino is the worst QB during that time. Not only does he lack the physical tools he lacks the mental ability and toughness to play QB.
He locks on one receiver and if not open puts his head down and runs like a scared mouse without a purpose.
Coaching should translate to improvement week to week, offensively this team has slid backwards all season long. The system is a joke run plays quickly without purpose is what it translates to. How can you punt the ball to the oppoenent with 25 seconds on the play clock ? We did it tonight and other punts were made with 16 and 18 seconds to go. I’m sorry coach but you are a pompous XXX , too stuborn to coach what you have. Guess what you lost to Dana again and you can’t hide behind the sentiment that well I have little Tulsa going up against mighty Okla.St.
Coach your coaching career was based on David and Goliath, with you always playing the role of David trying to pull the upset. Based on that thinking you can’t ever coach like a Goliath and crush a team when you have them down.
I hear there is an opening at PSU you should apply .

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.25.11 @ 11:22 pm

I am a Pitt grad. I am a Pitt man.

I hate his. Tiny is not a D1 QB. He is not. 20-7 and LOSE?! F that. F that. I just came in from the backyard. i burned all Pitt geaar.. ALL OF IT. ALL OF IT.

Comment by Pitt It Is 11.25.11 @ 11:23 pm

Pitt is 0-11 under Tino when trailing in the second half. That’s all.

Comment by Hollywood 11.25.11 @ 11:24 pm

‘nough said…

Comment by Pitt It Is 11.25.11 @ 11:27 pm

hollywood…we werent trailing…even worse…

Comment by Pitt It Is 11.25.11 @ 11:27 pm

I always hear analysts and announcers saying that, “so-and-so is their best player; he should get a ton of touches today.” Our worst player touches the ball on every single offensive snap.

Comment by Chris 11.25.11 @ 11:28 pm

new qb please-this guy sucks

Comment by scoocher 11.25.11 @ 11:30 pm

D played well—just on the field too long after the first quarter. Back up running backs gave it their all, obviously QB play in second half led to too little possession in terms of time and yardage.

I can’t fault Graham—the team came well-prepared…but dropped passes, short arming trying to catch the ball, illegal procedures, a few questionable referee calls—can’t blame for any of those.

One Big East game left—let’s do it!

Hail to PITT!

Comment by Oregon Panther 11.25.11 @ 11:33 pm

Tino stinks, Graham is not the coach we thought but the guy that needs to pay for this debacle is Pederson. This was his decision to make a change and eventually got the coach he wanted. The best we can do is 6-6 are you serious? This is Nebraska all over again. We need to make a change…he showed no loyalty when he left the first time… let’s show him decisions have consequences.

Comment by danj 11.25.11 @ 11:38 pm

Well coached game on both sides of the ball. You can’t win if you don’t make any second half plays on offense.

Same thing we’ve seen for the past two years on offense. This team played hard butcouldnt get it done. Stinks

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 11.25.11 @ 11:43 pm

Sunseri is the worst QB at any level of college football. Period! Great last series with the game on the line. Intentional grounding, incomplete, sack, and sack….How does he look his teammates in the eye after the game.

Comment by mark 11.25.11 @ 11:45 pm

You cannot make a basket if you don’t shoot the ball…you cannot complete a pass if you don;t throw it…damn the INT …throw the f’n ball Tino

Comment by Dan 72 11.25.11 @ 11:51 pm

Pull Tino’s scholarship now !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.25.11 @ 11:56 pm

Lots of yellow seats next week. It just might have been kinda full had they won with a BCS bid potentially on line if they beat SYR. But S.O.P. After the season I have a feeling coach is going to sit Tino down and tell him his job will be filled next year by an underclassman. If he’d like to stay on as a backup, he can. If he’d like to transfer to D2, he can. If he’d like to walk away from football and finish his degree, he can and probably should.

Comment by MelbaPlace 11.26.11 @ 12:19 am

This is what I have come to accept about Pitt football: The Panthers are Charlie Brown. And every team they play in an important game is Lucy. I’m numb to it now — yet I still sulk away with my head down after every loss like this. Why? Because, like Charlie Brown, just ONE TIME, I wanna kick that football. I want to revel in not just a moment of glory, but sustained glory. And Pitt keeps pulling it away — in ways that are increasingly heart-breaking.

I’ve tried to be patient and understanding with Tino. He’s just a kid. And he’s a good kid. Raised a Pitt guy. Stand-up. And he tries his heart out. Has had some solid games. But facts are facts: Tino is just not that good. I have a hard time thinking of a consistently worse starting D-I QB, especially under pressure. Sadly, Pitt has no other viable options under center right now. Can you imagine what this team would be like with a Bostic or a Turman or (gasp!) a Rutherford (who would actually be a great fit for TG’s offense) at QB? How about the third-string guy from Auburn? Or just about any other QB in the pathetic Big East? We’d have 8 wins by now.

We had a chance to win that game tonight, the biggest game of the year. And Tino totally botched it. We had a better chance in that last drive just handing it off to Bennett. I now feel kinda bad for Coach Graham. He calls plays … and they never have a chance with Tino back there — who starts to panic after his first read is covered, no matter the rush.

Tonight, I Googled “Worst loss in Pitt history” right after the game. What came up was a January 2007 piece by Bob Smizik about the 25th anniversary of Jackie Sherrill’s departure. Makes total sense today. We’ve never had such talent at the coaching and player positions since then.

link to

Comment by Jim Lakely 11.26.11 @ 12:21 am

I am done with Pitt football as long as Tino is a starting QB for this team. He makes watching the games unbearable. He is the iceberg to our offense’s Titanic… without him this team stays afloat. With him we simply stand no chance.

Although some of our other guys did make mistakes along the way, this loss goes 100% on Tino’s shoulders.

The coaching staff has even made adjustments to the gameplan and he cannot adjust. They have slowed it down and made the plays less complicated so he can make the reads and throws. But even that isn’t basic enough for him to succeed. He is pathetic. Terrible. Awful. Horrendous… No amount of negative adjectives can begin to describe his play. Regardless of level (D-III, D-II, FBS or FCS), he is the worst QB out there right now. I refuse to watch him anymore, and I refuse to watch our coaching staff stick by him.

I am done ranting… nothing I say – and nothing you say – on her will change anything. Tino will for some unknown reason start next week. He will probably start next year. But one thing is for sure… as long as he starts, I will watch another team until he is gone!

Comment by Panther3321 11.26.11 @ 12:36 am

As a follow up, I wonder how his teammates and the coaching staff looked at him following the game.

I have to believe that nobody in the locker room has any confidence in him as a leader.

Comment by Panther3321 11.26.11 @ 12:39 am

Defense played well but were gassed and confused after some big plays by WVU. We ran away from their big back instead of tackled as a team.

Offensively, Sunseri remained terrible. They should let Myers play the entire Syracuse game. Period! No debate. At least the staff will have one entire game of live film to determine Voytik’s backup next year if Myers can’t get it done against the Cuse. If Sunseri sees the field again this year or at all next year, Graham will be gone. The Coach is supposed to play the players that give the team the best chance of victory. Sunseri will never give the team an opportunity to win against good competition. Play Sunseri against an inferior opponent in Syracuse and he will look good. Get it, we are 5-6 with a real good defense. If Sunseri was even serviceable in several starts, we would be 8-3.

This loss is on Graham and Sunseri….again! Has anyone noticed Shanahan boxing the ball. He has no confidence and to be candid, acts surprised when a ball is thrown accurately. Sunseri missed a deep ball early in the game by underthrowing Street. The ball fell incomplete but if Sunseri throws it 1.5 seconds earlier…to daylight…allowing Street to run under it…it is 6 points because Street beat the defender. Instead it looked like good pass defense and the ball fell to the ground. Look at the tape, he missed it and had extra time.

High octane kicked field goals. Again, Wannstadt coached that way. Maybe Wanny was the right guy afterall and Peterson should have gone. Nordy, get your house in order, fast!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.26.11 @ 12:40 am

When Pitt did not score a TD after recovering the fumbled punt on the first drive in the second half, I looked at my dad and told him that Pitt would not win the game. I saw that one coming from a mile away.

Comment by PatMac 11.26.11 @ 12:42 am

Here’s a stat I saw on a comment thread on another site (accuracy not guaranteed):

“WVU had 16 sacks coming in to this game. That’s dead last, trailing #7 Syracuse with 24. They had 10 tonight.”

And, legitimately, I think the O-line gave up just 3 or 4 of them. The rest were on Tino … running into tacklers as he panicked after 1.5 seconds in the pocket.

Comment by Jim Lakely 11.26.11 @ 12:51 am

Wanny would’ve kicked a field goal and punted when we went for it on fourth and inches each time. Wanny would’ve ran it at our own goal line rather than us throwing that play action bomb that we should’ve caught.
Graham was aggressive today and I liked it.

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 11.26.11 @ 12:56 am

Tino is the best we have for now. Nothing else we can do.

We can look at how hard he works, how he will do anything for Pitt and his teammates, or we can just say hes the worst thing to ever happen to Pitt. Leave the kid alone!

O LINE, GUYS! Injuries. Coaching decisions
Put your blame somewhere else, but not on Tino.

Comment by MattyIce 11.26.11 @ 12:57 am

O line played really tough other than those off sides. Hanging on to the ball is what gave up a lot of the sacks. I can’t see downfield bc of the camera angles on tv to see if people are getting open or not

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 11.26.11 @ 1:02 am

Agree to disagree. I feel very bad for the kid. He gives it his all day in and day out and this is what he gets from his fans. Man…… For people to come out and say this… I hope everyone being negative were all Heisman winning QBs

Comment by MattyIce 11.26.11 @ 1:08 am

Agree with most that has been said, but here are a few other things. The defense is going to be flat-out awesome over the next couple of years, for the most part the playmakers are all underclassmen on that side of the ball. Tino just doesn’t get it, he’s 3 feet from the sideline just get rid of the ball and don’t take the sack. I know unity is key on a team, but some of the players have really got to be upset with Tino at this point in time. And here’s an interesting thought, does Bennett’s play, and the probability that Graham will return make it likely that Shell will redshirt?

Comment by Pitt Rob 11.26.11 @ 1:09 am

I wasn’t happy with our play but I agree with you that we shouldn’t rip a college kid

Comment by Tony Dews and Dont's 11.26.11 @ 1:11 am

C’mon, MattyIce. I’ve tried to not be too hard with Tino. But he was as bad as a QB could be on what could have been a game-winning drive. Third down and 9. Just 30 seconds to go, flushed left, an open sideline and time to throw … and he pulls up and lays down.

That is the worst possible decision. You just can’t do that. Throw it up to a receiver and give the play a chance. Even into triple coverage. Or, at the very least, just run out of bounds (or better, throw it away). Even a high-school QB in Single A Texas would make a better decision.

That play sums up Tino’s season perfectly. Time and time again, bad decisions and failure. He is just not good at being a D-I QB. Being a good kid? I’ll give him that, and I know he feels just as bad as all of us Pitt fans tonight.

Comment by Jim Lakely 11.26.11 @ 1:12 am

No one knows if Tino is the best we have. Because of the HO system that scored signficantly less points than last year that “Tino is best for,” we may never know.

Someone who would bring Trey Anderson to Pitt and give him a scholarship and play has got to have his judgment questioned. Hoping that another 6’0″ QB is the answer is stretching it for big time college ball.

College football like all college sports has witnessed bigger stronger players. The successful QB’s normally have to be at least 6’2″ or bigger so they can see over the line and have the arm strength to throw down field.

If Pitt had someone like that and was not locked into a system that the top ten QB’s in college this year are not suited for perhaps they could gain more than 125 yards with 18 completions.

Comment by DRW 11.26.11 @ 1:18 am

I hear you, Jim. But in reality, should he have been put into that decision? Some drops by some of his receivers? Defensive mistakes? False starts? Blocking?

Comment by MattyIce 11.26.11 @ 1:19 am

I’ll give you all that, Matty. But WVU was giving this game away to us. Three fumbles, including TWO muffed punts recovered inside the Hoopies’ 30? ON TOP of ridiculous penalties by WVU in the first quarter to give Pitt more opportunities to score TDs?

The Pitt players themselves would say they blew those opportunities. Why? Because the offense stunk up the joint. They didn’t have false starts on the “drives” of those two muffed punts. Lots of blame to go around. But the bottom line is that Tino is so bad that we didn’t take advantage of many opportunities to win that game.

Tino made a few good passes, and his receivers didn’t help him much — especially the “alligator arms” post pattern by our 4th or 5th string receiver. But a winning D-I team needs more than “a few” good passes from its QB to succeed in that offense. TG is doing all he can. He’s running the ball a ton, even with his 3rd and 4th string guys.

At times like that, you need a competent QB to win. We don’t have one. And if I’m on defense or special teams at at Pitt … I’m not saying anything, but I’m going to bed tonight thinking we did plenty to win that game.

Comment by Jim Lakely 11.26.11 @ 1:42 am

Bill Stull would have won this game.

Comment by Chuck Morris 11.26.11 @ 1:47 am

Chuck, 2009’s Bill Stull would have won this game. 2008’s Stull was maybe the worst QB I’ve seen at Pitt.

I agree with MattyIce. Sunseri is a bad QB. This is not his fault. He is the best we have, and clearly our best isn’t good enough. But it’s not like this is because of some sort of character flaw. We either: A. Haven’t recruited well enough at QB the last couple of years, or: B. Are not adjusting the system to our QBs’ strengths (whether it be Sunseri, Myers, or none of the above.

Comment by Navy Panther 11.26.11 @ 2:25 am

@mattyice. I haven’t seen anyone on hear questioning him as a son, a brother, an uncle or as a human. As a Division I college qb.

As that Div I college qb, he stinks. He’s shown absolutely no progress in two years.

He looks exactly the same or worse, than he did at the beginning of the 2010 season against Utah. No improvement what so ever. None.

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 2:26 am

Worst quote that doomed Pitt several years ago…

DW “Sure Sal, I’ll give your kid a scholarship”!

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 2:27 am

Worst quote that Pitt fans fear to hear in April.

TG when asked who the starter will be in Sept.
“ah, hmmm, ah, Tino has shown some improvement”.

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 2:29 am

Wannstedt had qb’s of 6’2″ and 6’3″, and still managed to only go 42-31 in 6 years, 57%, and no BE champs, no BCS bowl, and only one top 25 finish in 6 years. He had several qb’s of 6’2″ and 6’3″, so……..

must be more to it??????

Besides, I heard Michael Myers has a poor work ethic, so, can’t be him. Anderson is tiny.

You forgot to mention, that TG has recruited, by most services own ratings, the number 5 to number 13 qb in the country and he’s only 6’0″ to 6’1″, and he’s not from Pa, NJ or Ohio, he’s from Tennessee!!!!

Obviously, DW’s system didn’t work, so, TG’s system gets a chance for a couple years, any coach gets a couple years, in any sport, right??

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 3:05 am

By the way, Arizona State has Brock Osweiler, a 6’8″ quarterback, and after starting out at 4 or 5-1, has gone to 6-6, including a stink fest agaisnt Cal tonight in another loss for the Sun Devils.

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 3:09 am

I am tired of reading the “Fire Graham” rants. This season has not been an entire debacle. What were people expecting after losing key players and having a (2x) coaching change? Comparing it to Nebraska is ridiculous. Pitt hasn’t been at that level in YEARS.
Graham needs 3 years to show us something. I can’t judge him with this team of leftovers. They have been in almost every game this season and just do not have the key players to close out games.

QB play has been a nightmare this season and the Wideouts have under performed. The o-line has been a mess. How can this offense show any potential with all of those setbacks?

Tino should be done here after tonight. His best move would be to transfer. He’ll never set foot on the field for this team again after this season.

Comment by propeller74 11.26.11 @ 5:31 am

I agree with Danj. Is Todd Graham learning disabled? His belief in Sunseri is unbelievable.

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.26.11 @ 6:00 am

Pat Bostick would have won this game.

And even with the mobility of my Grandma Flo, he wouldn’t have taken 10 sacks.

Comment by Flip2Script 11.26.11 @ 6:34 am

WVU has ball with 2 minutes to go, 2nd down and a mile from WVU 4 yd line after a run for loss on 1st down…Hey Coach Patterson, why would you not call an all out blitz on this play or any play inside the 5 yd line when you are losing? their O Line sucks…we were not aggressive and WVU worked their way out of a jam…if we kept the pressure and had wvu punting from the end line, we could have created a turnover, maybe a safety…

I am done with this team and won’t be watching this team in the Eddie’s Tatoo Parlor Bowl in Mississippi.

Comment by pittfan92 11.26.11 @ 7:11 am

I was fortunate enough to be in la la land and have no clue the at Pitt was playing last night so I missed it. Luckily I missed it. I actually have banned myself from watching them until Tino leaves. My hopes is that he is delusional enough to think that he can compete on this level that he’ll want to leave early and test his pro potential.

Comment by henryhudson37 11.26.11 @ 7:18 am

Anyone criticizing the defense or the defensive strategy is desperately grasping for answers besides the obvious: Pitt’s QB play is atrocious (notice how I said that so I’m not criticizing a poor college kid).
Does a small part of blame go to Graham? Sure, it had to be evident how poor the situation was in the spring and summer. An indecisive, small starter and a physically gifted but lackadasical backup. I still think that Graham just did not/could not fathom how poor No.12 actually was. He had to believe he would improve to the point of effectiveness this year, as all other QBs have under him. But since he can’t make an in-season trade, or call someone up from the minors, I’m not sure what he could have done. It all comes back to how incredibly, mind-numbingly poor the QB play was this season. Unbelievable.

Comment by JW 11.26.11 @ 7:40 am

“I feel very bad for the kid. He gives it his all day in and day out and this is what he gets from his fans. Man…”

I feel bad for him too. But I’m not concerned about how hard he works, I’m concerned about his performance on the field. And there is way to sugarcoat his putrid play. He can’t read a defense, he can’t make quick decisions, he can’t make elementary throws, he makes mistakes a QB starting his 24th game should never be making. He’s a complete dud as a Div 1 QB. No amount of talk about how hard he works can cover the stench of his dreadful play. He has no business playing at this level. And coach Graham said as much last last night after the game, and although he was kind enough not to mention Sunseri by name there is no doubt who was referring to. The way he ripped into Sunseri leaves me hopeful that he will bench him for the Syracuse game. Surely he realizes by now that Sunseri CANNOT possibly play for Pitt next season…

Comment by K.R.Y. 11.26.11 @ 7:43 am

Hopefully every position is up for competition next year. No position should be safe. Specially the QB who’s been starting 2 years and just doesn’t improve, has a weak arm and is obviously not trusted by the coaching staff. If you don’t trust him why not give someone else a real shot, not just a play or a series, a real shot.

Comment by Pittastic 11.26.11 @ 7:43 am

Tino definitely has issues. But if anyone had told you that we’d lose Brown at halftime and be down to our third and (at times) fourth string backs, in addition to the rest of the biblical plague of injuries we suffered this year, would you have honestly picked Pitt to lose by just one point? Of course we fell apart in the second half. We had a freshman running the ball.

The defense was outstanding against one of the best offenses in the Big East. Graham was more aggressive than Wannie, which is what we hired him for. If only we’d had a TD instead of one of those field goals, you’d all be loving Sunseri and Graham this morning.

Tino may or may not improve as a senior. But besides Tino, I like where the team is going under Graham and the new aggressiveness. And if you’re going to walk away from Pitt and burn your gear because they didn’t win a game or three, you probably were never really a fan anyway. Go root for Penn State today and abandon them in some blog’s thread when they lose to Wisconsin. Then bandwagon off the Steelers and the Pens when they don’t win a championship every year.

Hail to Pitt. I’ll be at Heinz Field next Saturday because it’s my team and my university.

I @#%*@#! love Bloom County. Best strip ever. I may still vote for Bill the Cat this year.

Comment by Lee in Altoona 11.26.11 @ 7:47 am

Here here, Lee, see you there next saturday. You’re absolutely right about the rest of the team, too. Bennett ran hard, defense played quite well. Lindsay, Donald were pressuring Geno all night. DBs played great other than the one big breakdown. WRs didn’t help our QB, but he didn’t help anyone at all himself.

Comment by JW 11.26.11 @ 7:52 am

“Of course we fell apart in the second half. We had a freshman running the ball.”

Now that’s the biggest non sequitur I’ve read in years. The freshman running the ball played very well and had absolutely nothing to do with the team falling apart. The inability of our hapless QB to make a single play in the second half was the key to this collapse.

“If only we’d had a TD instead of one of those field goals, you’d all be loving Sunseri and Graham this morning”

Of course. But it was 1,2,3 FG both times we got a gift turnover. It is exactly that ineptitude which is generating the criticism. What does this comment even mean?

Comment by K.R.Y. 11.26.11 @ 8:01 am


Comment by FRANKCAN 11.26.11 @ 8:06 am

I am finally ready to admit that Sunseri is not the answer after last night’s performance. I didn’t like the Street out of bounds call or the grounding call but we certainly should have won this game. I’m feeling like maybe Sal isn’t a “Gamer”. Gets in the game and nerves kill him. Maybe Myers doesn’t practice well but set6s it on fire in the game. He’s worth a look!

Comment by The Hagen 11.26.11 @ 8:08 am

Tino has having these massive brain cramps all year, so what happened last night comes as no surprise. It’s just so frustrating that TG has allowed it happen week after week. He has clearly reached his potential in this offense, as have the rest of these square pegs. The backfield next season should be stout to say the least, just hope we have a QB that makes the opponent just the slightest bit concerned about the passing game.

Comment by towerbabbo 11.26.11 @ 8:11 am

I’m assuming that we didn’t run the ball more often because Graham didn’t trust the ball in the hands of that freshman, KRY. I don’t deny that he had a few solid runs.

It all comes down to, did you really think that with all the injuries, we would win against WVU in Mountaineer Field? Sure, but only if you give us back Graham, Brown, and all of the linemen.

I just get a kick out of the way we Pitt fans love self-immolation sometimes. Would you rather be a Penn State fan with 9 wins?

Comment by Lee in Altoona 11.26.11 @ 8:12 am

Nobody was surprised with Tino’s performance. Hoping for something different, but not surprised. Frankly, what is on my mind this morning is how difficult it is for me to look forward. At some point, we all have to face the fact that performance is a reflection of coaching. I was as frustrated as anybody watching Sunseri regress, but more disappointingly, when I looked over at the sideline at the head coach, I didn’t see much either. I HEARD alot of talking, but I didn’t see much of anything. The last job I would want this morning is the marketing department at Pitt athletics trying to sell next year’s tickets. Remember this year, TG was the basis of their campaign. His picture was on the season tickets! Talk about ready, shoot, aim. They oversold and underdelivered. Now whats you gonna do Stevie? Tino was a bust, ok fine. Ray Graham got injured, ok fine. Tell me what did the head coach do this year that gives me hope for the future. In business, the first danger sign of a bad hire is when somebody blames other people for their mistakes. Tino is in over his head and we all know that. My biggest fear, is that TG is right there with him. Anybody need four for next Saturday?

Comment by wally 11.26.11 @ 8:20 am

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s probably fitting that we lost the game. If the Panthers had hung on to squeek out the a win in Morgantown, it might have created the illusion that the team is getting better. We had multiple opportunities to win, two muffed punts giving the Panthers the ball deep in Mountianeer territory, two well thrown deep passes, that for some reason were not caught, and giving up a first down on a forth and six. All year long this Pitt team has followed good 1st halfs of play, by ineptitude in the 2nd half of games. Despite what other posters have said, I don’t think it good that we’re in every game. That only matters if you can win a few at the end.

Comment by Justinian 11.26.11 @ 8:20 am

Same old Pitt. Watched reruns of Sopranos. As Tony S said, “Cunnilingus and psychiatry has gotten us to this point.” ….Tino Sunseri and HOO have gotten us to this point…

Comment by PaulyP 11.26.11 @ 8:20 am

This morning I keep asking myself “Knowing that Tino was the QB, why did I watch the game in the first place?” I hated watching him at QB last year, and I have hated watching him more even more this year. I have never seen a college QB who is more scared to play the position and afraid to make decisions in the pocket. I have never seen a more horrible QB in college and in pressure situations (pick any fourth quarter). I hope this freshman QB coming in picks up the system fast – he seems to be a good fit for this offense – I watched him in the ESPN Elite 11 QB show and he looks like a smart and talented QB and ended up as number 5 of the 25 top high school QBs (and expect a JC QB recruit – likely a fast athletic option). You can tell Graham has been frustrated all year with Tino’s stupid mistakes over and over. He just came here with limited QB and WR options. Let’s not lose sight that our WRs have dropped a lot of passes when the ball does get near their hands. The defense and special teams have played very well and coach Graham has a history of building a fun offense to watch. We need to give the guy time to get his type of players in here. I can’t imagine any way that Tino starts next year. NO WAY! Right?

Comment by dish 11.26.11 @ 8:27 am

Pitt lost in a big game, nothing new, I’m used to it. I didn’t see Todd Thomas play last night, anyone know why? By the way that kid could make a good receiver, he was great in high school. I seen him briefly on the field not looking too happy after the game!

Comment by michael 11.26.11 @ 8:31 am

I’m sure the walk-up sales for the Syracuse game will be just terrrific. I don’t think you give tickets away to a Pitt football game right now. Selling season tickets for next season will be a tough job. Also, I can’t help but wonder how this dismal season will effect recruiting. If I sound dissappointed, by these comments, I am. I haven’t been so down, since before Walt Harris arrived.

Comment by Justinian 11.26.11 @ 8:34 am

At least we’re not Penn State

Comment by alcofan 11.26.11 @ 8:37 am

By the way, I’m with the poster above calling for firing Steve Peterson. And I’ll volenteer to start scouting the Pitt intermurals for quarterback prospects.

Comment by Justinian 11.26.11 @ 8:41 am

Todd Thomas played last night. I know he was in on the 65-yd TD pass. Seems like they opted for more DBs than LBs last night, meaning less time for Thomas.

Comment by JW 11.26.11 @ 8:52 am

Even after sleeping all night still mad a hell about this loss to the hoopies. Tino has to go. Other than politics there is no reason for him to even be on this team. Graham is under suspect too. Now when you suck this bad as a program how do you recruit quality talent to build a program? Why would anyone come to Pitt? Hell at this point WVU is the jewel of the Big East. What a sad state of affairs. I remember when WVU was a joke of a program. I’ve given up on Pitt. It really hurts me, but I’m done, I can’t take the perpetual choke can’t will anything in the second half. Ruined the college football fall I was so looking forward to in the spring. Heinz field should be empty because this program SUCKS!

Comment by IH8PITT 11.26.11 @ 9:06 am

Please Calvin Magee, go west to Arizona with DickRod.

Comment by hacky3 11.26.11 @ 9:08 am

I am not down on the coach. He has been far from perfect, but we have not been blown out. I think most thought we would get killed yesterday.

The difference between good Tino and Bad Tino is speed. When he is fast enough to run the ball, we win. Against teams with speed, he can’t pick up a first down with his feet. This puts more pressure on him to throw and that ends up badly. He will never win with his arm as evidenced by no fourth quarter drives for wins in two years. A stat that says it all.

Unfortunately, the defense has not been able to bail him out with that game winning turnover either. Games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, we are a first quarter team. Very frustrating.

Comment by gc 11.26.11 @ 9:14 am

Really, Calvin Magee should go? You think he is the reason for the loss? When your three options are inside handoff, checkdown, or have Sunseri slowly run into 5 defenders (most likely for a loss) because thats all he can handle, the play calling is not your problem. Look at Cignetti last year, how his play calling had to be dumbed down considerably from Stull to Sunseri…it was night and day. Calvin Magee is far from the problem.

Comment by bgmst10 11.26.11 @ 9:17 am

People calling for Graham’s head need to realize that the High-Octane offense you’re mocking does not even exist at Pitt yet. Remember when Maine sacked Tino seven times because he couldn’t decide what to do with the ball? Or when he stood there and took back to back sacks to kill the last chance drive against Notre Dame? From there, TG has had to simplify this offense to an absurd degree to help Sunseri try to run it, and Tino has failed miserably. How many times have you heard Graham talk this year about needing to make quicker decisions with the ball? Think he isn’t coaching that? Of course he is, Tino just can’t or won’t stop doing what he does. The offensive line has done a damn good job considering the ungodly number of injuries it’s had. The running backs have played well despite the injuries. Have the receivers been great? No, but guys like Devin Street got better as the season went along and they became more accustomed to the system, and more importantly, as they listened to the coaching. This QB either can’t do it or he refuses to do it. I don’t like to blame one guy for that loss, but he had opportunity after opportunity to make ONE play that could have won the game. He failed each and every time. I don’t know what else, short of going into the game and running the plays himself, that Graham could have done to make this easier for Tino. Hail to Pitt, kudos to everyone on the defensive side for a really impressive effort, and someone let me know where I can get a Chad Voytik jersey.

Comment by 85 11.26.11 @ 9:18 am

Tino’s abilities are what they are. What has puzzled me all year about Todd Graham is his inability to make offensive adjustments to his team’s lack of progress.

If Tino is Pitt’s starting QB next year, I really have to question why Pitt hired Todd Graham in the first place.

I don’t want to hear that Todd needs three years to turn Pitt’s football team around. With all the decent college coaches available, Pitt hires a guy who just can’t change his coaching style to fit his players’ abilities or inabilities? Unless Pitt’s football team goes 10 and 2 next year, Todd should donate some of his salary to Pitt because he has not earned the million’s he is being paid. Sorry, just my opinion. Let’s put blame where it belongs. HTP!

Comment by MariettaMike 11.26.11 @ 9:18 am

With a D 1 qb this team would be 8 and 3 ranked in the top 25 and on its way to a BCS bowl. Why blame the coach for inheriting qbs that are not capable of winning at the D 1 level. I would like to know what he really thinks. They have dumbed down the offense to fit the qb. Blame this on DW and Sal because as I said before if he was any good he would be at Alabama with his brother.

I will be there next week to support the seniors but please lets see if someone else can run the O.

Comment by JP 11.26.11 @ 9:23 am

I think we all agree that Grahams offense is so dependent on QB play and I think we all agree Sunseri does not have the ability to play this position in Grahams system.

Hopefully Chad Voytik will graduate early and enroll at Pitt in the spring, Sunseri is not the answer and if he starts the entire 2012 system it is going to be more of the same.

If this team had a QB that could make decisions and had a faster thought process Pitt would have won at least 3 more games this year. The QB position killed us this year!

All is not lost, TG is not over his head, he doesn’t have the correct QB to execute the game plan.

They still have a shot to win next weekend and a possible bowl berth to reward the seniors.

Comment by Jim from Dallas 11.26.11 @ 9:26 am

I think JP and I have the same idea!

Comment by Jim from Dallas 11.26.11 @ 9:27 am

MariettaMike, if you think Graham hasn’t made adjustments to help Sunseri run this offense, I just don’t know what to tell you. It’s been simplified to the point where the decisions are almost made for him. If Tino needs a coach to hold his hand and tell him to throw a ball away instead of taking that 10th sack, that’s the player, not the coach.

Comment by 85 11.26.11 @ 9:29 am

I have been a season tix holder for over 20 yrs and I have never been as disgusted as I am now if sunseri is the qb next year I may just stop getting tickets

Comment by toga toga toga 11.26.11 @ 9:48 am

Well said, 85. Graham has done all he can to make things easier for Sunseri. I don’t blame him at all for Sunseri’s terrible QB performance. If he continues to let him take snaps he deserves every bit of criticism he will certainly get…

Comment by K.R.Y. 11.26.11 @ 9:51 am

To Tony Dews and MattIce,
Quit referring to Tino as a kid he turns 23 in December that is a man playing with boys, and he has another year of eligibility. Tino should be going on to his life’s work which is not playing football !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.26.11 @ 9:51 am

Todd Graham has a lot of work to do inorder to win over the fan that he has now lost.

People can be patient with someone who shows up and quietly goes about their job making steady gains without promises. They will not forgive a person who comes in guns a blazin making tremendous promises and trying to sell them some fools Gold. High octane was fraudulent and now everyone feels deceived by the over selling. Todd Graham needs to deliver something to the fans. Something real and not falsified with fast talking empty promises

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 11.26.11 @ 9:56 am

On a positive note. The defense keeps getting better. They should be great next year. We will miss Alexcih adn Lindsey, but with Donald and Mosely-Smith as anchors in the middle, better faster linebackers, Price and Thomas with a year in the weightroom and more depth with all the transfers we should be terrific. What a plus if Mason returns.

Has there ever been a better special teams guy than Tags?

Comment by gc 11.26.11 @ 9:58 am

Tino’s ticket has been punched but he has missed the train once again. There is NO FUTURE for Pitt football with Sunseri at the helm.

Time for TG to get that through his head no matter how well Tino practices. Sunseri can’t take the heat of battle. Some guys freeze up under pressure, some guys relish the moment. Hopefully Voytik will be the guy who thrives in the adversity that has become know as Pitt football. Somebody, anybody BUT Tino Sunseri HAS to be put into the driver’s seat come spring ball.Tino has proven beyond the shadow of doubt that he will dependablly whither under the pressure of a close game. This experiment is OVER!!!!


Comment by Dr. Tom 11.26.11 @ 9:59 am

We all expected growing pains with a completely new offense. What we’re dissappointed about is that it’s the end of the season and we’re not getting any better. The most disconcerting thing is how we’re playing in the 2nd half of games. How many games have we blown 2 half leads?

Comment by Justinian 11.26.11 @ 10:03 am

85 & K.R.Y.: Todd can put Tino on the bench and at worse, run a wildcat. Todd is the head coach and if Tino continues to hold onto the ball too long, Todd is not doing his job by leaving Tino in the game to be humiliated.

If Pitt can have multiple players substitute at other positions but QB, the most important position, shame on Todd for lack of preparation. Again, my opinion.

Comment by MariettaMike 11.26.11 @ 10:09 am

For a change I agree with the “retiree”, Mr. Smizik. His critique of the “Fall of the House of Usher”, is unfortunately, correct–in my opinion. BUT–But– he failed to mention the outstanding play of Taglianetti, Donald, Linsley and yes even an offensive gridder(Donald of Penn Hills, a sophomore). When Zach Brown went down, this scribe knew we were in trouble. When a team loses by ONE POINT, an observer shoulf realize the game COULD have gone either way. Mr. get the final word. to his satisfaction and that word is”DENIGRATE PITT”)oops! 2 words). Hey Bob, how ’bout a nice word about the Blue and Gold of’da Burg”? These collegians tried ,but failed. That’s more praisworthy tham merely sitting in tghe press box for, it seems, eternity. shooting arrows at the gladiators. Tell you what, Bob Smizik, I will REALLY retire if YOU DO THE SAME. Rev. George of Columbus

Comment by Rev. George Mehaffey 11.26.11 @ 10:15 am

Well guys, I have to off the this blog, because it’s just too depressing for me right now. There have been a lot of great games in the Pitt-West Virginia series, and this wasn’t one of them. Both teams deserved to lose the game. Unfortunately, we are more adept at losing close games down the stretch.

Comment by Justinian 11.26.11 @ 10:22 am

Tino is what he is a safety who played QB he is a bad QB TG must play some one else next year or i am done with pitt football.
give myers the next game he cant be worse than tino that is a sure thing no one can be worse.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.26.11 @ 10:42 am

Thank you JW on the Thomas question. As for the rest, water is over the dam, I’ll still go to the games, we might end up better one day who knows!

Comment by michael 11.26.11 @ 11:07 am


Maybe Reed can comment on Myers because he has had the opportunity to observe the Panthers fist-hand.

The “rumors” I picked up around the Pitt faithful inner-circle is that he is slow of foot, very slow release, strong arm, but a bit of a under achiever when it comes to meetings and game prep.

Also Smizass had to throw his 2 cents in, it’s a pity a Pitt grad constantly degrades the program.

Comment by Joe Kumpf 11.26.11 @ 11:11 am

Can’t wait to watch Graham’s teams the next few years. He had the team ready, made some great play calls tonight, the D was strong, and I absolutely love what I see from some of the freshman he brought in (I. Bennett, R. Jones, L. Smith, E. Price). Once he has a QB who is capable of A. seeing a rush and throwing the ball away and B. hitting a reciever past 20 yards (things even the worst Div. 1 QB’s do on occasion) he will be a great success here at Pitt. Glad we have TG, anyone calling for his head needs their own examined, he is going to do tremendous here in the future.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 11.26.11 @ 11:19 am

JW, you can criticize me for being critical of the defensive coaching but my point is that we still had a chance at the end of the game with WVU pinned inside their 5 yd line and we should have been extremely aggressive there to make a play and of course we were not. if your f… QB can’t make a play, maybe your defense who played a heck of a game could win the game for you.

Comment by pittfan92 11.26.11 @ 11:23 am

What OntarioLett’sGoPitt just said.

I think in the long run, Graham was and still is a great choice for this program. Taking just the offensive side of the ball, there have been times this year even with Tino running the ship that we were able to see how prolific “High Octane” could be. The problem is that we’ve never seen it consistently because Sunseri hasn’t been able to execute it anywhere even remotely approaching “consistently”.

In a pro-style scheme, you can hide that a little bit better. In this kind of offense, if you don’t have that, you can’t really run the offense because the entire execution of the play hinges on the QB reading the defense and making quick and definite decisions with the football.

So what now? Well, I read a lot on here from a few who are constantly referencing back to measureables and recruiting rankings and arm strength. They don’t need a kid with all the measurables in the world to run this thing. They don’t need a kid who can throw it from his goalline to the opposing 40 without a problem, because this offense doesn’t stretch the field vertically the same way it did under Wannstedt (on the outside).

What Graham needs is a QB who can read and react quickly and make accurate throws, particularly over the middle on crossing routes. This has compromised what this offense is supposed to be. When it comes to putting the ball in the air, Sunseri can’t read quickly enough, and can’t make those throws consistently. As someone mentioned above, it’s one of those many things that Graham has taken out to try to simplify things to work with this group.

I’ve said this before – go look at Kellen Moore. He lacked ideal measurables – 6’1″, 185 lbs. – when he came out of high school. The only offers he had came from Idaho and Div. I-AA Eastern Washington. But he’s accurate. He reads defenses quickly. He makes decisions quickly. In that system, that’s what he needs to do, and he’s been just fine at Boise State.

So next year, maybe that QB that Graham needs is Mark Myers (since we haven’t seen him, I’ll assume the best – that he just needed a full year in this system). Maybe it’s Trey Anderson. Maybe it’s Chad Voytik. Maybe it’s a JUCO kid who isn’t quite on the radar here yet.

I think we know it’s NOT Tino Sunseri. I can’t see Tino ever improving on his tendency to hold the ball too long, and I can’t see Graham dealing with this for another season.

Comment by Stoosh 11.26.11 @ 12:04 pm

Clairton 24 Sto-Rox 6 at the half.

Comment by alcofan 11.26.11 @ 12:31 pm

Everyone seems to think if we could just get one decent QB, all will be well. What if Voytik turns out to be the next Marino and gets hurt in the first game? Cincinnati had, like 5 QBs who could play a couple of years ago, and if one had a bad day another went in. Graham had better recruit quantity as well as quality and get more than one ready to play. Or is his system so complicated the coaches don’t have time to prepare more than one?

Comment by 66Goat 11.26.11 @ 1:09 pm

Penn State rapes and PITT SUCKS. It never ends.

Comment by Justin 11.26.11 @ 1:09 pm

I cant even read the rants. I read cooks article and got pissed. Damn im so sick of this bullshit. Pederson should be fucking fired. I hate Todd Graham.

Comment by Justin 11.26.11 @ 1:12 pm

Its just beyond frustrating. 14-0 lead defense played well. Three turnovers. 6 points in 3 quarters bith without a first down. I just don’t understand how it is possible Sunseri is not one iota better at this point. The sad part is I wish I could pretend to be surprised.

Comment by BCE 11.26.11 @ 1:18 pm

Anyone seen any highlights from the Pitt-Penn game?

Comment by Ronald 11.26.11 @ 1:19 pm

If you had the good fortune of never watching Pitt football this year and tuned in to watch Tino, you would have thought he was a freshman who got shoved into the game unexpectedly after the starter got hurt during the game. He looked so lost. He’s just not that good. I actually feel sorry for him.

For so long, he’s probably been THE MAN. Successful in high school, walked in his Dad’s shadow, but just in way over his head now and at times seems oblivious to it. He’s got heart, but not the talent and apparently he is our best shot, so he’s in a tough position for a 20 year old.

He cannot start next year. This year, Graham gets a pass and is stuck with Wannie’s QB. Next year, he owns it and he cannot (and likely will not) hitch his wagon to Tino. We are going nowhere with him…let’s at least start grooming our future.

Graham is a great hire…we just need to give him some time to get his type of players in the offense. Tino is so overwhelmed..he is dizzy from the High Octane fumes!

Comment by Mark 11.26.11 @ 1:22 pm

tell me- have any of you ever played D-1 sport? have you ever had the pressure in sports he has? getting bombarded by “fans” constantly

Comment by MattyIce 11.26.11 @ 1:24 pm

if u blame tg, u need to be punched in the jaw. he has sacrificed speed and 3/4 of his friction offensive play book because of Tinos lack of skill and mental capabilities not to mention ad-libbing because of a demolished o line and the loss of the nations 2nd leading rusher. cv needs 2 start next year. I’d rather have a mediocre tear and have Chad get his freshman mistakes out of the way than a mediocre year with sunseri.

Comment by pk 11.26.11 @ 1:48 pm


Comment by pk 11.26.11 @ 1:49 pm

MattyIce, do you really think Sunseri is here on Pitt Blather reading these posts and thinking ‘how dare they beat up on little ol’ me’?

This is what you sign up for when you sign the piece of paper giving you four free years of tuition and room & board. What’s that run at Pitt these days? $120,000? Nobody at that level lives in a bubble. His Dad is a FREAKING D1 COACH! Don’t you think he’s been exposed to this sort of thing from birth?

Get over yourself. Soon Tino will as well.

Comment by Bobby 11.26.11 @ 1:51 pm

Watched Tino’s post game interviews. He never said I need to throw the ball away, or get rid of it, he just says we need to do this or we need to do that, never taking ownership. At one point, he even blamed having several young guys in the game and said, they Darius and Isaac were making mistakes…what a joke. Take some ownership. That interview is where you say, “It’s on me, I caused our 10 sacks, protection was good, guys were open and I just didn’t execute” You let the coach point out others mistakes. Never blame other players.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 11.26.11 @ 2:03 pm

@MattyIce, save it for somewhere else. This is a sports blog, with peoples opinions, especially peoples opinions about Pitt sports.

Have we ever played in the NFL or NHL, no, yet I bet we all have opinions about it.

Have we ever been a congressman, senator or president, nope, but we all have political opinions.

We have opinions on movies, music and current events too.

This is a sports blog, about Pitt sports, and peoples opinions on those sports.

Not sure what you expected to find on here, but, that is what this is, peoples rants.

If you’re looking for only positive, I suggest you go to Pitt’s website, they only tell you good things.

You wanna talk about pressure, how about having a full time job, a wife, and 4 children to provide for, most of us on here know all about pressure.

Real pressure!!

Comment by Dan 11.26.11 @ 2:05 pm

Also I love what I see from Isaac Bennett, he was terrific and runs extremely hard.

Comment by OntarioLett'sGoPitt 11.26.11 @ 2:09 pm

To all the Graham excuse makers or should I say enablers: I remember all the defensive comments made by fans defending Wannstedt after his 5-7 first year. And all the posturing and lying going on now doesn’t build confidence in the program. Pederson hired Graham after Graham had just signed a contract extension with Tulsa. Pederson lied last year, telling the press Wannstedt had resigned when in actuality Pederson fired him. Pederson lied several years ago when he said Pitt fans were not interested in playing Penn State. Pederson lied this week when he said Pitt fans aren’t interested in continuing the series with West Virginia. Instead of lying to sound like a big shot, why doesn’t he just say he doesn’t know? For whatever good qualities he has and good decisions he as made, Pederson doesn’t get high marks for Graham. Graham might turn out to be one, but how long will it take?

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.26.11 @ 2:14 pm

MattyIce – Playing DI football is not like joining the Army. Enough of the apologizing.

Comment by The Truth 11.26.11 @ 2:21 pm

This may come as a surprise to you people but Todd Graham forgot more football than anyone on this forum even thinks they know. TG on the 1st time he looked at last years film knew what he had in Tino. If M. Myers was an option he would be the starter.

Did anyone see any improvement at the LB, DL, OT, and especially the DBs??? Though so!! that is coaching and that is the second best thing TG brings to this team. The best is the players he is bring in. He knows that a new QB is a must. BTW, Tony it is learning disability. You better look in a mirrow and you see what that term means.

Comment by joel 11.26.11 @ 2:52 pm

Here is my reason for requesting that Graham leaves this school. He has told everyone that his system takes three years to grasp. Going into this year, Tino had two years of eligibility. A college education at Pitt should teach 95% of us that Tino cannot grasp the system in two years, when the coach says it takes three. The other 10% of us will believe whatever bs the coach and the Peterson are spewing. The point is that if the system takes three years to grasp, there are 3 QB’s that could have used this year and next year to learn and then be in a good position during their third year to make great strides. We are now going to be stuck with two more years of this at least, as the kids (Voytik,Myers,Gonzalez)begin to learn. Tino next year will be grasping at a 50% margin at best. Pitt needs to go in a different direction. The coach has said it takes three years so why be so arithmetically challenged. The funny thing is that everyone seems to think the coach should get three years to get his system in place. I disagree completely. I would like anyone to go in to their new employer and explain that they need three years to perform and get their people in place. Then,to show your boss you are progressing the program, you keep underperformers in their current spots. Does anyone think that would fly in the real world? Graham needs to understand that he is digging an early buyout package for every Sunseri start.

Peterson will go immediately after Nordy retires. Nordy better not think about screwing Pitt on the way out by rewarding Peterson with a new “K”. Nordy’s legacy will be matriculating Pitt to the ACC and upgrading their sports facilities. The new Chancellor will hire a new AD, begin construction on a campus stadium, return to the mustard and higher a non-gimmick coach.

The offensive line was not the problem last night so quit trying to rip them. They ran the ball well, actually looked good doing it. Don’t blame injuries either. They all received full rides because they have talent.

I watched the game in my Pitt gear amongst 22 of my favorite WV supporters at a party last night. Two of the WVU attendees were former players at the University and an additional 1 played in the NFL. They mocked Tino from the second quarter on because he missed easy reads and couldn’t throw an accurate pass (albeit alligator arms carswell’s pass was spot on). The comments regarding alligator arms ranged from “he has hung players out for two years and got them racked” so who wouldn’t short arm a pass over the middle. They said that the tape doesn’t lie. I tend to agree with the hoopie faithful on that note although I don’t study tape like they do.
They all laughed at the Graham locker room speech!! Is that what you pay two million for? Oh good grief charlie brown, Nordy needs to clean house.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.26.11 @ 3:17 pm

I for one like what cook wrote in the PG he said tino sucks not in thoes words but that is what he ment i for one was glad to see it in print.
It was a bought time some one called tino out.
I just hope TG knows how sick of tino we are.

Comment by FRANKCAN 11.26.11 @ 3:24 pm


Not sure exactly what you’re getting at.

Supporting Graham here isn’t necessarily also backing Pederson. I’ve got many reservations about the way Pederson handled things, but I think support of Graham as the new coach is mutually exclusive from anything you cited that Pederson’s done.

And what else are we going to do? Change coaches every year until we find that once-in-a-blue-moon instance where a new coach comes in with players he didn’t recruit and wins right away?

It takes time. History has borne that out any time a program makes a coaching change that overhauls a system the way Pitt did going from last year to this year. Just because Wannstedt couldn’t get out of his own way as a gameday coach in Year Six doesn’t mean Graham will have the same problems. This team didn’t quit on Graham this year. The defense got better as the season went on. Young players stepped up at various positions and played well. There’s a solid core of young players to build around here and more on the way.

Graham has a lot to work on – gameday adjustments could come a little quicker, for example. And he will. He’ll get better and evolve as a coach in this program. But he also needs to get more of the pieces in place that he needs, and it’s a process. Walt got eight years. Wannstedt got six years. Let the process play out a little bit.

Comment by Stoosh 11.26.11 @ 3:24 pm

This game was a pretty good example of TG maturing a bit as a coach in a “power” conference. If you look at the Iowa game Sunseri and the defense for the most part played well enough (until they got gassed at the end) to win that game. TG’s insistence to play up-tempo, “extend-the-game” style of offense was ultimately what decided the game and gave Iowa enough clock to comeback. TG should have used RG more and and shortened the game on Iowa instead of pass, pass, pass, punt that was so common in Pitt’s earlier offense.

Yesterday, we got a large dose of our deepest position, running back. Bennett showed he belonged. Ran hard, picked up his blocking assignments for the most part and wasn’t much of a drop off. TG learned to shorten the game on WVU and it should have been enough. This is where Tino comes into the story.

This year has been a combination of a few coaching decisions costing us games with an indecisive, bone-headed qb costing us the others.

Myers should play the entire game next week to see what is really there. Sometimes you might have a guy who turns it on under the lights and he could be that kind of guy even if he’s not the hardest practicing kind of guy.

I fear that TG would rather get this team bowl-eligible than starting a new QB with his thinking that “Tino gives them the best chance the win.” Clearly it has been proven all year that is not the case.

DW gave us a good defense, let’s hope that continues in the years to come. And let’s hope TG continues to mature as a coach and let’s hope Tino takes a seat.

Comment by MelbaPlace 11.26.11 @ 3:43 pm


Regarding the QB situation, Sunseri and Myers are more geared to drop-back, pro-style offenses. They were bound to struggle with this system to some degree no matter how much time they had. Sunseri seems mobile enough to run the read-option competently, but the other part of that is reading, recognizing and executing quick-snap throws and he fails miserably there.

It’s been said that Myers has struggled with the read-option part and has had work ethic issues. Can he make the throws? No one really knows. Probably better than Sunseri can, but to run this offense you need to be able to execute all three facets. If he can’t run the read-option, that’s just as big a problem as Tino’s inability to execute the passing part of the offense.

Voytik, Anderson and Gonzalez all ran a spread/read-option in high school. Gonzalez supposedly struggled the same as Sunseri – could executing the running part of the offense well enough, but he struggled with accuracy in the passing game and reading the proper throws. Getting himself in trouble with the marijuana bust put him behind everyone else as he was suspended. I supposed there’s a chance he moves back to QB in the offseason, but these coaches may have already seen enough of him to know he can’t run it the way he wants it run.

Anderson was brought in as a low-risk gamble after Graham had six months with what he inherited and apparently realized Tino was the best of a bunch that really wasn’t suited for his system at all. It was a shot in the dark because the kid had run a similar triple-option offense in high school. I get the impression that Graham hoped Sunseri would stay healthy and execute the base offense at just a competent level, which would’ve bought a year to get Anderson to get completely acclimated to this level of football. When that didn’t happen, Graham turned to Anderson for some sort of spark because he wasn’t getting it from Sunseri.

Voytik has also run the triple-option in high school. Much of what I’ve read and seen on film of him leads me to believe that it may not take him long to pick this up.

So how does getting rid of Graham help any of this? What then? Bring in another coach whose “system” is more geared toward a ball-control scheme? Great. That puts them back at square one with two QBs not suited for that (Voytik and Anderson), a complete unknown in Myers and an incumbent in Sunseri who many of us agreed was average at best in Wannstedt’s offense.

No, you know what? I’m going to defer to Graham and specifically to Calvin McGee and Mike Norvell here. Norvell worked under Guz Malzahn and Chad Morriss, so he’s seen the blueprints of those offenses. Calvin McGee oversaw two offenses – one at WVU and one at Michigan – that eventually unearthed Rasheed Marshall, Pat White and Denard Robinson at quarterback. I’ll take my chances with the fact that he knows what he’s doing, and just needs to find the right guy.

Comment by Stoosh 11.26.11 @ 3:49 pm

Also, Trey Anderson should never start another game for Pitt. That experiment didn’t work. He’s not a D1 QB.

Comment by MelbaPlace 11.26.11 @ 4:02 pm

Pitt is now 13-11 in the Tino era. Actually when you factor in playing legit teams, you have to omit the 4 rent-a-wins of New Hampshire, Florida International, Buffalo & Maine. So omitting the rent-a-wins, Pitt is 9-11 against D1 competition.

Now considering the BigEast has been extremely bad the last two years, so bad that Uconn won it last year and Louisville at 7-5 might win it this year, 9-11 is putrid. Pitt has much better players at most positions than all these schools.

And of these 9 wins against legit (?) D1 teams, none of them have been against anybody really good. The best win last year was who….Kentucky?, USF? Cincy ? Syracuse? Rutgers?
None of those teams were really any good.
The best win this year was against who….Louisville (7-5), USF or Uconn? Again all these teams are not very good at all.

When you have a D2 QB you ARE NOT going to beat any good D1 teams. In fact, Maine’s D2 QB was better than our starter. That pretty much sums it up. And please don’t tell me he threw for over 400 yards against Uconn, the average Western Michigan QB threw for almost 500 yards against Uconn with 5 TD passes. Sunseri’s performance against Uconn was what you call an anomaly.

a·nom·a·ly (-nm-l)
n. pl. a·nom·a·lies
1. Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 4:02 pm

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And Joel, not to criticize you but I am saying that TG said it takes three years to learn his system. Why let someone who only has two years of eligibility left to sniff the field? Especially after watching his tape.

As a result of his allegiance to Tino, TG still does not have any game film of Gonzalez, Myers and minimally on Trey and is now in his self-created pickle for next year. That is TG’s fault.

The linebackers have not improved this year as you suggest. Gruder, Williams and Roberts still can’t cover anyone in pass defense and often fill the wrong gaps in run defense and are too slow to recover. Agree that Price and Thomas show promise if you consider Thomas a LB.

DB improvement? Are you serious? They have not improved consistently at all. A couple of nice plays last night, but for the most part, not consistently good. Run support is atrocius. Have they ever come up with a big defensive stop? A fourth and six would have been a good place to begin. It is easy for DB’s to play well when they are only being asked to cover for a few seconds because of a great pass rush. The DL I agree with. They play well and Donald is awesome and I only hope he keeps his tenacity. Watch the Rutgers tape again, the DB’s were a mess.

Pitt has no identity offensively. Bennet runs hard and Shell will run hard. Did anyone notice how WV bowed their chests and came out and bullied the defense by going to the power run game in the 2cnd half. They out physicalled the defense. Not surprising given all the negativity coming from the qb position. The OL was not the problem. The qb was. Period.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.26.11 @ 4:07 pm

Trey Anderson has NEVER started a game for PITT.
So you are wrong there Melbaplace.

If given a legitimate chance and enough work with the 1rst team and not having to play in 40 mph winds so that Tino would not look even worse. He would still operate this system BETTER than Sunseri.

Funny, those that have seen 24 games of terrible play from Sunseri(with an anomaly here and there against truly horrible teams) can’t seem to come to the conclusion, he stinks. But they can after seeing Anderson play for 2 or 3 quarters, total.

Amazing…really amazing.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 4:09 pm

While I am full of negative emotions today, I am trying to keep everything in perspective and remember how many innocent couches suffered b/c of Tino.

Comment by CalvinHobbes 11.26.11 @ 4:12 pm

I’m off the “start Tino b/c he’s better than the alternative” bandwagon. I don’t care who we start, the ball boy, Graham’s 5 yr old kid, Jock Sutherland’s dead body, it will be an upgrade.

Comment by The Incline 11.26.11 @ 4:14 pm

Nobody else has started a game since Sunseri was handed/given/giftwrapped the job last season. Actually they handed him the job in Spring Practice 2010. He had done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WARRANT being handed the job in Spring Practice other than the fact he last name was Sunseri. Had it not, he would have never even sniffed the field.

Glad to see you finally come on over Incline.
Welcome to the Start anybody but Sunseri Club.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 4:28 pm

Not to wish this on any 23 year old, but for a guy who gets sacked so many times, runs into sacks, runs into his own linemen, his backs. This guy never gets hurt. I think they said he got hurt in the Miami game last year, but was that just a ‘mercy’ pull by DW since Miami was just teeing off on Pitt in the 2nd half.

Is he being gingerly sacked, I know on some of the longer runs of his, it seems like the defenders are actually running away from him. Don’t believe it, watch a replay of the Bowl game from last year or the USF game from this year.

Strange but true.

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 4:39 pm

I think there were many, many improvements from Pitt over last year’s Brawl. Attitude, competitiveness, overall defense, all so much better…I think that’s what makes the QB role so hard to take – along with the over-injured, generally inept offense. Will we have three ready-to-go QBs next year, just in case the injury bug strikes again??

Comment by TonyinHouston 11.26.11 @ 4:46 pm

I’ve waited until now to comment after everyone has aired their Tino complaints … and certainlY tHere is much to complain about our QB.

However, the OL and WR also has to share the blame .. just because our QB didn’t throw the ball away after 3 seconds doesn’t absolve the OL and WR from any blame. So what we if Tino would have had 5 more completions and 5 less sacks … we still lose the game.

Last year Tino was sacked 21 times in 13 games; this yea, 50 so far.

Comment by wbb 11.26.11 @ 5:19 pm

I should have said .. so what if Tino had 5 more ‘incompletions’ and 5 less sacks .. we still lose.

WE could have used a playmaker .. someone stepping up an makeing the play … instead of Street not holding on to a long pass (yes, it was a bit underthrown but still catchable) and how about Carswell short-arming the other long pass (hell, that may have been the best pass Tino threw all year)

WE NEEDED A PLAYMAKER … hell, we had Shanahan returning punts!!!

Comment by wbb 11.26.11 @ 5:24 pm

Some good points wbb. Agree with Shanahan returning punts. Hell, if you want to play that safe, dont even put anyone back there. Pretty sure we wont fumble then. Carswell’s attempt (?) at a catch late in the game may have been the worst case of alligator arms Ive seen in a while. For the offensive line, consider this. WV for the majority of the game only rushed 3 guys, dropping 8. We basically had 2 guys blocking every rusher. With that type of protection you should be able to eat your lunch back there. That all being said, Sunseri is not very good and the fact that this scenario has played out all year Ive got to put some blame on the coaches. I am a Graham supporter, but what we saw these last few games is just ridiculous. Like watching a midget football game where you know there is no way in a hell this 10 year old is going to drop back and complete a pass. Make some changes / adjustments / or whatever you want to call it, but put something out on the field that resembles a team that has spent some time practicing. For what we got last night, why not put Ronald Jones in for every snap and just run the ball. I think I’d take my chances with that compared to what we got. And to top it all off, WV’s defense has been there weakeness all year. They are not a great defensive team.

Comment by Z-Boy 11.26.11 @ 6:01 pm

Tino sucks… Bottom line Graham better find a Juco Qb to come to Pitt in case Voytick isn’t ready to go as a true freshman. Tino cannot get the job done. Did he complete a forward pass in the second half? Another year or even one more game is going to put Pitt fans on a collective suicide watch.

Comment by CJK 11.26.11 @ 6:25 pm

1975 to 2011 would be 36 years

Coaches during that time
1) Johnny Majors (National championship and heisman)

2) Jackie Sherrill (perennial to 5 finisher)

3) Sarafino Foge Fazio (second worst PITT coach ever(

3) Mike Godfried (better than average but gets the start for the trifecta – beats Penn St., ND, and WVU in the same season! Will always have a special place in PITT fans heart for that one!)

4) Paul “I can’t hack it anymore” Hackett (worst coach in PITT history)

5) Johhny Majors (second coming was for PR reasons only after Paul Hackett tried to dismantle the program with his ineptitude. He did his job)

6) Walt Harris “Pitt should be glad to have me since they aren’t the dream job that they think” enough said…got fired one statement too late. Perennial underachiever saved by VT win every season

7) Dave “Mr Entitlement” Wannstedt. Deputy downer himself. The perennial downplayer. How could any player play for a coach who constantly preached that they werent as good as people thought?

8) Todd “low octane, big talk” Graham. He has two more year at best. No BCS by 2013 No Job in 2014. You get your one year pass with excuses. Suggestion – next year leave the big talk at home.

So that would be 8 coaches in 36 years. (one coach every 4.5 years). Folks, it aint easy picking a coach who can win. A lot of fraudulent coaches out there.

Comment by Pitt fan in Atlanta 11.26.11 @ 6:40 pm

Reading that Smizik article about Jackie Sherrill is enough to make you sick. Think about it, it was 1982, think about where Penn State was and is now. It could have been Pitt, Thanks Posvar, great decision. Pederson is to blame for the mess we have now, the Haywood debacle has screwed this program for the next five years. A man over forty with a child out of wedlock that is under three is a huge red flag, Pederson should have been fired for missing that. Because of that mess Graham was able to sleaze his way in for a big payday, no one else wanted to touch this mess, or had already accepted better jobs. Now we’re stuck with dubious recruiting, poor game day decisions and a coach that none of the fan base believes in.

Comment by Jaimz 11.26.11 @ 6:42 pm

Dubious recruiting by Graham?? Really?? Please explain.

Comment by Hollywood 11.26.11 @ 6:51 pm

On a positive note, Phile State got crushed by Wisconsin 45-7. It’s not often they let Phile State get beat like that, it was long overdue.
And very enjoyable to watch, I must add.

Biggest farce of a 9-2 team(well now 9-3) I’ve ever seen. Only Paterno being able to make that schedule, that didn’t include EITHER Michigan or Michigan State, two of the top teams in the Little 11, er 12. What….no Land Grant Trophy Bowl this year ! What’s up with that, college football will never be the same.
I guess they wanted to make sure he got the most victory record by a coach before he went off into dementia.

Rutgers pulled a Pitt, going up to Uconn and getting their hats handed to them when they could have won the BigEast for the very first time.
Schiano is another one, who I don’t understand how he keeps his job. Guy always bungles any big game Rutgers is in. 3rd tier bowl for Cignetti and former Pitt pals again! And Cincy got their act together under Munchie the QB and beat pathetic Cuse.

Next week two pathetic teams vie for bowl eligibility. Think I’ll take a pass on that epic struggle. Our vaunted qb is due for a big game against the pathetic Cuse defense, even Munchie had a big game(in his 2nd career start) against that horrid D, today. So the season will end with the vaunted qb playing well against Cuse and whatever joke of a team we play in the Sloppy Joe O’Brady Bowl. And said vaunted qb will be the Sloppy Joe Bowl MVP, as I predicted many weeks ago.

Setting him up for his big encore senior season as Pitt’s QB. I can’t wait ! (not really)

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 7:13 pm

Oh I almost forgot.

Truth & Virtue. (Does TG know this is the school motto, and for that matter how about Smiley)

Hail to Pitt !

Comment by EMel 11.26.11 @ 7:20 pm

Please, please can somebody give EMel a job? The number of posts are more than the number of sacks Tino gives up! Somebody hire him or at least get him a date so he has something to do!!

Comment by Tinosmom 11.26.11 @ 7:41 pm

I think that MattyIce is really Tino !

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 11.26.11 @ 7:53 pm

So again, TG says 3 years to learn my system. Tino has 2 years of eligibility. Immediately scrap that guy. I think the faithful would have been happy with announcing a starter, let’s say Anderson for two weeks and let’s see what he does under the lights with an entire week of preparation. If he does well, great. If not, Myers turn. Let them prepare fully for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. If they all stink up the joint, Wanny is the fall guy for not recruiting a D1 QB.Perhaps TG can blame Tino as a Wanny recruit in the hopes of getting more time. Wrong! So Brady Hoke had his system and changed his system to fit his players strengths. Uh Oh! A coach can change his philosophies to fit his talents and actually win. Not modifying your coaching philosophies to fit your talent while you transition does not work (see rich rod in michigan).

Getting to a bowl is not the goal of a team. Winning the conference Championship is not the goal of the team. The team should have new goals every week. First week goal, win game 1. Second week goal, improve over first week. Win second week game. If first week game was a loss, the new goal is to win game 2 and each player and coach improving.You can’t be bowl eligible if you don’t win game 1 and so on. You can’t win your conference championship until you win the first conference game an so forth. It is sports psychology fellas.

That speech was weak….

Tino trying to stay in bounds at the end to keep the game clock running was priceless….

Low football mentality from the qb….time, place, circumstance, trends….

Comment by dhuffdaddy 11.26.11 @ 7:53 pm

Tino’smom should take her son home and lock him in his room until Jan 2013. Homeschool him. Keep him off the field.

Emel’s rapid fire, insightful posts are enjoyed by most venting fans on here. Rock on Emel. Keep firing away.

Comment by Bossdaws 11.26.11 @ 8:03 pm

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