May 12, 2008

I definitely would prefer Pitt gets in the Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament, but it may not be as sure a thing.

Giles also said that the Duke, UCLA and Michigan are set as three of the four hosts for the Coaches vs. Cancer. The other host will likely be either Pittsburgh or Rutgers.

The third preseason event that Giles organizes is the Legends Classic. If Pittsburgh isn’t in the Coaches vs. Cancer, look for Jamie Dixon’s team to play in the Legends.

I guess I could see them choosing Rutgers as a way of nearing certainty of having a Duke-UCLA Final.

Assistant Coaching rumors continue. This time with Orlando Antigua.

Sources with knowledge of the situation have told that Calipari is considering completing his staff — now missing Derek Kellogg (new head coach at UMass) and Chuck Martin (new head coach at Marist) — by hiring from a group of candidates that is headlined by Pittsburgh assistant Orlando Antigua and Georgetown assistant David Cox.

I could see Antigua leaving. Yes, he’s a Pitt alum and is comfortable. At the same time, he has ambition to be a head coach one day. He will need to have broader experience at other schools and working for Calipari would be a big building block.

As for Cox. He’s become a fast-rising name in just a few years. He spent one year at Pitt as Director of Basketball Operations before Thompson III hired him as an assistant a couple years back.

Ashton Gibbs was a big performer at the IS8 Playoffs.

Best individual performance of the day: Guard Aston Gibbs, a Seton Hall Prep star and Pitt recruit, went off for 41 in a 105-93 loss to the powerful Gauchos, making nine straight 3s at one point.

Travon Woodall was also playing and did well.

Pitt has apparently offered NJ PG Isiah Epps.

“Tommy Herrion told me that after he saw him work out,” [Plainfield High School Head Coach Pete] Vasil said Saturday by phone. “They’re offering him a scholarship.”

The 6-2 Epps already holds offers from Maryland, Rutgers and Seton Hall, with Maryland head coach Gary Williams telling Vasil he’s targeting Epps as his guard of the future out of the Class of 2010.

Epps is apparently a rising prospect. The, Inc. profile (Insider subs.) puts him in the Juan Dixon mold (which would explain why Maryland is pursuing him).

Epps is lightning quick, shifty with the rock and just flat out explosive at both ends. With range on his 3-point shot and a tremendous amount of body control in the lane, Epps is a nightmare to guard. His will to win is never questioned, has ice water in his veins and has earned the nickname Mr. Big Shot.

He’s also a lefty.

There’s also a write up on an AAU Tournament in DC with some Pitt targets.

9 threes in a row? Start em at the 2. That’s the only position we’re weak at…

Comment by Stuart 05.12.08 @ 5:31 pm

I am excited to see Gibbs in a Pitt uni.

Comment by Jared 05.12.08 @ 5:39 pm

Hell, after that Michigan State game, I’d start him at the five if he could string a few threes in a row together.

Comment by Jeff 05.12.08 @ 10:57 pm

Aren’t we always in need of a good 2? It seems like it.

Comment by Jimbo Covert's my Dad 05.12.08 @ 11:49 pm

more to the point, we are always in need of a 1 (or 2) and done, headed to the NBA. If Epps is that good, we need him.

Comment by IronmanEE68 05.13.08 @ 12:27 am

In other not quite related news…

By Mark Schlabach- – in his third Top 25 revision (updated May 9), Pitt climbs from 22 (Jan. & Feb.) to 19.

link to

That’s about all the news I could dig up (NCAA FB) on our Panthers. Anyone else?

Comment by Neil 05.13.08 @ 7:46 am

What’s up with Pitt Football recruiting…??? Anyone have any good news….by this time each of the last 3 years we have had at least 4-5 recruits locked up….

Comment by Marco 05.13.08 @ 8:46 am

Pitt is loaded for the next couple of years. Very few upperclassmen. That is why there haven’t been any commits.

Comment by Omar 05.13.08 @ 9:39 am

I think the scores on the field will determine our recruiting for next year…can’t promise early playing time anymore…

As for basketball, 19? Yikes. That’s awful. Obviously he doesn’t follow ball very well. We’ll be top 10 no doubt. Some have us as high as ONE or TWO in the nation.

Here’s a conversation: name a better trio than Fields, Young and Blair.

Comment by Stuart 05.13.08 @ 6:16 pm

Wait, take that back. Poll was discussing football, not basketball. Reminder: read poll first next time. Too much basketball/football in same post to keep it all straight.

Carry on.

Comment by Stuart 05.13.08 @ 6:22 pm

[…] That noise started last week. Looks like the organizers want to have better odds of a Duke-UCLA meeting. From a marketing standpoint I can see it. Michigan is a likely non-factor to challenge, but is a name school. Adding Rutgers is reasonably safe to get that Duke-UCLA match-up. […]

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