May 1, 2008

Shave The ‘Stache

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I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks. Ever since I found out about Georgia basketball coach Dennis Felton’s pledge and follow-through.

Before a January game against Georgia Tech, Georgia Coach Dennis Felton addressed the students. He vowed to shave his mustache if the Bulldogs won the SEC Tournament.

Student interest for the basketball games were flagging — to be kind. Of course Georgia won the SEC Tournament, and Felton kept his word.

“To be honest, I seriously don’t remember making that promise,” Felton, clad in a red jacket, told students gathered around a grassy patch between the student center and the UGA Bookstore. “I’ve had this mustache since it first came when I was 3 or 4.”

Felton’s personal barber, Vernell Wilson of Wilson’s Hair World, did the deed. It took a surprisingly long time, considering the pencil-thin style of mustache Felton wears.

But Wilson, who cuts Felton’s hair at least once a week, said he never had shaved anyone outdoors, encircled by a couple hundred students with a grunge rock band playing in the background.

“I’ve never touched his mustache,” Wilson said. “He’s real particular about it. So this was an honor, and there was some pressure.”

They made it into an event.

Now this brings us to Pitt football, the students and the Wannstache. That which he grew to follow the way of the Bronson.

It’s a big season (hopefully). The team needs the students to turn out in full this year. To really help provide the the home field spark. Last year the student section didn’t even sell out.

My thought is that the Coach Wannstedt make a deal. If the student section sells out — and they attend the games — and if Pitt wins the Big East or wins a BCS bowl, then Wannstedt shaves the ‘stache.

How does that not further get things juiced for this season? How do the players themselves not want to make that happen?

You can’t tell me that Schick or Gillette wouldn’t be interested in sponsoring this. There certainly would be ESPN coverage.

I can picture it. Halftime at a Pitt basketball game. A single chair at halfcourt. A small tray with a couple razors and some shaving cream. A barber waiting. Out of the tunnel strides Coach Wannstedt.

The place would go crazy.

This has to happen.

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