March 6, 2007

Pitt Spring Practice Capsule

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Seeing this got me very excited for some reason. Even as we’re starting to embark upon the greatest time of the year with all of the conference hoops tourneys, any thoughts of football starting up again are great in my book. I guess it’s nice to get away from our basketball woes for a few seconds.

Spring practice starting date: March 17

Spring game: April 14

Top returner: WR Derek Kinder. Kinder emerged as a junior for a team-leading 847 yards. Like the rest of the team, he faded down the stretch – partially because of the emergence of redshirt freshman Oderick Turner. The veteran wideout will need to be more of a threat in the passing game with a new quarterback under center.

Player on the verge: CB Aaron Berry: Tyler Palko was the starting quarterback and H.B. Blades piled on the tackles, but cornerback Darelle Revis will be tougher to replace than either of them. The sophomore Berry, who was a four-star recruit in 2005, will get a crack at the position opposite rising senior Kennard Cox.

Impact newcomer: RB LeSean McCoy: Like Ford, McCoy is another prep school player who had a change of heart in the last year. McCoy committed to Miami out of high school but signed with Pitt after a year at New Berlin (N.Y.) Milford Academy. McCoy should provide a power option to counter LaRod Stephens-Howling‘s speed game.

The big question: What’s next now that Palko, Blades and Revis are gone? If Pitt went 11-12 with those three players over the last two seasons, what happens now that they’re gone? Entering year three, Dave Wannstedt will be put to the test in finding a new quarterback among the inexperienced Bill Stull, Kevan Smith and incoming freshman Pat Bostick. A former NFL head coach and defensive coordinator, Wannstedt has his work cut out for him with the 107th-ranked rush defense in the country.

Well, after reading those last few lines, I’ve been shot back down to Earth.

just another preview that ignores the improvement on O-Line and D-Line. not where they should be just yet, but strides will have been made.

Comment by Joey T 03.06.07 @ 10:33 am

We have no good linebackers. We have no good safety. Unproven QB. Unproven everywhere actually. Weak schedule I’ll go 7-5 or 6-6.

Comment by Chris 03.06.07 @ 11:09 am

with all the basketball going on, i havent followed football since our lovely losing streak to end another crappy season… heres a basic question for you all….

who is our qb next yr? is it the guy who came in for palko at the end of a few of the blowouts?? i cant remember his name….or do we have a transfer or a freshman who may start?

Comment by Schoe 03.06.07 @ 11:43 am

107th ranked rushing defense? How in the world did Paul Rhoads keep his job? Thats a complete meltdown disgrace. How does the Pitt defense wake up in the morning thinking about that? My high school could stop more teams than that.

Comment by CurtisMartinFan 03.06.07 @ 11:43 am


QB is supposed to be an open competition between Bill Stull (junior- he was the one who came in during blowouts), Kevan Smith (redshirt freshman) and Pat Bostick (true freshman).

Smith is supposed to be the a little bit more athletic and Stull is the most experienced (relatively speaking). My guess would be they start Stull with Smith as the backup and redshirt Bostick, but thats just a guess.

Comment by kamesh 03.06.07 @ 12:12 pm

Hopefully Bostick is as good as advertised and wins the position outright before the season starts, but it’s Wanny we’re talking about here. 107th ranked rushing defense?…either Rhoades is an amazing hypnotist or The University of Pittsburgh has a delicate policy on how they fire incompetence. I bet you all 5 bucks that if we go 8-4 and our defense ranks around 75….then Wannstache calls Rhoades a genius and a gentleman.
At this point I would take that of course, unless we see some serious explosions in practices. Dang it, what is Wannstedt up to?

Comment by Panthoor 03.06.07 @ 1:48 pm

How the hell did we manage to be ranked 107th on rush defense? I would have thought we were around 125 or 130, who could have possibly been worse?

Comment by Rex 03.06.07 @ 1:54 pm

A. Berry …will get a crack at the position opposite rising senior Kennard Cox.”

…since when is Cox on the rise? He was brutal last season.

Comment by Neil 03.06.07 @ 4:58 pm

You are all such “the glass is half empty” types. I look at our rush defense as being better than 6 other teams. Yeah, that’s right, you never here that statistic do you? Instead of critisizing our D, we should be making fun of (I’m guessing) Temple, Duke, Fl Int and 3 more! Paul needs our support. Next year, let’s try to be better than 10 of the 117 teams on rush D. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

Comment by Jon C 03.06.07 @ 7:33 pm

Cox was amazingly brutal last season.

Comment by Kevin 03.07.07 @ 7:54 am

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