March 6, 2007

Just so those of you tuning into the Big East Tournament, 2 pm game, don’t scream in shock and fear, Nike is debuting their new b-ball unis starting in conference tournaments. Florida, Arizona, Ohio State and Syracuse will be wearing the new look. Something that has been compared to team wedding dresses or almost gladiator-esque. A snug-spandex contoured top with sleeves and shorts that — well — baggy doesn’t even begin to describe.

You’ve been warned.

Thank god Pitt is not a Nike school.

For Some reason, I keep thinking about Cheech and Chong Lyrics:

“My basketball coach, he done kicked me off the team, for wearing high heeled sneakers and acting like a queen.”

Comment by KeithS 03.06.07 @ 2:14 pm

Wow! Those are spectacularly bad uni’s. Good call on the Cheech and Chong, KeithS. “Wow, you just ate the most acid I’ve ever seen anybody eat. Hope your not busy for about a month.”

Comment by Crackbaldo 03.06.07 @ 2:50 pm

lol I like the one reply on that site….

I wonder how pissed the average overweight fan is going to be now, having to wear a very tight spandex jersey to show support for his team.

They are gonna look like those pudgy people at my gym who squeeze into under armor shirts because it is “in style”.

Comment by Ryan M 03.06.07 @ 3:39 pm

A. Florida, Arizona, Ohio State and Syracuse will be wearing the new (Nike) look.
Q. Who are 4 teams I will now root against?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Oregon’s football uniforms . . . Nike gives us this?!?!?!

Comment by Cris 03.06.07 @ 3:41 pm

OH MY GAWD, it’s just SO GAY — I’d transfer; there is nothing remotely practical about those get-ups. (And we thought the Oregon Ducks FB program had it bad in their leotards…)

Comment by Neil 03.06.07 @ 4:38 pm

you beat me to it Cris, didn’t notice your swing at the Ducks in my first read-through.

Comment by Neil 03.06.07 @ 4:49 pm

I’ll reserve judgement for the Art Institute to make on clothing – I don’t care if they go out there buck naked ‘cept for a do rag and a kool moe dee backstage pass if that gets them a win.

How’s this effect the game if we get these? Does this mean it’ll be harder to grab Ramon’s jersey down on the baseline when he’s running from his defender, and get more open shots? I’d say the refs miss 90% of the grabbing on Ramon. Now I won’t have to complain about it.

It’ll be funny never seeing a jersey grabbing foul again – unless you pants a guy I guess.

Will this help or hurt Pitt (assuming all jerseys eventually go this way)?

Comment by Stuart 03.06.07 @ 7:14 pm

I’d venture to guess that the obvious foul by Marquette at the end of the game on Saturday that should have given us the chance to tie, might actually have been called if MU were wearing that crap. Nahhh….

Comment by geeman2001 03.06.07 @ 8:36 pm

Stuart, Pitt has a contract with Adidas, so the chance of seeing the Panthers in these Nike abominations is zilch.

Comment by baudolino 03.07.07 @ 1:40 am

Just wait til Adidas comes out with their version, and in a couple years every college team once again looks the same.

Comment by Stuart 03.07.07 @ 2:57 am

Evidence that Nike should stick to trying to set trends, not mimic them.

Comment by Carmen 03.07.07 @ 8:38 am

[…] Anything to prolong the time before the impending doom that is Syracuse’s new unis. TrackBack URI |   2comments […]

Well, I’m looking at them right now in the SU game, and they look no where as tight as they do in the pics show. They look like jerseys with a little wider shoulder straps and nothing at all like under armour. The shorts don’t seem much worse than the uconn players. And because the tops aren’t sooo tight, the shorts don’t look soooo baggy. I think it was just bad pics they released to the public.

Comment by Stuart 03.07.07 @ 3:26 pm

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