March 25, 2007

Well, the Offense Looks Good

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Let’s see, looks like the defense needs to work a lot harder. O-line Coach Greg Gattuso has been complaining about little injuries that keep the full starting O-line from playing together so far in practices. They didn’t seem to be having much problem with the Pitt defense — even with the QBs being “live.”

Junior Bill Stull completed 14 of 16 passes for 130 yards and was sacked twice. Redshirt freshman Kevan Smith completed 16 of 18 passes for 219 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Smith’s touchdown passes were to Strong and Pestano. Smith was intercepted by linebacker Shane Murray.

Add in that Kevin Collier had 65 yards on 11 carries — along with 2 TDs at the goal line.

Among the other standouts were tailback Kevin Collier, tight end Darrell Strong and cornerback Aaron Berry.

“It is very early,” Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt said. “I think it comes down to opportunity and today, Kevin Collier, for example, got more opportunities than the other backs and he stepped up and made the most of it.”

Both Collier and Strong need big springs (and even bigger falls) to have their shots. Strong will get pushed hard by Byham for the starting TE spot and Collier is trying to at least keep in the starting mix with LaRod Stephens-Howling and come the fall LeSean McCoy.

Still, it’s hard not to take note of how easily the offense was able to carve up the defense. Usually, the conventional wisdom is that the defense will be ahead of the offense in early practices. Simply because the offense is trying to find a rhythm and consistency. Especially without an incumbent QB. Yes, it helps to have solid receivers who are established and returning, but they don’t seem to be having too many issues with Stull and Smith.

Well, we all knew the defense was going to remain an ongoing issue. So I shouldn’t even pretend to be surprised.

DeJuan Blair Is Coming

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If you need something to look forward to next year, look no further than Class AAAA basketball champion DeJuan Blair. Before leading Schenley to the state title, he was interviewed by Pittsburgh Sports Insider.

PSI: You are so close to the University of Pittsburgh, how well do you know the players, have you been able to play with any of them?

DB: I know them real well. I haven’t gotten to play with any of them yet, but it is something I look forward to doing soon. Probably as soon as March Madness is over.

PSI: How do you see yourself fitting into the Pitt system next year?

DB: I’m going to try to win a Big East Championship. Whatever I have to do for the team to do that, I will. Obviously, I hoping I will be a starter, but I just want to win.

PSI: Describe your style of play for someone who maybe hasn’t seen you on the court.

DB: I am a team player. I love to pass the ball. I would rather pass and have teammates be involved than scoring a bunch myself. I like to do a little bit of everything. The main thing though is that I love winning; I’ll do anything to help my team win.

I’m pumped.

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