March 31, 2007

Yes, Herb Pope — a once Pitt recruit — was shot.

I don’t know what to say. I was happy that he didn’t sign with Pitt, and the thought that it might do him some good to have a fresh start from so many of his entourage and hanger-ons deep in the Southwest was a reasonable wish.

He has had a horrible past year from the standpoint of perceptions. He got tossed out of an AAU Tournament game. He nearly transferred — again. He finally signed with New Mexico State to the relief of many. Then there was his behavior after Aliquippa blew the lead in the final 3:50 of the Class AA PIAA championship game.

I hope Pope has a full recovery. I hope he can still play ball at New Mexico State. I really hope that he finally realizes that his basketball talent won’t excuse all the other things he does with his life. The bullets that tore through his flesh like any one else, are about the most physical representation of not being invulnerable or that special.

Shameless Cross Promotion

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Not much news on Pitt. Hope a lot of students went to “Blue Chip Day.”

The only story was on the Center position. I’m betting Vangas will be the starter. Bachman is still learning and it just seems that he is going to need more time with that ankle.

This evening, of course will be the Final Four. I’m going to be providing the live-blog for the games at AOL Fanhouse tonight around 6. Michael David Smith (also of Football Outsiders) will also be adding additional posts and thoughts as the game goes on.

This means pacing myself on the beer. I will be starting with Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel. It’s a Belgian I picked up yesterday. Given the high alcohol content (9%) and the flavor, I should be able to go at a slower tempo.

After that, it will be nursing the New Castles.

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