February 28, 2007

To start, I’d like to say I’m moderately scared that Jeff Long will take away my football season tickets if I say something bad about the football or hoops teams. If bloggers in Egypt who talk bad about the government can be thrown in prison

It’s not worth me breaking down the WVU game anymore than it already has been. I was at the Penguins game and wouldn’t have been able to see it if I had stayed home (friggin’ Comcast). Chas did a great job recapping it anyways. Instead I’ll look towards Saturday for our trip to Marquette.

It’s going to be a College Gameday; no word on if Marquette Rollabanas will be on display. Cracked Sidewalks doesn’t care about those though — they just can’t wait for a certain sideline reporter.

Lastly, I know some people asked how the tie breaker would work if we finish with the same record as Georgetown which now seems more likely after they lost at Syracuse. It’s still not a guarantee; we have to play Marquette at their place while the Hoyas host UConn. By the looks of it, they have the easier road. Anyways, if we were to finish with identical records in conference, we would be regular season co-champs. Obviously it’s nice but not as important as winning the Big East Tournament in New York City.

As for seeding for the tourney up in NYC, it looks like Georgetown would be the top seed (once again, that’s if we tie them at the end of the regular season) at which point I laugh at them for having to play at noon on the second day of the tournament. Of course, this could come back and bite me in the ass if we get the #1 seed. For a great breakdown of that whole thing, check out

I hate hockey. I sincerely hope the Penguins leave Pittsburgh and are replaced by an NBA team. In fact, I don’t care if an NBA team comes, I would rather have the circus in town full-time than have to be subject to yinzers and their hockey.

Comment by Omar 02.28.07 @ 7:21 pm

I don’t want to read about Pitt basketball from anyone who would rather go to a Penns game than Pitt-WVU. Go away.

Comment by J-Maile 02.28.07 @ 8:20 pm

Right, because it’s much easier to get Pitt tickets than Pens tickets. Exactly…

You must have also missed the part where it said I don’t get ESPNU. I wouldn’t have been able to watch it anyways. I think I followed along on my cell phone as well as I would have been able to on the internet.

Anything else I can do for you?

Comment by Dennis 02.28.07 @ 8:33 pm

Marquette blog is interesting. How come we don’t have links to these sites?
link to

link to

Comment by TMGPanther 02.28.07 @ 9:22 pm

wannamker went 22 and 7 tonite in catholic league semifinal..nice

Comment by scoocher 02.28.07 @ 10:54 pm

Omar and J-Maile,

Who cares if Dennis went to a Pens game? And if you dont like hockey, who wants to hear about it? I certainly do not. Dennis and Chas provide a free service to you. I suggest you stop acting like morons or go visit a different blog…

Comment by Matt 03.01.07 @ 12:10 am

I just think he should have ebayed those penns tickets and picked up some Pitt tickets while he was on there….

Or make that donation, get season tickets!

Comment by Stuart 03.01.07 @ 2:01 am

I’m just busting his balls… But it is a fair point! Who the hell would go to a Pens game instead of Pitt-WVU or to a sports bar to watch the game!

Comment by J-Maile 03.01.07 @ 6:39 am

Apparently only 17000 people…

Comment by Matt 03.01.07 @ 8:29 am

I’m not busting Dennis’ balls. I don’t care what he does. This is a Pitt blog, therefore I don’t want to hear about the Penguins. It’s bad enough when you go to a sports bar in Pittsburgh and every TV has the Penguins game on and you have to beg the bartender to change one TV to Pitt. Secondly, don’t assume things about the blog. I respect both Dennis and Chas as well as their input. Thirdly, I have contributed to the blog in the past.

Comment by Omar 03.01.07 @ 9:29 am

seriously though, jeff long taking away your tickets? have you seen the home schedule for this year? he should be at the gate thanking each and every person who shows up

Comment by matt 03.01.07 @ 5:56 pm

I’m just ball busting too…

I had pens season tickets last year, along with my pitt season tickets…on days there were both, buh bye pens.

Sad part is pens play 3x more games, and won less. 12 home wins all season. It was pathetic. I threw up in my mouth…several times.

Comment by Stuart 03.01.07 @ 6:31 pm

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