February 1, 2004

Quick Pointers

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No real chance to post anything today and not expected later. Looks like the theme of the weekend in Pittsburgh papers is “is this team even better than last year?”

The Trib fired first with an article yesterday. Quotes from ‘Cuse’s Jim Boeheim and UConn’s Jim Calhoun sprinkled liberally. The PG offers its article today with mostly the same quotes.

A strangely sober and logical Ron Cook writes that this kind of talk is premature and silly (of course it is, but it’s the slow time in the sports calendar).

With all due respect to the Pitt basketball team, what has it really done so far?

With all due respect to the boss, isn’t it premature to be assigning stories comparing this Pitt team to last year’s?

What’s the rush?

I have to agree. Damn.

Other notes Pitt got a big football recruit from Florida to help the O-line. Try 6′ 10″ and 314 pounds.

There is also a good article profiling 3 highly prized basketball recruits coming to Pitt next year.


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