February 12, 2004

Maybe I’ll Go to a Bar

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Crap, crap, crap. I expected this, but still, crap.

ABC/ESPN finally put out the map for what games will be shown where on Sunday (PDF). Naturally, the Cleveland market will have Wake Forest-Cinci (the wife will be happy).

It’s already Thursday, but the stories are still more internal, than about the game itself. The misleadingly titled Trib story, “Pitt hopes to avenge early loss to Huskies” is more about the media preparations, and dealing with having the game called by Brent Musburger and Dick Vitale — ugh. The P-G has a good puff piece on Tim Beltz the basketball strength and conditioning coach, and the impressive job done with Pitt b-ball players.

Up in Storrs, Connecticut, the Huskies head coach has given his team the silent treatment for a couple days. UConn sees itself as having had a target on its back all year, with its pre-season #1 ranking. Everyone gets up to play them. It’s part truth, part pity poor us sort of thing.

Tomorrow should start to build the talk of “rivalry” between the two teams and more game analysis.

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