February 20, 2004

The Big Let Down Game

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The Pitt-West Virginia game tomorrow has all the makings of an even bigger potential let down game than the BC game. Going to a place where Pitt has a 5-20 record, against a WVU team that knows that a win over Pitt would definitely place them on the NCAA Tournament bubble. The game is sold out, in part because it is also the celebration of WVU’s centennial of hoops. Really, the 100 year thing, is the only real story about WVU hoops in WV newspapers.

Early in the week, some were sure Pitt had a handle on their emotions and confidence, but it’s been a week where Pitt has heard how great it is. Pursuit of a #1 seed. Puff pieces abounded — even from WVU sports. From the bench players to the reserves to the senior leaders. Lots and lots of signs of a big let down game.

Look, there is no question that Pitt has more talent than WVU. WVU kicked its best player off the team earlier in the season. WVU, though, will play its first sell-out tomorrow. Lots of talk of the past great WVU teams and players. You have to believe they will really be up for this game.

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