February 26, 2004

Peeking At Syracuse

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I really love reading something like this

What to watch:Sunday, SU at Pitt. No better way for the Orange to become a stone-cold lock – and transform Pitt from top seed to a 2 – than gain by far its most meaningful win of the season.

It’s a thrill to see that Syracuse — a basketball team, and let’s be honest here, that has been one to envy for its consistent success in the Big East — is looking to get it’s “most meaningful win of the season” against Pitt. Not that it should happen.

Though the Orangemen, are saying they are just taking it one game at a time, and not looking to the NCAA tourney. Sure.

Despite, having McNamara back and healthy to face Pitt this time, Syracuse lacks Billy Edelin for “personal reasons” and the fans are a little doubtful about their chances against Pitt in the Pete.

That said, Syracuse will have to exceed expectations if they hope even to stay close with Pittsburgh on Sunday. Earlier in the season, the Panthers destroyed Syracuse in the Carrier Dome.

I don’t think that will happen again, but I think Pitt will win this game.

What is Being Said in Pittsburgh

The beat reporters do their feature notebook stories on Chevy Troutman.

Columnists have chosen to focus on the NCAA Tournament. Smizik at the P-G has a bizarre piece arguing that Pitt might be better as a #2 seed than a #1 — this after decrying the whole obsession that has arisen over seeding in the tourney so early, and that seeding is overrated.

Pitt and the NCAA tournament are so large in our sports consciousness that while the Panthers flirted with defeat Tuesday at Georgetown, the all-consuming fear of those at the game in Washington or watching on television no doubt was not what it would do to the team’s ranking or to its place in the Big East Conference standings but what the loss would do to the its seeding.

The Panthers, after all, are in line for a precious No. 1 seed, which, in theory, gives them the easiest path to the Final Four.

But theory and practicality are two different things. Truth be known, seeding is grossly overrated, as anyone who follows Pitt basketball should know.

It’s rare to get to see such inconsistency in the same column.

Ross at the Trib wonders what will be Pitt’s distraction at the NCAA Tourney, this year.

Two years ago, pre-tournament diversion was provided by Brandin Knight’s right knee, injured in a collision with Connecticut’s Caron Butler late in the Big East title game.

Last year, the distraction came straight from the top. UCLA fired head coach Steve Lavin on March 17 and Howland’s name was first on the list of potential replacements.

He thinks the distraction might be a problem with Krauser. He doesn’t know/say what, but he just doesn’t see anything else that could be a significant distraction. I think it will be allegations from St. John’s players that it was the Pitt players that tipped them off to go to Club Erotica in McKees Rocks.

Baseball and Steroids

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Some of my thoughts.

Recapping Pitt-Georgetown — Sloppy

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But at least it was against a bad team. Apparently they decided this would be the real let down game. Pitt committed 23 turnovers and did their best to lose the game in the first 30 minutes or so. Of course then Pitt wore down the Hoyas and ended up turning a 10 point deficit into a 10 point win, 68-58. Krauser was the difference. Pitt seemed to have taken the game as lightly as I did. I’m just some co-writer on a blog. What’s their excuse?

The Washington papers went with G-town coach Esherick’s excuse for the Hoyas’ collapse that the team just got beat up and suffered because of a lack of depth. Pointing out that the starters for Georgetown played 183 (out of 200) minutes. Of course Pitt starters played 172 minutes and spread over 5 guys, 11 minutes is hardly the reason. Talent and superior conditioning would appear to have been the real difference.

Page was abysmal, again. He shot 0-7 from the field (0-6 from 3-point land). He ended up with 4 points because of 4-6 free throw shooting. Krauser was fantastic (except for 9 turnovers) with 26 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists. Pitt completely dominated the inside game — once they woke up — with Troutman and Taft having very good games.

Esherick (does he have naked pictures of the AD at Georgetown to keep this job?) endorsed Coach Dixon as Big East Coach of the Year. I expect it to come down to Dixon or Tim Welsh of Providence. It might be decided based on the outcome of the game on March 2.

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