February 25, 2017

Open Thread: UNC-Pitt, Senior Day

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Yeah, I have no idea.

It’s reasonable to expect a loss, but it is the final home game of the season. This team could rain down 3s and win big against an expected #1 seed for the NCAA Tourney. OR they could roll over 10 minutes in. And anywhere in between.

It’s Senior Day on the final (regular season) game at the Pete this year.

“These next three games,” [Jeter] said, allowing himself to look ahead to games next week at Georgia Tech and Virginia. “The type of resiliency we show is a mark of what our legacy is going to be.”

“What are we going to do now?” Artis said. “Crumble or keep fighting?”

While speaking to reporters, the seniors were asked how they wish to be remembered.

Jeter said, “No matter what, he just fought. He played as hard as he could. He gave his heart to this place because that’s what I did.”

Young’s hopes are similar: “I just want to be remembered as a guy who got better every year, worked (hard), was a really good teammate and, everytime he came on the court, he gave his all.”

Young said recovering from another devastating defeat won’t be difficult.

“If you love the game as much as I love it, it’s easy to bounce back,” he said. “Any opportunity you get to bounce the basketball, you’re going to seize. If you have a good game and you still lose or a close game and you lose, that’s what you play the game for.”

As maddening as this group of seniors have been, they still are members of Pitt’s community. They will be alumni. And as much as we may feel disappointment with their on-the-court performance, they have done anything off-the-court that has been anything but positive.

Still, a win would be better. Even if it once more offers that surge of hope that will be dashed later.

Nothing left to surprise us. Who shows up, Jekyl or Hyde?

Should be a good Zoo and it is another big junior day so Narduzzi will be there.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 10:14 am

I would like to see a chart on player shooting percentage at the Pete vs away games.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 10:16 am

In other news, I’m weeding the flower beds vs watching this display of disgusting basketball and coaching by a Belks Salesman.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 11:50 am

More powder blue in the Pete than Blue and Gold. Fans settling for cash.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 11:59 am

Gallagher and Barnes outa be on their knees apologizing to the seniors on this team for the chaos they’ve caused!

But they are both busy interviewing the myriad of ADs knocking the door down to come to Pitt!

Comment by Dan 72 02.25.17 @ 12:03 pm

Comical this game isn’t even on tv outside of PA or NC. How embarrassing and lack of interest hiring Al Bundy Stallings has caused.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 12:12 pm

Dan72 – They will hire another yes man dolt. Only school that takes 6 months to make a hire.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 12:13 pm

Good hustle by Nix.

TV – link to

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.17 @ 12:16 pm

I like KS using the bench now. Might as well get them some experience for next year knowing the season is over.

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.17 @ 12:28 pm

13-2 Carolina run and HC Stallings does not call a TO.

He really has checked out. But still receives a pay-check.

At least Pitt has four TO’s left with 7 minutes left in the 1st half.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 12:33 pm

Nix Sucks.

Stallings Sucks.

THose Uniforms look like JV Team in High School. Went Cheap again on those. Sad.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 12:34 pm

UPitt – I’d rather Nix plays than not – he hustles and grabs rebounds. No other Pitt player provides that…

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 12:38 pm

Erie – He is overweight, slow, no hops. He can foul that is it.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 12:42 pm

Stallings looks like a complete dick. zero basketball IQ and he looks terrible as a coach or supposed leader in these terrible suits. Shave your head you asshole.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 12:44 pm

Artis just chewed out by Stallings and sent to the bench.


Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 12:49 pm

Stallings just earned himself a few points with me… chewing out Artis for being selfish.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 12:49 pm

And benching him.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 12:50 pm

But don’t look now. Kithcart is in.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 12:51 pm

NC closes with a 10 – 0 run and one of Pitt’s leading scorers on the bench.

Turn out the lights…

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 12:52 pm

Looking at both the Basketball and Football Unis… who at Pitt has something against STRIPES?

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 12:54 pm

I blamed this coach to many times and have come to the conclusion that this team can only be as good as its point guard. I’m not blaming Jamel he is a great player he should be playing the 3 but when he grabs that rebound and has cam wide open under the basket it just shows his selfish nature when your a point guard you have to be very unselfish if we had james robinson this year or a player similiar to JR we would have at least 3 or 4 more wins and we would be in talks of making the tournament. I just can’t blame Stallings anymore lets see what he does with players coming in and fingers crossed he gets a great PG because average don’t cut it in the ACC.

Comment by PittPanFan 02.25.17 @ 12:57 pm

Artis is just trying to fill out his possible NBA resume’. Have fun playing in Japan….

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.17 @ 12:59 pm

Pitt DOWN at Half translates to… “We got ’em right where we want ’em.”

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 1:05 pm

PittPanFan – Stallings made the decision to put Artis at PG and he chose to not bring in a grad transfer or Juco to play PG.

It is on Stallings.

This team stinks, stunk, stank.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:06 pm

who could come in and run the show Kithcart Damon Wilson neither of these players could compete in the ACC these are players Stallings got stuck with and I’m almost positive he will be pushing them out this summer to bring in transfers then we can really judge HCKS when he has his own recruits this year is a wash. Some of his on court coaching and decisions are up for debate but we cannot truly judge him until he has his own players he recruited. Until then we will see if he can coach in the ACC or not

Comment by PittPanFan 02.25.17 @ 1:07 pm

great start to the half

Comment by PittPanFan 02.25.17 @ 1:13 pm

Yep. We’re only a couple of TO’s by KS and different jerseys and we’d be up by 12 eh upitt

Comment by Kvah 02.25.17 @ 1:17 pm

justin jackson is on fire

Comment by PittPanFan 02.25.17 @ 1:18 pm

Yup – great start – UNC’s lead extended to 13 with under 14 minutes to go.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:21 pm

this game is getting ugly now we are playing rec ball just getting up shots this game is over

Comment by PittPanFan 02.25.17 @ 1:24 pm


Thanks Gallagher

for Barnes

Thanks Barnes

for Search Firm Buddy

Thanks Search Firm Buddy

for a soon to be fired old fuck Shoe Salesman.

Thanks old fuck Shoe Salesman

for making Pitt Basketball irrelevant.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:29 pm

Shooting %’s similar with a slight advantage to UNC.

The big difference is attempts – UNC with 14 offensive rebounds and Pitt with a boatload of turnovers –

North Carolina’s offensive rebounding has to be demoralizing for Pitt. Tar Heels have 14 offensive boards, which is 70% of their missed shots, compared to Panthers 12 total rebounds.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:30 pm

Why are any fans sitting there watching this… I’d rather watch two squirrels have sex.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:30 pm

Nix is like a circus act. We have now become an utter joke.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:31 pm

StreetBall 101! LOL Dioxon would coach circles around this geezer.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:37 pm

Emel – you watching this shit show?

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:38 pm

Erie, I remember the NC offensive rebounds being a big difference in the other game as well. It seems that Pitt is semi-good at a few things, but every team finds some way to exploit a weakness.

With a crap bench being the biggest weakness.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.25.17 @ 1:38 pm

Yep, Herman paid his buddy’s search firm to come up with this product.
What would we have gotten if his pal’s search firm wasn’t used?

Comment by Gasman 02.25.17 @ 1:40 pm

Stallings with a mediocre win percentage at Vandy of .601

In league play in the SEC his win percentage was .493

How in the world did Barney think that would be a good hire?


Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:42 pm

because barnes did realize how gutless and selfish the team really is.

Comment by goalie44 02.25.17 @ 1:46 pm

Roy Boy would be smart to rest his starters so as to avoid injury.

No way Pitt makes a run…

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:47 pm

He didn’t care bc 4 people told him f u I’m not working for you and he knew he and his concubine of wives was heading west as his Mother was unexpectedly ill at 86. Serioulsy can’t make this up.

Gallagher hire was a trainwreck,.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:48 pm

Or keep them in and run up the score on Pitt.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:48 pm

This is all on Barnes. Dixon won with these same kids.


Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:50 pm

Second chance point stat at the 4 minute mark (left in game)

UNC 28
Pitt 3

Effort? Coaching? Talent?

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.17 @ 1:52 pm

Not even the Ghost of Myron Cope could will this Team to a win.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 1:57 pm

If Pitt keeps this bum another year I’m done with them. DMV and Post Office is run better than Pitt Athletics. PSU with a Lesbian AD is run 1000% times better.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 1:58 pm

Certainly the better team won but my O my the ACC refs really gave their blue blood team all of the calls!

Comment by Pittman4ever 02.25.17 @ 2:00 pm

Lots of bad calls for sure. Especially against Jeter.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 2:07 pm

We lost by 20 and we are blaming refs?

Blame the 2.3M Bum

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 2:14 pm

Stallings’ responsibility for losses is pretty much understood at this point.

But there were BAD calls in this one. Not just fouls but tipped Balls and UNCALLED Walks.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.25.17 @ 2:37 pm

Everyday Pitt keeps Stallings is a digger hole to dig out of.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 2:38 pm

Doesn’t matter who the coach is if the kids don’t listen

And, our reserve players aren’t good enough

I’m excite

Comment by Keith 02.25.17 @ 2:42 pm

The players aren’t good enough….it doesn’t matter who is coaching. 15-18 minute no scoring droughts, no sustained attempts at rebounding. I guarantee you stallings stresses that in practice. If the players don’t take it out on the court it doesn’t matter

Comment by Kvah 02.25.17 @ 2:46 pm

Dixon won with these same kids.

blame the kids. I blame 2.3M Grandpa

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 2:48 pm

TCU is staying with WV. Jamie has TCU playing controlled offense something lacking in Stallings’ coaching. And we thought Pitt would upgrade their basketball program when Jamie was driven out of the ‘Burgh. Where is Pitt’s AD? What’s taking so long in hiring an AD?

Comment by MariettaMike 02.25.17 @ 3:40 pm

Keep reading about Kithcart being a poor excuse for a PG. Those of you commenting ought to know that Stallings recruited Kithcart while at Vandy. Kithcart also reopened his recruitment after Dixon left. Stallings could have dumped him then and chose to persuade Kithcart to remain with Pitt in part based upon their relationship. If you believe Kithcart sucks and will always suck the fact that he is on the roster is on Stallings.

Comment by Barvo 02.25.17 @ 3:45 pm

Upitt, I disagree. Jamie didn’t win with the same kids. He had a true point guard who wouldn’t take ill-advised shots, or miss a wide open guy in the paint, both of which Artis did today. Not Artis’ fault, he’s out of position.

Jamie also had Maia and Ododa, who at least provided bodies and ate minutes for Young and Jeter, and who could rebound, and were a bit quicker than Nix. Jamie also had Ryan Luther.

And, I wager the ACC is much better this year than last year.

I’m not excusing the season they had, but a large part of the “suckiness” is due to what positions are present on this team.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.25.17 @ 3:49 pm

JR was bad Kev. He could pass sort of. Zero offense.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 3:55 pm

WV beats TCU on a questionable call with < 5 seconds on game clock. Jamie coached a good game but loses by one.

Comment by MariettaMike 02.25.17 @ 4:12 pm

Another predictable loss.

2 more road losses coming up I’m afraid.

ACC put 2 in the Final 4 last year.
And 4 in the Elite 8.

I don’t think that’s going to happen this year, there are no great teams in the ACC this year.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:16 pm

2 sure things IMO

1) JD is clearly a better coach than KS (but noy a better recruiter)

2) UNC was the Far superior team

Comment by wbb 02.25.17 @ 4:19 pm

However the ACC has several middling programs who have upped their programs by adding very good coaches, like Buzz at VT for example and Larranaga at Miami.

While Pitt has regressed by hiring a loser who had a below .500 conference record in the mediocre SEC.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:21 pm

look at the bright side … only a few more games and it’s over

but then the gloomy side … next year may be worse

Comment by wbb 02.25.17 @ 4:21 pm

Didn’t even bother to watch the game btw.

Have little to no interest in watching this hot mess.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:25 pm

Chris Jones @Chris12_jones
@OaklandZoo and all the loyal Pitt fans .. Thank you! Your support has meant the world . Playing in front of you has been a pleasure.

Craig Meyer ? @CraigMeyerPG
Jamel Artis on Brandin Knight being at Pitt’s senior day: “Him coming here, it means a lot. I wish I could have gotten a win for him.”

Comment by wbb 02.25.17 @ 4:26 pm

You got that right wbb. The Pete will set another all-time low attendance record.

How to wreck a Basketball Program 101

Screenplay by Herman & the BoT.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:27 pm

This clown was still on Pitt’s payroll, when this was filmed. The question is…..WHY ?

link to

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:36 pm

And would be for another 2 months.

Only Pitt would allow themselves to be ‘dissed’ so much….by so many.

When will it end ???

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 4:37 pm

Upitt, saying JR had 0 offense is a compliment to him. But he made the other players better, something no one on that team can do right now. I think that’s the main thing lacking.

As for Kithcart being KS’s guy but still not being very good – he’s ahead of Wilson in the rotation, so it might be a case of KS keeping him after the move because he was better than what’s here – damning with faint praise, I guess.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.25.17 @ 4:55 pm

The AD’s first decision must be to fire KS. Enough of this. Only at Pitt will it take 4 months to hire an AD. Only at Pitt do we hire AD’s that get homesick and dump on us a retread for basketball coach. Only at Pitt do we tear down Pitt Stadium to build an arena for basketball that will be 1/3 filled for the next 3 years. I really despise the BoT and administrators at this university. They have no Phuckin clue.

The players on this team suck. Blame Dixon. The coach on this team sucks. Blame Barnes. Pitt is becoming very quickly very irrelevant in basketball. Blame Gallagher and the BoT.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.17 @ 5:07 pm

So a little over two weeks after back surgery, I make it to the Pete to find that the fans have sold their tickets to the Carolina Fans or have not shown up. Pitt Fans don’t deserve a good team, they are a bunch of whiny ass bitches like we have on these blogs.

Yes these are tough times, Jamie left the cupboard bare and Stallings certainly didn’t raise the bar, but fans are supposed to support their team and their school, not be a bunch of sell outs.

By the way, UNC is pretty good, they played strong defense, they shot well, and they fought for every rebound. Oh, and their fans travel pretty well too.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 5:34 pm

By the way Gallagher has not been seen at a game for a couple months. Not sure what it means, maybe he has gone underground luck some of our legislators. Did see Nordy today, he rarely misses a game.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 5:43 pm

GC – The admin sold Pitt out. The fans didnt hire “Noise” Barnes. Or a slapdick bum. Why anyone would watch that disaster by choice. Want fans??? Show you care and actions should show it. Stallings and Barnes doesnt show shit.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.25.17 @ 5:56 pm

Amen brother!!

Comment by Keith 02.25.17 @ 6:06 pm

Fans have a choice. The admin will only get it when fans dont show. They will then be forced to make a decision. I applaud the fans for boycotting this crap. ‘Yellow’ seats get attention.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.17 @ 6:28 pm

And dont sell me this bull that true fans watch on TV and show up at games. True fans will bitch and fight for a good cause because they love their team. I’m not a walking dead zombie. You sell out when you show and support this abortion.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.17 @ 6:30 pm

Wouldn’t blinding supporting your school whatever the circumstances.

Be akin to what the cult does at Creepy Valley.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 7:34 pm

I think I would prefer that to the constant whining, bitching and moaning. The same old rants day after day, may make you feel better, but do nothing to change things.

Which works better for recruiting, a solid steadfast fan base, or half empty facilities?

Your real friends are the guys that stick with you through the tough times. Same with real fans.

Comment by gc 02.25.17 @ 8:37 pm

JR was not bad. That’s absurd. He peaked very early in his career and never lived up to expectations. That’s different than being bad.

Jamie did win with the same kids and Kithcart would have been the true point this year if he had stayed.

I think it was Chas that retweeted someone who, I thought, was spot on after the game. He said that it may be true that Stallings needs time and his own players but anyone arguing he has done a good job this year is out of their minds.

Comment by Tossing Thabeets 02.25.17 @ 8:41 pm

Pretty sad to watch Pens Flyers at Heinz in front of 66,000 and Pitt can’t even draw 35,000 for Duke or VA Tech!

Comment by Dan 72 02.25.17 @ 9:10 pm

Don’t see how pitt fires stallings after one year. At what expense? Less money for the other sports? Less money for the football program?? No thanks. Don’t forget they are still paying sp’s buyout.

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 9:14 pm

TT – agreed.

Comment by AnotherClancyRebound 02.25.17 @ 9:23 pm

Maia started most of last season but only averaged about 7 minutes per game the last several games of the season. Nelson-Ododa barely played in the ACC. Luther ate their minutes. That’s what made JD’s decision to play Maia and ANO major minutes in the NCAA tourney game against Wisconsin and sit Luther so perplexing. Offense was at a premium in that game. For some reason JD thought Happ would beat up on Luther, but he did what he wanted with Maia and ANO anyway.

@gc, I gave up my season tickets this year because the AD referred to me and others like me as “noise” and “not in the right place”. That’s an amazing amount of derision for a first year AD in his first P5 job to levy on a paying customer. It’s a total kiss off. Perhaps you don’t mind being mocked by the lowly clerk asking you to pay for the Rockports or you were totally cool with the KS hire, either way I’m good keeping my $2500 per year from basketball and paying for football. Save your sanctimony. I hope that dirtbag Barnes fails miserably as OSU and is fired within 2 years.

Comment by Barvo 02.25.17 @ 9:41 pm

Bravo, ill play devils advocate. What if ks was the only one who wanted the job?

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 9:47 pm

Dixon left this program in poor shape look at his recent recruiting, take away Artis and Young and this team is completely ineffective. Stallings will be here for at least 2 more seasons he has that leash. Pitt hasn’t done much postseason during Dixons last few years why should you expect anything different? Kithcart isn’t ready there is very little ACC caliber talent on this team and no real quality depth. It showed today.

Comment by WLAT 910 radio and the big beat! 02.25.17 @ 10:04 pm

The whining, bitching and moaning by U of Michigan fans and alum got Jim Harbaugh.

We got loser Stallings.

enuf said…keep on your present course….all is well…all is well.

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 10:24 pm

Pitt is no Michigan.

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 10:28 pm

Mediocrity is not acceptable.

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 10:29 pm

Why was the latitude granted to Herman ?

It wasn’t like he was here for a decade and accomplished anything.

Quite the contrary, the jerkoff was here for less than 2 years, insults the Pitt faithful, hires his Pac 12 buddy’s search firm…then then the Pac 12 buddy’s client….a coach with a below .500 record in the SEC. That was about to be fired.

And some on here, want us to stand up and applaud. For school & country.

Sorry not me

Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 10:29 pm

I will stand up and SHOUT !


Comment by Emel 02.25.17 @ 10:31 pm

that sounds like such a simple question but it’s been our problem for years.

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 10:38 pm

Emotions running hot, borne out of shared passion for a once proud program on the ropes no doubt. Individuals have different thresholds for a continuation of financial support. That doesn’t mean they cease being a fan and/supporter. Major university sports is a business. And, yes, those who elect to buy tickets in support of their university are, of course, fans. But they are also customers. When the product being delivered is inferior, the market reacts. When those responsible for delivering the product reach the point where they think they are smarter than their customers, it doesn’t sit well with those very same customers. Hence, you begin to see empty seats. Supply and demand rears its ugly head. It is not unreasonable for season ticket holders to expect, dare I say demand, a commitment for excellence in return for their financial support. That’s where Pitt is. Their management of the athletic department is a case study for incompetence. The fans smelled bullshit, and called bullshit, when Barnes hired Stallings. Barnes doubled down throwing a hissy fit that anyone would question his judgement. The customers opted to move on from the burning hotel leaving the man in charge holding the bag. He knew he overplayed his hand and quit, childishly throwing his octogenarian mother under the bus in his second attempt to bullshit the customers. Meanwhile, back at the ranch they are desperately trying to lure somebody, anybody to come in and fix this mess. Trouble is, everybody they turn to spits the hook out.

Blame the fans? I don’t think so.

Comment by wally 02.25.17 @ 10:53 pm

Great post wally

Comment by Goalie44 02.25.17 @ 10:58 pm

The hiring was all on Herman who got the guy his search firm was pitching A safe pick so he could carpetbag out of town.

We have looked in the mirror and we are Boston College.

Comment by rkb 02.25.17 @ 11:24 pm

This is exactly why you bring in Tressel. Stop the bleeding and get some national respect, again. Wake up Administration, wake up.

Comment by Huff 02.25.17 @ 11:41 pm

I agree with most of what your saying especially about the administration and how they have handled mostly the coaching searches

However I have a totally different view from a fan perspective..i don’t see it as a business when it comes to being a fan, I’m a pitt guy, and will always be a pitt guy it runs deep, my allegiance will never be to anyone but pitt

Pitt fans are ficle, unrealistic and so few!! We can’t get pitt “fans” to show up 7 times a year for football season!
And now there not showing up at the PETE it’s not a good look locally or nationally. I get “fans” get frustrated but the “let’s show them” mentality will only set this program back even more,recruits notice that!

Pitt “fans” need to be prideful and represent for their school

Every year me and my buddy go to a college football game away from pitt, alabama,Tennessee,auburn,lsu,south Carolina,clemson,Iowa,Michigan,Notre dame and there’s always such spirit and pride for their teams, pitt has none of that why? , yeah the administration is a giant fuc$ up, but that shouldn’t change the fans passion for the university you love

Maybe I’m different that a lot of you but I pitt consumes me and yeah I’ve been disappointed a lot and have had some good surprises along the way

I will always HAIL! Even when our crappy administration pisses on me!

Comment by Keith 02.25.17 @ 11:44 pm

Keith – fortunately for you and I, we live in a country that allows opinions, choices and freedom. We get to exercise those three daily.

My opinion is that KS was a very bad hire for Pitt. His history shows it – see 1st four season results at Vandy below:
Total wins/SEC Record
19 / 8 – 8 with someone else’s players
15 / 4 – 12
17 / 6 – 10
11 / 3 – 13

My choice is to not throw my “good” money at Pitt BB to support a very poor decision to hire KS. It started with the schools decision to hire Scott Barnes and allowing SB’s to hire a search firm, which eventually recommended the very poor hire of KS.

Barnes ruined a good entertainment outlet for me and many other Pitt fans. How he ever thought KS was a good choice is beyond my imagination. It was a LAZY hire and Barnes should have been fired for that. SB chose to leave town instead. KS should be done as well – instead we will get sub-20 win seasons for the next four years.

No thanks – I’ll spend my time and money elsewhere. Does that make me a “bad” Pitt fan? No, I don’t think so, but you might. Feel free do think as you want – I’m ok with that. My opinion is that I am an informed Pitt fan that thinks the administration really let us down again and I will exercise my choice to not buy in on this one.


Comment by Erie Express 02.26.17 @ 6:36 am

Vandy is currently 16-13 (9-7 in SEC) with a young coach named Bryce Drew – high ceiling coach who was thought to be a candidate for Pitt’s BB job.

He had a rough non-conference start because he experimented with his line-up and worked his system into the players he inherited. In other words, Bryce coached hard and made adjustments where they were needed.

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.17 @ 7:02 am

Pitt will face a young up and coming (high ceiling) first year head coach in Josh Pastner from GT on Tuesday.

GT is 16-12 (7-8 in ACC)

Pastner comes from the coaching tree of AZ’s Lute Olsen and KY’s John Calipari. How did Barnes overlook this guy. GT administration told Pastner – “you need to be patient, you will lose a lot of games in your first year in the ACC”.

Pastner’ win totals in his 1st five years at Memphis:

History tells us something – Barnes had access to it, but chose a search firm to do the work.


Comment by Erie Express 02.26.17 @ 7:20 am

go.. hope you are doing well with your back.. Remember no bouncing up n down with the Oakland Zoo!
First BB game I have seen and watched it with 2 Carolina grads….Jackson for Carolina could shoot the eyes out of the basket…Rosie really plays hard on both ends of the court and has some BB smarts clearly lacking in the rest of the team.. Looked like they only wanted to run an offense to gun 3’s, no threat of an inside game to make the outside game more effective, totally absent in the offensive rebounding department, can’t defend the opponent driving the baseline when the baseline is essentially a 2nd defender. They are bad , they are my school but sports =s big business so some support because of their love and some withdrawal to send the message.. I agree with both…

Comment by BigB 02.26.17 @ 7:27 am

So tell me again how Pitt Fans don’t suck. We had one of our best football teams in years. With James Conner beating Cancer and setting TD records in the ACC, A QB, one of only three drafted since Marino, A great O-line, A deep threat, a speed burner, a record setting kicker, but we embarrass ourselves with poor fan support for VT, and the final two home games. So give me all the excuses about Barnes and Stallings, but what were the excuses for football, Wednesday night, the weather?

Look I don’t blame people for not buying season BBall tickets, I may be done after this year. But yesterday was an embarrassment with UNC Fans taking over the Pete on Senior Day.

I get the frustration, and I am not sold on Stallings, but Pitt BBall has been declining ever since Montreal’s Gift flew the coop, and Adams left on the eve of our inaugural ACC season. Dixon could not recruit any competent Centers or guards in a long time. In fact no competent ACC level player was recruited since Young and Artis.

Is Stallings the answer? Probably not, but to blame him for this year’s mess is totally unfair. No Point Guard, no center, no depth. Maybe another coach would have done marginally better, but certainly not a given.

In coaching, it is always hard to follow a legend, especially one that leaves the cupboard empty.

Somehow Pitt Fans think that great coaches are lining up to come here. Maybe Stallings was the best one that would come last year. Better programs than ours have fallen on hard times before, Georgetown, St Johns, UCLA, look at ND during the Faust years.

Sure, bad years affect attendance, but good years should too. If fans don’t start showing up at Heinz, Narduzzi will be gone.

Instead of helping Jamie with recruiting, he was given the bum’s rush. Funny how he recruited pretty well this year at TCU.

In any case, to compete in the ACC requires a requisite level of commitment by the administration, but also by the fans. If the fans don’t show up, the Administration can just as easily say if they don’t care why should we, so let’s downgrade once more.

Comment by gc 02.26.17 @ 7:33 am

Thanks BigB, no jumping up and down for me. By the way, my claim to fame is that I hold the intramural high jump record at Pitt, which I set in 1970 in the Field House. The record is pretty safe since they stopped holding the event years ago. I didn’t go out for track at Pitt because of a guy named Bryant Salter who jumped about 7 inches higher than me. He also went on to have a pretty good career with the Washington Redskins.

Comment by gc 02.26.17 @ 7:45 am

gc – regarding FB, I was at those poorly attended games you mentioned. I don’t know what the answer is for attendance at Heinz Field – Pitt FB was bad for so many years, it could take a long time to rebound.

Pitt BB used to be a tough ticket to get – not anymore due to poor admin decisions. TCU opened up their pocket book to Jamie. He will buy wins there until he retires with a lot of W’s.

If the administration would publicly admit that Barnes made mistakes – calling fans “noise” and using a search firm, I would forgive and “give” to the BB program.

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.17 @ 7:46 am

Somehow Pitt Fans think that great coaches are lining up to come here. Maybe Stallings was the best one that would come last year.
Andy Enfield reportedly wanted to come here but they wouldn’t cut the check…

Comment by NickC 02.26.17 @ 8:42 am

Don’t play games off campus with no conne tion to campus and the attendance is higher. Like you know 99% of schools do.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 8:42 am

Pitt made an investment in basketball by building the Pete. They cannot allow basketball to become irrelevant. Its easier to fill a 12k arena than a 70k stadium. A basketball ticket should always be a tougher get than a football ticket. How many core fans does Pitt have? 40k on any given Saturday sounds about right. So the VA Tech game wasnt a surprise…it was evening and weekday as well right? But fans not showing is one way fans can send a message. If the product isnt good, dont buy. Pitt should be savy enough to realize the fans do care but Pitt needs to change the product. Remember Pitt needs good programs and fan support for branding. Branding is worth millions to a school.

But if the basketball program isnt turned around fast, you’ll be looking at a half empty Pete for the next decade. Do we think KS is the man that can quickly turn things around and consistently compete a high level in the ACC? I dont think so.

Comment by TX Panther 02.26.17 @ 8:47 am

Stallings is the man if you’re looking for a dress shoes or loafers or and how not to wear you hair.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 8:49 am

What connection and experience would Pitt fans and students have if they had to travel to PPG to watch basketball games? I always had a better experience watching games at the Fieldhouse. Much more intimate. I hated it when Pitt scheduled the big games against G-Town, Arizona or Syracuse at the Civic Arena. It gave away any home field advantage.

Comment by TX Panther 02.26.17 @ 8:53 am

Nick +1. Drew and GT’s coach as well. He wanted a cheap Pappy.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 8:55 am

Instead of helping Jamie with recruiting, he was given the bum’s rush. Funny how he recruited pretty well this year at TCU.

Jamie went out and got the guy who recruited Simmons to LSU as an assistant.. Plus he got one of the best recruiters from out west to come TCU.. It wasn’t like he just went to TCU and suddenly developed this infectious personality out of nowhere.. Which turned him into this great recruiter.. He has hired great assistants at his current job instead of hiring 2nd-rate ones.. And they’re getting great results.. Funny how that works…

Comment by NickC 02.26.17 @ 9:13 am

JD has been HC at Pitt since 03 and was treated better by the former AD than any of the FB coaches. Problem is that when Pitt switched to the ACC, JD didn’t. For goodness sakes … he hired as his chief recruiter who was employed in Massachusetts that had his roots in Detroit …. and it worked out exactly as we all thought it would!

Comment by wbb 02.26.17 @ 9:26 am

NickC – that’s right. It’s a pretty simple formula, and I suspect part of his deal with TCU was the requirement (& support) to get a strong staff to fill the void (his weakness in recruiting). He didn’t have the staff to help him recruit at Pitt, and that is at least partly (if not mostly) on him. I think a fresh start gave him the opportunity to finally make this change. If Pitt admin is serious about BB, then they will bring in a new AD that will replace Stallings swiftly (either this year, or within 1-2 years). This should be part of their search process and it should be demanded by influential alumni. What will actually happen is anyone’s guess.

And fb attendance is going to take time to build, there are a lot of things to do in Pittsburgh, a lot of competition for entertainment dollars. I’m not sure why this is such a mystery to some. I’m just glad that it appears we finally have the right HC in place, at least for now.

And finally, I’m not sure why some pick on Nix. He provides more than just some of the intangibles lacking in our team, such as effort and energy, he alters interior shots, rebounds (doesn’t even need to jump), sets screens. He actually has a soft touch around the hoop too, he just doesn’t get the ball much. I’m not saying he’s a starting center level on a good ACC team, but he’s a lot better than McGhee during his first few years at Pitt, and at the very least he can give quality minutes right now. Now Damon Wilson, unfortunately, does not look like a guy that can play ACC ball, I would suspect that he should look elsewhere next year; too bad, seems like a great kid.

Comment by 1618mt 02.26.17 @ 9:53 am

Erie, GC et al…..I don’t think winning in Pitt Football will bring more than another 5000-7000 fans into Heinz. Other than playing the NIts or ND, it just isn’t going to happen. I happen to think there are only 30,000 hard core Pitt fans that regularly attend. Someone mentioned going to games at other schools and the huge game day experience there. I do not have an answer but a good AD might. You have to build loyalty with fans little by little over a long period of time. Pitt has destroyed the fan experience over the last 30 years and it may take that long to build it up. You can’t put it totally on alums.

Last night the Pens drew 60,000+ for an outdoor hockey game! Fans paid 2x -3x more than a Pitt Football ticket to be there. It’s all about PR.

Wonder how many AD candidates the BOT and Gallagher interviewed this week? Pitt has the sense of urgency of a toad, and fans all over thevPittsburgh area see it every day!

Comment by Dan 72 02.26.17 @ 9:53 am

Yes wbb, Dixon’s downturn matched the lack of quality assistants over the last several years.

The unanswered question is why? Why did he have to go to TCU to hire better assistants? Why couldn’t he get great assistants to come to Pitt?

Comment by gc 02.26.17 @ 9:53 am

Take the long view on Jamie at tcu. We saw how those high level recruits worked for him at pitt.

Comment by Alcofan 02.26.17 @ 9:55 am

Pitt is not committed to athletics. Pitt is involved in athletics. What’s the difference? When a person gets up in the morning and has bacon and eggs, the chicken was involved. The pig’s committed. Pitt gets wh as the they pay for.

Comment by Wally 02.26.17 @ 9:56 am

The Pens outdoor game was a major and unique event. Unfair to compare it to anything else.

Comment by gc 02.26.17 @ 10:00 am

Wally. Haha.

I agree. No committment at all. Football is 75% comitted. Hoops 20%. Rest of the sports 10%.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 10:05 am

@ GC the reason Jamie couldn’t get assistants to come to Pitt has to do with his own personal pay raises over the year. Early on Jamie was cheap and so Pitt had additional $$ to spend on great recruiting assistants.

I speculate that the administration refused to spend any additional money on the BB Program. Every time JD got a raise there would be less money to pay our assistants and so we ended up with a less than stellar group and our recruiting suffered.

The same coach has no such restrictions at TCU and all of a sudden can once again hire great recruiters.

It’s all about the $$$ and the pain threshold any given university can or is willing to endure.

Comment by Tony in Harrisburg 02.26.17 @ 11:01 am

Erie it was more than LAZY. Barnes was a basketball player, was surrounded by the college atmosphere for decades, should have developed contacts in college basketball (his specialty), and should be able to identify basketball coaching talent. No he needed (?) a search firm to hire a basketball coach. I call it criminal that a search firm was paid and that a crony of the search firm was hired !
If Barnes was hiring a football coach with his background and experience I might understand a search firm. The best way Barnes earns his 6 figure salary is through the hiring a basketball coach.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 02.26.17 @ 11:19 am

What is really happening to our BB?

Comment by Frank MD 02.26.17 @ 11:20 am

College coaching consists of recruiting and the Xs and Os. It is rare when you find one guy that excels at both. So when you find a guy that does one of these 2 things exceptionally you hire the pieces to support the head coach weakness. We had in Jamie a guy who could coach with the best but couldn’t recruit, so what does Pitt do they throw out the good they have without providing the recruiting help looking for the rare man that can provide both sides of the coaching job. Did Stallings fill the bill of the perfect coach, I doubt he can fill either of the requirements.
Sadly we (Pitt) didn’t learn anything when it came to hiring a coach after the Wanny fiasco with Haywood and Fraud. DW needed coaching help he could recruit.

Comment by Spindler's Spirit 02.26.17 @ 11:29 am

1618mt, I think you’re spot on. Did Dixon leave the cupboard at Pitt bare? Yes. Why? Rorhson was his A-list recruiter, and Antigua, and both were gone. Dixon tried to recruit ACC kids instead of Big East kids and couldn’t. A failed experiment. But for a while Dixon was really really great, and I agree the assistants had a lot to do with that.

Is KS a great coach? Probably not. But can he transition to the ACC better than Dixon? Maybe. Let’s hope. Big recruiting class next year, plus Luther, Nix, and Johnson. Perhaps those kids will want to play hard at all facets of the game, unlike some of the effort I see out of this current team. I’ll be rooting.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.26.17 @ 11:31 am

Tony in Harrisburg, if true that is the height of stupidity. If you don’t give a guy a budget commensurate with the job then you are doomed to fail. Calipari, one of the games highest paid had the budget to take Antigua and Rorhsen from us.

You can’t compete without talent. Jamie did a lot more with less in the Big East, but in the ACC where you have lots of future NBA players, you are not going to win without comparable personnel.

Comment by gc 02.26.17 @ 11:49 am

Read a quote from Jamel Artis last night. He said “they did not play hard enough and he realizes how important defense and rebounding is” Wow, it only took him 4 years to figure that out and yes it is all Stallings fault!

Also, when did JD become such a great coach as many of you are saying on this site including UPitt. Skunk head as Upitt called him would have had similar results without JR and all the games Luther missed. Since 2009 and 2010 when did Pitt actually have a chance of moving forward in the tournament. The Patterson, Zanna team was the best in the last 5 years and still was one that no one would say could get to the Elite 8.

Comment by JP 02.26.17 @ 12:00 pm

I trust Pitt to blow the AD search
I trust Pitt to keep KS
I trust Pitt to continue playing in Pro Stadiums
I trust Pitt to find a way to muck up any football momentum created
I trust Pitt to begin neglecting the front porch again
I trust Pitt to continue to be bureaucratic, secretive and narrow minded with how athletics are run
I trust Pitt to accept mediocrity in sports

Comment by TX Panther 02.26.17 @ 12:07 pm

JP – Skunk head wins way more games with same roster.

I wanted him gone and replaced with a real coach. Not a neverbeen from a dogshit conference where he never won.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 12:23 pm

Texas – I agree 30 years proves you are right.

I’d add…

I trust Pitt to have atrocious facilities in every sport other than basketball.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 12:24 pm

I also trust fans to blame Dixon until 2030. Not the guy who is coaching them now making 2.3M a year.

Dixon is winning with the team in Fort Worth and beating teams they never beat.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 12:25 pm

Seriously question the 60k plus at the Pens game. When by stadium and those yellow seats were glowing in the 500 section.
Here is what you will hear if KS remains the coach
1) 2016 These are Jamie’s kids, they don’t listen and they stink
2) 2017 What did you expect, we are young
3) 2018 ditto 2017
4) 2019 These kids don’t listen, I thought we’d be further along. They’re learning curve isn’t as fast as we thought.
5) 2020 Really disappointed in these kids, they just don’t listen
6) 2021. Thanks for the extension so I can work till 70 and collect salary and SS

Comment by JoeKnew 02.26.17 @ 12:34 pm

JoeKnew – LOL and true.

Imagine an AD with Balls and fire and passion who can excite a dead fan base that has been shit on forever.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 12:39 pm

UPitt – I can imagine Tressell as the Pitt AD. Unfortunately, the Pitt admin cannot.

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.17 @ 1:05 pm

hire him in a second!Tattoo thing is a non issue.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 1:24 pm

Joe… That’s a classic.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.26.17 @ 2:42 pm

Is Scooby still on the payroll?

Just checking.

Comment by PittofDreams 02.26.17 @ 2:46 pm

I heard we are paying him till 2030 to be nice for those awesome cathedral numbers from hell

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 3:28 pm

@ upitt, it wasn’t that long ago you were calling Dixon skunk head and deriding pitt for his lengthy extension. Now he’s the greatest thing? He may not even win 20 games this year.

Comment by Goalie44 02.26.17 @ 4:09 pm

I haven’t read or maybe I missed it. during the downturn of the last several Dixon years, Pitt lost it’s identity of how they played.

We were a tough tough team that teams really didn’t look forward to playing, because it was going to be a physical physical game and as an opponent, you didn’t get to the hoop without a bruising. Which discouraged it greatly the next time someone attempted it.

Dixon got totally away from recruiting kids who wanted to mix it up. Who wanted to play at 110% ALL THE TIME. Think Jaron Brown, think Chevy Troutman.

NOBODY OUTREBOUNDED PITT, especially offensively.

Nobody got easy uncontested bunny’s against us.

You got clobbered and had to earn them at the Free Throw line.

Pitt totally lost it’s identity since about 2011.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 4:24 pm

UVA became us and we became BC.

Loser Stalling’s teams play with no identity either, since he’s an ‘offensive genius’….in the words of his coaching fraternity brothers.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 4:28 pm

The AD search (or whatever you what to call this farce) is following the same route as the BBall HC search.

As least as far as media speculation.

As in the head basketball coach search, it starts off with a big well-known name, who someone in the media let’s it be known, might be interested in coming to Pitt.

In that search, it was media circulated that person was Sean Miller. So everyone gets extremely excited of that possibility.
So everyone’s hopes are naturally going to be deflated when that doesn’t pan out and nobody they hire is going to be able to live up to that early hope of landing a coach like Miller.

And it worked out exactly as planned, nobody I know was excited when they announced Stallings, more like everyone I know was like…

Same thing played out in this AD search, early on, someone in the media suggested another huge well known person, this time Jim Tressel, might be interested in coming to Pitt.

So again our hopes are raised, and anybody else, especially of someone most of us have never heard of, is hired….is going to be a disappointment.

Same game, different Pitt job, media set us up in both instances to be disappointed.

And that’s what they do in Pittsburgh. All part of an ongoing effort for many decades to minimize Pitt, retard Pitt, while at the same time promoting Pedo State and praising any hire they make.

Although Pitt itself is very good when it comes to shooting itself in the foot.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 4:42 pm

I heard Oval Jaynes is available btw.

And he’ll come cheap.

You know sort of like JM2 without the first time around success.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 4:54 pm

Emel you said it yesterday, nobody seems to be accountable.

Comment by Goalie44 02.26.17 @ 4:56 pm

remember when Artis had 43 at Louisville and was compared to S Curry? He was shooting at a 52% clip then …. since, he has shot at a 40% clip.

Comment by wbb 02.26.17 @ 5:54 pm

Fact is that KS is very unlikely to be fired anytime soon.

With that in mind … we should (or maybe have to) see how he does with his players in the upcoming seasons.

Hey, I thought his hiring was fishy and ill-conceived …. but short of burning down the admin building, what are we going to do?

Comment by wbb 02.26.17 @ 5:59 pm

Well you’re exactly right wbb…Pitt is not all of a sudden going to do something proactive, and fire Stallings and eat the contract.

They will not admit they made a mistake with first off hiring Herman, unless of course he was, what I posted previously, just a hired hitman to get Pitt from under Dixon’s long term contract.
And then bug out of town, like any hired hitman does.

But Pitt being Pitt, just got themselves into another long term contract, with a much lesser coach, who has the look and the feel and the record, (sub .500 in the weak SEC) of a loser.

Dixon had 7 years left on his 10 year contract I believe, Stallings got 6.

What was the point again ?

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 6:29 pm

Kithcard btw was a Stallings player.

Unless this guy is suddenly going to be attractive to 4 and 5 star players(fat chance), we are going to get a collection of 3 star players who are not going to be able to compete against the caliber of players that are typical to the ACC.

Since they only way a collection of 3 stars players could compete in the ACC is the way UVA plays the last several years and Pitt did for about a decade.

And Stallings is not a defensive oriented coach…remember he’s an ‘offensive genius’.

A collection of 3 star players going up against a collection of 4-5 star players in an offensive game…is a failing proposition.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 6:37 pm

I do say we blow things up. I’ll hand the new AD the dynamite. This program cannot be allowed to continue. This program does not deserve to play at the Pete. Fans dont deserve this pain and misery and disgust. But Pitt serves up a good main meal of pain with misery as an appetizer and disgust as desert.

Comment by TX Panther 02.26.17 @ 7:10 pm

The guy looks 70. Retire you old turd. If chancelor had balls you say I will make your life missrable or we agree you walk away and take 4M with you AARP Stallings. Rip up his non compete with Hess’s, JC Pennies, Belk, Footjoy, Footwear, Footlocker and Footjobs.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 7:13 pm

Guy looks like a lazy slouch. Anyone who wears there hair like that needs an eval.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 7:15 pm

Pitt will eventually announce a no-name AD from a low-level school most of us don’t recognize. When asked what tops the agenda, curling and ice dancing will lead the list. When queried about the demise of men’s hoops and the dearth of fans in Heinz, they will say unequivocally: “I believe once the curling and ice dancing programs gel, we’re going to see that success translate into success at other Pitt athletic venues as well.”
In other words, SOP

Comment by Gasman 02.26.17 @ 8:02 pm

I smell a EJ Promotion.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 8:47 pm

I am very excited to see how a brand new team responds to coach Stallings, then I’ll have a baseline to form a opinion

Comment by Keith 02.26.17 @ 9:11 pm

LOL. Keith. Go ask Vandy. Better yet ask this 24 win team that he has at 14 wins. Your thinking has Pitt worse than BC for the next 5 years.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 9:57 pm

It took loser Stallings Eight (8) seasons as HC of Vanderbilt to have a winning conf record.

Eight seasons…you willing to wait that long Kevin….er I mean Keith.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:19 pm

Kithcart was a Dixon recruit who Stallings talked into staying when Dixon left.

Comment by Jackagain 02.26.17 @ 10:23 pm

The loser was 138 wins and 142 losses in Conference play in 17 middling years in a middling conf to boot, one that was clearly behind the old BigEast, the ACC and the BigJoke.

How could anyone be excited about any coach with that kind of record over 17 years ?

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:28 pm


Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:33 pm

Apparently Loser was recruiting Kithcart as well.

Based on his freshman year KittyCart doesn’t look like a legit P5 PG.

Does he to you ?

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:36 pm

His offer list was extremely weak.

Towson State
Northern Arizona

Come on.

Dixon was just grabbing for anything. Desperation.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:38 pm

Would not be surprised if Loser gets him ‘placed’ someone else.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:39 pm

or somewhere else.

As in….Out of Pittsburgh.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 10:39 pm

If you’re trying to make a point, stop with the insults. It really makes you seem like the loser. I have to imagine that some people with some pull read this blog and maybe, just maybe, their opinions might begin to be swayed. Then they read this bullshit calling people stupid names and then think, “Oh, that’s right, these people are stupid. Why should I listen to them?!”

Comment by panther94 02.26.17 @ 10:49 pm

Anyone with 10% of a brain knew Stallings was a bum. Barnes is as worse as an AD as Pappy is as a coach. An entire career being below average. Dixon who needed to go gets this same team to NCAA’s.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 10:57 pm

Who’s making the decisions? Barnes is gone. The BoT…who knows what their sports IQ is…probably more than Barnes, though. Point is, we need a competent AD now!

Comment by panther94 02.26.17 @ 10:59 pm

Agreed 150%. Not a AD in making but one like Jurich from Louisville or like Luck when he was at WVU. A legit respected sports guy.

Comment by Upittbaseball 02.26.17 @ 11:13 pm

hey panther94…were you as upset…when Pitt fans and alumni were called….’noise’ ?

Nothing could have been more stupid than to let Herman hire a coach that was 4 games below .500 to a program that had invested upwards of $200 million in a basketball facility and the program.

And you don’t have to worry about ‘them’ listening to anyone on here.

Most of us have to much business and common sense for our opinions to matter. You see Pitt is run like a Gov’t agency. Which are great at wasting money and producing very little results.

Comment by Emel 02.26.17 @ 11:35 pm

Yes, I was upset about that “noise” and still am. I don’t really disagree with most of what you wrote…except I do believe that ultimately our opinions do matter.

Comment by panther94 02.27.17 @ 12:07 am

Agreed Upitt.

Comment by panther94 02.27.17 @ 12:07 am

Scott Barnes is now listed on the Oregon State staff directory as the Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Good riddance and I hope the search firm found you and your family a nice house.

The OreSt BB team has a 5-25 record. Barney gets to “search” for a new HC all over again. Please pull Stallings with you – all will be forgiven.

I heard that Brandin Knight was at the Pete with all the UNC fans on Saturday to show support for the seniors he helped to recruit and coach. Not many on this blog were calling for BK to be Pitt’s next HC – I was looking beyond, but I’d be willing to take a do over if allowed.

This BB team is going to be dreadful until the HC is replaced. History shows KS is a low level hire.

How does Pitt make the change with no AD?

Simple answer – they don’t…

And there you have “the Pitt BB plan”.

Comment by Erie Express 02.27.17 @ 4:58 am

Right EE….if Herman believed so much in Stallings for Pitt, who had one of the best records over 15 years for our program.

He would certainly feel that Stallings would be worthy of taking to lowly Oregon STate with him.

Don’t AD’s take great HC’s with them ? Herman thought Stallings was a great HC right ? Or why else would he hire him ?

Do the Pirates have an affiliate in Portland still ? Another loser.

Comment by Emel 02.27.17 @ 6:11 am

And you thought that was coincidence right ?

Just like Pitt playing in those Bowl games in Alabama when Tiny was QB. Ok

Comment by Emel 02.27.17 @ 6:14 am

So you not only get to steal $2 million a year from Pitt…but in your freetime you get to watch your talentless kid play for the Pirates.

Look at this kid’s career minor League stats.

a .237 batting average…… .214 with Indy and he gets called up to the Bigs.

Give me a freaking break.

Comment by Emel 02.27.17 @ 6:19 am

Comment by Emel 02.27.17 @ 6:19 am

Emel, that’s why these coward ad’s hire search firms to be able to wash their hands of bad hires.

Comment by Goalie44 02.27.17 @ 9:18 am

which who knows, maybe our fantastic bot requires the ad to hire a search firm. it seems anything is possible with those folks..

Comment by goalie44 02.27.17 @ 9:29 am

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