February 24, 2016

Open Thread: ‘Ville-Pitt

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8 pm on the accursed syndicated ACC network or ESPN3. I mean, who knew that the ACC’s syndication deals were actually worse — and by worse I mean poor ass distribution — than the former Big East?

Sorry, if I seem exceptionally bitter, but I was going to go out and watch this game with a fellow Pitt fan in the area until we realized that it wasn’t going to be aired in the Cleveland area. Then realizing family stuff will block the remaining chances to get together. Annoying as hell.

Moving on. Pitt is a home dog. They have not had a lot of success against Louisville over the years. I mean if you go with the “Pitt/Dixon has Syracuse’s number,” and then dismiss/diminish any wins from such; then surely you do the same with the losses to Louisville. Right?

The Cards are 10-4 in the ACC, but are only 3-3 on the road. Like a lot of teams in this very flat season for college basketball, the Cards are a different team on the road than at home. In no small part, this is due to their defense — which with a home crowd behind it and a Hall of Fame coach on the bench — gets away with a lot more physical play at home than on the road.

Pitt may actually catch something of a break with this game as far as officiating thanks to — of all teams, Duke.

Louisville came back to beat Duke this past Saturday in Louisville. While Rick Pitino is a master of passive aggressive comments and subtext, Mike Krzyzewski is no slouch. And he’s had many more years to manipulate the ACC officiating.

This is the type of quote seen in AP and wire stories.

“The intensity and the physicality of the game did not lend itself to us,” Krzyzewski said. “With injuries and foul trouble, not a good combination for us. Our kids fought their hearts out.”

But there was more, and other ACC-partisans recognized the stylings. (In this instance, a Virginia guy.)

“That was the most physical second half we’ve ever been in this year. And we were unable to respond at the appropriate level to it,” Krzyzewski said, talking not as much to the reporters deep in the bowels of the Yum! Center as to another, more selective audience.

Think back to the Duke home loss to Syracuse on Jan. 18, which you may remember for Coach K blowing past the postgame handshake line to berate an ACC senior official following a no-call on the final play of that game.

“The last play is amazing. Have you seen it? Go see it. It is literally amazing. The play with Matt Jones at the foul line. It is amazing basketball. Let’s just put it that way,” Krzyewski said.

The play in question had Jones getting a rebound of a free-throw miss and attempt a three-quarters court heave. Coach K wanted a foul called on the shot that would have given Jones three free throws.

On a three-quarters court heave.

The ACC seemed to get the message. Duke has been back to its rightful place in getting calls to help push it across the finish line when needed.

Now think back to the end of the Virginia game last week. And no, not just the series of no-calls on Grayson Allen’s buzzer-beater. That is what it is.

Duke went 2-for-13 from the field in the final 12:17, but got sent to the line 14 times down the stretch on non-shooting fouls, and the Blue Devils got eight of their final 12 points on the charity tosses.

Obvious, long-time biases at work there. And yes, the likely upshot is for Duke to get even more calls in their next couple games. As yet another aside, the number of Duke fans complaining about the second half on twitter was something. Especially with the theme being, “Sure, Duke gets all the calls.” That was special.

But I’ve probably gone far astray. The point being, that tonight’s game involving Louisville — especially on the road — will likely have a tighter called game. Theoretically that would benefit Pitt.

Of course, Pitt still needs to hit their shots and get to the free throw line.

it’s always the ref’s with some people..

Comment by goalie44 02.25.16 @ 1:47 pm

All the little things we discuss in minute detail ignore GC’s
first comment back from the game. Louisville was better than Pitt at every position! In my view, our best player (your choice) would be #8 or 3rd off the bench for L Ville!

Based on that I thought Pitt played them very tough but one sub here or one made shot there would not have made any difference. I hate Pitino but he is a magnificent floor coach who’s teams are always well prepared and ready to adjust.
Frankly I think they would have been a 2 seed at worst, and may have won it all.

Comment by Dan 72 02.25.16 @ 1:50 pm

IMHO anyone who buys the PG is a masochist or seeking to oust St. Jude as the patron saint of lost causes.

Comment by Sfpitt 02.25.16 @ 2:09 pm

OPG, seriously! Refs and umps are always inconsistent, so what? To mention point shaving is irresponsible. Not going to say it doesn’t or hasn’t happened, but to suggest this game, not even close.

The refs shot 100% from the field and foul line over the last 8 minutes of the game. Personally, I think LewVille under-performed and we still couldn’t beat them. Refs cause bad passes. Refs are under far more scrutiny now versus any other time due to embarrassment of NBA official. Refs don’t lose games, players and coaches do.

Our guys have struggled for years and it doesn’t look to be coming to an end. For all the naysayers and haters of JRob, you all need to look at his assist to turnover ratio. It is one of the all time best. The problem is that he is leaving soon. Who picks up that slack?

Wilson lost this year and should have just redshirted. Any growth in his game will come from him over the summer and not based on anything he has done so far. That is a coaching error. You don’t waste a kids year and not allow him to grow, sorry.

John Ram – that gas you note is mental and physical softness. If we don’t make the tournament, I am sure that our new AD will give each player a participation trophy. That’s how these kids grew up. I surely hope the players toughen up very quickly. You can win games by being mentally tough. Duke is a prime example of that. Good luck to the panthers!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.25.16 @ 2:11 pm

The game was last tied around the three minute mark or less.

That is when JR drives to the hoop and throws up what could be described as a piece of shit desperation brick. Not sure it even hit the rim. Louisville runs with the rebound for an easy hoop (may have been a three) and it was over after that.

At that point, every possession was critical and our senior PG comes up with that???

After yelling WTF was that at the TV, I knew PITT was done.

Comment by notrocketscience 02.25.16 @ 2:30 pm

I do not agree that we stopped playing defense down the stretch. I did not see that at all. In fact three times we turned Louisville over and could not complete a fast break. Louisville shot lights out and made some exceptional individual plays.

While I agree we are a poor defensive team, I did not see a lack of effort. Lack of comparative skill level absolutely.

If you want more 4 star players to come you don’t redshirt them.. Wilson’s lack of development is not on Jamie, maybe early on he should have gotten more minutes, but down the stretch he was a turnover machine and lost his scoring touch as the competition toughened.

While I agree we will miss JR’s steady hand, Wilson should be able to make up for it with all his other skills. It will be a totally different looking team, Wilson will make more turnovers, but he will also complete more difficult passes, score more off the dribble and make a much higher percentage of his shots. He will be much more effective in transition and will not settle for the half court offense as often.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 2:43 pm

Thank you Dan72

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 2:46 pm

PoD – what was amazing to me about passing last night was the speed at which UL does it. Their ball movement around the arc was lightening fast and executed to perfection. Not one time did I see a UL player fumble the ball or slow the movement. It actually was fun to watch. Now Pitt on the other hand – their passing around the arc looked slow, sloppy and the ball was missed at times or fumbled by a player, breaking the rhythm. And I know I said this earlier, but the sloppy shooting under the basket has got to stop.

Comment by Pitt IT is 02.25.16 @ 2:51 pm

How many times in his career has JR been on a fast break, only to pull up, for him usually the best decision. Because too many other times he gets shut down close to the hoop and throws up a prayer, or gets blocked. Just not one of his strengths. Wilson’s speed will get him that easy layup that has been missing all too often for the last four years. If Wilson improves his ball handling he will be really special.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 2:53 pm

@Tony…It did seem packed last night…I was kinda of surprised when announced attendance was only in 10,000 range…like I wrote ealier…it must of been the t-shirts they put on all the seats that made it seem like more people.

As far as sitting the big three players…you live and die with those guys at this point…the other spots though you gotta find the hot hand… since as we’ve seen it could be a different guy every night..Maia, Jeter, Jones or Luther …..for how hard Luther played last night he deserves to start against Duke.

@rocket…when it was tied Luther had a turnover than they hit the open three…after that Robinson had a nice pass to Artis who passed up a fairly open three…wasn’t till after they ran the clock down due to good LV defense that Robinson went the hoop.

Comment by milobloom 02.25.16 @ 2:58 pm

Goalie44, don’t forget Jamie, Pederson, JoePa, and pretty soon it’ll be the ghost of JR. I am not a fan of JR but it’s not his fault he is not what we have come to expect from our PG.

Comment by tedsptman 02.25.16 @ 3:09 pm

Regarding the crowd last night, the lower levels were mostly pretty full. Most of the empty seats were in the highest levels where it
isn’t obvious unless you’re looking for them.

So yes there was a decent crowd, fairley loud at times, and yes there were a lot of empty seats

Comment by dinosaur 71 02.25.16 @ 3:20 pm

Luther’s TO was due to a brainfart pass he wasn’t expecting during a Pitt fast break. It was one stupid pass if I ever saw one….

Luther was surrounded by L’Ville players too.

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.16 @ 4:09 pm

Pitt is 1 and done if they make the tourney. IF

Robert Morris is more deserving of a spot.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.16 @ 6:10 pm

Jack, thought he could have/should have taken the shot.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 6:12 pm

Dinosaur, right about the shirts covering up the empty seats, maybe we can use that at Heinz, what would 65,000 t-shirts cost? Lol

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 6:19 pm

@Jack…you are wasn’t best pass to him.

Dixon just said the team was “devastated” by the loss last night. Hope they don’t carry that down attitude to Duke game.

Another comment from TX Panther lacking any reality and adding nothing to the conversation. With comments like that about Robert Morris why should we believe anything you write?

Comment by milobloom 02.25.16 @ 6:21 pm

@gc Great idea….Need to send that one to Barnes!

Comment by milobloom 02.25.16 @ 6:23 pm

“next year, we should”, “next year, we could”

I’ve seen what we’ve become the last 4 years.

Comment by Dan 02.25.16 @ 6:49 pm

Kind of why I didn’t post much after the Syracuse win.

Don’t get me wrong, love that we own them, but then………..

Beat Duke? That’s a long shot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t lose at least one
@ Va Tech or @ Georgia Tech, if not both.

Comment by Dan 02.25.16 @ 6:51 pm


when Pitt is 1 and done. I’d like you to come down her to TX and eat my shorts

Pitt has beaten only ND this year and has a bad loss to NC State.

They are not deserving in my opinion. In fact, IUP could probably beat them. Hows that for a put down my dear friend.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.16 @ 6:59 pm

I must have struck a nerve with you milo. You and Mona must be twins.

Comment by TX Panther 02.25.16 @ 7:02 pm

Dixons team is devastated…is drama! Is he setting up for a poor performance against Duke already or is he positioning it to be the kids scraped themselves off the floor, the cinderella story….yadda yadda yadda. Enough with the drama.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.25.16 @ 8:00 pm

gc, I was talking about the time we got a steal and started a fastbreak and someone passed it to Luther inside in the middle of the court while he was surrounded by L’Ville players.

The play you are talking about, I agree.

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.16 @ 8:27 pm

Luther’s TO in crunch time was 100 percent on Luther. Otherwise that kid played a great game.

Comment by HbgFrank 02.25.16 @ 8:29 pm

Jeez TX Panther -seems like you are the one with the struck nerve issue. Relax down there in Texas. Half of the teams in the tourny will be one and done. I’d rather Pitt was in it than not.
We are on a down swing and we’ll soon know whether it is time for a change of scenery for Dixon but let’s also remember that some of the best years of Pitt BB also belong to Dixon. Historically we’ve been mediocre until we’ve grown to become accustomed to top 20 under Howland and Dixon. That’s where we all expect to be now. You folks in Texas seem to equate frustration with crudeness.

Comment by AnotherClancyRebound 02.25.16 @ 8:37 pm

I went back and looked and was thinking of a different play. The one where we were up by 6 after Luther took 2 FT’s. The ball was turned over by them then turned over by us on a fast break. I thought it was Luther, but it wasn’t.

I remember now it was Luther turning over the ball under the basket when he couldn’t handle the pass later in the game. The game was about over at that point anyway.

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.16 @ 8:54 pm

Scott Barnes is starting to address some of Pitt’s problems….bad news though for the OCS crowd….

link to

Comment by Jackagain 02.25.16 @ 9:18 pm

Jackagain, yeah I was talking about the pass to the corner for a three. On the one you are talking about Jones tried to make one to many passes, hit Luther too low as far as I could tell. Jones should have gone hard to the basket or pulled up for the ten footer. But don’t blame him for being unselfish. If Luther catches the ball cleanly he has an easy layup or slam.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 9:47 pm

If Pitt gets into the tourney, it will be a tough game. Probably an eight vs nine. So one and done is a 50/50 guess, not exactly going out on a limb.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 9:50 pm

Glad to read that Barnes is disturbed by the turnout at the Pete. Especially vs Louisville, speaks poorly about Pitt Fans. Syracuse with 28,000 vs us, obviously a different culture.

Comment by gc 02.25.16 @ 9:53 pm

As far as Syracuse’s large attendants vs. us, there is nothing else to do in Syracuse on a cold winters day. Plus they sell beer. Say what you will about the dome. It makes for a great family outing during a winter’s weekend. They also have a winning history that goes back to my youth and I am OLD now.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.25.16 @ 10:32 pm

link to

State of ACC basketball recruiting…

Comment by NickC 02.25.16 @ 10:33 pm

To all, no question Louisville was the better team. Better players for sure. Better recruiting? Maybe things offered in recruiting you’re not supposed to offer? Maybe that’s why they don’t get in the tournament. The fact they are ranked in the ACC Conference and nationally offends me.

As far as the refs go. I don’t like the way, in general, basketball calls can be too subjective. Not so much in football and baseball.

As far as the calls in this game, te refs were pretty even.

Yes, my friends, money changes hands more often then some of you think. I wish all of you could have spent some time growing up in Brooklyn. It is a different type of education you don’t get in other parts of the Country.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 02.25.16 @ 10:56 pm

Duke with an easy tune up win tonight vs FLState. I did not see a team that has a short bench or a bunch of gimpy players that some on here have mentioned.

Someone (gc?) mentioned Pitt as a 9 seed – right now they are trending to an 11 seed and maybe to the bubble. Because of the inconsistency we’ve seen, there is no sure win left.

I remember sitting in the Pete last year for the “must win” Miami game at season’s end. Not much effort, no hustle, no D, sloppy ball handling, lifeless rebounding and very little entertainment. That’s why the fans are not filling the seats in the Pete in my opinion.

The product on the floor looks like the same thing (as last year) ever since the 4th game of the ACC games this year. Pitt is 5-7 in that stretch.

Let’s dunk on the dukies and turn this season around. This will probably be the seniors last game at the Pete. Leaving the fans with a winning impression is the best thing for this current team and next season’s ticket sales.

Comment by Erie Express 02.25.16 @ 11:53 pm

Barnes is a character. He can’t really believe it’s just symptomatic of a national trend with attendance. Pitt fell from a tournament lock to a low or no seed. The attendance at the Pete is simpatico with the program’s regression.

After making bold statements about improving Pitt’s OCS in basketball, he’s fallen back.

To claim that West Virginia doesn’t want to play Pitt – Barnes is talking out of his asshole.

Like Chris Peak said, if Pitt had the kind of team is used to have the fans would turn out for the December directional schools Dixon uses to run up his win totals.

Dis Barnes address hoops recruiting? Methinks not.

Comment by Tony77019 02.26.16 @ 1:21 am

Dis = Did

Comment by Tony77019 02.26.16 @ 1:23 am

Tony77019 – I think Jamie is doing a better job of recruiting – Barnes that is, not players.

The next class has a C (6’9″), a PG and a SG. All 3 star guys, but positions of need.

I’m hoping all three are ready to play – we’ll be lucky if one plays AND contributes by their second year.

Duke looked real good last night with their top two scorers playing all 40 minutes. Neither looked gassed…

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 6:03 am

I know some on here refuse to read from the P-G, so you can skip this thread from Zeise I read this morning:

“One thing in Pitt’s favor is that the Blue Devils have had to deal with numerous injuries and have played short-handed — with basically six players and no real post game — for most of the season. That means the Panthers should have an advantage with their depth, could dominate in the post and turn offensive rebounds into second-chance points.”

If you watched the FLState vs Duke game last night, you saw Duke play with 7 guys who all played 12 minutes or more. They dominated the post vs a team that had three guys over 6’10”. Pitt has zero at that height.

This is Pitt’s last chance in the regular season for a significant W. NO PRESSURE!

Dunk on the dukies!

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 7:11 am

Comment by wbb 02.26.16 @ 7:45 am

As this post has run out of steam I have a question for all the Texas(Houston area). Blatherites.

My wife and I are attending wedding at Kingston Cc in May. Will stay 3 days, what should we not miss in Houston area?? Thanks!

Bubble, must somehow win 3 more, reg season plu ACC tourney.

Comment by JoeKnew 02.26.16 @ 8:08 am

Erie – Manigault is a PF, not a Center, and every site I’ve seen him on has his height as 6’8″; he may be listed at 6’9″ somewhere, but I didn’t find it. I wonder what his updated height & weight numbers are, plus his season stats would be interesting to know. From everything I’ve read over the past year, he’s definitely better than a 3 star, though maybe its fair to say a “high 3”? Along the same lines, Kithcart seems to be playing at a much higher level as well now. However I’m not sure about the SG, Clark, he may not help at all from the video I’ve seen, I hope I’m wrong. Would like to see better info. on these 3 from anyone that has it…

Comment by 1618mt 02.26.16 @ 8:32 am

ACC will likely suspend Allen. That would literally leave Duke with 6 players that have played any meaningful minutes against us Sunday.

Comment by ShorePitt 02.26.16 @ 8:38 am


Space Center, boat tour of ship channel, galleria, vibrant restaurant scene (take your pick of cuisine), La Mexicana restaurant (a must), and the West beaches of Galveston Island.

Comment by Tony77019 02.26.16 @ 8:47 am

In retrospect, the Louisville loss wasn’t about, poor coaching, poor defense, lack of motivation or any other nebulous intangible. It was about a fairly average team, whose one attribute this year was supposed to be shooting, hitting 22 % of their threes and missing a lot of free throws. If they make a reasonable 39% of their threes (three more baskets) they likely win the game. Most of their misses were open looks.

Comment by doczac 02.26.16 @ 8:47 am

1618mt – Manigault is listed on the WSPN site as a center. I’ve seen his height at both 6-8 and 6-9. Either way, not 6-10+

Could he be the next Blair – I sure hope so…

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 9:40 am

He’s a punk, Here’s the story:
link to

ACC senior associate commissioner Paul Brazeau, who attended the game, told ESPN on Thursday night that the conference will review the Florida State-Duke game, including the tripping incident.

Asked what jurisdiction the ACC could have to discipline Allen if necessary, Brazeau said schools and conferences can give private or public reprimands and, if warranted, a suspension.

Comment by KeyboardKev 02.26.16 @ 9:41 am

I’m sorry but with or without Allen, Duke still wins. They have far superior athletes. Who is going to try and guard Ingram? We have no one who can even begin to cover him – and he can drain 3s too. Our best bet is Allen gets suspended and Maia and Plumlee get into a fisticuffs and both get ejected. Oh, and Ingram doesn’t play because of sickness or something.
It’s just a bad matchup for Pitt.

Comment by JJ 02.26.16 @ 9:47 am

EE, I said 8th or 9th if they get in. The higher seeds go to the small conference champions.

Comment by gc 02.26.16 @ 9:51 am

From a Q&A with Barnes

Pittsburgh Sports Now–One of the biggest points of discussion among many Pitt fans invariably goes back to the football program playing their games at Heinz Field instead of it’s own on-campus stadium. It may not be the perfect scenario for some, but what have you done to make the experience better for fans and do you see Heinz Field as a place that can make for an enjoyable college gameday atmosphere?

Scott Barnes–Heinz Field has already been rated one of the best football facilities in the country, it’s obviously an NFL caliber stadium with amenities that are off the charts. What makes it special is the relationship with the Steelers–the edge you get affiliating your program with that brand, believe me, when it comes to recruiting that pays dividends every day.

A lot of the renovations that have been done…A two-million dollar scoreboard in the south end zone for example are things that benefit the program greatly. A lot of people bemoan the fact that an off campus stadium negatively impacts student attendance, yet our student attendance is at an all-time high. We sold out every student season ticket last year and the goal is to do that again this year.

The other thing i’d say is our goal, as aspirational as it might be, is to set an all-time season ticket record this season…I think that speaks to how well things are working out for us.

Huge recruiting weekend, a win vs Duke would be off the charts.

The best thing you can say about the Louisville game is that they were not blown out even with very cold shooting, too many turnovers and Louisville shooting lights out.

This is the weakest Duke team in a few years.

Comment by gc 02.26.16 @ 10:01 am

Erie, 247 has Manigault as a PF, but you’re right, ESPN also lists him as a Center. Obviously, my concern is that I don’t want another guy forced to play out of position and be in a difficult situation, we have quite a few good players that have had to do that, including Zanna and Young recently, however we have had guys with a little more girth that could play the spot capably even if undersized; I’m not sure where Manigault stands in that regard, but he doesn’t seem thin (which is great) nor is he blairish. Either way, if he is not out of position as a Center, that would give us more options for sure next year, especially if Luther keeps developing

Comment by 1618mt 02.26.16 @ 10:20 am

Agree with you 1618mt – we need a real 5 – Jamie hasn’t had one in a long time – Adams was a good “one & done”. But there was nothing behind Adams being developed nor recruited (except ALOT of misses)

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 11:08 am

As Groucho Marx would say, “Last chance to beat the other couple”. Meaning we better beat Duke or we are out of the NCAA because I suspect we will lose one of the last two road games.

Comment by Frank MD 02.26.16 @ 11:09 am

Regarding Duke’s Allen being suspended for tripping – don’t hold your breath. But, with the UNC game right behind the Pitt matchup, the powers to suspend would be more inclined to have Allen miss the Pitt game than the UNC game.

Pitt has two big match-up problems if Allen is not suspended – we have NO ONE to guard Allen nor Ingram. And our 5’s will have their hands full with Plumlee as a third not-so-big problem.

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 11:17 am

I was impressed with the job Luther did in the Louisville game. He defended well putting a body on their center and not giving ground down low. He set screens and he was able to score as well. He was a glue guy doing a lot of little things. The Panthers were hanging in there and when Jamie took him our near the end of game Louisville went on their run an took charge.

Comment by Justinian 02.26.16 @ 11:17 am

Joe Knew,
also need to go to an Astro’s game for sure and I would also recommend the Kemha Boardwalk, which is on Galveston Bay – not the Gulf. Also, a day at Galveston is nice (there’s a free Ferry you can take over and back to Bolivar Peninsula where dolphins are following the ship), Some great Galveston restaurants facing the Gulf on the Seawall also. Weather should br perfect, high 80’s. Enjoy!

Comment by pittman4ever 02.26.16 @ 11:19 am

See Justinian’s point above, I forgot about that… It was when we pulled Luther (for a breather?), that Louisville went on the run at the end of the game that won it. That says a lot…

Comment by 1618mt 02.26.16 @ 11:21 am

One more thing….
Houston is 2nd only to New York in the performing arts. Google “Houston Theater District” and punch in your dates, there will be multiple shows (concerts, plays, ballet, etc.)to attend.

Comment by pittman4ever 02.26.16 @ 11:48 am

Erie… Pitt has 5 big matchup problems vs Duke … Not 2

Comment by Dan 72 02.26.16 @ 11:49 am

Letting the Miami game slip away, when the Panthers outplayed them for most of the game. Then failing to hang on against Louisville cost them the chance for a signature win they need against a ranked opponent. Duke is the last chance for a win that can add to their resume. I realize that this is not a great Duke team, but Pitt hasn’t fared well against Duke in the past. I’m not optimistic about Pitt’s chances. The last two games against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech will be tough to win on the road. So with 3 games left the have their work cut out for them.

Comment by Justinian 02.26.16 @ 11:51 am

No doubt that this team has had some problems finishing, both the first half and the close games.

Comment by gc 02.26.16 @ 1:40 pm

Wow, Thanks guys, Mrs JoeKnew will have a lot to go over. I really do appreciate the info!

Comment by JoeKnew 02.26.16 @ 1:46 pm

Right now Pitt averaging an 9 seed with all the ‘experts’ They are currently above 10 teams before falling off the bubble. Just need one win and they become a lock.
That last one is sometimes the hardest though.

link to

Comment by milobloom 02.26.16 @ 2:00 pm

It’s over. And the Louisville game wasn’t lost because they couldn’t match score-for-score against a more-talented roster – but the fact Louisville didn’t score for nearly 6 mins and Pitt could only forge a 8 point lead thanks to their love of the jump shot – particularly long-2’s – the worst shot in basketball.

But to know this, the players would have to either have a high bball IQ or have a good coach. They have neither. NIT.

Comment by JohnRamella 02.26.16 @ 2:27 pm

I’ll go one more. Pitt has 6 matchup problems.

A good follow-up question to the Barnes explanation would be to somehow explain the “daily” recruiting edge Heinz Field delivers. Look, we have been at Heinz Field for many years and I have yet to hear about anyone committing because of Heinz Field. That said, many recruits do mention that the shared practice facilities location is a big enticement. Can we not have the best of both worlds? Share the practice facilities and get rid of heinz field, which is notoriously horrible.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 02.26.16 @ 5:59 pm

notoriously horrible, really? hyperbole?

Comment by gc 02.26.16 @ 6:49 pm

Erie… Pitt has 5 big matchup problems vs Duke … Not 2
Comment by Dan 72 02.26.16 @ 11:49 am

Dan 72 – I’m still laughing as I get caught up on the other posts. And then I get to dhuffdaddy who wants to add a 6th match-up problem.

Let me guess, Coach K vs Coach Dixon – I’m on the floor…

Comment by Erie Express 02.26.16 @ 7:06 pm

Some of you gents have it correctly. Pitt doesn’t have the talent, and on a night when they play hard and hustle a team like Lville can take the game when they’re ready to make the effort. It’ll happen again vs Duke. K is not going to lose to Dixon. The tourney is a mirage, Dixon will get what he deserves, the NIT. There will be another cycle of Pitt basketball down the road, when Dixon is out of here.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.26.16 @ 7:16 pm

I fear you are right Old School, but is primarily due to Dixon’s recruiting failures. Unfortunately because of the contract we are going to suffer for a few more years.

Comment by gc 02.26.16 @ 9:05 pm

gc: it’s beyond recruiting. If Dixon and filth bag Pitino traded benches Dixon would still have lost that game. Dixon appeared to be a good coach by stewarding Howland’s program when the program was fueled by its own success. It was the program, the allure of Pitt’s BE image,the NYC pipeline and pieces of unmitigated luck: D Blair, Brad and Gary’s weight room transformation that collectively was the steed that carried Dixon. Developing recruiting network, transitioning to the ACC are beyond Dixon’s skills. The program will flounder until a new, capable coach comes in. Hiring a succesful coach isn’t the answer, hiring an assistant to a great coach like K is.

Comment by Old School Panther 02.28.16 @ 12:31 am

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