February 4, 2016

As far as the recruiting rankings go:

Rivals — 30th (5th in ACC)

Scout — 27th (4th in ACC)

ESPN — 31st (5th in ACC)

247 — 26th, though 30th in their composite rankings (4th in ACC)

The ACC itself. National ranking in parenthesis.


  1. Florida (2)
  2. Clemson (5)
  3. Miami (22)
  4. UNC (24)
  5. Pitt (30)
  6. Duke (31)
  7. Louisville (37)
  8. NC State (43)
  9. VT (49)
  10. Syracuse (56)
  11. Virginia (60)
  12. Wake (61)
  13. GT (67)
  14. BC (80)


  1. Florida St. (3)
  2. Clemson (14)
  3. UNC (23)
  4. Pitt (27)
  5. Duke (33)
  6. Miami (37)
  7. Louisville (40)
  8. NC St (47)
  9. VT (56)
  10. Syracuse (59)
  11. Virginia (62)
  12. Wake (63)
  13. GT (66)
  14. BC (70)


  1. Florida St (2)
  2. Clemson (10)
  3. Miami (21)
  4. Pitt (30)
  5. Duke (33)
  6. UNC (35)
  7. Louisville (37)
  8. VT (41)
  9. NC St. (49)
  10. Wake (58)
  11. GT (59)
  12. Virginia (60)
  13. Syracuse (66)
  14. BC (75)


  1. Florida St. (1)
  2. Clemson (8)
  3. Miami (19)
  4. Duke (30)
  5. Pitt (31)
  6. UNC (34)
  7. Louisville (36)
  8. VT (39)
  9. NC St. (44)
  10. Wake (50)
  11. GT (53)
  12. Virginia (60)
  13. Syracuse (62)
  14. BC (74)

The most obvious thing from this list is that BC’s recruiting class sucked. That’s real consensus.

Florida State and Clemson were obviously top of the ACC. FSU had a top-3 class without question. Clemson was anywhere from 5-14, but I feel comfortable saying its a top-10 style class.

Miami seems to have had a fringe top-20 class, with Scout as the big outlier. Dropping them to 37th — presumably dinged for having only 18 players in the class.

Likewise, UNC got a boost from Rivals and Scout into the top-25 with a class size of 26. Well, at least that explains Scout putting them there with only 2 4-star recruits. Interestingly, Rivals felt UNC had 6 4-star recruits. 247 and ESPN were less impressed and had the Tarheels down in the mid-30s.

Duke, Pitt, Louisville and NC State all stayed within a reasonable range in all the rankings. Duke and Pitt right around 30th — slight edge to Pitt with Scout and 247 putting Pitt in the upper-20s.

Louisville finished with a high of 36 and low of 40. Tight margin. NC State was nearly as close at 43-49.

Then there is VT that really split the opinion. Rivals and Scout really disliked the class. Putting them down at 49 and 56, respectfully (9th in the ACC). While 247 and ESPN saw them as a fringe top-40 class. But in the end, still only 8th in the ACC.

After that, it is Syracuse, Wake, UVA and GT in some mish-mash in the 50s to 60s. And let’s be honest, it is just splitting hairs in the disappointment/rebuild/boot Wake grouping. GT at least gets the excuse of recruiting to a very specific scheme that is one of the few programs that can honestly not get too worked up over recruiting rankings.

While VT took a bit of a tumble this year in the recruiting game, with Frank Beamer’s retirement. And the same can be said for Virginia after canning Mike London — he at least recruited well. Pitt, Duke and UNC all took a nice step forward for the ACC in terms of recruiting profiles. Louisville has been better than expected with Petrino doing much better than he did in his first go round at ‘Ville. Actually exceeding what Charlie Strong did in recruiting  before going to Texas. The ACC in this recruiting cycle compares very similar to what the Big Ten looked like in terms of recruiting rankings and distribution.



5 ACC schools have new coaches and staff with only Miami being ranked higher than us (as always.) The only other school with new coaches that usually rate higher than Pitt is VT.

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 8:46 am

Still beaming from all the great news from yesterday. Kind of wish we played Miami after Thanksgiving every year. I would love the ACC Coastal division to be thought of as Miami or Pitt’s to win every year much like FSU and Clemson in the Atlantic.

Comment by Tackle made by Hugh 02.04.16 @ 8:56 am

“Pitt, Duke and UNC all took a nice step forward for the ACC…”

Rising programs with rising recruiting. Further proof that winning cures all ails. Great class but HCPN and Co. Looking back into recent history it becomes crystal clear how the previous administration was a cancer to athletics. We all knew it. Now we have proof. Todd Graham may have been the smartest guy in the room at the time. Scary thought.

I am in the minority when it comes to the Pitt-PSU game. I never want to play them and may never attend a game. I do not want to willingly give one penny of my money to support PSU despite the benefits that Pitt will surely receive.

Comment by Yeti 02.04.16 @ 9:08 am

Comment by MariettaMike 02.04.16 @ 9:14 am

If you click on the “ALL” link above you will see that Pitt was #26 but finished #30. Anyone have any comments as to why? Just curious. Thanks.

Hail to Pitt!

Comment by MariettaMike 02.04.16 @ 9:21 am

Also, what are the limits on scholarship offers per year? I see where Michigan has quite a few more offers than any other top team. what gives here?

Comment by MariettaMike 02.04.16 @ 9:25 am

Yeti – re the Pitt-PSU game, you are in a minuscule minority with your position. But I know where you’re coming from, I feel that way for diff. reasons probably re playing WVU, I do not think its good idea for us to play them in the future, but I know some feel diff. on that as well.

I do agree though that, as many of us already knew, the prior admin was a cancer to Pitt athletics. The biggest single, positive change to Pitt imho has been Gallagher. Time will tell, but I suspect Barnes was an excellent hire as well.

Finally, there aren’t many Pitt fans left that don’t feel strongly that in PN, we finally have our guy. I will add though, that one of the biggest reasons for optimism I have for next year is the replacement of our OC… Time will tell on this as well.

Comment by 1618mt 02.04.16 @ 9:31 am

Mike, 247 uses two rankings. One is a composite ranking of all the major recruiting services. The second is 247’s own ranking, 24th overall. That’s why you see two different grades on each kid.

Comment by pd 02.04.16 @ 9:34 am

Marietta, there used to be limits but now (I believe) the only limit is that each school can have a max of 85 schollies at any one time. Thus, by August Pitt will have to have 6 or 7 current schollies leave in some manner.

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 9:38 am

Beat State Penn a couple of times that would cripple their in state recruiting against PITT for years. The benefits are huge.

Comment by pd 02.04.16 @ 9:40 am

Oh How I Hate……,
Prayed for you this morning buddy. Hang in there!
(John 3:16)

Comment by pittman4ever 02.04.16 @ 9:59 am

Regardless of Pedo State’s recruiting, at the end of the day, they are still coached by JF. He talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk. Advantage HCPN. Even the Black Shoe Dairy loyalists are worried about this. I say, bring ’em on. No better time than now to put them in their place.

Comment by tomcat 02.04.16 @ 10:13 am


Waiting for my flight to Pgh from Atl.
Jim Chaney draped in Georgia wear
sitting across from me. Recruiting in
Pgh for 21017? He does need to eat
the giant bag of Doritos!

Comment by JR 02.04.16 @ 10:13 am


Check that does not need that giant bag
of Doritos.

Comment by JR 02.04.16 @ 10:15 am

I agree with Yeti and see little reason to play Pedophile U. In non-conference games we should be trying to play Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State. You don’t rise to greatness without challenging the top teams………..

Comment by Mtoolmn 02.04.16 @ 10:15 am

Furthermore, I’d like the band to return to the fight song that includes “Penn State sucks”. Someone at PSU literally acted on that. 🙂

Comment by tomcat 02.04.16 @ 10:18 am

I am bubbly as anyone with our recruiting.

A nice piece to that recruiting was the
Ejuan Price 6th year eligibility.

And as I was thinking, James Conner’s personal health is utmost and foremost, but what if he becomes completely healthy and plays???


Comment by Dan 02.04.16 @ 10:22 am

Putting things in perspective, class still not among the biggest dogs. However, no one really knows how these kids will turn out. I think Narduzzi and Co. did the absolutely best job possible all things considered. Soon it will be time to coach them up and make sure they reach their absolutely best potential.

I guess the next worry is will they all make grades and get into school?

Regarding PSU, I think that Franklin is the one that made this an us versus them thing, starting with the owning the state crap, going after our guys last year and this year and making it personal. I think he is doing this to hide from his real competition, OSU, Michigan, MSU and the rest of the B1G, where he is an afterthought. Last night the pudits spoke of the battle among Harbaugh, Dantonio, and Meyer, Franklin wasn’t mentioned. He is in the second tier with Wisky and Iowa.

It does look like the ACC will get more competitive with Pitt, UNC, and Duke having strong classes. Obviously FLST and Clemson the cream, and Miami always getting athletes.

Comment by gc 02.04.16 @ 10:23 am

Me thinks that has to be a very wide black Georgia “G” emblazoned on that triple X sweatshirt Chaney is wearing?

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.04.16 @ 10:26 am

Personally I would like us to continue playing PSU (even if every other year) and stop playing WVU because for the hillbillys that game gives them exposure to our WPIAL kids and that’s there BIG rival game, not ours.
On the other hand PSU IS our big rival game and they already have access to WPA so when we whip them (and we will!) it gives us the recruiting advantage plus the wonderful feeling of beating them.

Comment by pittman4ever 02.04.16 @ 10:29 am

Another Recruiting POV article scheduled to post up at noon today. Lunchtime Pitt fix.

Comment by Reed 02.04.16 @ 10:32 am

Is Pitt still on the Trimester system and can these kids enroll this summer to take advantage of off season training? I guess the question is could they graduate early enough?

Comment by gc 02.04.16 @ 10:43 am

Nice 247 link on the composite scores. Interesting to see the “recruiter” rankings. Number one is Tee Martin (former Steeler and Tenn QB) who is the WR coach at USC. Let’s bring’em in!

Comment by FG 02.04.16 @ 10:46 am

Not to be a downer but there is a crucial BBall game on Saturday. Another must win that will have a lot to do with the team’s fortunes going down the stretch. VA played last night, so hopefully we have fresher legs.

It is a “Blackout” so hopefully we get our best crowd even at 12 noon on a Saturday.

Need to get a fast start because there will be no coming back from a big deficit vs their defense. Hope Jamie is smart enough to start Jeter. There may be booing if he doesn’t.

Comment by gc 02.04.16 @ 10:50 am

@Matt Let’s not forget Ped State AD said playing Pitt was not a priority and didnt know if it would continue after these 4 games. How the place where a President, AD, Head Coach, VP of Security could be involved in the MOST HEINOUS college scandal in the history American Universities be so condescending explains the institution and its fans. Note I didnt say sports scandal – I include any conduct in any way – the most heinous in the history of American Universities. So heinous, lawmakers in drafting pre-Sandusky reporting laws didnt even think they had to include such high ranking college officials as required reporters of abuse – ie unthinkable conduct.

Remember Joe calling Pitt (not just our athletes which was bad enough) as ‘that college full of convicts and criminals.’ Every Ped State alum I have worked with has that condescending attitude. @Matt that is why there is a rivalry. I only hope I remain in good health long enough to write a book on Ped State Scandal and its attempts to rewrite history by suing everybody in sight- cant wait to file those Open Records requests and the resulting lawsuits it will lead to. P-E-N-N STATE SUCKS. Matt quit trolling.

Help – I thought I read that Maddox was leaving in postseason articles, now it seems from posts and articles he is not? Am I missing something or just wrong again?

Comment by rkb 02.04.16 @ 10:56 am

Saturday is a big game. Need to pick this one off because @ Miami and @ N.Carolina will be none too easy.

Comment by Dan 02.04.16 @ 10:57 am

OhHowIhate- My prayers for you as well… strength, peace, healing.

Reed – Thank you for putting the rankings together like this, great format, just what I was looking for (and I’m sure many of us were).

pittman4ever – Regarding your summary on our 2 rivals, I think you hit the nail(s) on the head.

Comment by 1618mt 02.04.16 @ 10:59 am

I think that this recruiting class is a lot better because HCPN is a coach who knew what he wanted and how he could coach them up. Sometimes coaches get players just because they are highly rated and recruiting is certainly about that but then comes the time to coach and play them where they can excel. I think that is why I really like PN.

Comment by Frank MD 02.04.16 @ 11:01 am

As far as the Pitt-Penn St thing. Don’t let the middle age or older people fool you, they hate Pitt a vicious passion.

As for the younger crew, claiming Ohio St and Michigan and even Mich St. are their rivals.

It’s a one sided rivalry….and they all know it. OSU, Mich, Mich St, they are each others rivals.

Wait until the build up to the game, and the game hopefully when Narduzzi kicks Franklensteins ass, the younger folks will see what it’s about.

Penn St people look down at Pitt??

Eff you, I have one word for you. Pedophilia.

Comment by Dan 02.04.16 @ 11:17 am

Dr. Tom. re: Chaney’s triple X Georgia sweatshirt. What are the chances that the front of it is covered with food stains, along with Doritos crumbs??

Comment by Savannah Panther 02.04.16 @ 11:25 am

Dan – I think “Pedophilia” (formerly, “Happy Valley”) is the new “City of Brotherly Love”

Comment by Savannah Panther 02.04.16 @ 11:36 am

As an old Pitt fan I do like playing PSU because of the game’s passion and that will now begin to emerge. My greatest gripe with playing them were some of the most blatant ref calls during the games played at PSU. Some of these were evident when PSU played NB and AL on TV years ago. But now that is rarely possible because of TV replays. H2P

Comment by Frank MD 02.04.16 @ 11:45 am

I am ashamed to be a Pennsylvanian with the mess that went on up there in pedoland and that bunch of enablers in the adm. and defensive alumns. We should get out of that old mindset of PSU and WV but we will keep our rotation with ND who is semi ACC and a national name in football. Future rivalries are already started in NC and,Duke who mirror Pitt in many ways and stats.Then there is Syracuse one of Pitts oldest competitors and VT our old Big East competition. They are also regional. WV and PS benefit more than us from these games.Let them stew in the second tier of their conferences while we get some teams outside the area to play like Florida or Iowa and Nebraska. UCLA Look forward not back!

Comment by Pitt60 02.04.16 @ 11:55 am

Virgina on Saturday. We need to steal this one to make up for the NC State loss. Win it, JD and all – at least most – will be forgiven.

Comment by Oakland Comet 02.04.16 @ 11:55 am

@Savannah Panther LOL!!!

Honestly, I really don’t like bringing it up, it’s a serious issue and a terrible crime, no question.

But if a PSU’er is gonna say “Shit on Pitt”,
“Pitt Sucks” and “Pitt can’t hold a candle
to Penn St”,

well then, all’s fair in love and war.

It’s funny, I’ve seen some PSU stuff on Twitter and on blogs, Penn State fans believe that the Pedophilia stuff should be off limits.

They’re allowed to take as many shots at Pitt as they want, say whatever they want, as much as they want, but Pitt fans aren’t allowed to bring up Ped State, Sandusky or Paterno closing his eyes.

Sorry, theirs for life, live with it.

Comment by Dan 02.04.16 @ 11:57 am

Caveat: No, I don’t bring this subject up with the quite a few PSU family members, as I’d be ex-communicated.

In fairness to them, they never say anything bad about Pitt either.

I just hope we all don’t have to much to drink at the tailgate in September!! LOL

Comment by Dan 02.04.16 @ 11:58 am

Although the Penn State games will never mean what they used to, it will still be great to have a full house at Heinz and tremendous passion building up to, during and after the game.

Those pre-game water cooler debates were fantastic during the seventies and eighties. One of their fans still owes me a case of beer.

The sports talk shows will be fired up and it is an all-around positive thing for the City.

It should happen every year.

It will take a long time to develop new rivalries in the ACC, but Narduzzi will make it happen. I did like playing Miami to end the season. Syracuse being in the other division makes no sense.

Comment by gc 02.04.16 @ 11:58 am

And watch, PSU will want to play us in BBall now that they are recruiting better, I say no to that.

Comment by gc 02.04.16 @ 12:03 pm

The funny part of it is that not only did Franklin start the smack talking with ‘dominate the state’, you may recall that it was his OL coach Herb Hand who a year ago really fanned the flames by saying that we (PSU) win our bowl games (they beat BC in OT) while Pitt blows big leads, etc. He went so overboard on twitter that JF publicly admonished the twitter war.

Yes, this is the same Herb Hand who ..

– coached that trainwreck of an offensive line the past 2 years in its attempt to protect Sackenburg.

– is now at Auburn … leaving JF and PSU high and dry.

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 12:09 pm

1618 – This nice piece was done by our fearless leader Chas. At noon I put up an article that breaks down the recruiting class in different and some interesting ways.

link to

Comment by Reed 02.04.16 @ 12:15 pm

Class rankings are really pretty meaningless as they pertain to immediate team performance improvements aren’t they? This is especially true with the elite programs that just reload every season with upperclassmen reserves that have been waiting their turn on the two deep.

By contrast, up and comers like the Dukes, UNCs and Pitts of the world can really see Freshmen making contributions if they are talented enough to leapfrog over the incumbent players at positions of weakness.

As I’ve already mentioned, this fact is what makes Pitt’s class so much better than simply the sum of all of their recruit’s star ranking. A 4 star DT committing to Alabama red shirts and sees the field by their RS Sophomore or Junior year. At Pitt, that same guy is vying for immediate playing time and actually makes an impact when they see the field.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.04.16 @ 12:25 pm

If you live in Western PA; PSU vs Pitt is THE game…families, neighborhoods and offices split down the middle.
Pitt doesn’t get that with any other team (including WVU)…Maybe if you live south if I70 and north of Morgantown than Pitt/WVU a bigger deal.

For people who no longer live in the area I can see how they may not see it the same way because they don’t see the fan base clash as much.

I still say Pitt needs to come out the tunnel in that game in their old 80’s Blue and Gold uniforms.

Comment by milobloom 02.04.16 @ 1:27 pm

I say PSU is Pitt’s main rival for the simple reason. Growing up in Pittsburgh, when it was time for college, it was basically you went to Pitt or PSU.

Comment by dcpinpgh 02.04.16 @ 1:35 pm

gc – I beg to differ. I think the Pitt PSU game now has more meaning as ever and I go back to the ’60’s. The combination of Pitt on the rise, the Pedo sex scandal, Franklin’s mouth and tactics, and time away from each other has ignited the passion in me more than ever.

Comment by tomcat 02.04.16 @ 2:38 pm

But reality is the Pitt PSU game means very little in our real goal of winning the ACC Coastal and winning the ACC Championshp. But I still want to win the game.

Comment by Rayhpgh 02.04.16 @ 4:09 pm

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