February 3, 2016

NLI Day 2016

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It’s here. The year long sprint is reaching its end. Pitt looks to finish strong. Maybe a couple final flourishes with some announcements at 9:30 am and 3 pm. Finding out if Pitt has a last minute flip away *cough* Chase Pine *cough*. And hey, there’s cake.

When I asked [Gateway (Fla.) High School coach Marlin] Roberts about Gateway cornerback Henry Miller, who is committed to Pitt but considering Miami, Roberts said he expected him to sign with Pitt:

“If not, it’s going to be an awkward ceremony. I’ve already ordered blue and gold balloons and a blue and gold cake,” he said.

Awkward would be the right word.

Coach Pat Narduzzi will hold his press conference — where he can officially talk about the recruits at last — at 3pm.

The NLIs can be faxed in to Pitt starting at 7:00 am. The Pitt football twitter and/or Narduzzi’s twitter should be on top of that as always, so just open a tab (or two) — regardless of whether you use twitter — if you want to follow along.

I’ll do my best to keep a running list with the when and who.

For the record. RB Chawntez Moss, DE Patrick Jones and transfer TE Chris Clark are already enrolled and taking classes at Pitt, so they won’t be on the list.


7:00 — QB Thomas MacVittie is first in.

7:04 — OL Brandon Ford is next first up with the big tech leap of using e-mail rather than a fax (he got his in ahead of MacVittie — just MacVittie’s dad made it known on twitter that his son was faxing first).

7:13 — OL Justin Morgan

7:22  — DE Zack Gilbert

7:27-7:51 — Taking kid to school.

7:51 — While out, ATH Phil Campbell sent his in.

As did Bryce Hargrove, rocking one hell of a sportscoat.

Worth noting, the Central Catholic kids — Damar Hamlin, Rashad Wheeler and Bricen Garner — will be signing their NLI’s at approximately 9:45.

Aaron Mathews will be signing his NLI at 1pm.

8:09 — Whoops. Looks like the 1pm ceremony will be symbolic. WR Aaron Mathews has his NLI in to Pitt.

8:12 — OL Zack Williams

8:27 — DB Therran Coleman has checked the box.

8:37 — LB Elias Reynolds has come in from the cold.

8:40-9:22 — Drop off other kid. Drive to work.

9:22 — Missed a lot.

LB Bruce Garner sent over his NLI

Cake for everyone as CB Henry Miller made it official.

LB Kaezon Pugh represents for the ‘Quip.

WR Ruben Flowers is in.

And this is one of the big ones. DT Keyshon Camp made Pitt his choice. Great late get.

9:28 — 2 more for the lines.

DL Amir Watts

OL Zack Williams

9:30 — Rashad Wheeler is go. One more from Central Catholic.

10:11 CB Damar Hamlin has finished the trifecta.

Now just waiting for Chase Pine and George Hill. Plus Weaver ‘ decision at 3pm.

Note, paperwork isn’t in on Hamlin yet to make it official, but…

10:28 — In the meantime, LB Chase Pine sticks with Pitt after some extra drama.

10:32 — Bonus news.  Pitt football just announced that DE Ejuan Price was officially granted a 6th year by the NCAA.

11:16 — RB George Hill has signed. All verbal are signed.

Barring anything weird, next update should be around 3 pm when Rashad Weaver makes his decision.









Matt, it’s like this…for some of us, our favorite 2 teams are Pitt and whoever plays the pedos. Most of us will take that to our graves…I know I will.

Comment by Jackagain 02.03.16 @ 9:46 pm

This is hilarious – intelligent nitters at their finest. link to

Comment by marcus of schaumburg 02.03.16 @ 9:55 pm

What a day to be a PITT Panther! There’s something special going here, just got back from LOI at Heinz. Favorite line from the “DUZZ” on AD Scott Barnes, doesn’t know the meaning of NO! They gave these guys all the means to go out balls to the wall and make a splash and that’s what they did. It starts from the top, thank you Chancellor Gallagher and Scott Barnes

Comment by PTG 02.03.16 @ 9:55 pm

Great article on next year’s recruits:

link to

Wade is very much in the picture. Can you imagine him & Hamlin at the corners?

Comment by Jackagain 02.03.16 @ 10:00 pm

Yeah PTG….Nordy & his pal Cyanide Steve have to be wondering what they did wrong. They’ll feel 10 times as stupid in a few years I assure you.

Comment by Jackagain 02.03.16 @ 10:02 pm

For the younger set, you will understand PItt Ped State once you experience it. It was and should be the best rivalry on the East Coast. City sophistication vs. Country Bumpkin. You get the picture.

Comment by Kukumaluku 02.03.16 @ 10:10 pm

The pedos talking the big game….all 117 posts since yesterday. Think maybe they hate us too?

link to

Comment by Jackagain 02.03.16 @ 10:26 pm

Solid first year class…great job by the coaching staff…Not coincidentally (I’m sure), I received my football season ticket renewal application in the mail today!

Comment by HbgFrank 02.03.16 @ 10:50 pm

Thanks for the link,jackagain. Had to laugh at the psu fans who fear for their safety amid the rabid Pitt fans. Really??

Comment by Dinosaur 71 02.03.16 @ 11:06 pm

Jacksagain, after click on your link, I wish the game was tomorrow. What a bunch of A-holes.

Comment by Justinian 02.03.16 @ 11:36 pm

LOL Justinian….and Matt thinks we’re obsessed. Can’t wait ’till we beat them. Those boards will really light up them.

Yeah Dino…leave the women and children at the farm for that one….lol.

Comment by Jackagain 02.04.16 @ 12:04 am

uPitt, what are you thinking for a wager?

Comment by cnorwoodaz 02.04.16 @ 12:17 am

From my days at Pitt….
Pitt vs Penn State… Culture vs Agriculture
And another favorite…
Directions to Penn State: Go east until you smell it, go north until you step in it.

Good memories?

Comment by Annie 02.04.16 @ 12:21 am

From my days at Pitt….
Pitt vs Penn State… Culture vs Agriculture
And another favorite…
Directions to Penn State: Go east until you smell it, go north until you step in it.

Good memories?

Comment by Annie 02.04.16 @ 12:23 am

Sorry, don’t know why that posted twice. I hate typing on my phone.

Comment by Annie 02.04.16 @ 12:25 am

I checked out Black Shoe Diaries last night to see how the pedos class ended up and came a at perplexed by the drivel in all of the articles comment section. For instance an article on their premier RB, Miles Sanders, who single handed raise this class about ten spots in the class rankings had the very 1st comment created by a advertising robot for a rental car company. Thereafter, another 30 or so insane comments followed all involved with comments and replies about rental cars. WTF?

Plus most comments are a sentence long with little substance beyond sophomoric comments with tagged pictures to match often in reply to other juvenile comments left on the board. Seriously, I had to wade through about 40 comments before I read one multiple sentence, somewhat intelligent comment about the best recruit in PA, that was the subject of the article in the first place.

It’s like a bunch of middle school kids victimized with bad cases of ADD over there in creepy valley. Really kinda sad actually. Hopefully Miles Sanders won’t read that, because if he doe’s he’ll just end up shaking his head while wondering, “why did I come here again”? He deserves a lot more respect than those dicks gave him in the comments section, that’s all I know.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.04.16 @ 6:01 am

Thanks for that link Jackagain. After reading all of the posts, now I’m depressed. I had no idea how badly Pitt’s football team was before reading their in depth analysis. We stink!

Surprise players for the Panthers next season? Any thoughts?
Personally I’m all in for a breakout season for our new DE Hendrix. He will be a beast. I’m still high on Allen Edwards too, same as last season. I gave him props them even though he never saw the field as he integrated into Narduzzi’s system while continuing to bulk up in muscle. Allen will also contribute at the other DE spot. Less we forget about Price who was just granted a sixth year. He came into his own last season and will only be getting better this fall. As for the middle of the D line either Watts or Camp will break into the two deep for immediate playing time. And really as thin as thin as we were at that spot maybe both will burn their Freahmen RS. That will all depend on Connor Dintino though. If he is ready to contribute, which he should be then it will be difficult for both Freshmen to play this coming season.

Needless to say Hamlin sees the field a lot this season, and I think Miller does too. If these two guys are as good as their highlight reels show, Maddox may soon see his time on the field relegated to kick returns and special teams.

Now that Boyd is gone I suspect Ford to really blossom this year. He is a reliable receiver and I like his YAC stats. And speaking of blossoming, Flowers will be a surprise contributor this year too. He is a real talent!

What will be no surprise is how solid our OL will be, with Smith back and another year of experience from all of the returning guys, that group should be special.

Yeah, Penn State is going to own us in that early September game at Heunz we don’t have a prayer, wink, wink.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.04.16 @ 6:44 am

Pitt vs Penn State.. If you never experienced it .. Well tighten your chin straps… Penn State was the king of eastern football through most of the 60’s and early 70’s winning the Lambert trophy several times and often shunned by the pollsters.. Pitt was the polar opposite during that time period.. PSU football was the benchmark where we needed to be and may posters experienced Pitts rise to glory. During the 80’s our 2 universities were nationally ranked in the top 5 or 10 in the nation. I hold no animosity against our neighbors until they step onto the field of play. Pitt vs Penn State.. Good for me n you.. Good for our state.. And good for football. They are our only true rivalry.. The battle for Pa and eastern dominance

Comment by BigB 02.04.16 @ 6:57 am

if you look at the post from their forums and assess our own team for this coming September, the key appears to be who is able to dominate the run game.

It will be our veteran OL with Ollie and Hall (can’t count on Conner right now) toting the ball. They apparently have a good DB and our receiving corp (especially in Sept) may not strike fear into anyone’s hearts (Orndoff is really good.)

Barkley is the biggest offensive threat on either team going into the game, but they have a new starting QB. Our defense will be much more quicker but inexperienced in many places. I’m hoping that Hendrix lives up to his billing because with him and Price at DEs, it can create some havoc.

Early prediction … low scoring game.

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 7:07 am

Matt Canada on The Fan at 8 am

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 7:33 am

@wbb.. Bet the under

Comment by BigB 02.04.16 @ 7:48 am

So in rating our 2016 recruits, are any as highly touted as Whitehead was last year?

Comment by PittPT 02.04.16 @ 7:50 am

PittPT, a quick response is that in Rivals, Whitehead had a 5.9 Rating (Hall was 5.8). Hamlin has a 5.9 rating while Pugh, Watts, Flowers and Hill are at 5.8. All are 4-stars.

Of course, that is just one rating system … some of the above in other rating systems are not even 40-stars so who knows?

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 8:25 am

4-stars not 40-stars

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 8:26 am

in 247, last year Whitehead had a .9494 rating and Hall was at .8974. This year Hamlin .9307, Hill .9289 and Camp .9048 (note that Camp is not a 4-star at Rivals)

Comment by wbb 02.04.16 @ 8:39 am

OhhowIhateOhioState – my thoughts and prayers are with you. Screw the Red and Silver. Seriously best of luck

Comment by rkb 02.04.16 @ 9:36 am

Once again my thoughts on this class that make it particularly good is that we got good recruits at positions of need across the board! About the only deficit in this class was bringing in a backup graduate transfer QB as a security blanket in case of an injury to Peterman. The only other thing that could be better than now is if our 5star TE transfer Clark would be granted an NCAA exception to play immediately. A few of these highly touted recruits will see the field this season because of this fact. I’m guessing Hill, Hamlin, Camp, Watts, Miller & Flowers all have legit chances to play immediately.

Comment by Dr. Tom 02.04.16 @ 10:16 am

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