June 20, 2015

With the commitment we just received from Safety Bricen Garner of local Central Catholic High School ( Garner is listed as a 3* on two sites and unranked on the other two) we now have a total of four recruits with most being 3* kids.

Looking at that verbal and thinking about the recruiting game in general made me recall that I’ve always thought of the makeup of a school’s successful football program, and its recruiting, as much like a human body.

The skeleton, the frame on which the whole thing depends to stay upright, is the university’s administration and the support system those it gives to the rest of the football body. That support is both financial and administrative and if the program is getting a strong frame from the University, one that is healthy with no cracks or injuries to it, then building on those bones is made that much easier.

I see the internal organs of the program to be the athletic department’s administrative and support systems for the program and the players. There are a lot of separate parts which have to work together as a whole to make and keeps the program’s body functioning. For instance our last AD Steve Pederson was the Urinary Bladder because each time he came to PITT he tried to piss all over the program. Think Torch-Cut and DinoCat for starters.

The heart and lungs of the program, those two elementary life-giving pieces of the body, have to be the students, alumni, staff and administrators who need to love the football program to make it successful. It starts with them and if there are shortcomings in any of those units it just makes success that much harder to happen.

The venal system which is the blood transportation mechanism, works to ensure a steady flow of energy; this the work of the head coach and the staff coaches in their behind the scenes efforts to get the players recruited; on the roster and comfortable in their choice of school.  The player’s support staff from the athletic department to help ensure these kids can meet all their academic requirements as well as have the mandated time for football.

Without that administration-player blood system moving smoothly and nourishing the player he would never get a chance to contribute to the team and in most cases would miss out on a PITT education.

Then finally the outer casing, the skin, is what we the fans public see from the university, program and the players all year round. The PITT Media Department presents one facet of this with press releases and offering access to behind the scenes so that other media outlets and the players and their  parents can see how this all functions.

This is what a successful university and football program’s skin looks like.

Of course what makes PITT’s entire football body well liked and attractive to us are the actions and results we see on and off the football field. Success measured in games being won is obviously important and what all of us want to see. Winning a lot of football games makes recruiting that much smoother and is a great draw for kids coming out of HS.

However just as important, if not as much talked about or in the media as much, (hopefully) is the program and players off the field activities as we saw in the article on James Conner and previous other media reports of PITT players volunteering all over the world.

When Scott Barnes was first hired on to be the new Athletic Director at PITT he stated this bon mot in his initial press conference:

“Athletics truly is a front porch,” Barnes said after being introduced as athletic director on Friday. “It is not the most important room in the house but it is the most visible and what comes with that is opportunity and responsibility.”

Responding to this statement I subsequently wrote here on The Blather:

“Every single PITT fan that has heard and read that quote is in love with the ‘welcoming’ image and the thought that athletics is the gateway to a school’s positive reputation.  Great! How wonderful!

Too bad it only rings true in a perfect world. I am here to tell you and remind to you also, that you can’t take that front porch phrase and apply it only when things are going into a positive direction for PITT athletics and therefore for the University itself.”

The reason I bring that up is that on Barnes second day on the job we had the Boyd DUI incident that landed smack dab on the front porch as if delivered by UPS. Now, what Narduzzi does with Boyd is going to be the determiner on how others, including recruits and their families, view PITT’s ‘front porch’.

(Here is the latest P-G article on Boyd’s travails)

However, James Conner’s positive interactions with others makes that front porch look like it was newly painted, or in the Cathedral of Learning’s case, newly sand blasted.

Chas just wrote a nice piece on PITT offering three Central Catholic kids and landing  DB Bricen Garner while still pursuing 3* DT Rashad Wheeler and 4* S Damar Hamlin.  These are ‘as local as you can get’ kids who if all three accept PITT’s offer will go a long way in getting the WPA HS football fans interested in the program under the new HC.

But the tricky thing about recruiting is that if all those parts of the football body described above are healthy and working properly then incidents like we just saw on Saturday are minimized in other’s mind.

On the flip side, if that same body is diseased or injured and can’t function properly every negative issue and incident are amplified as we saw in 2010 and beyond.  Right now things look good as far as the PITT side goes; new personnel in key positions and a burgeoning buzz surrounding the program will pay off dividends especially if PITT wins more than losses this season.

Here are some videos released by the PITT Media Department on PITT Livewire that appeal to young players looking at PITT as a place to attend college and play ball…

An overview of the University:

The PITT football program video trailer:

PITT’s Beautiful campus:

The city in which PITT is located:

Bill Fralic reminding everyone he once played at PITT (his Q&As to Narduzzi)

Here is PITT pitch reminding everyone to contribute to the $3.5M renovations and that if they want their contributions to count toward 2015 they MUST GIVE NOW. See below:

“The Panther Club fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 20. All annual gifts must be received in this time period to count towards your Panther Club Membership Level and Benefits for both Football and Basketball seating and parking.”

BTW – here is what the vampire-like money sucking ‘The Panther Club’ is all about. Just kidding, they do a great job building team and school spirit.

… and finally, here are the Renovation Giving Levels that will get you Club Points and get your name on a kid’s locker as a donor.  Personally I plan on giving $9,999 because it would be just my luck to get my name put on a kid’s locker who can’t play a lick of football… and because my favorite Panther, Chad Voytik, already has “THE DARK KNIGHT” label on his locker.

A quick story… a few years ago at a tailgate I introduced myself to a guy who was very familiar but I just couldn’t remember his name… so he turned around and held up his arms like he was conducting – and I got it, he was the PITT Band Master Jack Anderson.  Nice guy with some funny band stories if you can believe there are things like that.


Just returned from Atlanta. Had an opportunity to visit the new College Football HOF there. What a hoot!. They had a lot of interactive displays and some of the films, etc. got me ready to watch some college football.

Needless to say, in Pitt’s history there are many inductees that you could look up additional information on up on the third level where you can take control of a six foot high swiveling computer touchscreen used to navigate through the database.

This is where Narduzzi held his Atlanta Panther on the Prowl meeting, it was a perfect venue for that function! I’m confident that he is going to get Pitt’s “body” into great shape real soon!

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.20.15 @ 11:52 am

Lol, lol, lol Bill Fralic, in Atlanta, still Loving him some Pitt.

All Hail Chancellor Gallager!! 🙂

He’s the right-man for Academics and Athletics. A Bona-Fide genius intellect with great interpersonal-Charisma to boot?? So proud to be a Pitt Panther 🙂 .

I can feel the energy too now that Scott Barnes is officially at Pitt. If Louisville (no offense) can win a BCS Bowl Game and a basketball National Championship in one-year, Pitt’s potential is absolutely Limitless.

Comment by Pat "Dark Knight" Narduzzi 06.20.15 @ 12:25 pm

Reed, you ignored the most important gluteus maximus which supports the wallet. Too many Pitt alums would rather pay premium pricing to attend Heinz on a Sunday afternoon than a Saturday afternoon.

Comment by wbb 06.20.15 @ 1:00 pm

wbb – Steve Pederson would rear his ugly head in that part also… get it?!?!

Comment by Reed 06.20.15 @ 1:11 pm

Tough to come see our campus when the football stadium is off campus. Wonder how many visiting fans now where Pitt is?

Comment by TX Panther 06.20.15 @ 1:19 pm

I have attended several games at Heinz since Pitt stadium was torn down. Since I live in MD it is usually a one day trip as I stay with my sister in Johnstown. Unfortunately I have not gotten a chance to see the campus and all that has happened there in the last 10 years. Sorry state.

Comment by Frank MD 06.20.15 @ 2:02 pm

That’s why Pitt needs an OCS. Oakland > North Side.

Comment by TX Panther 06.20.15 @ 3:09 pm

Well, at least mileage wise Heinz is actually closer to the C of L then some on campus stadiums are to their main building. For what that’s worth…..

Comment by pittman4ever 06.20.15 @ 3:29 pm

Didn’t see many traditions or pageantry or school spirit in that video. Maybe we need to create some magic. Pitt is pretty lame when it comes to the college game day experience. Everything is relative. But the video was pretty bland to me.

Comment by TX Panther 06.20.15 @ 7:10 pm

In keeping with Reed’s Body Organ theme and the skin(the largest organ) being what the public sees.

After 30 years of mostly warts, this program needed some major plastic surgery.

And hopefully the new Chancellor is hellbent on ante’ing up the necessary shekels…. as good plastic surgery can be very expensive.

But step one of the overhaul was successful, removing the Cancerous Cornhole BEFORE a new football HC was chosen.

Comment by Emel 06.20.15 @ 7:19 pm

Who screwed up the Pitt promo video….at the 1:23 mark….they have a pic of the Highmark Bldg.


If you’re going to show a Pgh Skyscraper why wouldn’t you use your own. UPMC Blg. Duh.

Comment by Emel 06.20.15 @ 7:24 pm

Reed … We’re you in my cadaver lab in Pennsylvania Hall?

Comment by BigB 06.20.15 @ 8:18 pm

Those bandies certainly have their fair share of stories. This one time at band camp….

Comment by Nick 06.20.15 @ 8:34 pm

That cadaver lab was awesome! Run by Dr. Smart, right?

Comment by PittPT 06.20.15 @ 8:39 pm

Sheesh, I leave on vacation for one week and look what happens,
Our best receiver gets in trouble(and if you wonder if it made news elsewhere I read it in the Baltimore Sun!!)
Emel thinks it’s a Heathcare giant plot(well maybe that’s not so usual)
Reed is talking about skin(again not so strange)
We get a 2star recruit
And PA honors Joe
Come to think of it things seem pretty normal!!!

Comment by JoeKnew 06.20.15 @ 9:26 pm

Just read the 1/18/15 Post Gazette article on Pederson. I still don’t believe Stevie fired Wannstadt without getting a push from Nordenberg. Why would Nordenberg extend Pederson’s contract by 7 yrs. unless firing Wannstadt was his decision. Pederson knew he was committing a death wish.

Those two idiots wasted at least 5-7 yrs of my football viewing enjoyment.

Nordenberg, you may have made Pitt #25 in endowment, but you lowered Pitt’s rating to a #62 In US News. I guess not that many kids are applying.

You jerk offs lowered Pitt’s reputation just by being stupid.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.21.15 @ 4:32 am

The Rolling Stones concert at Heinz was terrific last night. 3rd time for me and it was their best. Not sure why I do not get better with age like Mick and the crew. FYI – no logo on the field but plenty of digital logos on the back stage screens.

Comment by Rayhpgh 06.21.15 @ 7:12 am

Pittsburgh Central Catholic (PA) defensive tackle Rashad Wheeler named a top five last evening, listing Pitt, Pedo State, Mary-land, the Hoopies and Virginia (looking for a HC next year) as his finalists.

This is definitely one of our many “positions of need”. I’m not a social media follower, but my Pedo State friends believe he is a lock to go their way. Isn’t their D-line loaded with depth?

I hope our FB team is working hard this offseason. If I was one of the team leaders (Conner, Voytik, Freeze), I’d have 6am workouts scheduled from now until camp and I’d keep attendance records. No more 2:30am run ins with the law.

Come on man! You are either all in or not. NOTHING in between. This team should win this year, as we thought last year. No more excuses, new HC or not. Winning is an attitude and this team needs some summertime adjustments.

Never forget Houston – let’s make new, positive memories.


Comment by Erie Express 06.21.15 @ 7:18 am

Was at the Panther Prowl at Southpointe and Coach Duzz made a comment about the off-season work the team is doing. Said that he was told by the S & C Coach that he’s seeing changes — not just in the players bodies — but in their attitudes.

Seems like the type of thing you often here when there’s a coaching change – but we shall see…

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 06.21.15 @ 8:27 am

Wow, Reed, great abstract; that was a pretty academic effort. I really enjoyed your conceptualizations (Football program akin to Human body). And wonderful use of links per reference. I’m impressed, keep up the good work, friend.

Oh yeah, in terms of what a successful university program’s skin looks like …of the 25 PHOTOS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN WITH BODY PAINT BIKINIS, I’m looking at #10 & #11 for the win, with #18 as runner-up (great tits, weak bikini bottom).

Comment by Neil 06.21.15 @ 9:07 am

Maybe we could get Aaron Donald, Sean Gilbert, and Tony Siragusa, to visit Rashad Wheeler. We need to stockpile Defensive linemen, most take time to develop, but with two graduating this year, a position of need, now.

Interesting about Conner losing weight. As long as he can still break tackles, should make him stronger in the fourth quarter. My guess is he will need to carry the O in the first two games. Narduzzi will have to “make a statement” about personal discipline. Also a huge opportunity for our receivers to step up. Voytik will have to look at someone not named Boyd. Maybe a good thing down the road.

Comment by gc 06.21.15 @ 9:18 am

Old PITT Grad – Nordenburg actually was who fired Wannstedt and we have talked about that until the cows came home on here back in 2011 until we tired of it.

Neil – that isn’t the first time I have done this “Body Scan” to figure out the actual structure of something so I could get to the right people, place, etc to maximize my work efforts.

I taught that trick to new Officers coming to my units and it always sunk in and took off. I suggest that whenever anyone is faced with a problem either internal to your organization or external in another entity to sit down with paper and pencil and figure out where you need to concentrate your efforts.

No use talking with a salesman if you need to know tech specs and/or if something meets regulatory standards (as just one example). You’ll just double your time and efforts for the right result.

Comment by Reed 06.21.15 @ 9:22 am

cg and all, I think we’ll see Conner get less carries this year with James, Ollison and maybe Hall seeing the field more. That will help with Conner’s 4th quarter energy when we really need it.

Ollison (watch this kid if the staff turns him loose) and James can become stars in their own right if given enough carries. It will be a hell of a lot of fun to watch those two in the future if Conner bolts early for the NFL.

We absolutely sucked on both offense and defense in 4th quarter crunch time last season. If we take away the two cupcakes o the schedule DEL and FIU we scored 67 points (6.0 ppq) and gave up 100 points (7.7 ppq) in the last quarter of games in 2014.

However, if we are taking away stuff… if we forget about the bowl game and just concentrate on the 10 ‘regular’ games we had last season then our defense only gave up 5.5 ppq at the end of those ten games… sure doesn’t seem like that though does it.

Comment by Reed 06.21.15 @ 9:34 am

Reed, I agree, and I thought Chryst leaned too heavily on Conner when he had three other quality backs last year. I hate to think that Ibrahim may be the forgotten man this year. He is very good too. I hope they redshirt Hall, rather than waste a year for a few carries.

I hope they aren’t serious about pushing Conner for the Heisman to the detriment of the other runners and the team.

My guess is Boyd’s late night mistake may cost him the Biletnikoff trophy.

Comment by gc 06.21.15 @ 10:03 am

Let’s not sugarcoat the firing. People need to understand that firings on this level are completely orchestrated. Pederson couldn’t fire Wannstedt because it would inhibit Pederson’s ability to hire the next coach.

The problem with the strategy was that Nordenburg didn’t realize how Pederson was viewed in the football community and by his peers. Pederson was and still is, a putz. He hasn’t yet landed his next job. Could be the big buyout, but if you are truly great at your craft, you want to work. Heck, even Charlie Weiss went back to work and is getting like $5M per year to do nothing now.

Anyway, let’s look forward to landing some more recruits. Interesting time in the ACC with coaches. London is in trouble at UVA and I think Beamer is also. Locally, does anyone think that Holgorsen is in trouble too? I think another sub .500 year and he is out. Frank out at the Dairy College will win 9 games with that creampuff schedule. What would be hysterical is if Hackenburg struggles again this year. They will lose against the big boys in the big10,11,12,13,14, but other than that, cruise control.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.21.15 @ 10:35 am

pittPT.. Nina Zwalen.. Taught anatomy in my time @ Pa Hall

Comment by BigB 06.21.15 @ 11:06 am

Beamer is the Paterno (minus the bad stuff) of Virginia. VA Tech will never fire him because of what he’s done for the university.

At least thats what all the VA Tech fans say.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.21.15 @ 11:55 am

Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow Blatherites

Comment by BigB 06.21.15 @ 12:03 pm

dhuff – I really don’t get the love the media has for Hackenberg. He had a decent rookie year but his average stats, except for passing yardage, aren’t even up to Voytik’s 1st starting season:

Hackenberg – 57%, 6.77 ypa, 11.8 ypc, 16 TDs, 12.5 INTs for a 121.7 QB rating and an adjusted QBR rating of 46.3 (ESPN)

Voytik – 61.3%, 7.8 ypa, 12.7 ypc, 16 TDs, 7 INTs for a 140.2 QB rating and an adjusted QBR rating of 71.3 (ESPN)

Our QB bests him in every important QB category . The important numbers there are the two QB ratings measures – and Voytik leaves Hackenberg in the dust with those. (calm down Emel)

I think this #3 drafted QB crap come from his physical stature of 6’4″ & 236 which is about ideal for what teams look for in a NFL QB.

BTW – in case anyone accuses a Blather writer of going of the deep end either loving a PITT player or using hyperbole excessively read this part of Hackenberg’s Bio on the official PSU website

“From the day he arrived on the Penn State campus in June 2013, Christian Hackenberg was on a fast track transition into life as a Division I student-athlete. He started classes in late June, began working out with his new teammates in July, ran onto the practice field to begin training camp…”


“…The Virginia product is firmly in a leadership position and has rapidly developed tremendous respect in the locker room. Among the team’s hardest workers in practice and the weight room, Hackenberg is routinely among the first players on the practice field warming up. The vastly talented and instinctive Hackenberg was named the nation’s No. 8 overall quarterback by Lindy’s and the Big Ten’s best passing quarterback by Sporting News.”

Well, then the Big Ten must pretty much suck at passing.

Comment by Reed 06.21.15 @ 12:17 pm

Reed, our true freshman running back, Hall has little to no chance of playing this year. If he does play this season, then heaven help us because we’ve been decimated by injury at the RB position.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.21.15 @ 1:20 pm

Agree Reed on Hackenburg. My sense is that he has lacked confidence in his game. The big10,11,12 has done a remarkable job controlling the media, marketing their conference as difficult when in reality, they have been terrible for the last ten years with Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Dairy High School, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Purdue, Michigan, Rutgers and Northwestern, as mediocres at best. OSU,MSU, borderline Wisconsin as above average to very good!

With regard to anatomy, let’s not forget the vision of our Chancellor. He wants to be great at athletics and academics. He seems to understand that you can have both and that a competitive football and basketball team will lead to increased giving and an increase in applications. When your team is always in the news athletically, it is free publicity….for the greater good.

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.21.15 @ 2:30 pm

Don’t forget Darrin Hall is coming off a knee injury too.

God, help us indeed if he has to play. That would mean at least 2 of our backs are lost to injury.

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. I don’t have any kids that I know of. ????

Comment by Pap76 06.21.15 @ 2:44 pm

Pat signal at 3:59pm

Comment by Yeti 06.21.15 @ 3:00 pm

No idea who the Pat Signal could be for. We shall see.

Comment by Mailman 06.21.15 @ 3:02 pm

Can’t find nothing on who Pat Signal may be for.

The incoming freshman moved in today. Not sure if he threw one up for that. Chris Peak hasn’t addressed it on Twitter yet.

Guess we will see. Hadn’t heard that any big fish were ready to make a decision yet.

Comment by Pap76 06.21.15 @ 3:43 pm

Chawntez Moss RB Ohio, when it rains it pours.

Comment by pd 06.21.15 @ 3:56 pm

gc — I don’t think that TB should miss a game to suspension, but if he does, I agree that there could be a hidden benefit by making CV look for alternatives. A big alternative will be the tight ends, where we have at least 3 promising targets in Holtz, Orndoff and O’Neill…

And I like JC losing some weight – the area where he needs to improve is the quick change of direction, maybe this will help in that regard.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 06.21.15 @ 3:57 pm

Kind of meh on this signing. Chawntez Moss RB out of Ohio.

Most offers are MAC and Cincinnati and Indiana also offered. Said to be a good in between the tackles runner, not a game breaker.

Comment by Pap76 06.21.15 @ 4:09 pm

pap — looked to me that he has a very good change of direction and good speed. Plus he has nice size already at 5-11 and 200 pounds.

Go Pitt.

Comment by MajorMajors 06.21.15 @ 4:26 pm

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 4:32 pm

@Pap76, heard similar sentiments about a RB coming out of Erie a couple years ago who would better off playing DE at Pitt, in some people’s opinions. He’s worked out OK.

On Twitter, Tony Butler tweeted a “Welcome to the family” out to Moss, right after he tweeted his commitment. Makes me think Butler is pretty solid with his Panther verbal with tweets like those going out to future teammates.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.21.15 @ 4:41 pm

Indiana and Iowa and 53rd ranked player in Ohio. I wonder if the staff see defense in this kid down the road. It would be interesting to know how many unit shifts (O > D; D > O) MSU had with Narduzzi as DC.

Comment by Reed 06.21.15 @ 5:00 pm

Not to be too negative(devil’s advocate)…..but this kid is the 53rd ranked RB in Ohio.

Only other Power 5’s to offer was Iowa & Indiana.

The rest were all MAC offers.

With Darrin Hall(probably RS), Ollison(RS frosh) and James (soph), RB is not really a pressing need.
And with the limited amount of scholies available, this is kind of a headscratcher.

Seems like a Cheesehead Paulie special.

Comment by Emel 06.21.15 @ 5:04 pm

Maybe Chaney picked up off this Tennessee Scout page.

They have him listed as #4 RB in Ohio…#12 in the Midwest.

link to

Comment by Emel 06.21.15 @ 5:07 pm

Watched wbb Hudl link. Does change direction well and seems to have good football instincts.

The reason I’m only lukewarm about this signing is there are areas that need to be addressed waaay more than RB. As Emel said only so many scholarships to give.

Reed may be right also, a position change could always be in his future too, happens all the time.

Anyway, welcome to Pitt Mr Moss!!

Comment by Pap76 06.21.15 @ 5:12 pm

emel, he may be the 53rd ranked player in OH, not the 53rd RB.

Ohio is and has been a talent-rich state for some time … having far surpassed PA and left it in the dust some time ago. For several years now, despite have less population than PA, they have more than twice the number of D1 recruits. Some has to do with the MAC but around here football still rules even for the suburban schools, but more important, the Cleveland urban schools spits so many more prospects than Pgh, it’s pathetic.

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 5:15 pm

~ wbb….yea you are correct sir.

My eyes were deceiving me. 🙂

Watched your HUdl link, kid reminds me a little of Dion Lewis (who if I remember correctly didn’t have a ton of P5 offers either). Kinda of a shifty runner like Dion was.

If he can be anywhere close to Dion, this will be a real good get.

Comment by Emel 06.21.15 @ 5:22 pm

Let’s see Division 1 football schools in PA.

Pedo State

Division 1 schools in Ohio.

Ohio Fake
Kent State
Bowling Green
Ohio U.

Comment by Emel 06.21.15 @ 5:32 pm

yea, a larger version of Dion would be fine with me

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 5:33 pm

I do like that this staff is recruiting Ohio hard. 3 out of our 5 verbals for 2016 are from the Buckeye state.

If Pitt can get its share of quality kids from Ohio, keep the majority of big time WPIAL talent at home, and reach into the south with our ACC connection, I believe that is a recipe for recruiting success…

Comment by Pap76 06.21.15 @ 5:36 pm

More disgusting news concerning JoePedo. Patron saint of Pedophiles ! ha

link to

Comment by Emel 06.21.15 @ 5:36 pm

thus far, the class consists of 2 of the 412 crew, 2 OH urban Catholic schools, and one suburban Cleveland school

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 5:37 pm

I see JayPa is playing the ‘it creates union jobs’ …. what would be nice is they hire people who were abused as kids for their workers

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 5:40 pm

@ Big B, actually the anatomy/cadaver lab was at Scaife Hall now that I think about when I took that class in 1986.

Comment by PittPT 06.21.15 @ 5:57 pm

They are marketing the beer as a “Poopy Pants Pilsner”.

Comment by Oklahomeboy 06.21.15 @ 6:19 pm

Moss tests out at a 4.52 in the 40 according to the Yahoo recruiting site. That looks more like another Ollison or Hall type bigger RB with a motor.

You NEED to take at least one RB in every class no matter what your more pressing immediate needs are. By the time Moss is ready to carry the rock full time by say his RS sophomore season, if no other RBs get immediately in the pipeline right now, he will be only one of two upperclassmen RBs ready for service in 2018. Gotta plan ahead.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.21.15 @ 6:37 pm

Agree on planning ahead but our real pressing need in kid that can play defense in year one or two… not so much a RB who will be in with at least two other RBs who will play for PITT until 2018-19.

IN 2015:

Conner JR ’17- gone
Ibrahim JR ’17 – gone
James SO ’17 -SR
Ollison rsFR ‘ 17- JR
Hall FR ’17 -rsSO (probably)

That’s at least four quality RB recruits/players on the roster from now until 2017. Moss will be a rsFR then so I suppose he’ll have some room to play after Ollison and Hall leave in ’18 & ’19 respectively…

With the frequency that young FR & SO RBs get major playing time these days I think we could have skipped this kid for more immediate needs.

Comment by Reed 06.21.15 @ 6:51 pm

Seems like forever since we have had the announcement of a big name defensive lineman or linebacker commit

Comment by BigB 06.21.15 @ 7:10 pm

A lot of opportunity for early playing time with one of the top defensive of coaches in the nation… In spite of our 30 year history of being irrelevent you would think someone would jump at the opportunity especially after seeing what AaronDonald accomplished at the University of Pittsburgh… Sometimes I wonder how much research these recruits do or if they just love being courted by who they see on TV … Do some schools still give them new cars? Down here in North Carolina you can go to college and not even have to go to class

Comment by BigB 06.21.15 @ 7:14 pm

Watch this kid’s tape. He’s twitchy and fast with good vision and (as a couple guys mentioned) good change of direction. A very good one-cut and hit the hole runner who has an extra gear. Plus a 4.24 shuttle means he accelerate quickly. He complements our bigger backs very well. Great pickup.

Comment by Atlanta Panther 06.21.15 @ 7:29 pm

I think Moss is a solid pick-up, so welcome aboard. At 5-11, 205, what other position could he be switched too?

This verbal also leads me to believe that the Narduzzi believes Pugh is a LB and not a running back and that Miles is still mistakenly leaning towards a bunch of depth at the Dairy High School. Also thought we could land a highly ranked TE from Ohio, but it looks like OSU might get their third one…unless MSU sneaks in. Saw Urb last night for a few minutes. He is non stop recruiting!

Happy Father’s Day gents. Glad we all made it to another one!

Comment by dhuffdaddy 06.21.15 @ 7:36 pm

He looks like a football player to me. Special teams, maybe rb maybe safety. From Ohio, maybe he has a bigger, faster buddy, like Bricen, lol

Comment by gc 06.21.15 @ 7:47 pm

5’11” 205 lbs would be a pretty nice safety. Polamalu is listed as 5’10” 207 lbs. I’m assuming the kid is 17 & could easily add 10-15 lbs of muscle & still be fast. You could beef him up to a lb/safety hybrid or keep him slimmer for a pure safety. With more & more teams running spreads those hybrids are a nice commodity.

Comment by Nick 06.21.15 @ 8:10 pm

BigB, we got two good LB prospects (McKee and Brightwell) who just arrived on campus today. Also, the 4-star Hendricks DE transfer who should step right into the starting lineup next year.

But we certainly need more prospects, especially quality DL

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 8:17 pm

as far as turning these RBs into DBs, remember we had two freshmen start last year and we have Stocker and Whitehead coming in .. not to mention Butler and Garner as commits … not to mention Hamlin and Hudson as possible commits.

If Moss is the only RB commit this year or one of two, he’s not going anywhere

Comment by wbb 06.21.15 @ 8:39 pm

Reed I know. I know. That 1/18 article set me off all over again. In the column, Nordenberg seemed to put all the blame on Pederson. Let’s face Nordenberg was the real bad guy in this deal.

I want to make sure no one forgets.

Comment by Old Pitt Grad 06.21.15 @ 9:09 pm

@wbb… I was thinking along the lines of a four-star or five star linebacker -defensive lineman and not counting transfers.hopefully those two fellows will turn out to be studs at linebacker and Hendriks will be an all American defensive end. I think we are so used to watching passive linebacker play … Hopefully the new coaches style will change our perception or at least my perception

Comment by BigB 06.22.15 @ 5:36 am

You have to take an RB every class.

In that entire video of long runs he had…he was only caught from behind once and it was on a kick off return. He is a good pick up.

Comment by notrocketscience 06.22.15 @ 6:57 am

If you’re NOT getting Miles Sanders, landing Chawntez Moss helps ease the pain somewhat.

Comment by PittofDreams 06.22.15 @ 7:01 am

Hendriks=Hendrix, and he is going to show up big at the DE position next year. On another DE, I struck out with my support of Maclean last season, I’m back in the batter’s box again for another swing in my unwavering support of our JC recruit Allen Edwards for this year.

Of course the step up in opposition from his days at Dean College is going to be significant,however, just considering his attitude and focus seems to be adequate for him to make an immediate impact at the DE spot THIS season. If Narduzzi is the defensive guru that I think he is, then this guy is the kind of raw materials that Nard Dog builds a defense around.

What I like most about this Edwards guy is his maturity and his recognition of the dedicated effort required to obtain greatness. Talent vs perseverance, I’ll opt for the latter every time when it is possessed by the individual that has just moderate natural talent. This man is that guy. And he is a man, having had two successful seasons under his belt already at the JV level.

I’m less concerned than most here about the DE position because of Allen Edwards. Expect a lot from him soon. You heard it here first.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.22.15 @ 8:31 am

Really feel like other RB’s commitments should be slow-played at this point as to not deter any shot with have with Sanders.

On another note…

This is the reason I can’t stand some of the things Dokish, Zovko, Vucovcan and those guys say on Twitter about Pitt’s chances with recruits. They make it sound like we are getting a top 10 class and then we get a 2/3 star commitment from a player with minimal P5 offers and mostly MAC offers. Then Dokish, etc. goes into damage control and says things like “I don’t know why this kid doesn’t have more offers after watching his tape” or “This guy has the potential to blow up.”

Generally I’m pretty positive about recruiting and I have full trust in the staff’s judgement on players they offer, but our Pitt Twitter media members really make Pitt look bad in this regard. They keep taking shots at Penn State or WVU and I’m beginning to really question why? We are not sticking it to anyone really in recruiting (maybe Cincinnati), we are by no means dominating the state, and we don’t have one 4 star recruit to date. I’m not even big on the stars, but stars crate perception and perception creates expectation. Right now we look like same old Pitt as far as recruiting goes. I still think we end up with multiple 4 stars in this class but until we even get one, I wish the Pitt media would shut the fuck up about it.

P.S- Dokish really got owned a couple weeks ago by a national recruiting analyst after he criticized an analyst’s tweet about PSU recruiting. He also said something last week about a Cincy recruit who seemed 100% set on going there and then the recruit got a Pitt offer and then dropped Cincy. Well no shit, it’s fucking Cincinnati, they aren’t even a P5 program.

I really hate getting hung up on recruiting, but Pitt isn’t Top 25 in recruiting yet and I wish our media members would wait to talk shit until we actually can back it up.

Comment by Timmeh 06.22.15 @ 9:10 am

Timmeh has nailed it! No different than the smack talk a dude spouts just before he takes the first punch in the temple that lays his a$$ out.

In a couple three months we’re all going to see if Narduzzi can take a punch and then return the favor in spades to opponents that we can beat, AKA Iowa.

In the meantime talk is cheap. Narduzzi is totally aware!ofmthe tightrope that he is balanced on right now. One major slip and the build up of momentum that is presently forming vanishes and the recruiting hype goes with it.

By contrast, prove that your the real deal by winning now and the nation takes notice, then watch the four stars showm up for early playing time at Pitt in the 16 class.

Everybody loves to jump on the band wagon to be the fan of the newest winner in town, just ask Jordan Speith if he’s gotten anymore attention than usual over the last three months?

That’s the way it goes! This Pitt program could turn around in a heartbeat if things finally start to fall Pitt’s way for a change. Anybody who is old enough to have experienced “a Major change in Pitt Football” will tell you that much stranger things have happened in this program that the potential for success before the Panthers right here and now.

Could the magic occur once again, we’ll see soon enough. Until then it’s ALL just talk.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.22.15 @ 9:32 am

Doc, Majors recruited, what, 65 or so in his first year?

link to

Ain’t gonna happen for a while.

Comment by steve1 06.22.15 @ 11:08 am

Steve1, Majors recruited like crazy, true. Before the days of NCAA class size limitations for sure but do you really think that our current team needs 65 recruits to become relevant? What we need is two solid recruiting classes of four star loaded recruits.

Comment by Dr. Tom 06.22.15 @ 5:21 pm

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